My Poem Got Featured On DeviantArt – I Am Excited

Hello lovelies, I am excited to announce To My Black Rose The Blackest Most Beautiful By Design the original is posted on Gothic Realms here it has been awarded a Deviation award. That means they featured the piece and I am getting more traction on the site. This is my fifth Deviation award since joining DeviantArt. Everyone is so very nice I have gotten a few comments congratulating me. It’s gotten 23 likes today. It had 2 yesterday. I am surprised. I don’t know if my work is any good until people tell me. I have such low self-esteem. I am going to be working on my self esteem with mental health. I have body dysphoria so it’s hard. I need help to find myself. I am tired of feeling ugly and monstrous, I feel lost. I need to stop believing my eyes and see through your eyes. I wouldn’t have fan’s and likes if I was a ugly failure. My mind is like a trap door, I need to get free. I wanted to tell you guys I love you and I am very grateful to have you guys. You are helping me to find the beauty inside me and I am willing to follow. I am your fan and you are my muse. That’s how I see it. Thank you very much. ❤️ Gothic Realms wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you. WordPress is awesome and you guys are amazing people.

I don’t know if WordPress developer’s will read this but just in case. Thank you for building a beautiful and amazing place. I am proud to be pressed upon your digital platform where creative minds can release their expressions and to be published. Boop! Boop! Boop! I’ve got boops for you all. 👉👃🧑‍🦼💨🦇❤️

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What Would You Guys Buy If I Made A Product?

Hello lovelies, I am trying to get Bat Brat’s Designs up and running. No one is buying anything. I am going to clean it up and add new items but I need you’re opinions. What would you buy if I created a design? I can make a lot of things. I have tshirts, shoes, pillows, towels, even pictures and posters. There are socks I can design too. I have bean bags I can put designs on as well. There’s yoga pants, and leggings as well shorts and bra’s. I believe I can make comfy pants with designs too like sweat pants. There are a lot of products to choice from. The weather is cooling down too so I can add sweaters.

I am trying to get Bat Brat’s Designs popular so I can make money and advertise. Maybe someday be able to hire people to help me run the business. I also have MizzTwitch it’s my second brand. I am planning on making Dystonia Heart into a product too. If I could find a donation for Dystonia I would give half the earnings from Dystonia Heart, the rest would be for the business.

Please leave your ideas. I am working hard and I can’t do this without you guys. I have no money so I have to do this without advertising. I will be able to advertise when I have a constant flow of income. This is for you guys. You are my fans and possibly consumer’s. I can put my poetry on posters or picture with a frame. I can even make a design for Gothic Realms. I can use the rose from the icon from Gothic Realms for a design. Let me know what you guys would buy, please.

I think if I work on this more it will help me feel better. I am going to counseling for depression and anxiety. I got everything setup. Mental health is going to setup a whole team to help me. I am going to try to get through this. I am tired of the depression and anxiety. I want to build a strong business too. I am not going to give up on my business.

Here’s links to my stores. Bat Brat’s Designs + MizzTwitch + Dystonia Heart has no link, I haven’t made it a brand yet.

Boop! I booped your nose, bye. 👉👃❤️🧑‍🦼💨🦇

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Social Media

TikTok is all the rage,
Twitter is a junk yard
of delusional outrage,
Facebook’s crawling on every
page, Instagram stole my face,
Pinterest has to put everything
in a frame, Tumblr got us tumbling
down the rabbit hole,
Reddit forced us to read it
and wasted our lives for a story.

Social media! Run away…

TikTok has anger issues,
Twitter is a narcissist,
Facebook is a stalker and
possibly pedophile,
Instagram is a liar,
Pinterest has OCD,
Tumblr has anxiety,
Reddit has a personality crisis.

Social media causes all of these.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

Planting Ideas

Climbing the rope that grows
from the ocean of my dreams,
I rise and I fall. For my dreams
have no up and down. The rope
is both shadow and light.

I am split in two, as I
reach the center of my climb
head to head I collide with
myself and I burst into billions
of stars and my darkness
expands beyond my vision.

