Some People Are Ignorant And Rude, How Sad (About Reviews From

            Okay I thought maybe I should post about this because I noticed there are some people who are very judgemental and it is because of ignorance. Ignorance is not a bad word either. Ignorance means you lack knowledge. The word stupid means the same. So I am not using these word’s to be rude.

          Let me start with saying, I shop at Walmart and I love their online store. I read reviews just for fun sometimes. So I was reading reviews for a printer, a wireless printer. Well I saw some reviewers who complained about the printer needing a USB cable to download driver’s. When duh, you need to download the driver’s so that you can connect to the internet wirelessly. You can unplug it after you install the driver’s. Even your computer needs to be plugged in before you can download the wireless router driver’s. You shouldn’t have any trouble after you download them. You can unplug the USB cable after it finishes downloading. 

           I don’t understand why people don’t research. Also they blame the support for not responding quick enough. When have you ever thought that maybe you are not the only one calling? Also they are human beings just like you. They are not robot’s or Superman. Give them a break come on. How would you feel if you were them?

           So next time you are looking for a wireless printer don’t complain about needing to plug it in, just so you can use the driver’s for wireless connection. Think before you make accusations. Also learn some patience. Support Tech’s get too much of a bad wrap for being difficult. When they have a difficult job working to help a verity of people. Some people are not nice. Just try to imagine what it would be like for you. Give them your time instead of thinking about it as if they are giving you their time. It goes both ways when you need support. I hope this helps someone.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton 

“Tech support can help but only if you have patience. Don’t blame the support for your lack of understanding. You have a choice to be patient or a jackass, yeahhh!” 


Moldy Bread

You grew on top my bread,
slowly you spread across the surface,
like grass; you grew fast,
green, brown, and black.

You came and ate my bread,
you stole my gluten and fat,
you gobbled it up just like that.

I will never leave my bread out
on the counter again,
I will close the package tightly,
making sure you can’t make entry.

I hate moldy bread,
it’s not healthy.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Faithful Dying Poetry

One breath I lost,
one life I tossed,
like a salad
I cut the food,
I mixed its contents
until it becomes something different.

I grew my roots where none grew before,
do to the design of life,
death touched mine,
I can hear the angles crying,
they mourn for my withered soul.

But none will come
to clean my wound’s,
there are no jar’s
to hold my year’s,
no napkin to soak up my tears.

The dirt in which I am planted
is dry, creaked, and wasted.

I become died,
I become weathered,
I become bent,
I become tired,
I am nothing but ashes
in the wind.

Blow on me and make your wish
my friend,
before I am gone.

Weathered poetry floats from my head,
land’s on your dashboard,
smudging myself across your screen.

This is poetry.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Recent Selfie’s

     Hello Bat Brat’s,

    I needed an avatar for my Tumblr blog. I took a few pictures for it. Here they are. I thought my followers should see how I look now. I have lost a lot of weight. You can see it in my face. I look okay for being sick. I do try to keep myself well put together. I don’t wear makeup. I am very allergic to most foundation’s and lips sticks. I also don’t put anything in my hair. I use to try new things but I stopped because I am tired of trying to look good for everyone else. I should look good for myself. 😁✌I took pictures with my hair up and down. One of My nicknames at the apartment complex I live in is Rapunzel. My hair grows very quickly. It is down to my lower back now. I set on it a lot. It frustrates me but I am okay with it. I have a phobia of hair so keeping it long helps me to deal with my phobia. I have learned to be okay with my anxiety. Okay here’s my Selfie’s. 






Poetry Garden

I live in a secret garden in my mind,
where I am plotting my next write.

each flower is a poem,
each tree is a novel,
each blade of grass is an idea
waiting to be discovered.

My garden is over grown
with poems from long ago.

I soon will rise
with the rays of the sun,
I will bloom like the flowers do.

I live in a secret garden in my mind,
where the wind never blow’s away
the ideas I cultivate, and keep hydrated.

The wall’s are strong
and high.

I live in a secret garden in my mind,
where poetry grows on every vine.

© 2017 By Amanda Shelton | @WeatheredPoetry

Life’s Destination

All this that is left of me,
is debris of what happened to me.
I chose to pick up the pieces,
glue together what I can.

Life, life is not all suffering through.
Life is beautiful,
it can mold and shape you.

It can carry you beyond
your wildest dreams,
it can cause you to
move and grow.

Life is beautiful,
it becomes what you define it,
it pushes you to your limits.

It can strengthen or break you.

It all depends on your mind
and definition.
It depends on your reaction
and direction.

Life can divide you in two,
or keep you together
like grapes on the vine.

It’s all up to you.

How will you define your life?
Will you allow it to make you
or break you?

I decided year’s ago,
I will be who I choose to be.
No one else but myself
can make me who I am meant to be.

I am, my own destination.

© 2017 Amanda Shelton | @WeatheredPoetry on Tumblr.

I Choose To Fly 

The color of my trials are gray, they burnt away. My demons are crispy and blown away from my life. All that is left of them are scares. Deep wounds, scratches left behind from my struggles. I fought hard. My angel’s fought harder. My life is no longer defined by a status.  No, it is defined by my mind. Who I decide to be is my choice. No one but I can make the leap. I choose to fly.

I had to make a new Tumblr, I haven’t been able to log into my account for a year. So I have to reconnect with my new Tumblr blog. Until I figure out how to do that here’s a link to this poem @Weathered Poetry on Tumblr.

Mom I Will Always Miss You

She left me on a tear drop,
I can still remember her voice,
as if she spoke to me
through her tears.

She took with her my fears,
my love flew by her side,
my heart stayed behind.

I will always remember her smile,
her hair, and her eyes,
blue like the ocean tides.

I will always remember
how she held me while I cried,
she wiped my tears,
helped me fight my fears.

Aw my mother,
she flew to heaven
with the angels who stole her
from the Earth.

While my heart quaked,
and my life shook from it’s foundation,
I lost her in one moment.

Not a breath was wasted,
not a tear forgotten,
each one turned into a memory.

Never will she fade
for she lives on in my DNA.

She’s my mother,
mom, best friend, confidant,
and queen of all I hold dear,
she is and always will be
my mother.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Love Can Be Hard 

I am not heartless,
life just taught me
to use my heart less.

I don’t always allow my heart
to make choices for me.

Life is saddened by love,
because when those
you care about die,
it hurts more than
if they were a stranger.

That’s why I always say,
love is not a happy journey
where the sun always shines.

It can be a barren landscape
wasting away with fattened pigs,
and chickens who lost their feathers.

Love can burn like the hot sun
in the Mojave Desert.

It can drink your blood
until you’re ready to pop.
Leaving you to die
from a broken heart.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“I thought I should share this poem before I lose my inspiration to write it down. I have been through a lot this year. It is but a poem and I know some will be able to relate to it. I am not always an emotional person so to allow my feelings to make my choices isn’t a normal reaction I have. It would have to be a very deep emotion for that to happen, love is one.”


like my heart
love is sweat like night.

We gather as one
under the burning sun,
only to sacrifice
our hearts to love.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“To sacrifice your own heart for the comforts of love, but never forget the importance of life.”