In depth View Into Gothic Literature

Welcome Bat Brats,

This is an in-depth view into Gothic literature. First I would like to share, that I have a deep passion for Gothic culture and literature. I am a lover of reading, writing, and languages. This is why I started my blog Gothic realms.

Gothic genera

The Gothic genera became popular because of the book The Gothic Story or commonly known as (The Castle of Otranto), it was written in 1764 by Horace Walpole who lived and died between (1717–1797). Later Frankenstein by Marry Shelly, and other great authors who would pavé the path for the modern genera of Gothic horror and modern Gothic Romanism. Today we have Stephen King, Anne Rice, and other author’s who still write. There are poet’s who also write genera of Gothic or dark poetry.

My place in the darker written world

I use to suffer from depression, and anxiety and writing was my way of coping and sharing my true feelings with the world. I use to worry about what others thought about my writing, but later I realized that what they thought ment nothing to me. I was able to spread my wings after that. I even started sharing my poetry with everyone. I learned that almost everyone liked my poetry. My mom told me, it doesn’t matter what they like, it matters what you like. Its visible in my blog to see that I took her advise. I am glad I did, plus I wouldn’t have learned or grew in my writing if I didn’t. I am still growing and learning because I adventured out into the world of blogging, and the great world wide web (internet).

I have a few pieces of advise for anyone trying to write. Don’t let anyone tell you how to write nor who to be. Because in the end your still the author and the creator. Also no one can change who you are but you.


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