Mom I Will Always Miss You

She left me on a tear drop,
I can still remember her voice,
as if she spoke to me
through her tears.

She took with her my fears,
my love flew by her side,
my heart stayed behind.

I will always remember her smile,
her hair, and her eyes,
blue like the ocean tides.

I will always remember
how she held me while I cried,
she wiped my tears,
helped me fight my fears.

Aw my mother,
she flew to heaven
with the angels who stole her
from the Earth.

While my heart quaked,
and my life shook from it’s foundation,
I lost her in one moment.

Not a breath was wasted,
not a tear forgotten,
each one turned into a memory.

Never will she fade
for she lives on in my DNA.

She’s my mother,
mom, best friend, confidant,
and queen of all I hold dear,
she is and always will be
my mother.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Structure Of Broken Love

It’s sad to be judged
by the love of your life.

You wouldn’t think
that someone you love
could do anything like that.

Because love isn’t mean,
love isn’t boastful,
love isn’t a lie,
love isn’t a beautiful day,
love isn’t a fairy tale,
love isn’t a glass slipper.

Love is complicated,
love is hard,
love is painful,
love is gooy, oozing all the time,
love is scratchy,
love is wakey,
love is full of it,
love is pushy,
love is never changing.

It is the person who uses it,
who makes it,
forms it,
sculpt it into
a piece of art,
sometimes they use
the wrong glue
so it falls apart.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Good Morning

The moon is my friend
but the sun stole him,
now I am alone wishing
to find him.

It’s dawn and
the moon is gone.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“The morning blue’s”

Goodnight My Moonflower 

One dreary day a flower
grew in a baren landscape,
soon over grown and gray.
All the flowers rotted away,
leaving ghostly perfume
and misty dreams for those
who came to pick the flowers. 

As the night fell upon the fields
of ghostly petals,
one grew above the others.
It was a Moonflower. 

Like the others
soon the Moonflower
withered and died.
Never to set eyes on the morning sky.
Now I cry while the rain falls slowly.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Love For Water 

My favorite thing in the world
is water.
I love your blue crashing waves,
you bring me to my knees,
bowing to your rolling tides
as my heart rides.

You are always part of my,
moving through each artery
pushing life through my vains.
Coating each neroun
so I can remember you,
and write this rhyme.

Let me count the way…

  1. I love to drink you up.
  2. I love your coolness.
  3. I love your clean flavor.
  4. I love your blue color.
  5. I love your rolling tides.
  6. I love your waves,
    your curves are so divine.
  7. I love your sandy shores.
  8. I love your energy,
    you keep the lights from darkening.
  9. I love your growing shine,
    as the sun milt’s on your horizon.
  10. I love your beautiful vastness,
    your memory never dies.

I love water with a passion,
I had to share it in a rhyme.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Expressing My Write

Every poem that I write
is a testimony of what I fight.

and strife
these are the things I fight.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Love Doesn’t Judge

Without remorse
without regret
you judged me,
I have been broken,
accused, abused,
and used by the man
who says he loves me
no matter what.

Where’s the love you talked about?
where’s the I love you?

You left me in the dirt,
broken, beaten, and bruised.

Love gives all,
but it’s how it’s used
that makes a relationship
grow or bruise.

I have been judged
by the man who said
I love you.

He has a sharp tongue,
it cuts me deep,
as he rubs his salty breath
along the edge of my pain.
Stinging my soul,
beating my faith
until none is left.

To be judged,
is a painful trail.

All I ever wanted was
to be loved.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Her Beauty Kills My Mood

I love the sun but unforchantly it likes to bite me leaving me itchy, foggy headed, and with red blisters all over my body. This poem is to show my love for the sun.

Her Beauty Kills My Mood

The night moves with her,
and her shadow scratches on the walls
leaving a wound inside my heart
I’m watching it bleed out before me.

A beauty with a darkened heart,
she lurks on the edge of the night.

I can’t help but to love her eternal shade,
her beauty kills my mood.

Like the full moon
she becomes a God to my waves
washing upon my shores
with her shadowy form.

Lucide beams streak from her hair,
spelling out upon my Plutonian shore.

Watch her beauty beaming before me,
like no other have I seen,
such beauty as she beams.

A falling star
without a sky,
Watch her fly
now she’s landing on my shores.

Gracing my presence with her beautiful mystery.

I’m Nothing More


You might like it if I was shady like you.
I’d become something more than just a shadow,
more than a blackened rose going crisp.

I’m a horrid thing laying limp in the sun,
leaving my perfume to lingering on the wind.

I’m more to you than this shady rose bud
laying in your unforgiving hands,
Waiting to crush me.
Lift weekend
forgotten by time,
and rotten.

Life has no need for shady affairs,
me forgotten.
I’m nothing more than a
Shady Black Rose.


Hello Bat Brats,_MG_8583

Welcome to Gothic Realms this is my first post. To start here’s my cat Boo, she’s my best friend and I do not own her she things she owns me. Plus what cat doesn’t think that we’re not their owners? My Boo is very much the queen bat of my bat cave. The front door is her domain, and the front window is another one of her perches. We usually have our morning coffee while looking out the front door watching the birds or any leaves that pass by.

Me and Boo moved into our own apartment back in 2010 July 19. We love having our own space and I’m loving having the responsibilities of taking care of our little roost. I had brain surgery back in 2014 January 15th, I’ve had time to heal and to learn my new can doe’s and can’t doe’s. My mom got diagnosed with stage four cancer this year, she’s not doing very well. I’m hoping she lives for another year or more.

Amanda Said: Be kind to those whom you call enemies,
because they might by your friends in your future.

life & My Mom

My mom is my hero she has been here for me when no one was. She is dying from cancer she might not make it to Christmas she’ll be lucky if she makes it to her birthday December 11th.

Remember this, you live only once, you have only one chance to cause change and to leave your footprints upon its surface. I have seen a lot of death, I have seen a lot of tears and suffering; but yet I will not let anything push me down to the point where I can’t get back up. I live for happiness and to share my joy’s and tears with anyone willing to share the same with me. My mom was the one who taught me this, she taught me how to stand on my own two feet. She showed me I am beautiful, strong, and smart. That this world no matter how crappy or chaotic it becomes that I can stand above it and that I have a choice where I go in life.