To My Broken Love 

Nothing is left,
the pieces have fallen apart,
until they are too small to see.

I am to insignificant for you
to care,
I am like a wound
itchy and bothersome,
you wish I wasn’t there.

My soul is always out in the open,
it’s bare and naked
for all to see.

My scares are visible,
kinda hard not to see
my suffering,
for I wear my struggles
on my sleeve.

My armor has a weakness,
it is you.
I never forgot how much
I love you.

You are tattooed upon my heart,
I have your name stitched
upon my soul.

Everyone knows who you are
because I have no secrets
no mask to wear.

You are my pain,
my dying heart you hold tightly.

My love you have,
my heart you choked
with your brutal needs for more.

The heart is greedy,
it can cause the mind
to be needy.

Such pain love can bare,
causing the oceans to flood,
the walls to fall into the pushing
oceans of your love.

Doesn’t matter how much I share,
you don’t care.

To my broken love.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton


It’s A Conundrum

I will always miss you.

When I am with you
it reminds me of all the times
I wasn’t with you, so I miss you.

When I am far away from you
I am reminded of all the times
I was with you, so I miss you.

It’s a conundrum.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Kissing The Sea

My friend the sea showed me her bow,
then she rolled over and kissed me.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“For my heart he knows who he is, my Seany.”


I bow my head with sleepy eye’s,
slowly downward goes my head.

Mind drifting,
shifting from reality into
a drowsy darkness.

A flooding moment of silence,
my mind is still about me,
yet I feel a difference in my reality,
it wakes me everytime.

I can never dream until the end,
for my mind is too aware
for it to keep me underneath
the dream state you all are allowed to share, but without me.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

I have never been able to fully dream because for some reason when I get there I become aware I am dreaming, I end up waking up everytime. It’s not fair.

Love and Fear (Ode To The Clouds)

Of many a hour I sat to think,
I wasted time on dream like thoughts.

I waited year’s seems like eternity,
yet I sat still,
I then awoken to find
nothing changed,
not sure why;
I began to wonder.

Reality is,
life changes but within a dream
all stands still just for me.

I remember quite clearly,
the sky above grew gray and gloomy,
the clouds came down to consume me
instead it stole my heart.

I fell hard,
but my heart fell harder
for my gloomy lover.

The clouds frighten me
but they also bring a breath taking view that I love to see.
Through anxiety and fear I look
upon your gloomy beauty.

Ode to the clouds
with both love and fear.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

I have a phobia of clouds but I also find them beautiful.

Gothic Romance

Upon unspoken word’s
my heart shattered,
like a fragile flower
my life fell slowly into pieces. 

I withered under your touch. 

This heart of mine is breakable,
a life fragile like tempered glass,
it shatters under pressure. 

My love once strong now bent
and beaten, weakened by your
heartless demands. 

Bruised and beat
my heart bleeds out
under your feet. 

All that is left is cremated,
burnt to an ashy ghost
blowing in the wind. 

You became my Gothic romance. 

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Depression Is…

The ghost of depression
will always haunt me,
it follows me today
until the end of yesterday.

It reminds me of my fault’s,
it calls without living it’s name,
it scares deeply,
saying sorry but still recalling.

It’s deep, dark, thick,
and suffocating.

Depression is a black hole
waiting on the outskirts
of the universe,
to consume happiness.

Depression never lets go,
it chockes you,
it burns your dreams,
it suffocates you with its
pitch black mood.

In the end its up to you
to keep fighting.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Perfect Anxiety Attack 

Breathe you say,
slowly you say,
calm you say.

Instead the drumming begins,
a rush of fear consumes me,
each ear opens wide to hear
the rushing blood pressure
pumping through my senses.

Heart beats turn into heartache,
drumlins turn into orchestras,
pumping blood turns into rivers
of pressure pulsating
through my body.

Fear over taking
each move I make.
Anxiety came down like
a house of matches,
burning foundation’s
of functional wall’s,
once stood tall and strong
now crumbles to nothing.

How perfect is that,
an anxiety attack.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

I once suffered from severe anxiety. I have learned how to deal with situations that can cause me to have anxiety attacks. I am glad I did. I am free from Anxiety Attacks, for four years now.


The Heart Grows Fonder, For Winter’s Kiss Brings Change

What makes a moment last forever?
like brass, gold, and copper life
grows old and stains its own.

With the breath of winter
an icy song is song.

As seasons change
the heart grows fonder,
blooming before the summer
brings its bellowing heat;
the spring cover’s the mountains
with green as the fall follows
with auburn colors.

Time stands still for just a moment,
as the sun rises in the morning,
dawns rays slowly cover’s
the tree’s and life begins
to breathe.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Time And Struggles (Hello, Alice Is Away May I Take Your Message?)

Struggling is servival,
to be tied down
is to struggle to move.

I know the feeling very well,
I can’t move like you,
I don’t think like you,
I don’t grow up right like you,
I don’t give up so quickly
like you do,
I fight.

I grow through the wall’s,
I jump highper in my mind,
I run through time,
in my imagination there is no restrictions of time,
there is no mountain
that won’t move for me.

Time is a ticking ruler
measuring my decay,
it’s a testimony to aging,
a face with awkward hand’s,
one smaller than the other,
going in circles,
one tick at a time I go crazy.

Hello Alice, how are you today?
Oh I am decaying at a slow rate,
soon all that will be left of me
are a pile of bones.

You can blow me away,
like a wish you can only
use me once.

Beep! please leave your message after the beep and I will do my best to get back to you.

Oops I forgot to save the beep for last.
Alice didn’t last…

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“Crazy running through the streets, striping mind’s from media lies. I come through the static as white light runs your lives. Crazy is as crazy does.”

I was bored so I decided to write this. It’s just for fun.