The ocean is my heavens
and the wind my breath,
I am a storm brewing ideas
in my clouded mind.

The rope becomes my line
to the waking world.

As I open my eyes once more
asleep but not sure.

Reality tips and I slip off the

A rush and heavy heartbeat,
I am falling in silence.

Lost but found, for the forst
of ideas haunt my mind and
never allow me to forget my time.

Dreams on a rope, bound me to
the shadows and monsters I’ve

Only the trees know my secrets
of these passionate dreams.
I planted my seeds awhile ago.

I am a tree, a rooted thing
entwined with the earth and
her seasonal change. I wear
her gowns well.

A candle is lit, lighting up
the darkness and I realize
I am awake.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

Lady Mustache & My New Glasses

I have a soft lady mustache. LoL I need to pluck my face. Here’s my new glasses. Also, I have aplasia so one of my fingernails are falling off. The doctor said they can’t do anything about it. We don’t know if it will grow back if it falls off. I have been losing more hair than usual too.

Release Me So I Can Live Again

I want to shed my leafs
like a tree in autumn
so in spring I can renew
my life and move forward.

I want to shed the tears
and all the damaged years
you left behind.

I want to be free from your
in caged memories you left
inside my dreams and waking
mind. So I can enjoy my sailing
ship’s and windows felled with
candles and waining dreams
that dream of me as I set
like the sun releasing beams
of poetry as the seasons change.

I fade into orange, yellow
and white until I am black
sky’s sprinkled with stars.

I want to be free from your
anxiety and depression.

Release me from your bondage
so I can be the person I am
meant to be.

Set me free into the Gothic Realms
of my poetic life. Where I thrive
upon creativity.

©️ By Amanda D Shelton


We are the blueprints of society,
what we do influences the
environment and effects others.

Like water drops in the ocean,
we cause ripples in the ocean
of life.

Live wisely and you shell be
a good example for others,
your success will show.

Live poorly and out of touch
you will be seen as a fool and
failure will follow you like
a unwanted shadow tapping you
on the back.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

Bleeding Poetry

My Gothic heart bleeds for you,
it bleeds poetry.

It’s pooling on this digital platform,
at its base I lay.

Thorne’s in cage my heart
with roots growing from its
depths my rose wilted
awhile ago.

My ghost remains.

A perfume of poetic expressions,
disaster’s and clashers in my life.

I suffer and I rise,
I fall and I crawl,
I am bruised but not beaten.

My Gothic heart bleeds for you,
it bleeds poetry.

The darkening came it tried to claim
my worth with its claws of shame,
it left me with open wounds and

I kept crawling through the dark,
until I can see a bit of light.

It is blurry and not so bright,
it seems the dark stretches far
beyond the horizon with streams
of light shining through.

My Gothic heart bleeds for you,
it bleeds poetry.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

Ruins Of Myself

Wrap me up in your warm embrace
like a rose not yet blooming,
you’re heat radiates from my depths
its perfume lingers on my dreams.

Like a soft calm breeze
winter kissed my cheeks
cooling my fire.

I buckled at the knees,
falling deeply into the
depths of me. Fighting fear
and anxiety trapped there
always falling.

Alice! Don’t forget about me,
my arms reach from the depths
as if I am but a dream I dreamt.

I am like ashes to the wind,
in my mind I once dug deep
amongst the charred ruins
of my heart.

There lives my ghost,
a former self that lost
its esteem amongst the
remains of myself.

Here lies me once a bright
and brilliant star, now
a blackened thing crisp
and burnt.

Help me!

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

I Got New Glasses For Reading And Distance

Hello my lovelies, so I have been having vision problems for awhile now. I know I was born with neurological problems so half of my vision trouble is processing issues. But I do have sigmatism and it’s gotten worse. I use to use reading glasses but I quit using them because they didn’t work anymore and I didn’t go back to the eye doctor. I only needed 1.20 prescription for reading before but now it’s changed a bit it’s 1.25. I finally went to the eye doctor today. I have issues with my left eye it’s vision is 20\51 and my right eye is around 20\21. 20\21 is functional vision so is 20\51 but with difficulty. Using prescription glasses can help the vision trouble to happen slower too so it’s impossible to see an eye doctor. Lisa ordered my everyday glasses and we got a pair of reading glasses at Rite Aid. My everyday glasses will arrive between 14 to 15 days. I am using my reading glasses right now and it’s so much better posting. I don’t have to go back and try to read everything because I can see what I am doing. I am lucky right now though. Sadly, my vision is going to get worse over time but I can get glasses to help. Also I already use sunglasses so I got transitional glasses. The doctor also said I have trouble with light because of my processing disability. It effects my left eye really bad because the processing issues are on the left side of my brain. I miss details because my brain is blind to it. I can’t even follow a finger with my eyes. I lag really badly and I had a small seizure. The doctor was very good she understood and she did great. Even Lisa committed about how well she did. Also, my eyes are healthy and it’s normal to develop vision problems as we age. It’s part of aging. It’s my brain that is disabled and that’s normal for me. Hopefully my new glasses will help me be able to function again. I stopped watching TV because I can’t see it and it’s not entertaining because I can’t enjoy watching it. I also quit reading my books. I feel comfortable with my cell phone because I can get up close and focus on it. I’ve been messing with the system to help me see better. My TV isn’t that smart so it’s not capable of being manipulated like that. I am excited, before Christmas I will have my glasses. My family is going to be happy for me too. It will be easier for me to get around too. Also, my eyes are flat so my vision is destroyed because I don’t have round lenses like normal. I already knew that but it’s good to know the doctor is knowledgeable. I see the world like I am in a stretched bubble that gets jiggy with it. Everything dances and stretches. Hahaha even my eyes are twitchy. I am Mizz Twitch.

Thank you for stopping by Gothic Realms. I love you very much. I appreciate everything you do. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Please stop by again. I try to post as often as possible. I love writing poetry for you guys.

Boop! I booped your nose, bye. 👉👃🧑‍🦼💨🦇❤️

There’s Only One Road Trip, I’ve Chosen Me

I feel you crumbling in my arms
like a porcelain heart down
to the girth you fell so hard.

Why don’t you take what you want,
why don’t you take what you need,
why don’t you take what you came for
and leave me alone?

Life’s too short to keep running
from the beast.

Life’s only one road trip,
I’ve chosen me.

No narcissist is going to control me.

You left your shadow hovering over
my bed, with your vampire teeth.

My lucid dreams are bleeding,
bleeding black and deep.

You will never meet anyone like me.

Why don’t you take what you want,
why don’t you take what you need,
why don’t you take what you came for
and leave me alone?

Life’s too short to keep running
from the beast.

Life’s only one road trip,
I’ve chosen me.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

Audie Twitter

A skunk is eating the Tweety.

Here’s a fair well to Twitter.

May the tweety live on in our

Tweet tweet Twitter.

You lost your wings when you lost
your mind to the mindless twitter
streams from crazy people.

No one saw your demise.

No one thought you’d fall so hard.

Poor Twitter drowning slowly
in the arms of a greedy narcissist
with shady eyes, and no morals to
stand his ground.

Elon Musk smells like a nasty skunk.

He shot Twitter between the eyes
and laugh’s while making money
off his lies and Twitters demise.
I doubt he enjoyed every bite he took
as he slowly devoured it’s bones
and feathers. He probably coughed
up the pieces he couldn’t disgust
like an owl.

Aduie Twitter, it’s been a fun ride.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

This is a Bloody Quills poem.

Greed And Gluttony

Burn baby burn into
the lake of fire.

Gold and silver is nothing
without greed.

A person who is weighted down
by coins is a drowning fool.

If you carry overloaded bags
of stuff you will begin to sink
into the sand.

Rock bottom is a painful place
to be, it’s damaging. If you add
gluttony you get crushed upon
the rocks.

Greed and gluttony are like
a caged heart, you can feel
its beat and flutter with
great anxiety.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

This is inspired by Elon Musk’s Twitter abuse. He’s no genius he’s a fraud and narcissist. He can’t program a website nor run a business, except into the ground. A true genius can program anything and learn from their mistakes. A genius show’s their intelligence through improvements and change. They don’t need a big bank account or a lot of stuff. We are not successful billionaires mooching off the community. We don’t brag about our intelligence nor lie for attention. We work hard to survive and we make personal improvements. I can program anything, I have built websites from scratch. I built an AI for my community so I can have a break from administration and I can learn from my program. I ran off brand social medias for years. Two of my communities were massive with millions of members and thousands of posts and people sharing daily. There was no spam, no hate, no shadiness. You got live support 24\7 for free. I paid for it so you didn’t have to. I built several businesses and I am still growing them. I am not going to tell you it’s easy or brag about how much money I make. In the end being a genius is being a responsible person and understanding that it’s a big responsibility. If I was an average intelligent person I wouldn’t have been able to do anything I have done. I am handicapped and I have to adapt to it. I didn’t have encouragement from everyone, my mom was the beginning of my courageous journey. I built off of her foundation. I am aware I am a fool, I am human. We all are fool’s living for today. It’s up to you what you do with your life. I love you and I want the best for you. I want to be a good example for you guys. I will be the best I can be as well. I don’t expect anything. I am aware that nothing is under my control except a few things I can do. We are surfers riding the waves of life together. Intelligence means nothing. You can be smart without being a genius. The only reason I got my IQ tested was to get a proper diagnosis for my mental health. That’s the only purpose it has to be honest.

I Had a Lucid Nightmare Last Night – Wednesday Evening

Hello my lovelies. I am having issues. Last night I had a vivid nightmare. I dreamt about a dark monster with razer teeth. It kidnapped me in my sleep and I screamed to wake up but I couldn’t and the monster mocked my screams and my begging for help. When I opened my eyes I still couldn’t move but I was able to scream one more time before I could move. I still felt the monster was in my room while I was paralyzed. The feeling left when I was able to move. I got up at 3 am because I couldn’t go back to sleep. I was too scared I will get trapped in my dreams again. This is what happens when I deal with the abuse I suffered. It’s the hard part. 😭 I am going to be paranoid tonight. I hate this. I am going to prepare myself for possible monster attack and hopefully I can control it. I am a lucid dreamer so my dreams are very vivid and surreal. I am able to control myself in my dreams. It does make it harder for me to stay asleep though because my awareness wakes me up. I always say out loud oh I am dreaming before I wake up. I have to say quick goodbyes to anyone I am with in my dreams. Sometimes I return to the same place and time I left and finish the dream the next night. It’s like living in a different dimension really. I am aware it’s not real though. It can be fun too. The paralyzing nightmare’s are the dreams I hate. I started having them after my ex narcissistic boyfriend bugged my bedroom and internet a few years ago. I believe he is the monster that has manifested in my mind and it’s become a lucid dream. My imagination is very vivid too. It could be partly responsible. I do know how to build my dreams from my reality too. It’s like magic in the lucid dreams. That’s how I am aware I am dreaming, there’s no logic there. I can fly and breathe underwater. I once floated around in blackness of space inside a bubble. I saw time passing by on a bubble clock that followed me. It was exact timing to reality too. I woke up and I saw my clock and it was the same time as in my dream. There are flying fish in space and mathematics come to live by dancing across the galaxy with stars trailing behind. I ate a star once and it popped like pop rocks on my tongue. I also wear a grass gown with living wildflowers that bloomed with the sunlight from the morning sun rising above a mountain. I also fought aliens and I was a vampire worrier from the future. I have watched a concert of myself reading poetry out loud to a group of vampire poet’s who are my friends. I have written poems that are from my lucid dreams. It’s kinda funny that my friends in my lucid dreams are all vampires and wolf people. A have a friend who is a morphing wolf man, his name is Nicodemus Redwolf Of The Woods. I call him Nick. And there’s Ashen, Sarah and Torres, Draco the dragon. Sometimes Draco is a King or prince. He’s always beside me. He once was a bald eagle too with black feathers. Ashen Sarah and Torres usually show up at random times when I am fighting an alien with Draco. They like to make fun of the aliens while we are fighting them. It gets odd in my lucid dreams. Sometimes I have to save people other times I need saving. I am never a superhero though but I do have abilities I just don’t use them. I don’t like being the center of attention even in my dreams. I always give the attention to someone else. Sometimes I am a shadow on the wall and I listen and watch everything. There’s a school in my dreams too. It’s for learning magic and reasoning. Moonhigh Of The Knights College For The Enchanted. There’s a whole world in my head from my lucid dreams. I might write short stories about it for you guys to read. It will be posted in small posts over time. It could help me document my dreams.

I am going now. I have to meditate to calm down before bed. I hope you have a great evening or day. I know I have readers from across the world. You all come from all over the world. I love WordPress very much. We make Gothic Realms possible together.

Thank you for stopping by Gothic Realms. I am honored. Boop! I booped your nose, bye. 👉👃🧑‍🦼💨🦇❤️

My Mental Health Journey Has Started

Hello my lovelies, I started counseling. I went to my second appointment today. I am going weekly on Wednesday at 9 am. I am finally building my own bridges so I can stand by myself. I have discovered I never had a self. I have body dysphoria and it’s holding me back. I need to build myself to deal with the abuse I suffered. My ex did a lot of damage and I already was damaged. I worked hard to build a platform for myself and he tore it down in two years and I didn’t have a chance to build it back because I was trapped for seven years in his abusive tactics. He neglected me when I needed him, he expected me to sacrifice everything for him and he did nothing but complain about everything blaming me for his discomfort. He caused me paranoia and anxiety because he broke my self esteem and security. He stole and lied to me. He gaslighted everything I did and he mocked me trying to steal my work for himself. The dude made a blog similar to my own and got upset when he didn’t get the same attention I get. When I worked hard to build my community, it took years for me to get my blog where it’s at. He can’t achieve the same thing in one post. He can’t even write good poetry. His makes no sense. He needs to work hard to learn how to write poetry and listen to learn. I have been writing since I was seven years old, before I could write my mom wrote for me and I told her what to write. I am autistic too so I started out slowly. Building my blogs helped me improve my writing skills because I wanted to learn and get critical help from my readers. You guys are my muse and support. He doesn’t want to work so he failed. He also made it harder for me to grieve for my mom after she passed. He wasn’t supportive instead he was attacking me and accusing me of cheating when he was the one cheating. He bugged my apartment to collect evidence I was cheating. He got very mean when he couldn’t get the evidence he wanted. My mom had to help me protect myself after he broke into my apartment and stole food and used my stuff in 2014. He never apologized or took responsibility for his crimes. Our community doesn’t care about me either, they didn’t punish him after he was reported and caught. They literally paid for the damages and he is free to cause more damage. He also murdered his cat while he tore apart his apartment and ended up in the hospital for mental health. He ended up breaking out of the hospital and walked home bloody and mentally unstable. I reported him but nothing was done. He brought dug dealers and prostitutes into his apartment. Pretended to not know they were criminal’s yet he brought them in to make deals and feed his own addiction. I am forced to deal with the mental health issues he caused. Our justice system is broken, there’s no protection or justice. I am proof. It needs to change. The lack of justice is damaging lives.

The owner of my housing community is partly responsible for my mental health issues because he hasn’t taken care of the issue. He literally paid to keep the community silent and I am forced to live nextdoor to my abuser and a criminal. My ex boyfriend has been allowed to abuse the community and damage property. I wasted time and my life reporting him. I will never feel safe here until he’s gone and suffers the conciquinces. Also, there’s no time limit on my mental health his crimes has caused me permanent mental health issues. On top of that I already have PSTD from childhood abuse. Everything has come to a full circle. I will never again blindly trust people. If people are warning me to stay away from someone, I will listen. No more thinking people are good without having evidence. Your innocent until proven guilty but I will be careful. I keep my boundaries now. People need to build trust or you are not allowed inside my home or my life. People should respect boundaries. I have learned from personal experience. My counselor’s name is Anna and she’s a student so she’s learning from her patients and she’s a great counselor. Mental health has gotten better. They made sure I got easement and accurate testing before setup my team. I feel comfortable when I walk into the festivities too everyone is kind and friendly. They understand my situation because they are trained to understand. I am very grateful. Also, I already know a lot of the people because I grew up in mental health services. I am planning on going to groups when I get to a better state of mind. They gave me paperwork for recourses. I am excited and scared at the same time. It’s always scary at first. Oh and Anna is very proud of my ability to communicate. I have worked hard to learn how to communicate. I started out a scared mute child. I was 25 when I started being brave and it led to me moving into my apartment in 2010. It’s a big milestone in my life and it shows today in my communication skills. The first thing I am going to work on is understanding me myself and I. It’s uncomfortable for me to use I, myself and me. I don’t understand what it means. I know it’s used for communication but I don’t know what else. I was taught how to use it but I don’t have a personal connection to it. I have been isolating myself for years as well because I am anxious about socializing I always have been. I don’t mind socializing but it’s still uncomfortable for me. I feel comfortable isolating after being around people. I need space. But I need to stop abusing it and force myself back into the public. I am driving myself mad by isolating. I am going to call my doctor too so I can get my electric wheelchair fixed. I can’t go anywhere without it and big red died last year. I miss him and going window shopping. Big red is my electric wheelchair. I named it when it arrived at my apartment. I was so excited because I was able travel. I normally love exploring. I knew I was depressed because I wasn’t going out anymore and I have panic attacks when I do. I need Big red to help me move again. Also, I am going to customize my electric wheelchair this time to make it easier for me to bring my stuff like my cell phone and bags for holding stuff. I am so stuck on the line I didn’t take care of my needs. It’s going to change. ❤️

Building My Bridges

Upon my falling tears
I release my fears,
my sadness and insecurities
are set free.

My passed progressions, become
aggressions temporarily so
I can cope with the anxiety
and depression.

Like a Torero, I grow slowly
to a shadows pase, two shay.

The PTSD is the worst part
of building me.

I never built my own bridges,
everything has been a bit
unstable. Like a house of
cards, my house crumbled
with the slightest touch.

I played the game I pretended
to be normal, now I’m tired and
wanting to be who I was meant
to be. Uniquely autistically me.

I am building my first bridge,
fireproof and waterproof with
a damn to hold my sorrows.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

A Shady Devil

Elon Musk is so narcissistically dumb he forgot a ship needs sail’s to follow directions and he threw away Twitters sail’s and expected the platform to follow his directions. Now Twitter is sinking. What a genius. He is mooching off Twitter by stealing free speech and making people pay to be verified for protection against imposters. He lied about making Twitter a safer place. He literally did the opposite for personal gain. Like I said before, you can’t teach a narcissist. They are too ignorant and self-centered. That means it’s impossible for Elon Musk to be a genius. If he wants to protect free speech and the people he would have made it easier to suspend trolls and be verified to protect the community. It shouldn’t cost money if it’s free speech. Hint FREE! 🤯

A true genius wouldn’t do random things until they lose everything and claim success. An IQ is measured by a person’s ability to make logical choices and retain information they have learned and their ability to understand it. He’s proving he’s no genius, he’s a bad business man and narcissistic abuser, a moocher too. He’s a smooching moocher, he can’t keep it in his pants. Elon Musk has multiple children with multiple women. Maybe more because he’s known to be a liar and playboy Bigalow. Now he’s drowning in his stupidity and low IQ. The dude beliefs the matrix is real as well. There’s no evidence that there’s a matrix. It’s a conspiracy theory based on a movie. His inability to listen and learn is evidence of his fraud and scam. Oh and the fact that he hasn’t invented anything. He’s reusing patents from Tesla and other inventor’s claiming he’s the inventor. He literally used Tesla’s name for his brand name. That’s shady gaslighting. My obsession with science and engineering has gone very deep. I am taking a break from it because it stresses me out. The world has become a cesspool of uneducated dummies who are in control of large corporations like Elon Musk is. Twitter is evidence of his low IQ and lie’s about his intelligence. I knew he was a fraud before he took Twitter because I am an above average genius. I can’t deny it, my doctor’s tested my IQ. I have personal experience. Also, Elon Musk’s business is enough evidence for me. I feel sorry for the employees of Elon Musk they are the first victims of his narcissim. He took Twitter on his rollercoaster of money grabbing schemes too. Now the world is strapped in by force and being shook around injuring the platform and its members. He’s a monster flirting with our lives for personal gain. Elon Musk stinks like a lying skunk he’s definitely musky. Yuck! 🤮

Elon Musk also claims that people will be able to populate Mars yet it’s a dead planet with no ability to sustain life. The journey alone will kill everyone before they reach the planet. It makes no sense. Also, you can’t get something out of nothing. That means if Mars is incapable of sustaining life there’s no way to build a living ecosystem on its surface. Even if we use greenhouses, there’s no way to take the effect outside the houses. The environment would kill everything before it had a chance to grow. Then evidence of alien life would be on Mars but it would be dead. It’s a waste of space and money. I know for a fact we human beings have at least another million years to go before we are able to populate a dead planet. We are not doing so well right now and our chances are dwindling slowly. We can’t even take control of the Earth’s environment its hurting our population and all life on Earth. Elon Musk should start with Earth before moving to Mars. If he’s a genius he would show it. I’ve seen nothing but a shady devil hiding behind a bank account.

A Well Traveled Poet

Upon my fleeting words
I reveal my roads.

Step by step, word by word,
line by line, a poet travels
the world.

We breathe poetry,
we eat it too.

Until our clouds are full of stars
ready to rain upon the earth
poetic storms.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

My Pain Is A Cheeky Boy

I can’t hide or run,
pain is on my back.

I built my road but pain
got cheeky and damaged
my plans.

It laugh’s in my face
while setting on my back
twisted and bent.

Scratching and clawing
at my skin, pains no friend.

Poking and pinching,
bringing depression
and anxiety.

Pains a cheeky boy with
claws for hands and a
creepy ear to ear smile
with a mouth full of
razer teeth.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

How To Grow A Superhero

There are superheroes,
they are everyday people
who are brave.

Kindness is like a seed,
when we plant seeds of kindness
they will grow heroes.

Kindness helps build societies
because love is success and

All we need is love just remember
to plant your seeds of kindness
and help them grow by hydrating
your plots with kind deeds.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

The Slumbering Sun

The evening sun sets on the horizon,
it melts into its reflection, rippling
like water as it slowly turns
into liquid beams and fades
into the night.

Like a slumbering beast
the sun does one last peek
before disappearing over the
curve of the earth.

Our sun can seem magical,
it turns into liquid beams
that stretch out with arms
of light, it will burn bright
for billions of years.

It’s amazing.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

Black Cat

Agile and sleek,
lurking in the deep.

Eyes of rarest gem’s
shine in the dark of night.

Black and slim
scratch and sniff,
bathing in the sunbeams
of mornings wake.

Black lady undercover,
luxurious coat like
black velvet and the
softest fur.

Living in the window
seeking comfort with
glaring beauty, and green
eyes like emeralds shine.

My neighbors black cat
she’s a beauty and a luxurious
display of expansive coat’s
and gem’s greener than the
oceans edge.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

Scooby Doo Fanart

This Scooby Doo Fanart is stylized in the 1969 Scooby Doo cartoon style. It’s my favorite Scooby Doo. I do not sell Fanart so this will not be for sell. I enjoyed drawing it and wanted to share it with you guys. I might draw the other characters. I will post them on Gothic Realms if I do. I submitted the drawing on DeviantArt as well, you can check it out at Scooby Doo Fanart.

