To The Moon

I love your beams,
Your shimmer and shine.

I love your waves;
you push the tides
with your wane,
casting your reflection
upon our Ocean tides.

I love your fullness
and your curves are so divine.

I love your dusty ways,
I find you beautiful, mysterious,
elegant, and callus
in your concrete state of change.

To the moon,
I have confessed
my darkest fears,
You never laughed
nor judged me,
You always lent me your ear.

You listened to my poetry,
Without biasing;
you took no attempt
to change my formatting​
to conform to your comfort
and perfection.

You are a poem,
waiting to be written.

Ode to your beautiful format,
your haiku breathes heavily upon
my sky, reminding me to keep writing.

To the moon and back again.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Live Life To The Fullest (Quote)

” I might have a phobia of clouds but I still find them beautiful. I might suffer from chronic life but I still live it to the fullest. If you say I can’t, I will prove you wrong by showing you I can. I don’t live to love, I love to live and to break your rules.” © By Amanda D Shelton

Hello Autism Oh Nooooo!

Hello Bat Brats,Mandy Portait

Okay I am bored and having sensory problems today, so I have decided to share on my blog. I call this post Hello Autism Oh Nooooo! Why because it hurts and my problem is stupid overload of sensory do to Sensory Processing Disorder, which is common in people who have autism. I was diagnosed with stage one autism at the age of 30, on March 7th 2012 with Sensory Processing Disorder, I also have Savant syndrome (also known as autistic savant). It use to have a different name which is (Idiot Savant). Thank God that changed because I am not an idiot. 

                    My problems started all because I went outside without my sunglasses to help my boyfriend clean our Baby Boo’s cat box. Don’t forget your sunglasses if you have autism, it doesn’t work well or if you have Sensory Processing Disorder . I am screwed for most of the day all because of three minutes of sun exposure. Even sounds seem louder, lights brighter with a static like fuzz, almost like the static from a TV. Also my clothing is causing me to feel like sandpaper is being raked across my skin. It is slowly getting better so Yay! ♥

                  I am glad to be able to share this unique experience with my readers. I know some of my followers already know about my Autism because you have been following me from the beginning of me starting my blog. I thought it would be good for me to share more for my newer followers. It’s a bit of knowledge and awareness for you all.

Autism is a complex neurological disorder of development

              Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a group of complex neurodevelopment disorders characterized by repetitive and characteristic patterns of behavior and difficulties with social communication and interaction. The symptoms are present from early childhood and affect daily functioning.

             Not all autistic people have the same symptoms. Just like normal people we are all different, so how autism affects us will be different.  

Parts Of My story        

             I didn’t make friends until middle school because I didn’t care about making friends, because I was too busy trying to understand the other kids. I still don’t understand people. I have problems reading facial features, I have learned what certain movements mean but I am unable to tell what emotional responses are. I do have a higher awareness of my space, meaning I can sense changes in my environment that most people can’t. I can tell you the weather without looking at the news, also I can tell when it will rain days ahead. I know when someone is walking through the apartments entrance gate, and the gate is pretty far away. Sometimes I even see images in my mind of upcoming events, because my brain analyzes situations and I am able to visualize the situation with detailed accuracy. I saved my mom’s life many times because of my ability to visualize situations. Once I told my mom to pull over to the side of the road, we were heading to the beach in LA and I noticed a few things that scared me a bit. I told her I can’t keep going there is going to be an accident soon. She pulled over and a few minutes later a diesel truck came rushing by us, it hit a car in front of it and the car hit another vehicle and then a motorcycle hit the truck. We would have been the car in front if she wouldn’t have pulled over. I would have been died because lucky for the driver he didn’t have a passenger next to him, the whole passenger seat was crushed in. Mom prayed with me after that happened. It scared us both.

Boop! That’s all folks….

Until next time Bye (“sound of a door closing”).            

Media’s Fool 

A migrating shadow,
from one wall to the next,
it watchs me as I fall asleep.

Deeper and deeper
I fall into my mind,
here I find visions
lost to the passing of time.

I see and feel time as it
skips through my open mind,
it takes me places I could never go.
It shows me things I never should know.

To be aware is a fool’s game,
you think you have control
until your body starts to age,
your mind starts to change,
media took the rains.

2017 you find it in a dream,
lost amungest long forgotten screams;
Yet it was still 2016.

To be aware is a fool’s​ dream,
all my data lost to the stream,
packed inside tiny clouds
that are larger than they seem.
Kinda like how the Terdis seems.

All my thoughts transfer into this
vast experience
3D, CGI, green screen
trick’s your eye.

All you are is a penpoint in time,
you effect it’s illusion
with your faded blue jeans and tie.
You used your credit to buy those
loss fitted jeans,
only to be fooled by advertiser’s bleam.

Oh what a fool we can seem,
reality never gives use our dream.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Hello Alice Art Collection (A Project I Am Working On)

Hello Alice Elegant Plaque



       “Hello Alice, I see you… Shshshshshsh Alice is dreaming, as for me I am a white rabbit for the evening”. 

      “Sometimes you can’t hear the ticking of the clock, other times it will drive you mad. Alice is her name and dreams are her game. I am a white rabbit showing you the way. Come on down, watch your trip it’s a long way down. Here is where you will find all the clocks who lost their time. Silence is normal but not if you are a timepiece. Tick tock, tick tock…falling into silence; as madness sat down for tea at 3:08 pm.” 


Hello Alice
Welcome to my madness


Elegant Parchment 2


Hello Alice


Clock Face


Gothic Tile Grunge Background


Hello Alice


“These pieces are from my Hello Alice Art Collection.
You can find more at Hello Alice Art Collection on DeviantArt. ”

© By Amanda D Shelton


Portrait and A Poem (Happy Mother’s Day)

With every memory we made,
with every heartbeat
we gave away.
My love will never fade,
Happy Mother’s Day.

I drew this for Mother’s Day.


“Being prideful is being sinful. Unless you balance it out well. Which we humans can’t do well. Because I am human I am incapable of being without pride. I will always be a fool because it is in my human nature to be nothing but a fool. I have a choice. I can find stability with my life by changing my point of view, or I keep doing what causes me unstable footing by keeping my old point of view.” 

© By Amanda D Shelton 

In Ocean Tides Our Love Ride’s

A breath of fresh air,
is your kiss.

Your title wave crashes
upon my destint shore,
as my winds blow
towards your foaming roll,
I am caught in between
your crashing tides.

Our passionate embrace
devours our time,
leaving us with unspoken word’s,
and meaningful structure,
it builds a foundation
that can hold up to
our chaotic emotions.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Climbing Mountains

“Climb mountains not for the world can see you but so you can see the world. I climbed Mount Rushmore in my mind does that count?” 

© By Amanda D Shelton