Freedom Fighter

Once this country was built
off a dream, a dream to be
diverse and free.

Sadly our government has stolen what we’ve built, it’s falling like a tree making way for evil trees that take the roots from others.

No one has a choice any longer because our government has decided they know what we want, now everyone is fighting back for their freedom rights.

We should stand as a nation
not discrimination,
yet our government has made
it impossible for us to have
the choice.

We are at war with our own government, we deserve better treatment, we are all human beings doesn’t matter color, raise, vision, voice, or face.

Take away the skin
and you look the same
underneath because we
all share the same DNA.

Trump’s IQ shows through
by his choice to be an evil, paranoid, and impasient president. He’s done nothing to help us grow as a nation, he’s caused hate crimes to climb, money to fall, people to lose their jobs.

Where’s the greatness he promised us? All I’ve seen is a dieing nation. He’s only fed the hatred and bulling, he’s done nothing but hurt us all.

Our country was built off freedom and human rights, but now we have none.

I pray you will not vote Donald Trump for another time in office. You should be ashamed of yourself if you do, you will be doing nothing but help evil to steal our human rights which is the Americans right to have freedom.

I stand for Jesus Christ,
he wouldn’t cast anyone out,
he would say. “He who is without sin may cast the first stone.” No one is sinless so
you have no right casting a stone.

You should look at yourself
first before judging others.
You are no better than
anyone else. We are all
human beings.

You shouldn’t stand for America, you should stand for human rights because that’s what makes us Americans.

Love helps growth, kindness helps us to unite, charity brings resources.

Sometimes all someone needs
is a helping hand and a touch
of love.


© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton

I wrote this because I am fed up with hearing about how the government is being taken down by Donald Trump. He has been acting like a spoiled child from the beginning and everyone who voted for him is to blame. You are blind, he’s been an evil person from the beginning it’s very clear because of where he’s from. Why would you vote for someone who was a Playboy? He’s been accused by many people of sexual abuse, he’s clearly a lose cannon Also he stole money from you by getting the government to give his business freedom from paying tax’s. He didn’t help his community by doing that instead he helped himself get richer while you got poor. He’s a narcissist jerk. He thinks he’s doing good by hurting us. He doesn’t care about you he cares about you doing everything he says to do. It’s sickening. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. I am sorry you have to suffer through this hell because I care about you. ❤️


My Love Is Sick

Painful silence scratches at my heart, leaving deep marks.

You never explained yourself,
instead you leave me in the dark.

You just left me without a goodbye, you didn’t even think about my feelings or
anything else.

I don’t understand your lack of words, I am not sure what happened to you for you haven’t given me any response.

You are a theft in the night,
you silently came and stole my heart only to drop it like a piece of trash.

How can you say I love you?
After everything you have done
you dropped me, neglected me
and never gave me a reason why?

The worst type of evil is the silent kind, those who have something to hide are the silent ones, they don’t care about anything you have to give them
not even your life.

I will never understand why someone would say I love you and then without any reason drop you.

Where’s the love you said you hold for me?

All I’ve got is a bucket of tears,
a painful burning, and a used mind
you left behind.

Nothing I say gets through to you,
it’s like talking to a brick wall
or quicksand my words fall in but never comes out.

You stole my heart and my everything, with no remorse for the damages you caused me.

You should be ashamed of yourself.
I call you my love because
that’s what you are to me.

Sadly you don’t hear a word I speak, your too busy judging me.

My love is sick.

© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton

Love Punishes Me

Love is like a candle
it doesn’t last without
a flame.

It burns so fast, it turns into memories of smoke that lingers
for only a moment before it fades.

You are left with a half burnt wick
and a used up waxy stick.

Ashes are smeared on the table
while a heart lays in its own blood
beating one last time before

You can blame love for the damages
but never suit for love doesn’t
care for you.

I have made my peace with the world,
but not love for love always
comes back on its hands and knees.

I fell head over heels so many times,
the bruises on my knees haven’t healed from the fall.

Love punishes me.

© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton

My Broken Heart

I once thought love was
a magical place, where everything
suddenly falls into place.

Sadly I have learned the truth,
love hurts worse than a rotting tooth.

It can be ugly too,
full of hurt and struggles.

I am left chocking on my tears
while my heart tore apart
bruised and fragile like porcelain,
it broke into a thousand words
bleeding from my wounds (poetry).

It flows so easily,
like hot wax melting over the
wick it hardened but without form
or structure. It falls apart
in your hands.

I burst into a puddle of tears,
for my visual can no longer
hold the pressure.

© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton

Dystonia Got Nothing On Me

Twitching muscles
cramping feet and hands.

Painful needles pricking my skin,
sandpaper sanding my brain
against the grain.

Feeling like a prisoner
in my own body, like a bird
forced to live in a small cage,
I have suffered such torture.

A Neurological disabilty
stole my muscles but
not my well power.

I am stronger than ever.

Mizz Twitch knows how
to dance, I shimmy down
the dance floor
like a blooming flower.

© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton

The Silhouette Of Autumn

Orange, yellow, and red stream through the dust as it settles down covering the ground and Autumn returns.

Leafs scatter in the wind
as cold chills push the trees.

The clouds become cotton balls
wrapped in there blue skies
and sunshine.

Heavy breath of snow blows
cold kisses upon your cheeks.

Autumn is never black,
its silhouette is orange, yellow, and red.

© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton

The Stillness Of Autumn

As the sunlight fades slowly
behind the cleavage of the world,
thine eyes close to say goodnight,
leaving a sliver of the moon hanging over your head and a sprinkle of stars cast their blazing trails crowning the sky
King of the night.

The valley sighs before
sluggishly bowing to the night, the trees sleep like babies in their rooted beds.

As Autumn came
in the stillness of the night,
she laid her gown on top
the meadows turning the trees
red, yellow, and brown.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

My Poetic Binding

Amongst the books I am
torn, tattered, and worn,
my pages are yelled,
my binding fragile and
frayed by age.

My story sat for awhile
before a friend found my
shelf, such poetry I wrought
in slow progress; it is dripping
from the pen I hold within
my poetic brain, and you became
the reader of my poetic tongue.

Like rats my thoughts gather
in a pack of many before looking for attention and food so here
I am writing for you.

It’s a dilution of words
I spit out for you, like
a flaming candle blowing
smoke into your mind.
I linger on your thoughts
before you snuff my wick
releasing my last bit of
light before I become a memory.

These are the poetic bindings
that hold me tightly
to this world. I am like a
violin you strum my strings
and I will begin to sing.

My poetic bindings hold
me tightly allowing me
to write these lines
of wrought and desire.

This is my poetic binding.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Break The Halo

This one’s my last breath,
but not the end of my story.

Breathe they say,
with a rush of pain
my breath breaks the surface.

I can see the light ahead
of the darkness that
tries to steal my life.

Like fireworks I burst
breaking the halo that
in gulfs my existence,
but my ghost lives on after
the surcharge of this
beautiful pain we inhaled
like it’s our last,
breathe they say.

Break the halo
bursting into life,
like a firework lighting up
the night, this life will never
extinguish my flame
for I will always burn bright.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

For My Reader’s (You Are Very Important To Me)

Pieces of me scattered across
your screen, ink drippings
from my mind seep deeply
into these pages I designed.

With line after line
I strum the strings,
playing my word game
formatting my thoughts,
flowing fluid and with ease.

I love poetry,
it’s more than just
my passion.

I don’t always post for myself,
you are my inspiration.

You are my aspiration
and reasons for writing.

I find you beautiful,
amazing and worthy of
my attention.

Here you become my star,
you shine for me,
you cause poetry to flow
freely from me.

Thank you, my beautiful reader’s
for stopping by my blog.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton