I should call the people who can’t stand spelling errors,
the spelling police.

Let me ask you this,
How would you feel if I spelt your
without an e,
When I meant to say you are,
would you get pissed?
Oh sorry, not.

I am not sorry,
I do not really care what you think about my spelling errors.

Why dont we make you a spelling bee crown,
and you can prance around
saying weee look at me
I am a proud spelling bee troll.
There’s no honey for me
wee wee wee all the way home.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

I wrote this because
I am fed up with rude people
who tell me how horrible
I am because I make a few
spelling errors.

I share my poetry with another
community and this one person is rude telling me I am horrible
because of one spelling error.

They don’t even give me
the correct spelling,
instead they start trolling.

I don’t mind if someone told me
I have a spelling error,
but you could be polite
and give me the correct spelling and then move on.

Just keep swimming,
just keep swimming,
Dora got it right.

Unconditional Love

As bright as the sun
you burst into my life,
You cause the smudges to
fade away.

You become like the brush
and I the artists hand,
we craft beautiful art together
under the rising sun.

We both burst into stars,
as I follow you into the chaos
of loving unconditionally.

love doesn’t always end
with a beautiful dance.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

The Shady Roses 

Never trust a rose,
they might seem pretty;
until they prick you with their thorns.

You might like it
if I were shady like you.
Maybe then you won’t judge me
like you do.

Though that doesn’t change
who I am,
not unless I choose
to be shady like you.

Though I would rather be a daisy,
then a rose with a bloody stem.

The roses can’t make up their minds,
do they like the sunshine
or the shade?

I want freedom to grow
wherever I plant my roots.

I don’t care about being trimmed
or proper in the end.

Let my stem grow tall
and my roots grow deeper in,
so that I can become stronger
still and support my friends.

That’s all. 🐝


© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Lovers Out At Sea

Breathe deeply,
taking in the taste
of the salty air,
that lives upon
the chaotic sea.

As waves crash a shore;
my heart takes flight
with each pounding tide,
my passions ride,
and with each roll
there comes a kiss.

Owed to my Sea born lover,
stole my heart,
under the cover
of the rolling waves.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton 

To Sleep When Sleep Has Neglected Me

Like a shadow you stalk me,
then you neglect me
before the rising sun
rose for me.

Now I lie alone
as I post on my phone,
writing this poem.

Sleep, you forgot about me,
what happened to our relationship?
Why do you leave me?

All I want is a restful mind,
instead I have a restless mind.

Oh sleep please come find me
its past my bedtime.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Dying For Love 

I meat my love in shadow,
I never saw his shady hallow self.

He watched as I crumbled,
I pealed away at the seams,
under his foot he ginded me
into the earth.

My heart asks why,
Why do you judge me?
why do you hurt me?

I try to push away the pain
but he comes at me again.
I have no time to breathe
before he returns for another

All I ever wanted was to
share my life with my lover.

I got accusations instead,
which are all in his head.

I have a hallowed heart
where there once was his kisses.
Now they burn, like dying wishes.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

A Beating Life Lived Hard 

I am bent as life grew up,
slowly blowing me away.
Weak I am,
but stronger I know
I will grow.

Like a tree
My roots are deep,
my bark will fray,
my leafs fall away.

With the change of seasons
my mind grows slow,
slowly I grow.

With passing time
I grind to a halt,
My joints screech
to a stop,
the wheels begin to break;
my heart was first
to feel the pain.

A beating life lived hard
but I lived harder. 

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton 

“To live is to breathe but not without pain and suffering. Those who grow through hard times are those who live for the happy times, I know this is true because I am one of those who live their lives fighting to survive.” 


To fight until there’s
nothing left,
I gave it my last breath.

It crumbled,
and died.

Like porcelain,
it was fragile,
and weak,
it creaked,
it pealed,
it spelt its ink.

Like an emotional poem,
it burnt the parchment paper,
it curled itself up inside my heart
scratching deep at the walls,
until I had to allow it
to leap free.

I fought until there was nothing left of me.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Owed To Gothic literature


Might be gloomy to you
but it’s poetry to me.


Oh how I love the moon
it reminds me of your poetic gloom.
Such passionate beams
devours my mood.

My love for Gothic literature
seeps through the paper,
it stains my format with
a grungy texture.

Owed to Gothic literature,
a beautiful format,
no dulled senses,
no wasted sentences;
only foggy days,
and a gloomy haze.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

A Dark Poets Night

Of many a night I sat writing
to let my thoughts roam free,
the poetic runnel ran steady
and the streem flowed free. 

Such night’s as this,
I become more than just the poet,
I become the lady of the night
planning plots to take over the night,
with pen and paper as my weapon. 

Devouring the moon with
my poetic gloom,
I watch as the moon swoons
and its shadow plays. 

With each word I write
it’s wane guides my write and
clears my writer’s block. 

Upon this night I become
the lady of the night. 

Its a dark write indeed.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton