Painful Irritation

The tongue is the fastest
healing part of our bodies.
Yet, I still taste the blood
from the first cut you gave me.

Maybe it’s because
you cut me deeply,
I haven’t gotten time
to heal before you
took another gash from
my already irritated wounds.

This format of a life
keeps falling short
before it reaches another line.

A life of bleeding poetics
dimmed down to just a tiny
flicker of a flame.
I once burned like a star
now I barely lighten
a small room or window seal.

From the pain:
You won’t forget about me,
for I can be like a shadow
I will always be there
even when you don’t want me.

From me:
That frightens me,
never again will I
feel pain free.

Pain cut me like a knife
it was sharpe and hard,
now I taste the irritation
upon my tongue.

© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton

This poem is an expression of my pain I suffer from everyday. I have three painful health conditions and one unknown painful disorder. It’s like a wound that will never heal. I feel better after expressing myself through my poetry. Thank you for reading my work. I am very grateful. Be blessed my beautiful Bat Brat.



A fool for life,
a gloom doomed bat brat
that’s what I am.

I am stuck in between
the shadows and
the beams of light
shinning through the trees.

This moment is like
every other, I am breathing
painfully but surely.

Aching breath’s of misery
inhaled slowly and
lumbering over time.

My feet vibrate and quake
like standing on rolling
rocks of lava.

© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton


Good Gothic Morning My beautiful Bat Brats,

Oh how beautiful it is. Today I was greeted by a friend, she gave me her love and blessings. God is great and I feel blessed by his grace. I was exhausted but now I feel better and I think it’s going to help me get through the day. I am waiting for my in home assistance to arrive to take me shopping. I needed the blessings right now. I am so grateful for the day and the time God just blessed me with just a moment ago. God always gives me comfort when I need it. I love you all so much. I wanted to share my blessings with you. May God brighten your day as he has done for me on this glorious morning. ❤️😊🙏

These Aching Bones Never Break

To be me,
is to inform life it’s got
nothing on me.

I suffer but I still fight,
through the fire I burn bright,
I concave to no pain, for
my strength grows with every
fiber of my aching bones;
I will never break.

© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton

To Achieve Riches

Hello my beautiful Bat Brats,

I thought I should share this with you. For anyone who is wanting to make money or get rich. First off you need patience. Don’t think it’s that hard to achieve riches though, all you need to do is save, never purchase anything too expensive. Keep almost everything you make, only buy what you need to survive. Make a piggy bank for savings, buy a business that you know can grow. Always go for better products, quality counts more than quantity for if your products can’t hold up your business falls. Small amounts add up over time, so don’t over stock or over price. Everyone has limits on what they can afford. Remember you are not the only one who is trying to make a dime and dollar. Friends are better than acquaintance for friends are more likely to be your best costumers.

Never ever give up, you have to keep digging deep until you got enough money to buy a product that is successful and makes continuous amounts of money. Always put money into your business. Also don’t be greedy, give yourself a spending limit. Once you start making money keep small change in the piggy bank and don’t spend it on anything but emergencies. Make sure you always have money saved. Communicate with others who are smart in business. Don’t get a big head, you don’t want to lose everything over a selfish reason. Compermise with yourself what’s more important? Make priorities. Make wise choices.

I understand how to get rich I just don’t want to get rich. It’s too much responsibility. It also can be risky. There are evil people in the world who would love to get rich by stealing money. You think they don’t go for people who have a lot of money, think again. Plus having a lot of money can be depressing, having to make sure it’s secure and safely in it’s place. Always having to keep it from hackers, thefts, and robbers. Not fun. No thanks. I am happy being some what poor. It makes me appreciate what I have more. Hey, You can be rich without being greedy though. I would buy resources for the needy and animals. I probably would build a ranch with animals and food. Sell the food to retailers and small business. I would also produce healthy products for people like myself. Also buy a science lab and put money into researching rare diseases. I would also give my family and loved ones enough money to live off of until they dead. They wouldn’t have to work unless they wanted to. I would pay for a software and make it free and cheap making resources that are just as good as the expensive resources for everyone to use.

I want everyone to have the same opportunities.


Be bold and brave for life is too short to always be afraid. ❤️😁✌️🙏

Requiem For Suffering

Oh, how I became the
suffering fool. My scares
follow me like leaf’s
on the wind. I carry them
where ever I blow.

My seasons change but still
suffering rains, it pours upon
my happy plains, with gray
gloomy clouds and doomed
chills running down my spine.

In memory of my pain,
I engraved my suffering
upon this page.
May you find solitude
within this grave.

Requiem of my suffering.

© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton

Blind But Now I See

Beyond my horizons innovation rises, like the sun blazing
my ideas shine brightly
for all to see.

My collisions are loud,
my position is determined
by my decisions,
I am the creator of my tapestry
of life, God is my guide and
my beckon of light.

I stand for those who are unable,
I speak for those who are mute,
I guide the lost with
God’s plan for us.

Be bold and brave,
stand tall and strong,
be the best you can be.

We are the providers of this world, we hold the keys
to it’s prosperity,
God gave us this world
to grow and develop.

His plan was set in place
before you took your first breath.
He gave us freedom to be
faithful or worldly.

He never promised you happiness,
he only promised you
love and the freedom of choice.

He’s a jealous God,
he wants you to have
blind faith,to fall upon him
for guidance and council.

Open your eyes and you will see.

© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton

Ripples In The Pond Of Life

We are like a drop of water in a large pond. The ripples we make effect the surface as so we effect reality.”

– By Amanda D Shelton

I Lost A Full Post After Publishing It ðŸ¤”😔

I just wrote a long blog post only for it to disappear after I published it. I can’t find anything to help me get it back. The post should have auto saved like all the others into a draft. It didn’t it only auto saved the title. I am upset. I worked hard writing that post. What happened to the post? Also why is there no support for such a problem? Not cool. I need to figure out what happened so I can provent it from happening again.

Does anyone have any information that might help me? I hope this doesn’t happen again. All my hard work gone down the drain. It’s horrible

My Existence

Within this suffering
I live on with burning
passion, though I wrought
like iron I slowly break down
and rust, I breathe.

My roots are broken but
still I work like everyone else,
I just do it differently.

I burst like energy surging from
this life, I am structured
like a house with a computer
running everything.

I am the programmer of
my own existence, but I am not
the boss, for I work for God
who created us.

© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton