Mom I Will Always Miss You

She left me on a tear drop,
I can still remember her voice,
as if she spoke to me
through her tears.

She took with her my fears,
my love flew by her side,
my heart stayed behind.

I will always remember her smile,
her hair, and her eyes,
blue like the ocean tides.

I will always remember
how she held me while I cried,
she wiped my tears,
helped me fight my fears.

Aw my mother,
she flew to heaven
with the angels who stole her
from the Earth.

While my heart quaked,
and my life shook from it’s foundation,
I lost her in one moment.

Not a breath was wasted,
not a tear forgotten,
each one turned into a memory.

Never will she fade
for she lives on in my DNA.

She’s my mother,
mom, best friend, confidant,
and queen of all I hold dear,
she is and always will be
my mother.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton


Love Can Be Hard 

I am not heartless,
life just taught me
to use my heart less.

I don’t always allow my heart
to make choices for me.

Life is saddened by love,
because when those
you care about die,
it hurts more than
if they were a stranger.

That’s why I always say,
love is not a happy journey
where the sun always shines.

It can be a barren landscape
wasting away with fattened pigs,
and chickens who lost their feathers.

Love can burn like the hot sun
in the Mojave Desert.

It can drink your blood
until you’re ready to pop.
Leaving you to die
from a broken heart.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“I thought I should share this poem before I lose my inspiration to write it down. I have been through a lot this year. It is but a poem and I know some will be able to relate to it. I am not always an emotional person so to allow my feelings to make my choices isn’t a normal reaction I have. It would have to be a very deep emotion for that to happen, love is one.”

Goodnight My Moonflower 

One dreary day a flower
grew in a baren landscape,
soon over grown and gray.
All the flowers rotted away,
leaving ghostly perfume
and misty dreams for those
who came to pick the flowers. 

As the night fell upon the fields
of ghostly petals,
one grew above the others.
It was a Moonflower. 

Like the others
soon the Moonflower
withered and died.
Never to set eyes on the morning sky.
Now I cry while the rain falls slowly.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Cry Me A River

Tears are worse then fear,
They sting, cling,
and shows your pain.

Cry me a river,
cry me a river of pain,
cry me a river of tears;
drink from the bank’s of unstoppable sadness and fear.

Rapids rear,
beating hearts sing,
as love strikes the strings.

Breaking base,
as the drummer’s march
along the bank,
lover’s dance
as the river parts,
leaving each one separated.

River of tears flow
steady and fast,
running through the trees,
swallowing all who
stand in its path.

Love cried me a river
while I played with
its broken strings.

The river never allowed
me to pass.
As I cried a river
flooding the path.

Cry me a river of broken dreams.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Love Doesn’t Judge

Without remorse
without regret
you judged me,
I have been broken,
accused, abused,
and used by the man
who says he loves me
no matter what.

Where’s the love you talked about?
where’s the I love you?

You left me in the dirt,
broken, beaten, and bruised.

Love gives all,
but it’s how it’s used
that makes a relationship
grow or bruise.

I have been judged
by the man who said
I love you.

He has a sharp tongue,
it cuts me deep,
as he rubs his salty breath
along the edge of my pain.
Stinging my soul,
beating my faith
until none is left.

To be judged,
is a painful trail.

All I ever wanted was
to be loved.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Her Beauty Kills My Mood

I love the sun but unforchantly it likes to bite me leaving me itchy, foggy headed, and with red blisters all over my body. This poem is to show my love for the sun.

Her Beauty Kills My Mood

The night moves with her,
and her shadow scratches on the walls
leaving a wound inside my heart
I’m watching it bleed out before me.

A beauty with a darkened heart,
she lurks on the edge of the night.

I can’t help but to love her eternal shade,
her beauty kills my mood.

Like the full moon
she becomes a God to my waves
washing upon my shores
with her shadowy form.

Lucide beams streak from her hair,
spelling out upon my Plutonian shore.

Watch her beauty beaming before me,
like no other have I seen,
such beauty as she beams.

A falling star
without a sky,
Watch her fly
now she’s landing on my shores.

Gracing my presence with her beautiful mystery.

I’m Nothing More


You might like it if I was shady like you.
I’d become something more than just a shadow,
more than a blackened rose going crisp.

I’m a horrid thing laying limp in the sun,
leaving my perfume to lingering on the wind.

I’m more to you than this shady rose bud
laying in your unforgiving hands,
Waiting to crush me.
Lift weekend
forgotten by time,
and rotten.

Life has no need for shady affairs,
me forgotten.
I’m nothing more than a
Shady Black Rose.

With A Vampire’s Heart All Is Revealed

With A Vampire’s Heart All Is Revealed

The Shady Black Rose Saga

      I woke with a hunger like a fire burning inside my soul turning my flesh into a blazing furnace. Slowly I move within the shadows mortals know nothing of what I do. I watch them live their feeble little lives, as if I was the spider and they are the flies wiggling in my web. I smell this one his scent like a pheromone from a bee. My fangs ache for his taste I jump off the building swooping down like a bird. I land on my feet, as I follow him into the bar. I wait for him to take a few drinks before moving in for the kill. He leans on the wall tipsy from his tunic and gen, as I wip by his arm I whisper in his ear   “Sleep”  Now’s my time I lean into his neck slowly I bite into his skin sipping his nektar slow and steady. He goes into a swoon as his breathing becomes slow and labored then his heart stops. I release with puckered lips as I lick at my fangs enjoying the taste.

    For nine centuries I’ve been stalking the streets from Paris, Italy, France, Romania, now America is my destination. The smell of human in my nostrils as I set here on the plain. I take my cloth napkin place it over my nose to conceal the smell from my scenes. I need to remember why I’m doing this, Ashen is waiting for my return to the coven. He has decided it would be good for me to step out of my box and try new things. New things he says gee, after what I went through with the Dark Ones right. They’re ancient bloodline goes back to The Order Of The Dragon an ancient order of Vampires who decreed to protect all whom share the blood of the dark ones. Those who are willing will be transformed into a Vampire with power and immortal blood. On the other hand if you’re weak minded you’re lucky to become a halfbreed and a slave to the Vampires. I was one of the lucky ones, Ashen a master Vampire and a Royal has taken me into his own. I guess he saw potential in me. I received the blood that very night, and his undying love for me. He told me after he embraced me that I will not need to weary about anything that he will give me anything I desire.

“Attention passengers this is your pilot speaking, we are about to land on American soil please fasten your seatbelts, pull up your trays and turn off any electronics and thank you for choosing Pan Airlines”

Now to find my luggage without popping a fang. I wait in line at the luggage trolley, I can see my red and black suitcase rolling up. I grab the luggage then I take the ticket out and look it over to see if I missed anything.
“Nope all is here.”
Now time to head to the lobby but I noticed Nicky standing in the front door looking straight at me with a big grin on his face.

Nicky: “Hey Rose, how are you hun it’s been a while.”
Rose: “Hey Nicky, its good to see you old man.”

I got a big bear hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Nicky: “Let me get those for you hun.”
Rose: “Okay thinks I think I have everything.”
Nicky: “Good then we can get out of here the smell of human is getting to me.”

We then walked out into the parking lot to Nickies black sidan.

To be continued…

Thanks To My Followers & Likes

Hello Bat Brats,

Here’s some of my artwork, I felt creative so I decided to put some art together and share them with you all. Thanks to my followers and those whom like my writings. It is a pleasure to see people liking my work. Please feel free to share with your friends on Facebook or anywhere else about my blog. I will be posting more artwork later on, and any updates or life events that I find important. I’m thinking about posting Goth Community events as will.

Be Frosty!

gothic-realms-background2.png   Black is the new white

Abstracted Rose

Checkers Background


He who walks in shadow,
who is made of fear and sorrow.

Walks upon this earth with a soul of shadow and steam,
long forgotten over centuries passed.

An immortal a dark brood indeed,
drinks from your soul
leaving you for dead.

He was done in by the sun
and his need for blood.

Fading Away

The darkness begins to rise
none is save from its uprise.

Death leaves the lost behind
the dead are never far behind.
Now’s your chance to run or hide

I don’t want to save this world
from its dead or from its damage
for everything has to decay
it’s deaths job take it away.
It’s my job to watch it fade away.

I leave you now in this bitter cold,
in this graveyard of forgotten souls.

Be has it may
I will not bow
I will not fade
for I will rise above it all.

Undertow I lie in wait
while the devil takes his stage.
I watch the Angel’s fight,
to the death with all their might.

Wing’s do die,
while Angel’s no longer fly;
fallen are we who once stood taller than the tree.

Now we save our very last breath
for this moment of triumph
as trumpets begin their play.
all will fade.
fade away.

Melancholy Fell For Me

Melancholy fell hard in love with me,
tears of pain,
and suffering.

Darkness rises within my heart,
breaking falling apart.

Stitches stretch
seams part as darkness leaps from the crack.


Love became a folly as I fell into melancholy.

I am fear

I am made up of all you fear,
all you regret,
all you see is not what it seams
for I am shady;
shady like your dreams.

Ashened like a blackened rose
fading crushed by the hands of death.
He has left me with his kiss,
leaving me upon my last dying breath.

Ghostly, ghastly, ghoulish I seam,
love me,
hate me,
fear me,
but remember me after I pass
for I will be forever upon your lips.

I am fear,
I am the ghost within your dreams.

I have had my moment with sadness himself

I have sat with sadness in tears,
I have shared my sorrows in his presence.
I do not share my woes with just anyone,
for I have had my moments with sadness himself,
eat at his table shared a toast with his friends.
Opened my heart to his arms;
fought by his side for my own happiness.

I fought so long that I lost all track of time.
I can not remember my happy times
for they ran away so long ago,
seeking someone who has no woe,
and no means to lose their heart to sadness.
To toss away everything they hold so near to themselves,
and to push it to the side to forget that it’s even there.


Hello Bat Brats,_MG_8583

Welcome to Gothic Realms this is my first post. To start here’s my cat Boo, she’s my best friend and I do not own her she things she owns me. Plus what cat doesn’t think that we’re not their owners? My Boo is very much the queen bat of my bat cave. The front door is her domain, and the front window is another one of her perches. We usually have our morning coffee while looking out the front door watching the birds or any leaves that pass by.

Me and Boo moved into our own apartment back in 2010 July 19. We love having our own space and I’m loving having the responsibilities of taking care of our little roost. I had brain surgery back in 2014 January 15th, I’ve had time to heal and to learn my new can doe’s and can’t doe’s. My mom got diagnosed with stage four cancer this year, she’s not doing very well. I’m hoping she lives for another year or more.

Amanda Said: Be kind to those whom you call enemies,
because they might by your friends in your future.

life & My Mom

My mom is my hero she has been here for me when no one was. She is dying from cancer she might not make it to Christmas she’ll be lucky if she makes it to her birthday December 11th.

Remember this, you live only once, you have only one chance to cause change and to leave your footprints upon its surface. I have seen a lot of death, I have seen a lot of tears and suffering; but yet I will not let anything push me down to the point where I can’t get back up. I live for happiness and to share my joy’s and tears with anyone willing to share the same with me. My mom was the one who taught me this, she taught me how to stand on my own two feet. She showed me I am beautiful, strong, and smart. That this world no matter how crappy or chaotic it becomes that I can stand above it and that I have a choice where I go in life.