I have been working hard on improving my cartoon drawing skills. It doesn’t take much for me to learn. It’s fun too. I have a good memory and I can imagine what my art looks like before I finish. Scooby Doo is my favorite cartoon my second is The Real Ghostbusters. I have watched every episode of both shows more than twice. The show’s changed slightly as they got popular too. The creators improved the style of cartoons as they produced the episodes. Scooby Doo is more famous than The Real Ghostbusters because of its unique character’s and famous guest’s. I do believe Scooby Doo will get bigger and have more characters. It doesn’t seem to be fading away like some cartoon’s do. It’s too diverse and creative to go out of style.

Boop! I booped your nose, bye. 👉👃🧑‍🦼💨🦇❤️

Tapestry Of Depression

Why do you stolk me?

You’re cumbersome and deep,
you’re always setting on
my back weighing me down.

You drag me into your deep dark
Seas of emotional tides.

I am rolling in your deep depths
of agony.

You suffocate my peace of mind
with your drowning defense and

You played with my self-esteem
like a masterful monster
you are.

The blackness of your design
roped me with its threads,
trapping my heart in the
cumbersome tapestry of
your doomed agony.

I am drowning in depressions
designer tapestry.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

Father Of All Lies, He’s A Wolf In Sheep’s Skin

Those who speak with forked
tongue’s speak no truth.

They become tongue tied and
sharp as knifes.

They weaponize their beliefs
with sword like words, claiming
lies to be truth but truth
to be lies.

They twist reality and bend
the truth so their false beliefs
can rule.

That like rotting flesh their
lies attract flies, it stinks
of betrayal and treason.

It is polluted with rotted promises
and ghostly wars we’ve fought before.

The cowards crawl on their belly’s
like serpents at the feet of the

He who is a wolf in sheep’s skin
dresses like a dog but bark’s up
the wrong tree.

He’s the father of all lies,
as the people open wide to
devour his bent bones grinding
on his knifes like rabid dogs;
they choke the innocent and
pollute the minds of our youth.

Damning our future as they burn
their bridges. Nothing but ruins
lay ahead. You can hear the wolf’s
howling upon the wasteland they
left behind.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

This is inspired by the republicans lie’s and abuse. Donald Trump is the wolf in sheep’s skin.

Happy Halloween You Foolish Ghouls

Nightmare be with you.

You can feel its breath on your neck
and goosebumps on your skin.

It’s that time of year once again.

When pumpkins smile and
ghosts are friendly unless
you forget the candy.

Which’s cackle and brew their spells
under the Halloween moon.

Vampires come knocking, walking
free for all to see, say cheese you
foolish ghouls with a vampish grin.

The vamps are out of their boxes,
phantoms stalk the houses,
monsters visit too.

Bobbing for apples but caught
a fish instead, ate pumpkin pie
but forgot the eyes, blue man shoes
walked along and forgot the dude
he’s been died for awhile now.
Boo! His ghost got you now
he’s singing the blues.

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

Rooted Betrayal

Did you know that
the touch of your hand
moved me?

We shared a breath
and a root grew between us,
it hydrated and fed our

Our bond was supposed to
strengthen but you tugged
on its weakness until it broke.

You played me a fool,
a full deck of wild cards
no joker’s but you because
you scammed the table.

A fool I was, a drowning victim,
a mockery for your entertainment.

I fell hard over your hills,
under the Sea into your blue
tides of loneliness and depression.

I saw the storm in your eyes,
blue silvery sky’s turning gray.

Seven years you took me for a ride,
with your lies and constant
shoveling of accusations and
narcissistic nagging.

Never happy, complained but never
worked on changing it. You became
maddening and insane. Dragging me
under, like a piece of driftwood
unwanted and beaten by your
weathering abuse.

Now that I am free, I am working
on my boat and cutting the dead
roots you left behind.

This is what a shameful pile of
bones looks like.

He built a pile of ashes and
allowed overgrown weeds to
choke our relationship.

It lays dead amongst the autumn

©️ 2022 By Amanda D Shelton

For my ex narcissist. Au revoir, as$hole!

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