like my heart
love is sweat like night.

We gather as one
under the burning sun,
only to sacrifice
our hearts to love.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“To sacrifice your own heart for the comforts of love, but never forget the importance of life.” 

You Think You Deserve More?

You go from one end to the other
so quickly no one is aware of your dishonesty until after you cause pain.

I will never understand why some people think the world owes them everything,
they think they deserve so much.

You’re no different than anyone else,
you are a human being so your just as flawed as all the rest.

God didn’t choose you for anything special except to live your life the best you can. Try to follow his plan.

For some reason,
there are people who think they have it worse than others.

When the only reason they think that,
is because they are selfish, thinking life should move in their direction
just because they want it to.

Life doesn’t work like that,
life moves within it’s own plan,
you are just part of it.

That’s why you think you feel
worse than others,
you can’t see God’s plan,
because your nose is in the way.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Poetry Fly

I never give up,
I keep on driving.

Through the mountains
over the hills,
through the forests,
and over the cloud’s.
I am seen flying,
souring above the world.

Poetry is my portal,
I can choose any destination
through my writing.

I am glad you decided to join me.
Over the rainbow and
above your head
whatch me fly.

I am a poetry fly.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Structure Of Broken Love

It’s sad to be judged
by the love of your life.

You wouldn’t think
that someone you love
could do anything like that.

Because love isn’t mean,
love isn’t boastful,
love isn’t a lie,
love isn’t a beautiful day,
love isn’t a fairy tale,
love isn’t a glass slipper.

Love is complicated,
love is hard,
love is painful,
love is gooy, oozing all the time,
love is scratchy,
love is wakey,
love is full of it,
love is pushy,
love is never changing.

It is the person who uses it,
who makes it,
forms it,
sculpt it into
a piece of art,
sometimes they use
the wrong glue
so it falls apart.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

You Left Your Troubles At My door

My heart is full of pain,
because you left your
troubles at my door.

You left your troubles,
you gave me your want’s
but you never thought
it’s not my job to give you
everything you want.

My job is to love you
and to take care
of myself first.

I can’t protect you
from yourself,
I can’t defend myself
against your attacks,
I have enough to deal with.

Plus you cause your
own troubles.
I have nothing to do
with that.

You once treated me
with respect,
now you damage
and neglect.

You haven’t changed
for yourself,
instead you make promises
you will change for me.

No one changes
for someone else,
if you have respect
for yourself,
you would change
for yourself.

Modivation is the key,
self worth is the hole,
you locked yourself out
by losing the key.

I am sorry,
I can’t help you feel worthy,
I can’t help you feel loved,
I can’t give you the world,
because that’s impossible
for anyone to do.
I never promised you that.

You don’t need the world,
you need to open your eyes
and see my love,
you need to realize how blind
you have been,
and how much you hurt me
because you are blind
to my love.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“To my heart he knows who he is , Seany.”


Love broke my heart,
love stole my everything,
love damaged my heart,
now it is sore, bruised, and used.

But my love is sick
it stressed me out
until my blood poured all my energy out.

Now my heart is damaged,
heartbroken and crushed.

My love he doesn’t seem to notice.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“Brokenhearted with high blood pressure. You wonder if someone can die from a broken heart if I get high blood pressure after my boyfriend started telling me I don’t love him enough. How horrible that he would say such a thing to anyone.” 

Good Morning

The moon is my friend
but the sun stole him,
now I am alone wishing
to find him.

It’s dawn and
the moon is gone.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“The morning blue’s”

Goodnight My Moonflower 

One dreary day a flower
grew in a baren landscape,
soon over grown and gray.
All the flowers rotted away,
leaving ghostly perfume
and misty dreams for those
who came to pick the flowers. 

As the night fell upon the fields
of ghostly petals,
one grew above the others.
It was a Moonflower. 

Like the others
soon the Moonflower
withered and died.
Never to set eyes on the morning sky.
Now I cry while the rain falls slowly.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Love For Water 

My favorite thing in the world
is water.
I love your blue crashing waves,
you bring me to my knees,
bowing to your rolling tides
as my heart rides.

You are always part of my,
moving through each artery
pushing life through my vains.
Coating each neroun
so I can remember you,
and write this rhyme.

Let me count the way…

  1. I love to drink you up.
  2. I love your coolness.
  3. I love your clean flavor.
  4. I love your blue color.
  5. I love your rolling tides.
  6. I love your waves,
    your curves are so divine.
  7. I love your sandy shores.
  8. I love your energy,
    you keep the lights from darkening.
  9. I love your growing shine,
    as the sun milt’s on your horizon.
  10. I love your beautiful vastness,
    your memory never dies.

I love water with a passion,
I had to share it in a rhyme.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Expressing My Write

Every poem that I write
is a testimony of what I fight.

and strife
these are the things I fight.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton