Sorry My Friend

Upon a promise I came,
but left on a lie.

Breathless beginnings,
mindless endings,
and regretfully declined.

A promise is nothing
without the tongue
and doings of others.

Sadly I have been pushed
aside by friendly lies.

I was told
a feather is a feather
but not a wing,
so I forgot how
to fly.

Sorry my friend,
life is hard, and
we have to push harder
to survive.


Broken Melody

My porcelain heart fell apart,
I tried to fix it but still
I am missing a few pieces.

I bow my head
as I clinched my chest,
trying to calm my beating heart;
(before it breaks free from my chest).

With each beat
my heart skips a beat,
memories flooded
as my blood pressure rises.

My porcelain heart
begins to blacken,
mold grows
where nothing is left.

Replaced by old memories,
my heart begins to sing.
Like a violin I pluck the stings,
playing a broken melody.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

In The Darkness I Burn Like A Candle

If you have barred wetness
to my darkness,
try to understand my light
is underneath the surface.
To see it you have to sit
with me for awhile.

I burn like a candle,
my flame is small
but powerful.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I am part of Mirakee through Google Play. I only joined yesterday and I already have tons of likes and followers. Here’s the original poem for this post.

A Rose

Upon unspoken words you came,
in my sweetest dreams
you left me your kiss.

Upon your perfumed memory you left
but still I can remember
your faded scent
(with clarity you will
never truly fade).

My dearest Rose,
you inspired me;
in my sweetest dreams.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Ghost Bound

I layed my soul upon the stone,
while my ghost still roamed.

Shadows danced while
my ghost took to its own.

I flew like a phantom
looking for a home,
if only I looked closer,
I was already home.

The ghost writer,
I wrote a poem
for you to remember me by.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Painful Breath

My lounges remind me of my limits.

Each inhale I struggle with,
choking on this morning breath,
dying for the nightly sky
to take away my burning flesh.

Sadly I have no tears
for the clouds stole
my fears.

I a wondering soul,
lost my breath to the Sea,
where I jumped so easily.

None do I regret,
for I made up my mind
year’s before it was my time.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Boiling Poetry

Like a fireplace of passion,
my poetry was birthed from
my blazing soul.

It poured out like lava
hot and ready to be formatted.

My ink boiled and plotted,
it coiled itself around my heart,
like a weed trying to grow
uncontrollable and ready to
bare me fruit.

I planted my seed,
like an apple tree,
it grew and rooted inside
my mind.

It gave birth to
boiling poetry.

My mind is full of
apple cider poetry,
its bitter sweet,
ready to eat.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Like The Rest

I walk amongst the shadows
but never was I one of them.

I couldn’t see the stars
or the sky,
for I was like fog.

I blinded all who came
to my front,
I fogged their minds
with my chilled breath.

I couldn’t figure out
what was left.

I wanted to be a shadow
like all the rest,
sadly I will never be like
the rest.

I am unique,
I am free,
I am me,
I am autistic
and I can’t conform like you can.

My views are unique,
my brain is wired differently.

I will never be like
the rest, doesn’t matter
how much I protest.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Give Me A Place For Inspiration To Write Poetry

“Oh what poetry I would write, if I only could find a foggy night and a cool breeze to set me at ease.”

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I already posted this on my Tumblr.
I thought my Bat Brat reader’s would like to read it, so I am posting it here as well.


I am made of nervous needles,
fever’s, and chills,
my goal is to
cause discomfort,
and sickness.

I am chronic, needless,
sometimes useless,
and wasted time.

I communicate with neurons,
and cell’s,
causing nervousness,
and spell’s.

I am pain.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Writing Is My Passion

To write is like,
a powerful emotion that has
no words to explain it.

I have a passion to write,
like I have no choice
to want to write.

Poetry is a formate,
a type of writing I am good at.

Writing a novel is harder,
for how can I put all
my passion into a novel
without losing its patience
and feeling? I can’t.

It’s like bottling up something
that’s too large for the container.
It over flows to the next pages
until you have too many
for a novel.

I am pretty sure if I was to
write a book,
I would have to write
more than one.

I have more poems inside my mind,
waiting for inspiration
to push it over the edge
until I write it down.

I am patient,
I know when to write,
I also know when
is a good time
for getting likes
and followers.

Most of the time I post
not to please you,
but to release my mind
from the pressure.

I have a passion like no other,
it’s counted by the letter,
each line is devoured by the next.
Until you have a page full of
prose and my unique format.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Living With A Monster (Update)

Good Gothic morning,

How are you my beautiful Bat Brat’s? This post is going to be about updates and a few knowledgeable quotes.

Update from Gothic Realms Amanda Shelton’s life

Welcome to my domain Bat Brat’s. I am feeling better today. I have been doing a lot more than usual past month because of the holidays. Yesterday my body finally settled into the pain of doing a bit more activity. Today I am not so bad. I am able to set in my chair and write this post. That’s pretty good compared to yesterday where I couldn’t even get up without crying in pain. I should say moaning like a ghost who lost her mind. Today that pain is the ghost. 👻 Hahahaha! Boo!

I got blood test results from my pain Specialist too. It says I have inflammation in my blood. From unknown sources. I think it’s the fibromyalgia and the cyst’s I carry through out my body. I have autoamun deseas so that is another source of inflammation.

Living With A Monster (Addiction)

I have a boyfriend who is living with a monster inside his head (addiction). I call the deseas of addiction a monster because I grew up with my family who suffers from the deseas. It was like living with Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, you never knew when Mr Hyde would pop in for a visit. Now I am with a man who suffers from the deseas. I am learning how to be strong and not try to control the situation. I have learned a very hard lesson. You can’t change or control an addict. Only the addict can control his or her own behavior by admitting and then excepting their deseas. I had to let him deal with his behavior and stop blaming myself. I set boundaries that I didn’t have before with him. I have to be selfless by letting him go. We are still together but there has been a lot of changes to our relationship because of this monster he carries inside of himself. When he forgets its there that’s when it shows its true nature. I have learned not to forget that the monster is always going to be part of our lives. I have also learned how to love myself and protect myself from future damages from the monster. We have support now because I know from my past that no one can deal with the monster of addiction alone. That’s why there is AA, NA, and other types of support groups. I grew up with AA, and NA being a constant support for my mom and brother as well as for myself. I am the only one who doesn’t suffer from the deseas of addiction in my family. I am and was too sick to care about doing drug’s, drinking, or anything else but dealing with my own monsters (mental illness, rare movement disorder, and chronic allergies). I guess having autism also gave me a different way of thinking because I do believe it is the reason I don’t have an addiction. My brain functions differently than yours. I did try smoking it didn’t make me want to keep doing it. I wanted to throw up instead. Same with alcohol, after one glass I am over the toilet seat and my stomach in the toilet. I am allergic to alcohol. I found out when I was younger. Yuck! 😷

“To love someone who suffers from addiction, you have to be able to see past their monster. Grrr!”

– Amanda D Shelton

“Don’t become the problem, instead become stronger by being honest to yourself. You can’t change or control addiction, you can only learn how to live with the monster. Also don’t blame yourself for the addicts behavior. Take responsibility for yourself not the addict. Learn how to love yourself.”

– Amanda D Shelton

” The hardest lesson addiction has taught me, is how to stand up for my own happiness. By not opening the door when my gut tells me I should run.”

– Amanda D Shelton

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Philosophers Love The Forum’s

We philosophers find solitude
in the forums.

I march alongside the shadows
of ancient philosophers,
walking in their shoes,
sharing the same passion
of poetry and writing.

Like all the other writer’s before me,
I too share the same love for
the forums.

The great Halls of knowledge,
are held within the wall’s
of the forums.

The internet reflects that deep
need for entertainment,
and our passion has grown,
through the connection
of servers.

I believe it’s in our nature
as writer’s to want to share
and teach others what we know,
that’s why we created the forum.

The Greeks understood philosophy,
their need for entertainment was great, so great they created some of the largest forums.

It’s the circle of life,
our minds have a great want
to connect, we reflect our
passionate feelings through poetry,
art, and technology.

Here they become one.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Goodnight My Sweet Poet

Be fair and just,
don’t judge yourself too much.

We all have our flaws,
that is what makes us perfect.

I will fly upon unspoken word’s,
like a flying carpet ride waiting
for you to arrive.

There I will pick the fruit
of fulfillment and gratitude.
Make you a salad to
help you grow and prosper.

You will be like a apple tree,
once I plant your seed
there’s no stopping you
from growing.

Every word I spell,
every time I speak,
I hydrate your bloom
with my poems and artwork.

My technics are somewhat unique,
uncommon but yet normal
(for me).

I am bent but still not spent,
I am rich with knowledge
and growth.

Come connect to my roots
and we can become a system
strengthened by our
knowledge and wisdom.

Farewell my sweet poet,
may we meet again
tomorrow morning.

When the dawn is new,
the trees come up from their
bow, lifting their top’s higher
reaching for the sun.

That’s when we will meet again,
until then; goodnight my sweet poet.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Don’t Give Up

Sorrow bent her head,
cried tears that drowned
your fears.

Your dreams turned into
porcelain, slowly fell apart,
gave you a broken heart.

Your vision has been blinded
by the deeds of others
who see their needs
are more important.

You think why keep fighting?
When you should be thinking,
how can I keep fighting?

We dig a hole to plant
ourselves in solid soil,
only to find out the serounding
trees already stole the nutrients
from the soil.

Now we have to rebuild,
put the nutrients back,
see we can grow and develop
stronger roots.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton


Freedom is no longer available,
we are slaves to large corporations.

We colonized American, only to
inslave her people who lived
off its soil before cowboys
found gold and oil.

Now we have been taken by the
greedy and needy man, who
has been handed rights
to slow down the one thing
we deemed free (the internet).

You think because you have been told
America is free and bold,
that makes it true.
Yet look at you,
we have a president who came from
greed, and TV.

Who thought he could run a country?

He knows nothing of the people,
he knows business and gluttony.

Hollywood has turned into a
horror film, always on film,
those stars shine bright,
but if you look to the sky
you’ll see a darker side.

Why? Because love of money
is the root to evil.

Businesses run everything,
from the foods we eat,
clothes we wear,
the fruits we bare,
and now the internet.

How do we share when
companies have all the rights
to choose our rights?

I am ashamed of America,
I am ashamed of my people,
who stole our freedom.

Poor America it has joined
the other nations
who are corrupted
by the needful heavy man
who runs the main land
(The Government).

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

A Vampire Christmas

Tis 2:00am as fog rolled in,
the tree’s sighed and the soft
snow fell quitly outside.

The coffins bare,
the earth chilled and frozen;
this is where he lays,
deep in 9 feet of dirt felled air.

Soulless without a care,
a fool to bring suffering
to the poor humans,
who never noticed he was there.

A shadow of his former self,
he resembles nothing of himself.

Lurkering amongst the beastly
shadows, where monsters belong
to blood and bone,
the foolish break,
this fool follows his natural bent.

Intentions are of course seaking
his thirst, with an open mouth
full of gagged teeth.

He claws for insurance,
an immortals bank never drys,
forever is a long time.

So gather your affairs,
before the dawn bares witness
to your foolish pride.

The vampire is here,
come for a ride?
(it’s just you and I, I swear)
he smiles wide.

Merry Christmas my beastly friends.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Visions Of Christmas

Street’s covered with
blankets of snow,
flacks landing on your nose,
shivers of cold runs

down your spine.

Family’s gathering to collaborate
the season, as it blows
cold and frozen at the door.

Like a fire burning warm, safe,
and calm we gather here
to collaborate.

Hot chocolate cooking on the stove,
with ginger cookies,

decorated with white frosting,
and sprinkles for his

nose and eyes;
replace coal and uneatable woes
from the past.
Those cookies make you
forget about your past regret.

Tis the season to be Joly
and bright as winter cover’s
the night.

Merry Christmas to all
and to all a good night.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Positive Quotes

The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are
likely to see.

– By Winston Churchill

Look farther back and you will
find more possiblties for the future.

– By Amanda D Shelton

Keep to the moment but remember the past as being just what it is.

– By Amanda D Shelton

Life can’t go backwards
so go forwards with patience
and wisely, that way you won’t
have very many regrets.

– By Amanda D Shelton

Be like a surf, you ride the waves
but never underneath.

– By Amanda D Shelton

Christmas Card

Hello Bat Brat’s,

Like I said in a previous post, I am working on a project for Christmas. Here’s the finished product. A Christmas Card. I used Adobe Illustrator Draw. It crashed four times while I was working. Hahahaha!

Merry Christmas you beautiful Bat Brats. I love you to the moon and back. May you be blessed this holiday season. I am. I love family and friends. I am happy.


I Am An Autistic Poet

I knock it out of the ballpark
by expressing myself with
just a few words.

I write poetry to show my emotions
that I have trouble expressing
through my actions.

I am autistic and my brain is wired differently than yours.
Emotions are like the ocean,
my tides might rise higher than yours.

I have learned how to ride the waves,
like a pro I surf as I ride with pride.

I am a poet not by choice but
by chance because I am an autistic poet and emotions are my tool.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Beacon I am

I might suffer
but I sure know how to fight.

I can up hold my own,
like a squirrel holds
onto their acorns,
I hold onto my life.

I don’t care to argue,
but I will put up a fight,
standing tall
for I am a mighty force
to be reckoned with.

Like lightning,
I know where to strike
I leave my mark,
I make my stand.

I am a beacon in the night,
you may use me but with
caution and care,
I then will burn brightly
for year’s to come.

I am embers burning through
the coldest winters,
my heat radian through the
night air,
giving you a 180° view.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Definition of Radian: a unit of angle, equal to an angle at the center of a circle whose arc is equal in length to the radius.

Henceforth I Bring You Hope

Beyond a thousand year’s
we become the star travelers, insurance for our future
we strive for the sky’s above
(higher we go).

Made of gold and silver,
the human spirit flown,
like a lost star we blow
breaking the silence
of the vastness of space.

We fell slowly from the sky,
shimmy down below, like snow
covering the world with our lives.

Our fingerprints left behind,
never truly forgotten over time.

Such wishes we leave behind,
life reflects our cause.

Stars that burn forevermore,
henceforth I bring you hope.

Like an apple seed
the idea grows.
A thousand years behold,
your star fell years ago.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

I have a migraine today so hopefully it hasn’t effected my writing much. I am trying my best. Thank you for reading my work. May you be blessed and happy. You are my Bat Brats beautiful and unique. I want nothing more than your happiness to grow.

Keep Shinning Bright

Don’t regret,
remember the good and bad.

Life is too short to be worrying
if you did everything right.

Sometimes we make mistakes
and that’s alright.

Just remember to keep shinning bright.

I send you my light
as a beckon in the night.

Don’t you worry
I will help you fight.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Vampire Under The Stone

Shadows lurk far beyond the light,
where monsters live in after life.

Larger than life, with fangs
red eyes, fire burns deep,
their breath of dust and past.
Nothing is left of the original

We are nothing but dust in the wind,
blown until methods become very real.
A ghost floats where life
hardened from past lives.
Together forever but not so true.
He who came from blood and sweet,
lives for morn but always torn
between light and death.

Heart beats nomore,
but love still flows.

Lay me down under the stone,
engraved with who I once was,
but never again.

Will you miss me when I have flown?

You keep returning to my stone,
yet no breath will I choke,
for all I breath is dirt.

I regret my death.

You wonder if the vampire
regrets it’s strife,
as if they relive their sins
for the rest of their eternal life.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

I came up with this poem after watching YouTube and I thought about how it effects people like the vampire once did. TV shows and movies have shown the vampire in different ways, so have book’s. I hope you enjoy.

Holiday Spirit

This Bat Brat is in the holiday spirit. I am going to draw a picture in Photoshop to try and express my holiday cheer.

I go to my dad’s on Sunday for early Christmas. We celebrate Jesus Christs birthday. We will have a cake and my dad will read from the Bible about how Jesus Christ was born. Then we will blow out the candles for Jesus. After that we will sing Carols. My heart is so feeling cozy and warm. Like I have a candle lit and my Bible is seated at the window waiting for me. 😊 I can’t wait to see everyone. Hear their voices and watch them light up to see me. It’s so cool. Family yep Boop! 🤗❤

Straight 2 The .

This is straight to the point.

There’s no 1 to get in your way,
no commas to block your views.
It’s just straight to your doe’s.

No frustrating decisions to make,
no calculations to compute,
it’s simple and easy,
so you don’t exhaust yourself.

Sometimes I think we all deserve a break,
get straight to the point,
where you are resting peaceful
in your slippers
with a cup of hot chocolate
and cookies.

Aww see now this is the life.
🤗❤ Love yourself because I do.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Please Move Forward So You Can Forgive Yourself

“I hope you are not bitter because of someone else. The hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself so you can forgive someone else. To be vengeful is never helpful, if anything it causes more damage. So please move forward so you can forgive yourself.”

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Your Blue Eyes (To My Seanisko)

Dear Seanisko,

Beyond the clouds
my heart rests peacefully,
within the banks
of your blue eyes.

Of mountains cascading
with snow and ice,
my favorite one is
your blue eyes.

Your love taught me how to fly,
my heart rests peacefully
where your blueness soaks
up my rays, seated firmly upon
my sky’s, I love your blue eyes.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Update About My Health

Hello Bat Brat’s,

This is an update about my health problems.

I found out the results yesterday. I am now waiting to give blood for the doctor to look at. I have to wait 45 minutes to get my blood draw. I am in lots of pain but I am mentally doing well so I should be okay.

I hope you all have a great day/evening. Maybe I will post a poem later today, I don’t know yet because I don’t have any ideas roaming around in my head yet. Usaully poems just pop up so I have to be patient. Inspiration sparks when I lest except it. Bless you all.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Passion Of The Ice Queen

“Upon the Earth winter kissed the seasons with her ice covered lips. Leaving her chilled crown to melt on the ground so spring can hydrate her future seed’s.”

T’ Is a night of dark desire,
a song of sorrow fells the air,
the stars shine bright,
as the fog rises.
Curling, icy wisps of winter
that shrouds her brooding form,
an everlasting kiss
of frozen passion touched
her lips, so fair.
Her black hair cascades
over her pale and tragic
shoulders, and her full
Auburn eye’s watch shyly,
upon the morn where she
lays forevermore.

Now a night of duality,
I weep for such beauty,
as the winter waits no longer.

The ice Queen,
walking the white rings
of summer, autumn, and spring.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Dancing To The Beat Of A Different Drum

To relate to you,
I have to think with an abstract view.

I don’t have masks to cover myself
I am exactly what you see before you.

I have no boundaries for myself,
yet I respect that you do.

I am an honest fool,
who’s very much aware
of being the fool.

I have never lived my life
like you do,
though I have tried to,
I have learned early on;
no one can make me happy but I.

To be happy I had to let go
of my expectations,
Stop thinking everything should
move like I want it to.

I learned life isn’t about myself,
it’s about everything else,
how I live is how it moves.

I go left, life goes left too.

I might find it difficult to move
like you but I still do.
I just move with a twitch
in my step, dancing to the beat
of a different drum than you do.

I might not dance like you do
but I might dance better than you
because I am willing to learn.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Like A Jerk On The String

The universe decided,
like a jerk on the string
it tugged on me.

I became its puppet,
it became the puppeteer.

I decided to pull back,
taking the reins choosing
my own destiny.

I became the puppeteer,
pushing the jerk off the sting.

The universe had no choice
but to give up it’s place making
room for one more day.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Walking The Line

When I was younger,
life was supposed to be simple.
Sadly I am not a simple person,
my life has been painful,
full of disorderly view’s,
I never got to choose.

Slowly as I grew,
life got easier
more positive construction
than before.

What changed?

Well, I did.
I took the reins,
I took control over
my own destiny.

I set a destination,
I packed my life into
my suitcase of forgotten dreams.
Set out for my adventure
to face my battle’s.

Today I am happier than ever,
I don’t fear life because
I faced death before it
could steal my life.

I chose to fight,
I chose to live my life,
through thick and thin
I walk the line in between
fear and suffering,
never falling too far
from the line.

I am walking the line,
it might be bent oddly askew
but I am still walking through.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Ice Burg Effect

The white ice packed tightly against the mountains edge,
the ice creaked and screeched
as it rubbed against the warm air.

Slowly it started to melt,
first it hardened firm and cold,
then it broke into large pieces.

Each piece took it’s place,
as an ice burg floating around
lonely and cold.

The season blows change all over,
causing life to move.

We are like the ice burg,
floating around the Earth,
waiting for a chance
to collide with others
like ourselves.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

My New Project (The Moonlight Rose Poetic Progress)

The Moonlight Rose Poetic Progress

You can watch me write my new book. All updates will automatically show on this document. This is but a sample so the finished product will be different.

The Moonlight Rose

The Moonlight Rose
On Midnight Delights

“Into the night we find beauty where darkness finds comfort.”

“a love or preference for night, darkness.”

But my heart soaks up the light,
enough to survive.

I am more than this moonlit creature,
I am made up of stardust, flesh,
and bone.

Yet not like the rest,
I reside beyond your wildest dreams.
Where day and night collide
is where my heart loves to hide.
I crawl up into the moons beams
to cat nap on its streams
of leftover shimmers,
as I watch you surf my dreamers.

I then roll you over my tongue
pushing you out as a poetic format.

You are my passionate rose,
blooming for me, and my love
hydrates your plumage,
as my poetic heart feeds
your dreams with my rooted logic.

Time: 12:00am

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton | The Weathering Poet |  The Moonlight Rose |  The Dark Poet Eats The Night | Gothic Muse 1.0

The Cold Kiss Of Winter

The leafs are growing colder,
curling up on the branches of the tree’s.

I can feel the air breathing
it’s cold breath on my skin.
As my body shivers
with goosebumps.

I crave coffee more
and warmer foods.

I have the heater on through out
the night and day.

I love the weather
when it cools off through the day.

It’s the cold kiss of winter
I crave, when the summer heat
takes so long to go away.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Blogging Poetry

I once was boarded up
inside my mind,
played with shadows
I thought were mine.

I felt so small
because I knew how large
life was compared to me.

I never saw the star
I was meant to be.

Until one bleak cloudy day,
I put my shadows away.

I looked up to find my way,
I saw the sky and I noticed the

I thought I want to be like those
burning lights above your head
burning brightly for all to see.

So I started blogging my poetry.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton


Digital Poetry

long winded and
breath takingly beautiful.

On this page there is
a transformation taking place,
digital ink slowly soaks
the surface of this place.

Every line takes patience
and time, it comes together
to create a rhyme.

Slowly it grows into a rising sun,
bursting forth from the seems,
like a black hole sun,
popping oodles of blooming
ink smears.

Each word takes a breath,
oozing forth from the pen.
What a formate, waiting to be read.
Slowly take life, with each
fiber it’s crossing the line.

A digital document
shared with the world,
each computer casting it’s fame.

Hello Poetry
welcome to the game.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Live Life As If You Are Dying Because You Are

Be kind to a stranger
and you might make a friend.

Lend a helping hand to someone
in need and you might build
your foundation stronger
by adding a new beam.

Be loud if you think you
are not being heard,
but respectful to anyone
in the room. You might learn
how to speak up for yourself
and people will stop to pay attention.

Don’t be shy and you might
find something amazing,
because you opened yourself
up to the possibilities.

Face your fears so you can move forward, and you might go on an adventure you always dreamed about.

Be free like a bird,
and you might find
your soul mate because
you put yourself out there
for everyone to see.

Be one with the sea
and you won’t be pulled under
the title waves, life won’t
seem so exhausting.

Live life as if you are dying
because you are going to someday.

Respect life because it won’t respect you if you don’t. Life can’t respect it’s self because life is an affect nothing else.

Be true to you and everyone else and life will seem happier and smoother.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Time For Change

Hello Bat Brat’s,

Welcome to the new layout of Gothic Realms Dark Visions In The Night. I am working on keeping my blog interesting and unique. I hope you enjoy.

I am going to be working on new artwork soon. I have been dealing with my pain and other health problems lately and I have to start taking it easy. I enjoy drawing with Photoshop so I have been working on new artwork. It’s very soothing and I think it lowers my blood pressure. Please keep me in your prayers and heart’s. I am having health problems that are not good. My doctor’s are working hard to figure out what is causing problems but they might not find anything. My health problems are just completed and complex.

I wish you all a Happy holidays. My God bless you all with happiness and good health.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Ode To Winter,

I love the winter,
cold, and calm.

Slowly life grows strong
and forgets about the summer

I too become somber, deep,
calm, and still; as the weather
blow’s me a chilling kiss.

I ponder deeply,
upon the mornings dawning,
while I drink my coffee.

The sky turns gray, clouds
look like soaking cotton balls
heavy with rain.

I can smell the seasons change,
wafting through the air,
reminding me of past gatherings of
my family and friends.

The food is heavier, and full felling
when the holidays are near.

I love the colder weather,
I am always prepared for the cooler

Ode to winter, and it’s
beautiful white blankets
of snow, hot chocolate,
and forgotten treditions
from long ago.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

To My Best Friend

I try so hard to be the best
person I can.

I am honest, kind, and straight to the point.

I know I can’t please everyone,
I also know that people
can be craul, and callous,
set in their ways.

I have always been the shadow,
and you the wall.
I am always there
but you seem not to care.
You stiffen and become cold,
under the slightest pressure,
you crumble under the gentlest touch.

I am like a flower,
my roots are planted firmly where I live, yet you still try placing your weed’s in my bed.

Sometimes I feel chocked by your
pushy weed’s stealing my seeds.

I am so small sometimes,
I feel like a whisper in the wind,
instead of a mighty Rawwr!

You have pushed me to the side,
like an unwanted enemy
ready to charge.

When I have no weapons
nor do I pose a threat.

All I want is to live in harmony
with you and my life.

I guess you and I
are not on the same page,
you still need time to grow
and find your way.

I am patient,
I know how to wait,
I have been waiting most of my life.

You mean a lot to me,
I understand that
we don’t always see eye to eye,
but that’s not what is important.

If we weren’t individuals
life would be boarding
it would be to common
and useless for us to keep learning.

Why the sad face?
Why do you keep running?

Life isn’t going anywhere my friend.
I will always be here waiting
for you to return.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Mussing Over The Winter

There’s a chill in the air,
it covers my skin with goosebumps
and shivers.

The ground has hardened from the
cold winter breath of the colder season.

I can smell coffee brewing,
and car’s rushing by in the morning street.

The city is bustling with life,
as people scatter for their jobs
and distenation.

I am left brewing in my senses,
pondering on the moment.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Star Cross Lovers

Love me like the mountains
love the rain.
Cry me a river,
of a lovers pain,
then let me wipe away
all your salty tears.

Let your tears drizzle
down my windows panel
leaving your lovers stain,
felling my life
with your fragments of shame.

Like a brook rolling over the hills,
my life flows down
your hills of grain,
overflowing into tomorrow’s horizon,
as my sun sets
beyond today’s footfalls,
and your moon
falls into my fringing orbit.

I am the orbit
to your moon.
I will lay on your dusty suffuse.
My heart was lost there,
out in the blackness of the unknown,
floating, surfing the stars,
with my star cross lover.
I am forever lost
in your moon beams.

I will never forget
your unforgiving tears,
showing me your eyes
full of sorrow,
and pain.

Love me like the moon
loves the stars.

Cry me a river,
of falling stars.
I’ll catch them in my bucket,
so I can wish upon them
years to come.

Cry me a river,
so I can travel up your banks,
and canals.
I will gather your tears
into my pale
of fragmented love affairs.

We can be together
under the canopy
of the burning star’s
forever calling them ours.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

This An’t No Cinderella Story

Beckoning Hearts Never Beat Apart.

Fragmented love
broke free from
my caged heart.

Reeking havoc on my life,
leaving ghostly leftovers
for me to pick up.

I don’t like leftovers,
it doesn’t taste the same
after setting for a day.

Sadly most true love stories
happen after a few unhappy ending’s.

This an’t no Cinderella story,
my glass slipper broke years ago.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Sun & Moon

Smoldering embers burning in the dark,
burning brightly in the night.

Let me blow you a kiss,
a firy wish.

Our souls will sore in the sky,
like falling stars
zooming for a wish.

I will be where you are,
for we love under
the same bright stars.

The sky luminous and great,
the wish will never fade.

Oh, you are a burning flame,
an undying blaze fed by
my breathing heartache,
you are my sun
and I your moon.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Ocean Jokes Are The New Trend On This Blog

What did the ocean say to the other ocean?

Nothing they just waved.

Did you sea what I just did?
I am shore you did.

Don’t be such a beach.

Ocean jokes wave at you
beckoning you ashore,
all you sea is a wave crashing
over your head.
It’s a rolling joke.

Rarring joke’s are the best,
they are different than the rest.

Sea shells rolling up the shore,
watching Seahawks throw the wave,
as they win the game.
Its football on the beach.
(My mom’s favorite team was Seahawks because she was born in Washington) I thought it would be cool to make a joke using their name. My mom would have loved this. In her memory I rolled out some joke’s. Love you mom. I miss you more because it’s the holidays. I would be planning to visit her and my setdad for Thanksgiving. Mom would have had everybody help put up the Christmas tree.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Chilling Song Of Winter

Auburn hills grow chill,
as the cold breath of winter
slowly rolls over kissing the tree tops.

A blanket of white
slowly covers the night.
The stars seem warmer
on a winters night.

Snow falls silent
and calm while the
winds blow their song.
Whispers travel far
over the hills and rolling fog.

Icy winter kissed the fog,
leaving ghostly perfume
of Autumn’s blushing cheeks.

This is
the chilling song of winer.

© 2017 By Amanda Shelton

Love Hurts Sometimes

Bruises are not always visible,
some are under the surface.

I have been through hell and back,
took a tip through the creak,
returned with bruises.

I am stronger for the wear,
but I still have deep scares
from all I bare.

Once I thought love was
going to make me happy,
because I thought that’s
what love is.

I have learned
love isn’t always happy,
love can hurt,
love can leave you
lonely and sad.

Because love is a complex feeling.

In my experience with love,
I have seen the stars light up for me
but I have also watched
as the sun collided
with my universe
destroying everything
I held dear.

I have loved and lost
I have fought parolees spaces
of endless time,
where love seemed so far away.

I have learned how to love myself,
do to the fact that love can’t love itself.

To love is the most selfless
act there is,
because you have to give yourself to someone else
to allow it to happen.

Love isn’t about you,
love is about everything else.

Letting go of your selfish lives
so someone can love you,
that’s the hardest thing to do.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

How Sad

When I thought everything was going well,
that’s when you let me down.

You played with my heart strings,
like a jerk on the string.

You pulled me up
until I seemed strong again,
only to throw me down.

You then picked me up again,
only to throw me down.

You bruised my heart,
with your brutal jerk.

I fell down the rabbit hole,
hearing your laugh slowly fade
as I fell deeper into the pain.

You shattered my life
like a piece of tempered glass.

You washed my wound’s
only to give me another lash.

Painful love,
is painful You.

How sad.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Painful You

The pain of love,
the pain of living,
is something to bare.

I am made of flesh and blood,
my bones bare witness
to my life.

I work hard to live hard,
I breathe, and think,
I collide with time as if
I am its catalyst.

I can move but not freely,
for I am held down by choices.

Love has broken my every heartbeat,
with each thud
it pump’s through me,
like tiny needles
running through my vains,
pocking my every move.

Thud! Thud! Thud!
Each breath I take
is another painful
memory of you.
Love… Painful You! 

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Ghostly Encounter In New Orleans 

Through fire and rain
they cursed my soul,
now I still remain
where I came.

They dug my grave
caged my fame with stainless steel,
like a vampire slayen,
in New Orleans.

They sang my song
through the dusk and fog
as I rolled upon the morres
my moans softly grown.
Until the end,
misty dreams of New Orleans.

Ghoulish strides I move
through the walls
as if none excist.

You feel my presence
like a chilling kiss,
a long forgotten whisper.

Shshshshs! I am upon you,
you can’t resist my experience.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Mixed Race

Mixed race,
am I supposed to be labeled for having
white skin?

Why can’t people see the person within?

I feel sorry for those who judge others
for not fitting into their standards.

It’s sad really,
that there are still people
who can’t see past
their own point of view.

How can you learn if all you see is you?

I am a mutt just like you,
I come from a family of different cultures and diverse colors.
We all do.

There’s no difference between you and I,
expect I can see past the color of your skin.

Underneath the cover of skin we all look the same, we are human.

Black, yellow, and white
I am all of these put
into a human package.
That’s what being human is,
get use to it.

Love yourself first
so you can love someone else.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Blood Pressure Medication

You are supposed to
help me live longer,
but sadly you cause
more pain and
for me to suffer.

Starts with a pill,
ends with higher level of
pain and no time to kill.

What’s the point if
you don’t help my pain?
I guess the doctor thinks
it’s better to live longer
then comfortable.

I am lucky I am strong,
for I would have
thrown you away
the first time you caused
me more pain.

I suffer from
high blood pressure,
I also suffer from
chronic life.
Same as you my friend.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton


“I fell hard,
piece by piece I crumbled.
Life slowly fell into place.”

grew into

Like a flower,
I bloomed.

I became
a weed,
I live off living.

I leave
pieces of me
I go.

Life moves
because I move,
it thinks because
I think.
Reality is possible
because I hold it inside
of my experiences.

I live
and life thrives
because I do.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Lifting Me Higher

I am no longer a slave to fear,
I suffered and struggled,
but all was lefted higher
when I let you cary me
through the fire.

I gathered my well
I built my wall’s stronger
all in your name,
I gave you all of my strife
and excepted my life.

I lived as life pushed on
harder, as is your well
and your desire.

You gave me kindling
to build my fire,
allowing my flame
to grow higher.

I have just one desire,
to live for you
and grow until
I can’t grow any higher.

You are my hope and dreams,
you bring me to my knees,
not in vain but for
strangth and exceptance.


© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton 

A prayer and poem I wrote awhile ago but never shared it. I thought maybe I should because there might be someone who needs to read it. God is the reason I survived through everything I have suffered. I never could do it alone. Once I let God have everything that’s when everything changed for the better. 

Love For The Night (Poems From, My Dying Heart Collection)

“A million stars burst forth from my chest,
for I couldn’t contain my love for the night no longer.
I am part of the night because I am made from its star dust.”

The Beauty Of The Night

The beauty of the night is the mystery of you.
My soul took flight in the middle of the night
only to be let down by the rising of the sun.

My heart ate the night,
devouring it with its wicked tongue.

Such love dwells under the cover of shadows,
only to be revealed as the sun rose over the horizon.
Sadly, such love dies turning to ashes
in the rays of the burning sun.

The love of the night
grows with such passion,
it’s black kiss blew me away.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

You can find the originals on my Tumblr @WeatheredPoetry.
These poems are part of My Dying Heart Collection.

It’s A Pirate Life For Me

Ye be warned,
to thee who steals my purse,
I will shrivel his soul
with a viscous curse.

Yoh, ho, ho,
on to the shores we go.
Booty be light in the beginning
of this night,
until the end the booty
will begin to grow,
and no longer will it be light.

Our purses will be full
before the end of this night.

Yoh, ho, ho,
and a barrel of rum
will worm your bellies,
and the seas will turn
ye all into scallywags.

Yoh, ho, ho,
this be a warning to thee,
the sea at night
be inviting to lonely pirates
like ye.
Sirens sing too pirates like ye.

Yoh, ho, ho,
it’s a pirate life for me.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Positive Tom Cat A Guide To Living A Positive Life

Project - Drawing 1-1932559274.png

Positive Tom Cat:
A Guide To Living A Positive Life

The Beginning Of Your Journey Uplifting Your Mood, and Patience.

To be positive is to be empowered by your mood. Uplifting your spirit by upholding a positive view, can help you think clearly and make better decisions, because to make the right decision you need a clear mind. If you are stressed you are more likely to make a bad decision. Fear and anxiety can cause you to respond hastily and without patience. So before you make a decision, you should take your time to take a deep breath three times before you head into the situation. This gives you the time to think and for your brain to get oxygen so it can function with a good quality.

Patience can be the hardest thing to learn but if you want something enough you won’t think about it as being hard. To succeed you have to face your fears of failure. Don’t think about the fall, think about the possibility of succeeding. No one would have invented the parachute if they thought about the fall. Remember the parachute is there to catch you before you fall.

“Positive Tom Cat Is My Guide
To Living A Positive Life.”

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Tom Cat Drawing on the top of this post is my own work. Please do not steal it. If you want to use it you will have to ask me first. I worked hard on drawing it. I am going to write a book with illustrations I create. This post is part of that book.

Pushing The Dirt

I am pushing the dirt,
pile after pile,
higher and higher…

Slowly life grows heavy,
as I build higher. 

I strive for better,
as the weather blows down
each of my piles. 

I keep on pushing the dirt,
even though it has turned to mud. 

Pile after pile
I strive for higher ground,
pushing hard as life
pushes harder. 

I never give up,
I’ll never give in,
I will just have to pile in
as the mud gets higher. 

Do you think a little mud will stop me?
Not me, I will just push harder
striving for higher ground.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton


I once was able to run
nine miles a day,
now all those miles
seem so far away.

I am like a tree,
I am rooted where I stand
I am twisted up in unforgiving knots.

I know you think you understand,
but the truth is you don’t
because you can move
and use your hands.

I am stuck twisted and contorted
in ways you could never understand.

My back is bent and rusted,
my knees creak and pop,
like an old car,
but I ran out of oil for my joints
now there stuck in odd positions.
You can only imagine.

I hurt, my pain burns to the bone,
grinding hard on my every move.

I can’t move like you,
I twitch and jerk,
I shake and stutter,
my mind is full of painful clutter.

Dystonia since 1981,
I was born with a twitch, jerk,
and a stuttering switch
with every move I make.

My nickname is Mizztwitch.

© 2017 By Amanda Shelton

Dystonia is a rare movement disorder. It causes odd movements and positions. It can cause your body to contort in painful ways. Like my feet they want to turn in and upward. My hands and feet cramp so do my arms and legs. I have been taken to the hospital many times before because of Dystonia. It’s unpredictable and doctor’s freak out if they have never seen a patient who suffers from it. I think anyone who has a heart would. I have had nurses break down crying because they couldn’t take away my pain. I am a very strong person because I have to be to live through everything I have.


A whisper from the past,
a life leftover from years passed. 

Some believe in you
but I find it deficalt to. 

Not because I am not open minded
but because I have trouble believing in a phantom life.  

Though I still have an open eye
just incase you decide
to reveal your ghoulish strides.  

I do hope that you will
show me the truth,
come to me when others
can see too. 

I don’t know if I believe in you. 

I believe in God and his deed’s,
also the evil devil who
steals faith from all. 

I just find it deficalt to believe
in you. 

I have seen creepy thing’s
but I also understand science
and the possibilities. 

Will I some day come back to haunt
the world, like you? 

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Ghostly Poet

Foreboding is the ghost
lingers on forgotten smoke
( and words we forgot to speak).

A life is like a candles flame,
it burns until the candle melts
to the floor, its smoke lingers
for just awhile longer. 

A poet reminds us of the ghost
who they were and how they lived.
We are able to capture what lingers
through the night moaning loudly
for attention. 

It inspires a book.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Dust In The Wind

I have left you hope
to remember me by,
like a ghost in the wind,
I last for as long as the wind
carries me onwards
through time.

I blew away like a wish,
or a phantom kiss
seeking a cheek
so fair and far away.

I faded like an old memory
passed on through the generations
until nothing is left of the original me.

I left you hope but you found
old memories instead, a ghost.

Some day I will fade like everything usaully does over time.

Dust in the wind
that’s all I am eventually.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Broken Mind

I lost it one thought at a time,
blue, brown, and purple
a bruised mind shines.

Our minds are the most valuable
part of our bodies,
yet we shove junk into its chasm,
thinking it’s strong enough,
and deep enough to keep throwing
everything into its gray matter.

Yet we watch as time slowly steals
our previous donations to living.

Slowly it degrades,
it starts to decay,
lossing ourselves to the false
beliefs that society proclaims
to be true.

It eats you, breaks you
like a piece of moldy bread.

You fall to pieces,
laying ground for your
future endeavors,
only to loss track of your

A broken mind,
a deep well of madness,
slowly fells to the brim
of broken memories
and forgotten treditions.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Crickets

A violin plays for the wind,
up goes the bow strumming the strings.

A symphony orchestra concert
from nature is created,
such skill and gifted are
the crickets.

A beautiful sound that comes
from a tiny insect
the color of green grass.

Don’t be fooled by it’s
beautiful song,
for they are known to eat crops
and leave damages
like no other creater.

They are famous for causing
plague in the Bible,
and grain fields to disappear
in a night.

Beware of the violins at night,
such beauty can bring fright.

The crickets love the night.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Bounty Of Spring

Blooming alongside the flowers,
I blossomed like a daisy,
and I blushed like a rose.

My sun kissed cheeks soaked in
the morning,
as it sprinkled golden showers
upon the fields,
each blade of grass rose to the occasion soaking up the rays.

Such beautiful day’s,
I waited through the heated summer,
for the spring to once again
gaze upon the meadows
and awaken the sleeping trees.

I watched as the trees rose
from their sleeping bow,
peeking upward to the bounty
above the valley.

Her name is of giving,
perhaps a river that flow’s
once a year,
she’s called Spring.

Aw such a beautiful lady,
a bringer of renewal,
she’s part of the circle of life.

A full bounty she brings,
giving breath to the Earth,
each kiss gives a gift
a life is awoken.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Lost In The Mist Of Paris In Spring

Walk with me through
the streets of Paris in spring,
where my heart is fond
of the breeze,
for my love of
Paris in spring.

My soul grows on the trees
upon the streets.

My heart belongs
where the cheese’s
are bold and creamed,
the trees glow of green,
the fields grow wide and full.

Perfumed wineries flow
through my vains,
vines of purple and green
grow deeply on my brain.

Overgrown by memories forgotten,
from centuries of longing
for the mistery of my dreams.

My love Paris in spring
reminds me of what I dream.

I once lost myself
on a walk through
the fields of
Paris in spring.

Perhaps I once belonged
to those walless dreams,
no boundaries to hold my soul,
I fell in love with
Paris in spring.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Happy Halloween


Be afraid, be very afraid
Mandy’s coming out of her cave.

^B^aty Bat Brat coming your way.

Happy Halloween!

Batty Bat Cutness

It has been half a year since I have gotten out besides shopping, Church with my boyfriend and his mom, also visiting with Lisa my adopted mom.

I think tomorrow will be perfect for me to get out. I will try to take pictures of my Halloween costume. It won’t be anything special, just vampire fangs and Goth makeup.

I thought I don’t like dressing up for Halloween so why not just keep it simple. I would be a bat but I don’t have the wings. I have a par of vampire fangs I had made for me two years ago, I keep them clean and fresh so if I ever wanted to use them again I can.

I hope you all have a safe Halloween and a ghoulish time.


Be well Bat Brats.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

O Spring,

O Spring, with your dew drop lips,
lookest down through
the clear windows of the morning,
turn your angel eyes upon
our western skies,
which in full spectrum
the round body of the sun
approaches with her burning bosom.

O Spring, the Earth show’s
her blushing cheeks,
and the night listens to our prayers.

Valleys below; with green
meadows the sun is peeking through
as the trees are longing
for the light,
are turning up their newly
grown leafs.
Up to your bright pavilions
I can imagine the Angles singing
for your coming.
They rise to the occasion,
like roses in bloom.

Let your beautiful sun soaked
rays visit Earths clime!
Come over the eastern hills,
until morning turns to nigh.

Let her winds kiss your perfumed garments; allow Earth to taste the morning dew
and evening breath; scatter your richness
upon our lovers land
that mourns for greener pastures.

O Spring, the forthcoming
of your fairness and soft touch’s;
pour your soft kisses on the Earth’s surface;
and put your golden crown
upon her languish’d head,
Whose modest tresses are bound
up for those who fell in love
with her blushing gown.

O Spring, how I waited patiently
for your coming,
you have never forsaken me.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Love and Hate 

All, I understand is because I love. I find interest in subjects and situations, which I fall in love with the process that comes from my interest. To love is a knowledge of interest, and it can inspire nation’s to grow and develop. It can inspire artists, writer’s, and blueprints. Love can create life, allowing it to prosper and unite. 

Love is a universal concept but so is hate. They go hand in hand, causing change. You can’t have one without the other. 

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton


That one night never fades from my memories. 

Upon unspoken word’s
you become a scar on my mind. 

With one kiss you become
like a heavyweight pushing on time. 

Life slowed for the first time,
it sucked you into my heart,
captivating is your sent. 

Like long forgotten perfume
waiting for me to devour it,
within my dreams and wishes. 

I placed you in a jar,
so I can keep you close to my heart.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Perfection Is A Lie, No One Is Perfect

” Uniqueness thrives when similarities allow diversity to die. Let go of your judgement’s and corrections for no one has perfections.” © 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Watch “Juvenile bat squeaks while being petted.” on YouTube

For all you Bat Brat’s out there. One reason I love Bats is this. Watch the video and you will see. Such a cutie pie this Bat is. 

A Poet I Am

Avoid of me,
yet it spills forth from my poetry.

Each letter is formed from
my wicked mind,
whipping and lashing
at your growing need for more.

I write poetry,
not to entertain you
but to watch you ask for more.

I a minion to my pen,
scratch and smudge my ink across
your computers screen.

Fingerprints of a poet,
are not well deserved,
bypassed by you
for one word can do.

A poet I am,
a painter of word’s,
an entertainer of sorts.

I just love playing with my word’s.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“Play the poem like a song long forgotten, it blew away when the wind decided to play but poetry will never forget me, for I write poetry.”

Edward Lear (The Daddy Long-legs and The Fly) 

The Daddy Long-legs and The Fly

A poem I couldn’t just pass by.



Once Mr. Daddy Long-legs,
Dressed in brown and gray,
Walked about upon the sands
Upon a sumer’s day;
And there among the pebbles,
When the wind was rather cold,
He met with Mr. Floppy Fly,
All dressed in blue and gold.
And as it was too soon to dine,
They drank some Periwinkle-wine,
And played an hour or two, or more,
At battlecock and shuttledore.

Said Mr. Daddy Long-legs
To Mr. Floppy Fly,
‘Why do you never come to court?
I wish you’d tell me why.
All gold and shine, in dress so fine,
You’d quite delight the court.
Why do you never go at all?
I really think you ought!
And if you went, you’d see such sights!
Such rugs! Such jugs! and candle-lights!
And more than all, the King and Queen,
One in red, and one in green!’

‘O Mr. Daddy Long-legs,’
Said Mr. Floppy Fly,
‘It’s true I never go to court,
And I will tell you why.
If I had six long legs like yours,
At once I’d go to court!
But oh! I can’t, because my legs
Are so extremely short.
And I’m afraid the King and Queen
(One in red, and one in green)
Would say aloud, “You are not fit,
You Fly, to come to court a bit!”‘

‘O Mr. Daddy Long-legs,’
Said Mr. Floppy Fly,
‘I wish you’d sing one little song!
One mumbian melody!
You used to sing so awful well
In former days gone by,
But now you never sing at all;
I wish you’d tell me why:
For if you would, the silvery sound
Would please the shrimps
and cockles round,
And all the crabs would gladly come
To hear you sing, “Ah, hum di Hum”!’

Said Mr. Daddy Long-legs,
‘I can never sing again!
And if you wish, I’ll tell you why,
Although it gives me pain.
For years I cannot hum a bit,
Or sing the smallest song;
And this the dreadful reason is,
My legs are grown too long!
My six long legs, all here and there,
Oppress my bosom with despair;
And if I stand, or lie, or sit,
I cannot sing one little bit!’

So Mr. Daddy Long-legs
And Mr. Floppy Fly
Sat down in silence by the sea,
And gazed upon the sky.
They said, ‘This is a dreadful thing!
The world has all gone wrong,
Since one has legs too short by half,
The other much too long!
One never more can go to court,
Because his legs have grown too short;
The other cannot sing a song,
Because his legs have grown too long!’

Then Mr. Daddy Long-legs
And Mr. Floppy Fly
Rushed downward to the foamy sea
With one sponge-taneous cry;
And there they found a little boat,
Whose sails were pink and gray;
And off they sailed among the waves,
Far, and far away.
They sailed across the silent main,
And reached the great
Gromboolian plain;
And there they play for evermore
At battlecock and shuttledoor.

© By Edward Lear

“I came across this poem, I loved it so much that I am sharing it. You can find more on this website Edward Lear Home Page. I just couldn’t pass it by, I think it is worthy to be shared. You can read more of his work on the page as well.”


Chaos and free,
judged are we who don’t conform
to your views of reality.

With society’s broken ideology.

A pretty face in a magazine,
stitched together with fake
believes, judged for not being
pretty enough,
Photoshop can’t fix me.

Oddly enough you think I am
odd because you don’t see like me.

My mind you say is broke
because I don’t think like you.
You act like everyone should be
the same,
if one goes off frame,
their judged for not sticking
to your guns and your filming rules.
Are no joke.

Such hatred you reflect,
yet you won’t admit you are
the ugly and bad,
not me.
You make me choke.


© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Knowledge Is Power

Lack of knowledge is the cause of fear.

People fear the unknown because they don’t have the knowledge to face the challenge. To gain knowledge is to face your fears of the unknown.

Before you judge, learn about the situation because you could judge the situation poorly do to your lack of knowledge. Why fear the unknown when you can face it by learning about it?

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Oh My Goth ^B^ I Have Reached 300 Followers

Hello Bat Brat’s,

         Time flies when you’re blogging poetry. Weeee! I am so excited to announce that I have reached 300 followers. I had to share with you all how much I appreciate your time and for following my blog. I am very grateful and thankful. Thank you.

        I love WordPress so much. I remember my very first WordPress site, it was called Mizztwitch. I am pretty sure it’s still up but sadly I had to put it in its grave, RIP Mizztwitch. The reason I had to let it go was, the email I used ended up getting hacked. I learned after deleting two AOL email accounts that AOL isn’t as safe as I thought. I had to move my account to Hotmail. I haven’t had any problems with my account ever since. I also have another blog it was my second site called Personality101. Though My love for Gothic literature pulled me into it’s chasm of gloomy, broken heart, and ghostly encounters, that’s why I have been posting on Gothic Realms. I will never give up this blog. All my passions are on this side. When I created Personality101 I was still growing up and learning what my true passion is. I can’t change my love for Gothic literature it just keeps hunting me when I try. I have learned to stop worrying if other’s find me odd and sometimes old fashioned. I have always loved Gothic style, art, and structures. I am fascinated by Gothic culture and literature. Anything from the Victorian age and before, I am interested in. I use to visit antique stores whenever I got the chance. I can spot an antique from how it looks and feels, I can also smell if it’s older or recent work. I can tell if a piece has been washed and what was used to clean the antique. I have a very good since of smell. I have Savant Syndrome so I know that’s another reason I am good at doing certain things. I can’t really say that I have a gift, it kinda can be a hindering situation when it comes to my autism, sometimes it is a good thing to have though. I experience reality differently than most people because of the autism. I am still learning how to except my autism. I think I will until my end. I am okay with that. I love learning so bring it on. I have also learned that autism isn’t like a mental illness, it is not just a disability or a flaw in my genetics. It wouldn’t have mattered what anyone would have tried nothing can change a person with autism. We have to learn how to live with it and to expect each other. I don’t see autism has being a disability unless someone doesn’t understand what it is that’s what causes it to become a disabiling illness. Not because I suffer but because of egnorance that causes people to fear autism. 🤗

“Thank you for following my blog. May God bless you with all his grace. May happeness find you on the darkest days, and illuminate your life, beckoning you to its beautiful light.” 

Good Morning

On every leaf the sun’s rays gently plays.
Upon the morning dawning
the birds chirp
and the curtains rise,
to allow the light to bathe
my tired eyes.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

To My Broken Love 

Nothing is left,
the pieces have fallen apart,
until they are too small to see.

I am to insignificant for you
to care,
I am like a wound
itchy and bothersome,
you wish I wasn’t there.

My soul is always out in the open,
it’s bare and naked
for all to see.

My scares are visible,
kinda hard not to see
my suffering,
for I wear my struggles
on my sleeve.

My armor has a weakness,
it is you.
I never forgot how much
I love you.

You are tattooed upon my heart,
I have your name stitched
upon my soul.

Everyone knows who you are
because I have no secrets
no mask to wear.

You are my pain,
my dying heart you hold tightly.

My love you have,
my heart you choked
with your brutal needs for more.

The heart is greedy,
it can cause the mind
to be needy.

Such pain love can bare,
causing the oceans to flood,
the walls to fall into the pushing
oceans of your love.

Doesn’t matter how much I share,
you don’t care.

To my broken love.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

It’s A Conundrum

I will always miss you.

When I am with you
it reminds me of all the times
I wasn’t with you, so I miss you.

When I am far away from you
I am reminded of all the times
I was with you, so I miss you.

It’s a conundrum.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Kissing The Sea

My friend the sea showed me her bow,
then she rolled over and kissed me.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“For my heart he knows who he is, my Seany.”


I bow my head with sleepy eye’s,
slowly downward goes my head.

Mind drifting,
shifting from reality into
a drowsy darkness.

A flooding moment of silence,
my mind is still about me,
yet I feel a difference in my reality,
it wakes me everytime.

I can never dream until the end,
for my mind is too aware
for it to keep me underneath
the dream state you all are allowed to share, but without me.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

I have never been able to fully dream because for some reason when I get there I become aware I am dreaming, I end up waking up everytime. It’s not fair.

Love and Fear (Ode To The Clouds)

Of many a hour I sat to think,
I wasted time on dream like thoughts.

I waited year’s seems like eternity,
yet I sat still,
I then awoken to find
nothing changed,
not sure why;
I began to wonder.

Reality is,
life changes but within a dream
all stands still just for me.

I remember quite clearly,
the sky above grew gray and gloomy,
the clouds came down to consume me
instead it stole my heart.

I fell hard,
but my heart fell harder
for my gloomy lover.

The clouds frighten me
but they also bring a breath taking view that I love to see.
Through anxiety and fear I look
upon your gloomy beauty.

Ode to the clouds
with both love and fear.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

I have a phobia of clouds but I also find them beautiful.

Gothic Romance

Upon unspoken word’s
my heart shattered,
like a fragile flower
my life fell slowly into pieces. 

I withered under your touch. 

This heart of mine is breakable,
a life fragile like tempered glass,
it shatters under pressure. 

My love once strong now bent
and beaten, weakened by your
heartless demands. 

Bruised and beat
my heart bleeds out
under your feet. 

All that is left is cremated,
burnt to an ashy ghost
blowing in the wind. 

You became my Gothic romance. 

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Depression Is…

The ghost of depression
will always haunt me,
it follows me today
until the end of yesterday.

It reminds me of my fault’s,
it calls without living it’s name,
it scares deeply,
saying sorry but still recalling.

It’s deep, dark, thick,
and suffocating.

Depression is a black hole
waiting on the outskirts
of the universe,
to consume happiness.

Depression never lets go,
it chockes you,
it burns your dreams,
it suffocates you with its
pitch black mood.

In the end its up to you
to keep fighting.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Perfect Anxiety Attack 

Breathe you say,
slowly you say,
calm you say.

Instead the drumming begins,
a rush of fear consumes me,
each ear opens wide to hear
the rushing blood pressure
pumping through my senses.

Heart beats turn into heartache,
drumlins turn into orchestras,
pumping blood turns into rivers
of pressure pulsating
through my body.

Fear over taking
each move I make.
Anxiety came down like
a house of matches,
burning foundation’s
of functional wall’s,
once stood tall and strong
now crumbles to nothing.

How perfect is that,
an anxiety attack.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

I once suffered from severe anxiety. I have learned how to deal with situations that can cause me to have anxiety attacks. I am glad I did. I am free from Anxiety Attacks, for four years now.


The Heart Grows Fonder, For Winter’s Kiss Brings Change

What makes a moment last forever?
like brass, gold, and copper life
grows old and stains its own.

With the breath of winter
an icy song is song.

As seasons change
the heart grows fonder,
blooming before the summer
brings its bellowing heat;
the spring cover’s the mountains
with green as the fall follows
with auburn colors.

Time stands still for just a moment,
as the sun rises in the morning,
dawns rays slowly cover’s
the tree’s and life begins
to breathe.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Time And Struggles (Hello, Alice Is Away May I Take Your Message?)

Struggling is servival,
to be tied down
is to struggle to move.

I know the feeling very well,
I can’t move like you,
I don’t think like you,
I don’t grow up right like you,
I don’t give up so quickly
like you do,
I fight.

I grow through the wall’s,
I jump highper in my mind,
I run through time,
in my imagination there is no restrictions of time,
there is no mountain
that won’t move for me.

Time is a ticking ruler
measuring my decay,
it’s a testimony to aging,
a face with awkward hand’s,
one smaller than the other,
going in circles,
one tick at a time I go crazy.

Hello Alice, how are you today?
Oh I am decaying at a slow rate,
soon all that will be left of me
are a pile of bones.

You can blow me away,
like a wish you can only
use me once.

Beep! please leave your message after the beep and I will do my best to get back to you.

Oops I forgot to save the beep for last.
Alice didn’t last…

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“Crazy running through the streets, striping mind’s from media lies. I come through the static as white light runs your lives. Crazy is as crazy does.”

I was bored so I decided to write this. It’s just for fun.

Hard To Breathe

When did it get so hard to breathe?
When you accused me.
I have nothing else to give
because you have all of me.

I suffer through,
I hurt too.
Yet still you don’t give a damn,
except about you.

I fought hard,
my angel’s fought harder,
yet you won beating me harder.

I die each time you accused me.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“To my broken love, he knows who he is.💔

Quote & Artwork 

“To be a creative thinker
you need to dream.

Awake or sleep a dream
can still follow you.”

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

An Update About My Health

Hello Brat Brat’s,

             I thought I should share with you my current health. Some of you already know that I suffer from a lot of health problems. Well unfortunately I am very sick again. I have been trying to figure out what happened to me. Though I have a feeling it is because I am older. The doctor’s say My care is complicated and complex. I suffer from a rare disorder and so it is very hard to treat. It’s frustrating when you’re doctor says, “we don’t know what is wrong so we have to add specialists to help.” Yet still they don’t know what is wrong but it is clear that I am sick. My blood pressure is high, even after I started taking medication. I now have asthma from allergies. Which I have had my own life. I just quit taking the inhaler when I turned 20 because I quite having problems, at least I thought I did. I was wrong. This whole time I have been suffering with problems catching my breath. I didn’t think it was asthma until I got fed up with it and decided to talk to my doctor. She looked at my ears and listened to my chest, she can hear fluid. Which is from my noise draining into my chest. It makes it harder to take a deep breath. Now I am back on the same inhaler. I can say this though after the first use of the inhaler, I can breathe without feeling like I am being crushed by an elephant. I was able to cough up the yucky stuff to. So I am happy about that. Now to deal with my movement problems. Also unfortunately because I have problems moving I am having problems with being borderline diabetic. That scares me because I know what that means. The doctor said I need to get physical therapy. I hope it helps. She said she doesn’t know if it will. But they are going to do their best to help me get healthier. I even changed my diet but that never was a problem. I can’t eat junk anyway and don’t care to. I love salads, fruits, and chicken. I don’t like sweat’s, very rarely do I have a candy bar. Also I like eating fish just not very often because it can be bad for you. I don’t eat red meat, I can’t. It doesn’t digest and I get very sick.

            I do think everything I have been dealing with is genetic. Why else am I having them now? Also the doctor’s can’t figure out what is causing it. I do hope my blood pressure starts going down to normal. I am going to start taking another medication to help the blood pressure medication I already am taking. I need prayers my friends and positive thoughts. I am tired of being sick.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“I am broken yet I keep running, my engine is putting out trash because it built up after all these years. My body is tired but my mind doesn’t want to retire. I am barely 36 but my body thinks I am over the hill.”

The Writer Is A Dreamer 

I once fell from the sky,
only to be awakened by the fall.

I opened my eyes to find
my bedroom wall’s
where there the whole time.

Dreamers can imagine,
but writer’s can imagine
and relate to the dreamers.

That’s why we write and read.

Inspiration is the key
to imagining great things.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Love Never Fades

Across the vastness of space
my love never fades.

Like a star it grows,
expanse, and tames
the space around its shape.

The universe knows that love
makes things grow,
it feels the vibration,
as we fall in love.

Molecular structures weaken,
only to rebuild.

love never dies
it just goes on vacation.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton


One becomes two,
two becomes three,
but but but wait
go on and on and on and…

1,2,3 go again,
1,2,3 go again,
1,2,3 go again,
you see I can’t help being on repeat.
repeat. repeat.
Do it again. again. again.

1,2,3 go again,
1,2,3 go again,
1,2,3 go again,
you see I can’t help being on repeat.
repeat. repeat.
Do it again. again. again.

Now lock your door,
nope unlock it again,
now lock your door,
nope unlock it again.

1,2,3 do it again. again. again.
1,2,3 do it again. again. again.
1,2,3 do it again. again. again.

OCD yep on no here I go again.
again. again.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“I loved writing this it was so satisfying. The mind of OCD.” 

Legacy Of A Poet

Your uniqueness,
and diversity is your legacy.

You birth difects, organs,
and I ideas.

You are the philosopher
of your own life,
you are the writer
of your own destination,
you write your own plot’s
and paths.

I wrote a line and walked
upon its graphite structure,
leaving behind my fingerprints.

Like men on the moon,
I walked the dusty surface
of poetry,
leaving my footprints in its page’s.

I wrote this rhyme,
because I understand that
I am a philosopher of poetic ideas
and design.

I am a philosogher,
a poet by design.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Poetic Skin 

When you roll back the tongue
of a poet,
you will find their inspiration,
the likes of
Edgar Allan Poe,
Emily Dickinson,
Stephen King,
Anne Rice,
and broken hearts,
broken mind’s eager to write.

Music is nothing without
the poet who chose to write
lyrics, strumming each line,
drumming and screaming each line.

Emotions explode,
like stars
and planets,
they build and
birth poetry and word’s,
leaving behind a raw format.

When you roll back the tongue of
a poet,
you will find secrets of the universe,
the Galaxy’s grow,
life planned its path,
upon the tongues of the poets
who wrote the possibility
of creativity.

It blooms upon the tongue of a poet,
creating the formats,
structure, and plot,
poetry is a rolling tongue spitting out emotions and struggles.

Sometimes it cuts like a knife,
leaving its ghostly scares
upon my poetic skin.
Leaving me with a tougher skin.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton