A Vampire Christmas

Tis 2:00am as fog rolled in,
the tree’s sighed and the soft
snow fell quitly outside.

The coffins bare,
the earth chilled and frozen;
this is where he lays,
deep in 9 feet of dirt felled air.

Soulless without a care,
a fool to bring suffering
to the poor humans,
who never noticed he was there.

A shadow of his former self,
he resembles nothing of himself.

Lurkering amongst the beastly
shadows, where monsters belong
to blood and bone,
the foolish break,
this fool follows his natural bent.

Intentions are of course seaking
his thirst, with an open mouth
full of gagged teeth.

He claws for insurance,
an immortals bank never drys,
forever is a long time.

So gather your affairs,
before the dawn bares witness
to your foolish pride.

The vampire is here,
come for a ride?
(it’s just you and I, I swear)
he smiles wide.

Merry Christmas my beastly friends.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton


Visions Of Christmas

Street’s covered with
blankets of snow,
flacks landing on your nose,
shivers of cold runs

down your spine.

Family’s gathering to collaborate
the season, as it blows
cold and frozen at the door.

Like a fire burning warm, safe,
and calm we gather here
to collaborate.

Hot chocolate cooking on the stove,
with ginger cookies,

decorated with white frosting,
and sprinkles for his

nose and eyes;
replace coal and uneatable woes
from the past.
Those cookies make you
forget about your past regret.

Tis the season to be Joly
and bright as winter cover’s
the night.

Merry Christmas to all
and to all a good night.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are
likely to see.

– By Winston Churchill

Look farther back and you will
find more possiblties for the future.

– By Amanda D Shelton

Keep to the moment but remember the past as being just what it is.

– By Amanda D Shelton

Life can’t go backwards
so go forwards with patience
and wisely, that way you won’t
have very many regrets.

– By Amanda D Shelton

Be like a surf, you ride the waves
but never underneath.

– By Amanda D Shelton

Christmas Card

Hello Bat Brat’s,

Like I said in a previous post, I am working on a project for Christmas. Here’s the finished product. A Christmas Card. I used Adobe Illustrator Draw. It crashed four times while I was working. Hahahaha!

Merry Christmas you beautiful Bat Brats. I love you to the moon and back. May you be blessed this holiday season. I am. I love family and friends. I am happy.


I Am An Autistic Poet

I knock it out of the ballpark
by expressing myself with
just a few words.

I write poetry to show my emotions
that I have trouble expressing
through my actions.

I am autistic and my brain is wired differently than yours.
Emotions are like the ocean,
my tides might rise higher than yours.

I have learned how to ride the waves,
like a pro I surf as I ride with pride.

I am a poet not by choice but
by chance because I am an autistic poet and emotions are my tool.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Beacon I am

I might suffer
but I sure know how to fight.

I can up hold my own,
like a squirrel holds
onto their acorns,
I hold onto my life.

I don’t care to argue,
but I will put up a fight,
standing tall
for I am a mighty force
to be reckoned with.

Like lightning,
I know where to strike
I leave my mark,
I make my stand.

I am a beacon in the night,
you may use me but with
caution and care,
I then will burn brightly
for year’s to come.

I am embers burning through
the coldest winters,
my heat radian through the
night air,
giving you a 180° view.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Definition of Radian: a unit of angle, equal to an angle at the center of a circle whose arc is equal in length to the radius.

Henceforth I Bring You Hope

Beyond a thousand year’s
we become the star travelers, insurance for our future
we strive for the sky’s above
(higher we go).

Made of gold and silver,
the human spirit flown,
like a lost star we blow
breaking the silence
of the vastness of space.

We fell slowly from the sky,
shimmy down below, like snow
covering the world with our lives.

Our fingerprints left behind,
never truly forgotten over time.

Such wishes we leave behind,
life reflects our cause.

Stars that burn forevermore,
henceforth I bring you hope.

Like an apple seed
the idea grows.
A thousand years behold,
your star fell years ago.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

I have a migraine today so hopefully it hasn’t effected my writing much. I am trying my best. Thank you for reading my work. May you be blessed and happy. You are my Bat Brats beautiful and unique. I want nothing more than your happiness to grow.

Keep Shinning Bright

Don’t regret,
remember the good and bad.

Life is too short to be worrying
if you did everything right.

Sometimes we make mistakes
and that’s alright.

Just remember to keep shinning bright.

I send you my light
as a beckon in the night.

Don’t you worry
I will help you fight.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Vampire Under The Stone

Shadows lurk far beyond the light,
where monsters live in after life.

Larger than life, with fangs
red eyes, fire burns deep,
their breath of dust and past.
Nothing is left of the original

We are nothing but dust in the wind,
blown until methods become very real.
A ghost floats where life
hardened from past lives.
Together forever but not so true.
He who came from blood and sweet,
lives for morn but always torn
between light and death.

Heart beats nomore,
but love still flows.

Lay me down under the stone,
engraved with who I once was,
but never again.

Will you miss me when I have flown?

You keep returning to my stone,
yet no breath will I choke,
for all I breath is dirt.

I regret my death.

You wonder if the vampire
regrets it’s strife,
as if they relive their sins
for the rest of their eternal life.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

I came up with this poem after watching YouTube and I thought about how it effects people like the vampire once did. TV shows and movies have shown the vampire in different ways, so have book’s. I hope you enjoy.

This Bat Brat is in the holiday spirit. I am going to draw a picture in Photoshop to try and express my holiday cheer.

I go to my dad’s on Sunday for early Christmas. We celebrate Jesus Christs birthday. We will have a cake and my dad will read from the Bible about how Jesus Christ was born. Then we will blow out the candles for Jesus. After that we will sing Carols. My heart is so feeling cozy and warm. Like I have a candle lit and my Bible is seated at the window waiting for me. 😊 I can’t wait to see everyone. Hear their voices and watch them light up to see me. It’s so cool. Family yep Boop! 🤗❤

Straight 2 The .

This is straight to the point.

There’s no 1 to get in your way,
no commas to block your views.
It’s just straight to your doe’s.

No frustrating decisions to make,
no calculations to compute,
it’s simple and easy,
so you don’t exhaust yourself.

Sometimes I think we all deserve a break,
get straight to the point,
where you are resting peaceful
in your slippers
with a cup of hot chocolate
and cookies.

Aww see now this is the life.
🤗❤ Love yourself because I do.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“I hope you are not bitter because of someone else. The hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself so you can forgive someone else. To be vengeful is never helpful, if anything it causes more damage. So please move forward so you can forgive yourself.”

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Your Blue Eyes (To My Seanisko)

Dear Seanisko,

Beyond the clouds
my heart rests peacefully,
within the banks
of your blue eyes.

Of mountains cascading
with snow and ice,
my favorite one is
your blue eyes.

Your love taught me how to fly,
my heart rests peacefully
where your blueness soaks
up my rays, seated firmly upon
my sky’s, I love your blue eyes.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Hello Bat Brat’s,

This is an update about my health problems.

I found out the results yesterday. I am now waiting to give blood for the doctor to look at. I have to wait 45 minutes to get my blood draw. I am in lots of pain but I am mentally doing well so I should be okay.

I hope you all have a great day/evening. Maybe I will post a poem later today, I don’t know yet because I don’t have any ideas roaming around in my head yet. Usaully poems just pop up so I have to be patient. Inspiration sparks when I lest except it. Bless you all.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Passion Of The Ice Queen

“Upon the Earth winter kissed the seasons with her ice covered lips. Leaving her chilled crown to melt on the ground so spring can hydrate her future seed’s.”

T’ Is a night of dark desire,
a song of sorrow fells the air,
the stars shine bright,
as the fog rises.
Curling, icy wisps of winter
that shrouds her brooding form,
an everlasting kiss
of frozen passion touched
her lips, so fair.
Her black hair cascades
over her pale and tragic
shoulders, and her full
Auburn eye’s watch shyly,
upon the morn where she
lays forevermore.

Now a night of duality,
I weep for such beauty,
as the winter waits no longer.

The ice Queen,
walking the white rings
of summer, autumn, and spring.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

To relate to you,
I have to think with an abstract view.

I don’t have masks to cover myself
I am exactly what you see before you.

I have no boundaries for myself,
yet I respect that you do.

I am an honest fool,
who’s very much aware
of being the fool.

I have never lived my life
like you do,
though I have tried to,
I have learned early on;
no one can make me happy but I.

To be happy I had to let go
of my expectations,
Stop thinking everything should
move like I want it to.

I learned life isn’t about myself,
it’s about everything else,
how I live is how it moves.

I go left, life goes left too.

I might find it difficult to move
like you but I still do.
I just move with a twitch
in my step, dancing to the beat
of a different drum than you do.

I might not dance like you do
but I might dance better than you
because I am willing to learn.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Like A Jerk On The String

The universe decided,
like a jerk on the string
it tugged on me.

I became its puppet,
it became the puppeteer.

I decided to pull back,
taking the reins choosing
my own destiny.

I became the puppeteer,
pushing the jerk off the sting.

The universe had no choice
but to give up it’s place making
room for one more day.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Walking The Line

When I was younger,
life was supposed to be simple.
Sadly I am not a simple person,
my life has been painful,
full of disorderly view’s,
I never got to choose.

Slowly as I grew,
life got easier
more positive construction
than before.

What changed?

Well, I did.
I took the reins,
I took control over
my own destiny.

I set a destination,
I packed my life into
my suitcase of forgotten dreams.
Set out for my adventure
to face my battle’s.

Today I am happier than ever,
I don’t fear life because
I faced death before it
could steal my life.

I chose to fight,
I chose to live my life,
through thick and thin
I walk the line in between
fear and suffering,
never falling too far
from the line.

I am walking the line,
it might be bent oddly askew
but I am still walking through.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Ice Burg Effect

The white ice packed tightly against the mountains edge,
the ice creaked and screeched
as it rubbed against the warm air.

Slowly it started to melt,
first it hardened firm and cold,
then it broke into large pieces.

Each piece took it’s place,
as an ice burg floating around
lonely and cold.

The season blows change all over,
causing life to move.

We are like the ice burg,
floating around the Earth,
waiting for a chance
to collide with others
like ourselves.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Moonlight Rose

The Moonlight Rose
On Midnight Delights

“Into the night we find beauty where darkness finds comfort.”

“a love or preference for night, darkness.”

But my heart soaks up the light,
enough to survive.

I am more than this moonlit creature,
I am made up of stardust, flesh,
and bone.

Yet not like the rest,
I reside beyond your wildest dreams.
Where day and night collide
is where my heart loves to hide.
I crawl up into the moons beams
to cat nap on its streams
of leftover shimmers,
as I watch you surf my dreamers.

I then roll you over my tongue
pushing you out as a poetic format.

You are my passionate rose,
blooming for me, and my love
hydrates your plumage,
as my poetic heart feeds
your dreams with my rooted logic.

Time: 12:00am

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton | The Weathering Poet |  The Moonlight Rose |  The Dark Poet Eats The Night | Gothic Muse 1.0

The Cold Kiss Of Winter

The leafs are growing colder,
curling up on the branches of the tree’s.

I can feel the air breathing
it’s cold breath on my skin.
As my body shivers
with goosebumps.

I crave coffee more
and warmer foods.

I have the heater on through out
the night and day.

I love the weather
when it cools off through the day.

It’s the cold kiss of winter
I crave, when the summer heat
takes so long to go away.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Blogging Poetry

I once was boarded up
inside my mind,
played with shadows
I thought were mine.

I felt so small
because I knew how large
life was compared to me.

I never saw the star
I was meant to be.

Until one bleak cloudy day,
I put my shadows away.

I looked up to find my way,
I saw the sky and I noticed the

I thought I want to be like those
burning lights above your head
burning brightly for all to see.

So I started blogging my poetry.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton


Digital Poetry

long winded and
breath takingly beautiful.

On this page there is
a transformation taking place,
digital ink slowly soaks
the surface of this place.

Every line takes patience
and time, it comes together
to create a rhyme.

Slowly it grows into a rising sun,
bursting forth from the seems,
like a black hole sun,
popping oodles of blooming
ink smears.

Each word takes a breath,
oozing forth from the pen.
What a formate, waiting to be read.
Slowly take life, with each
fiber it’s crossing the line.

A digital document
shared with the world,
each computer casting it’s fame.

Hello Poetry
welcome to the game.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Live Life As If You Are Dying Because You Are

Be kind to a stranger
and you might make a friend.

Lend a helping hand to someone
in need and you might build
your foundation stronger
by adding a new beam.

Be loud if you think you
are not being heard,
but respectful to anyone
in the room. You might learn
how to speak up for yourself
and people will stop to pay attention.

Don’t be shy and you might
find something amazing,
because you opened yourself
up to the possibilities.

Face your fears so you can move forward, and you might go on an adventure you always dreamed about.

Be free like a bird,
and you might find
your soul mate because
you put yourself out there
for everyone to see.

Be one with the sea
and you won’t be pulled under
the title waves, life won’t
seem so exhausting.

Live life as if you are dying
because you are going to someday.

Respect life because it won’t respect you if you don’t. Life can’t respect it’s self because life is an affect nothing else.

Be true to you and everyone else and life will seem happier and smoother.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton