Look Towards God’s Plan For You

I never smile when I am suffering,
instead I suffer through but after
I am through I smile a lot.

I am not egnorant, I know
I have to suffer to learn
and grow, that’s life.

What I have a choice to do is,
look forward to the future God has planned for me and you.

I have faith that God will not
allow me to fall too far behind,
if I allow him to, he will carry me.

I never get burnt to ashes,
for God puts out the blaze
before it gets too hot.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton



God blessed me with a caring heart,
he blessed me with the ability
to love.

He gave me a choice
to live a worldly life or
a Godly life, I have chosen
a Godly life.
A christ like life,
I am a Christian,
proud and strong
because he is my foundation.

God is good and kind,
if you seek him
you seek all that is
good and kind.

God is, was, and always will be,
he’s always listening and
always ready for your prayers.

He guide’s you if you allow him,
he listens if you
open your mouth to speak.

I have been saved by
the grace of God many times,
it’s always when I lift my strife
up to him and I allow him to
carry the weight.

I have learned God is like
the garbage man, if you place your trash outside your door he will come
and take it away.
It’s up to you if you
bring back the trash.

The devil is death,
he is hatered, he is strife,
he is struggle and all
that is not right.

To be content with your life
you need to learn how to be
happy with the moment,
stop seeking flesh and greed,
don’t let the devil steal your happiness.

You don’t need more than what you need to survive, the only reason you think otherwise is because you never believed in God enough to know he always provides.

Lean on God The almighty Lord
and you will see how powerful he is.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton


I break my back
remembering everything I lack.

They lie when they tell you,
Sticks and stones may break
my bones but words do not
hurt me.

Words can seem like stones
beating you down until
You become one with the ground,
the sticks are there to hold you in.

So think twice before you break the chains, remember everyone feels something.

You should
be gentle, easy, and peaceful.

Only yell when no one is around,
then bring yourself around to center.

Be mindful of your fellow man,
He too is drowning in the same pool.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Butterflies In My Heart

You are a fluster in my life,
you make life wobble and shake,
you make my heart quake.

You flutter about
turning my life upside down
and all around.

You bring rumbling too
my dear,
and breath taking views,
you are causing my stability
to waver and the weather to
cool and heat.

You are my love, partner
and forever friend until
the end, my dear.

You are my love and the
butterflies in my heart.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Dearest Love

You are the star’s to my sky’s.
You are the ocean to my shore’s.
The sand under my feet.
You are my shadow
you are always beside me.

I want you to always be with me.
Hand in hand,
step by step.
Wrinkle by wrinkle,
day by day.
Wave after wave,
I will always guide you.

Through the dark you will never
be alone. For my heart beats
louder then words.
You are what makes my heart pound.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Sick Love

Thou ar’t sick love,
beating, bleeding, and bruised
you lose but gain; all the same.

Like the dying rose,
you were picked for
my amusement.

You are my cure,
my blooming inspiration,
you consumed my whimpering
dreams, with your waves of

You brought doom to my door,
a heavy knock reminding me
you are still here beside me.

Sadly you are sick (my love),
you leave me with your
infections and scares,
you managed to sit beside me
capturing my heart with your
spiders web of luring gloom,
with soft touches of blooming

Sick love made its home
within the chambers of my life,
it left its mark forever
upon my heart.

Sick love looms over my head
blocking the sun from burning
my heart, once again.

Sweet love, oh how I miss your
touches and kiss.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I Got My Hair Colored And Cut

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

Your Mandy turned 37 on July 3rd. My adopted mom Lisa took me to get my hair done for a birthday present. Here’s the results.

My lips are chapped. I have been having asthma problems lately and everytime I do my lips get chapped. Oh well, look at my hair everybody. I got it layered with red and black. I got it cut a little too. I didn’t want to lose my red color so I got it enhanced by having the hair dresser die it a red that is closer to my Auburn color. The black is for a Gothic effect. I didn’t want to much drama. I am exhausted. I did a lot today. 😊😋😎🦇

Corruption Of The USA

We are supposed to be
about the bold and the free,
yet our house falls
do to hateful call’s.

Our government says
they care about our rights,
yet it promotes division
and separation,
which is against our
constitutional rights.

This movie star we call
president is nothing more than
the devil in our eyes,
people trusted him
now are disgusted with him.

We yell and fight to keep
our freedom intacked,
we protest and gather
to show how much we would
rather die than eat dirt.

This devil has made plans year’s
in advance to take over our
lives, you’ve all been deceived,
he told us over the TV
he would be president one day.

Now we are left fighting
to keep our constitution alive,
we are dealing with his lies,
his corruption and raciest cry’s.

Don’t be deceived by his
stupid lack of communication,
he’s going to lose steam
sooner or later.

I am patient.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Be Bold & Brave (Quote)

“Be bold & brave, for life is too short to be afraid.” © 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I Have Good News

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I was just spending time with my boyfriend and he has been working on building a keyboard. He just finished it and I thought it was awesome enough to share it with you. It’s a program for the computer so if you have a computer you can download it and try it out. Please leave your feedback. He’s trying to improve his programming skills so your feedback can help. Here’s the link Nautilus Keyboard. He has provided the source code in the package. I am proud of him. He has difficulty’s but he doesn’t let that stop him. Our relationship has been rocky. Its getting better as time goes by. He’s learning how to trust me. He has a low self-esteem and schizophrenia on top of addictions. In mental health we call that a dual diagnosis. Our relationship has gotten stronger this year. I have set up a support system for him. We actually lost a friendship with one of our neighbors recently because she’s having problems. Seany trusted the wrong people. He’s learning how to move forward and who to trust. Today is a good day. He’s doing well. I am in pain but I am doing well. It helps me to handle my pain when he’s doing well. I don’t worry about him when he’s in a good place. He’s going to see his mom today. She’s awesome. They are going to do Bible study. I can’t go outside because of the heat so I have to wait until the weather cools down again before I can go with them. That’s okay because God is wherever I set. Church is where God is so I take church everywhere I go.

I hope you have a great day. I love you all very much. I am grateful to have this blog and the opportunity to share with you. May God bless you. ♥️🤗🙏

Update (Bat Brat’s Store)

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I haven’t shared any updates with you in awhile. I thought it’s time for an update. I have been working hard. I don’t know if you remember me talking about looking for a store for settling down with Bat Brat’s. I am looking for three custom design websites. I am trying as many as possible before making a decision. I am going to keep only three. Some websites have more choices of products. I can post on my blog Bat Brat’s about the products so it shouldn’t matter if I have three different sites. I already have posted products on the site. Here’s my new projects from Bat Brat’s.

Bat Brat’s , Bat Brat Mandy store on Rageon. This site is new. I just found out about it four days ago. I waited two days to make a decision to create an account. These are my merchandise I have so far.

That’s All The Rage

My Life Is Well Lived

Retro Doing Now? Text Me!

Lightning Speed Pizza

The Purpose Of My Creativity

I am a poet,
the purpose of a poet,
to express myself,
to invent a unique quality
of language, to get noticed,
to share, to write for
the love of it.

I am also an artist.
The purpose of an artist,
to express imagination,
to share my vision,
to invent a style of my own,
to learn how things function.

I have been an inventor
since I took my first breath,
I am always curious and
willing to learn.
I think that’s what makes me
a good writer and artist.

I have worked hard to become
a blogger of creative mediums.

I have many purposes
to express myself
through these two mediums
but one modivates me the most,
my need to create.

I am hotwired to create,
like jump starting a car,
my wire’s are always entwined
ready to inspire me.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton


Shut out the light,
I don’t wish you to see
the emptiness that devours me,
all I truly want you to see
is you (are important to me).

I claim my life
with respect for its gift
but I never wanted to except
its strife until I realized,
I have no choice.

Love choose me,
I never choose
its purpose and direction
(logic is what I use to seek
until I met you).

Upon the wings of swooping
love, its cumbersome and heavy,
not for negative reasons
but because of its
emotional breath
of its life giving purpose.

Emotions can seem heavy
because of what it causes,
love has many purposes
and feelings because
of its emotional connection.

When love is my purpose
you become my purpose
because I love you.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Partners In God

In God we trust,
between you and me
the only thing that stand’s is
he who is almighty Lord.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I Lift Myself Up To A Higher Place

My Higher Place Is In Prayer

God is good, God is great
for he made chocolate cake.

I pray upon my knees
deeply and passionately,
I bow my head in great respect,
I put my garbage out for
God to collect.

He’s my rock to my foundation,
he gave me strength and
understanding so I can
build upon his rock.

I am grateful,
I am humble,
I am proud to be
a child of God.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Stolen Soul

That lifeless thing the living fear!

Death introduced himself

as a friend

Whispers through the night,
shadows dance with delight
and gay merriment,
as darkness divides the light,
bent over a poor soul.

Broken, lost,
but never forgotten.

Life once was brooding and golly,
now gray and decayed,
popping at the seems (frayed).

Death introduced himself
as a friend, but you learned
a bit too late; Death is
a thieve, a stealer of soul’s.
Yet you took his hand.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton


Change is good,
sometimes it’s for the best.

I have made myself what I am.

I have lived for 36 year’s,
I have fought for my life,
I have struggled through
in the toughest times.

I always came through,
I am able to see the light
at the end of the tunnel
because it’s always burning
waiting for me to arrive.

You know you are living your life
when you feel the ache settle in.
It means you are no longer busy
and you have the time to notice.

I use to be able to run nine miles
twice a day, now I am learning
how to rest nine to five.

Life wasn’t promised it would be easy or fair.

No one told you,
you don’t have too work
to get there.

Life is work, tough, and struggle
it’s up to you what you do to get
where you want to be.

Just remember you are not alone.

Just like the flea
the dog is its whole world
until he has too leave.

We don’t like change
because most view it as negative,
but the truth is; Change helps us
to grow, stay strong, and to learn.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Good News (Update About My Pain)

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I am happy to announce that I am going to receive relief soon. My adopted mom Lisa is on her way to pay for my medication. I am going to try switching pharmacies. I am exhausted from dealing with Rite Aid Pharmacy’s lack of communication and Medical. Medical doesn’t warn you about yearly updates. They don’t communicate with the doctors. I am lucky to have a very strong support system. The help is very good. I just wish my health insurance reflected the same. Nothing is perfect. I have been very patient and it paid off.

Be bold and strong my beautiful Bat Brat’s. I hope your day/evening is going well. Love too you all.♥️🤗

Pain Management and The Government

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I am writing this post to share knowledge with you. Pain what is it and how does it effect the body? First things first I have had chronic pain for longer than five years. I was finally told by a specialist I have full body neuropathy from unknown causes. I also have other pain disorders on top of a rare movement disorder that is very painful. I have been taking a muscle relaxer at night and pain pills in the daytime, for five years now and today medical denied me my pain pill because they think it’s not good for me to take both. Why? Because they are judging me as an addict do to the fact that they believe everyone who is on pain medication is an addict. When that is not true. Also what makes them the experts? They know nothing about what chronic pain is or that the management I was on before helps me. I can’t live a comfortable life without pain management that’s why I fought for it. I am not egnorant and I am not going to pretend to be just because the stupid government thinks they are smarter.

Like I said before I have had chronic pain for over five years now. Well I have also been treated for high blood pressure since two in a half years ago. More likely caused from the stress from pain. My blood pressure goes normal if I take the pain medication. I know because I tried to go without the pill and my blood pressure was so high the doctor made me stay another hour until my blood pressure went down. I took a pain pill and 20 minutes later my blood pressure went down to normal. I have learned to take my pill before I go in. I have been without my pain medication now for 4 days and my body feels like it’s been scraped with a sanding belt. If you have ever worked on wood and you got your hand scraped by a sanding belt, well you know how I feel except if your whole body felt the same pain. I have cellular nerve damage through out my whole body. I hurt every second of my life. Theirs no cure and I am allergic to all of the medications they use to treat this type of problem. I have tried all sorts of treatments and I ended up in the hospital every time. My doctor has made a decision to stop trying new treatments because I have exhausted all of them. I am suffering through because our USA government think they know what’s best for everyone. The government is not your friend nor do they care about our well being. They think they know everything. My life has been taken by the government through their neglect to pay attention to the person not person’s that I am. I am not you nor am I everyone else. Yet the treatment I am being put through show’s how the government truly thinks. Egnorance is not bliss, it’s dangerous and painful. The government is ran by egnorant people who judge you and you are not allowed to fight back. They took away our rights. All because it’s divided into different parties who have control. Now because the party that has control are egnorant people, everyone suffers. What happened to the government being by the people for the people? They are not. They are corrupted and lier’s. I was told I have rights to get pain management yet I am being denied my medication that works. Where’s my rights they talk about? I don’t see none. Instead I see poor management and lack of care that I was already approved for.

I know I am not the only one going through this. I thought I should share because maybe it will help everyone else to feel less alone in this time of corruption in our nation. I feel horrible to call myself an American citizen. It’s sad really. I feel like we are all going to burn because the world is angry with our government. I shouldn’t feel like this. The government is supposed to serve and protect not kill and judge.

Pain is not good for you, over time if it’s not treated it becomes a very big health risk. I am more likely to die for heart failure or stroke. Also my body can start to shut down so it can heal but that doesn’t mean it will heal. I have had pain levels so high I felt like fainting before. My body can handle so much before it gives up. If I don’t do anything I won’t get that bad. That’s why I am resting in my chair most of the time.

Chronic pain is nothing to push off. Don’t think “oh I will be okay”. You need to get treated right away if you have severe pain. Pain can be a sign of other health problems that are deadly. Like kidney disease and heartaches, they can cause pain and death. There are other health problems that cause pain. That’s why it’s dangerous.

Setting Sun

I can see the sun slowly going down,
my curtains show green and brown
it the dimming light.

Makes me ponder upon
daydreams of the marrow.
I will miss this day until the next
settles in my mind, making way
for tomorrow.

The shadows lengthen,
as a cool breeze rushes through
reminding me to close the door.

Goodnight says the sun,
good evening says the moon and stars,
as my eyes get heavy with sleep;
they wave at me.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton


What lights my flame like poetry?

A kindling to my fire,
an inspiration to my blaze,
poetry blew me away…

P is for perfection.
O is for opportunities.
E is for excellent.
T is for textures.
R is for rare.
Y is for you.

Poetry is perfect just the way it is. It can bring opportunities to all who write its formats. Its an excellent way to express yourself. Also its full of textures. It can be rare if written well. Its personal, sincere and true to you.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Summer Sun

Gentle winds blow through the trees,
as the golden light from the day
glint and shine.

A reminder of the cooler sessions
before the heat stole it’s time.

The land becomes dry and hot,
as life pushes through its waves,
it survives.

The sun seems like a burning blaze,
and I am its burnt egg.

~Burning summer blazes away~

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Vampire Night (Awareness)

T’is a night of subtlety, a song of wolves bay at the moon. The fog rises with the opening of the coffin. Night shrouds her brooding form, she rose with a desire for blood.

Her silken hair cascades over pale shoulders, and her full crimson lips part slightly, to taste the red tears streaming from her eyes.

Now a night of new awareness, she remembers her life.

More coming soon…

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

This is a short story I am working on. I am writing it in a poetic format. Part of my collection (Vampires Eat Bloody Poetry).

Gothic Kitty


Meow Gothic kitty meow!
Low and slow, watch her go.
Through the night
she’s a star shining brightly.

Yellow eyes and purrfect hearing,
she’s a kitty prowling the night,
but during the day she’s spoiled tucked away in my arms.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

My Cat Is A Smarty Pants

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

How many of you live with a cat or multiple cat’s? I bet there’s a lot. Well I do too. I am trying to figure out how my cat got so smart. My cat loves to watch TV, if I change the channel while she’s enjoying a show, she will turn too me meowing her angry Meow, and then she gets up to yell in my face and push me a bit before leaving. Also she knows how to turn off and on my cooler. I had to cover it because she turns it off and on. I even caught her turning it on and after I told her no and get down, she quickly turns it off before jumping down. As if too tell me off or something. She never knocks down glasses like a normal cat nope my cat turns off my cooler. Oh and be careful what you say around her she understands a lot more than you think. She’s proven that by how she knows when you are leaving my house or if you need to get something from the refrigerator. She will wait for you at the door. She also likes to show people her toys and boxes. That’s how you know she trusts you, she will guide you in to the living room where she will rub on her boxes and submit too you. I have a mojo kitty. She’s loves being a host. Also I am her ma! she calls me ma! underneath my bedroom door and when she wants something. She even tells my in home assistance worker Joyce hi! Joyce was very surprised to hear a cat say that. Joyce has learned to that Boo understands her and she tells Joyce to clean the couch for her. Joyce is very kind too my Boo. She cleans the couch for her. LOL it’s a cat’s life. The only thing my Boo has to worry about is if her couch is nice and straight and if she gets to watch her crime show’s. She likes Ghostbusters the cartoon as well. She sat through four episodes with me and she even got excited when something exciting happened on the screen. She would look at me and then she turned back to the TV. As if telling me what she saw was amazing. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to live with a creature like my Boo. It’s like being shown a whole different world. Animals are very smart and some are just smarter than others. I think it’s because I know how to relate to her and I am able to teach her to relate to me. My Boo was a scared little kitten and she has grown into a brilliant beautiful majestic being who is very smart.

Cat’s are awesome!


Life is meant to be lived.

If you are not willing to fight,
if you are not willing to move,
if you are not willing to surf
and turf your not living your life.

Just remember God has a plan
for you.

He carried you when you
couldn’t walk.

Sometimes you are blind
because it’s hard to see
through the dark, but
he’s the light,
just remember to open
your eyes.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

“I wrote this for a friend.”

Pain Stole Everything

Pain has nothing to gain,
except for my suffering.

It claimed my life,
it stole everything I worked for.
Pain never asked to be invited
nor if I have room for two,
it doesn’t care
if I am happy or doing well.

Pain is not my friend
nor a support worthy of my time.

Pain came when I least expected it,
it broke down my door
and my dreams.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton

The Poet And Me

A dream is a flight of fancy, a whisper of none reality.

A dream is also a view of possibly.

Upon a marrow, I learned with such sorrow that I was nothing without
a pen.

I am a shadow of the poet
I once dreamed of being.

Now my reflection shows my nudity
and struggle with such clarity,
it’s not hard to relate to me.

I write poetry,
I write struggle,
I write emotions,
I write lyrics and dancing formats,
sharing emotions that are
too heavy to manage without the lifting of a pen.

I release my frustrations
through words of whispering dreams

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

New Merchandise Added To Bat Brat’s

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I am very excited to announce, new designs have arrived at Bat Brat’s . I have been working hard today making designs. Here are two designs I just finished. You can find more at Bat Brat’s. I have three locations for the store, this one is the second. I am trying to get my work noticed so I am putting my artwork onto merchandise. I hope you enjoy my work. Please feel free to purchase my designs.

Avocados Are My FriendsThe Positive Tom Cat

All artwork on Bat Brat’s™ and Gothic Realms are © 2018 by Amanda D Shelton.

Today (Was Pain)

I tried to live,
slowly it pushed me down,
I followed it’s rude rule,
it hurt it tugged and pulled.

It spoke up to say.
I am bad,
I am ruin,
I am suffering,
I am nothing but damaging,
I am not your friend,
I am not your support,
I am not your responsibility
but yet I share your life,
I am pain.

Today I sat with pain,
I drank his tea and shared
my life with his friends,
suffering and illness.

I have learned how to except them
in my life, for I have no choice.
Chronic pain stole my time.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Byproduct Of Pain

Painful bricks hold down
my life, growing heavy over time,
adding 1 by 1.

It’s the story of my life,
my body hurts and
grinds upon the stone
sharpening my pain.

Bone and flesh slowly burns,
barring me in its ashes
and strife. (Sufacating)

My life once was light and airy,
after pain moved in, I became
allergic to this place.

Itching, burning, chains tightly
wound around my throat, stealing
my breath as I choke on its rine.
(I don’t even smoke).

This distribution of pain,
a process of making,
these products are killing me slowly.

Life decided to take the knife
and slice away at its own byproduct,
leaving it’s waste for me to eat.
(It all comes out the same).

Pain a byproduct of illness and decay.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Painful Scares

Pain steals
inspiration, will and
your path to a destination.

Life can seem heavy
and stifling at times.

This pain settles down
upon the knife
and it learns how to
stab and grind,
leaving scares behind.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Pains Prisoner

I Am Pain

Breath of my breath,
blood flows as pain settles
deep crushing my life slowly.

Heat seeps upon the rising sun,
as the pens and needles
prick me, stinging
my hands and feet.

Pain introduced itself as my friend,
only to steal everything I worked for.

I might suffer through
but I know how to fight
and struggle too.

These chains hold tightly to
my life, over time I learn how to
untie my bonds.

Yet pain comes placing new chains
in place of the broken ones.

I am a prisoner too my pain.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Did you know? 

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

Here’s some knowledge for you.

Did you know?
The extremely well known “ribbit” frog call is actually specific to only a small handful of frog species from the North American Pacific Coastal regions. This is because the call of the Baja California Treefrog was used as the background sound effect for countless old movies, regardless of where the movie was set.

There are also so many different types of frogs that scientists are still discovering new species. There are approximately 4,740 species of frog in the world today.

I just wanted to share some knowledge. I love frog’s so I have researched about them.

Update (Cramping Feet Are The Worst)

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I am having a hard time today. As some of you know already I have a rare movement disorder muscle dystrophy and nerve damage. I have a lot of health problems. Today I am having feet cramps. I think the worst pain ever is cramping. I have a lot of pain and it’s the one type of pain that gets me down for the count. I took a muscle relaxer so hopefully it helps. I probably need to stop eating bananas because I know that’s why I am having feet cramps. I was trying to figure out if the bananas cause me more pain. Sadly they do. Also my cat Boo! is being very cuddly today. She normally gets like this when my pain level is high. It’s like she knows I need her. She’s laying on my legs while I am laying on the couch. It’s so precious. I am so grateful she’s in my life. Boby Ray my stepdad got her for me before I moved out into my own apartment in 2010. He didn’t even like cats. He fell in love with my Boo! though. She’s a special fur baby. I have never had a cat that loves to cuddle. She is a lap kitty. She’s a momma’s Boo too. She doesn’t even run away when I leave the front door open. She trys to go to the neighbors door and beg to go inside. Or she sets outside my door crying for help. She loves me very much. She doesn’t make a good guard cat though. She’s too scared of everything to stand up too anything. She hides away when stranger’s are outside. She’s a lover not a fighter. Like myself. I would rather forgive and forget.

Okay enough rambling on. I might write a poem or two. I don’t know yet. My inspiration hasn’t peek-a-booed yet. My feet are hurting so I think it’s making it hard for me to get modivated to have ideas. I will try. I love you guys. I hope you are having a great day/evening. ♥️🙏 I pray for relief of my pain and anyone else who is suffering as well. Aman!

Boop! Be bold, strong and proud of who you are because there’s only one you. You are beautiful just the way you are. 🌠 You are my stars shining brightly. You are my inspiration and my guidance. Thank you for everything. If it wasn’t for you this blog would not excit. ♥️

My New Drawing Glove

Hello my Beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I wanted to share with you my new drawing glove. Also I am having problems with my fingernail on my drawing finger. I got a pointed nail growing. I tried cutting it but it still grows like that. I need to do something else with it. My two middle fingernails have always grown weirdly. They use to grow in a downward bend before I trained them to not. It took two years for my fingernails to grow somewhat normal. I use to do my nails a lot before I got sick so now they get longer and pointy. I think my fingernails grow like this because I have been drawing a lot for a long time. I use those fingers more. I even have a writers callus on both my hands on my middle fingers. My left hand finger is not so big because I don’t like switching my drawing hand very often. I am a creature of habit and autistic. Lets keep that on the line please. Grrr! I don’t like going off the line. Here’s my new glove and my pointed fingernail. 😆 I know what I am going to do tonight. Bye bye fingernails. 🙋 Plus I always end up scratching myself.

I have a Gothic glove hehehe! I bought it at http://www.walmart.com. I use this glove for both pencil drawing and with my drawing tablet. I bought a cheap drawing tablet on Amazon a year ago. I wanted to try it and I love it but I need a bigger one. I am going to learn how to work with my tablet so don’t you worry about that. When something gets tough Mandy gets tougher. 💪Boop!

I love you guys. I hope you are having a great day/evening. I am doing my best. My pain level is down today so I am so very grateful. I am blessed to be a very strong person.

Invitation To My “Quotation” In Both French & English


“”Beauty develops on poetic words. As they flow from me like a raging river. My banks turn green and the flowers grow. I invite you to sit with me as I write of poetry.” ~ Amanda D Shelton


“La beauté se développe sur des mots poétiques. Comme ils découlent de moi comme une rivière qui fait rage. Mes banques deviennent vertes et les fleurs poussent. Je vous invite à vous asseoir avec moi pendant que j’écris de la poésie. ” ~ Amanda D Shelton


This Is My Passion!

Like a river poetry flows,
out from the depths of my soul
words grow.

Rooted from my mind,
experiences, and time
poetry blooms for me
parting my lips
as it pours from my core
wrapping around my heart,
encasing my life with a thorny

Poetry chokes my mind,
but gives me more time
to breathe deeply,
it allows me to vent so
I don’t dip deeper into depression.

Poetry is my outlet,
my inspiration,
my moon to my stars,
and the star of my story.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

A Reminder

Under Your Power!

I Trimble

Oh Lord, you are a mighty force,
none can compare to your grace.

Trees bow,
the sun dims,
shadows bend,
and rivers flow
under your tow. 

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Forgiveness (I Beg)

I Know

I Am A Fool

Around, all around,
the sinister cruelty of life gathers.

My dread grows as
the angry hand of Heaven
falls against my heart.

It wounds me, and darkly my
essence drips to the thirsty earth.

In agony I beg forgiveness
while Death’s shadow laughs cruelly.

Now alone,
my soul falls upon wailing eyes.

This is my salvation,
I do admit,
I am not a sinless creature,
I am a creature of habit.

Forgive me God!

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton


I Kneel

A Free Soul

Slender beams of moonlight enter
this darkened chamber as I kneel,
always in prayer, always driven,
frozen here, waiting.

Angelic forms loom over this room
as dust dances in the air,
forming an image in my mind,
penetrating my exposed soul.

A reflection on an angel’s face.
I raise my head, now submitting to
this impassive truth.

I slum over in prayer,
a slave to my sinful ways,
I know I am a fool.

But still God judges me not,
for he made me,
out of love he gave me a choice
to worship him or
to live a worldly life of sin.

A long time ago I choose
to worship God, to let go
of my worldly ways and live
accordingly to his law.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Burning Love (Never Forgotten)


You live on through words unspoken,
through a poem you still breathe.

What have you done to me?
A shadow of betrayal as emotions shudder.

Once we savored life together,
innocent and childlike,
but your lies soured.

A painful vision of the truth lingers –
tears follow memory, follow pain,
and love forgotten.

In this torrent of painful memories,
I still love you.

Painful memories still cling
but slowly forgotten
for our love lives on,
even in the darkness our passion burns brightly.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

The Vampire (Forget Me Not)

Forget Me Not

For Eternity Never Will

T’is a night of sorrow,
as the shadows lengthen across the
land the vampire stirs.

Night shrouds her brooding form,
of timeless desires.

Her unruly hair cascades over
pale, tragic shoulders,
as her scarlet lips part slightly,
to taste the blood streaming
from the flesh beneath her.

As she rises full,
I remember her with contempt.

I forgot who I was,
she who lays with decay,
the sun shuns me for eternity.

T’is a night of sorrow indeed,
a death forgotten by the one
who once lived (as me).

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Vampires Eat Bloody Poetry
Bat Cave Poetry.

Beauty Of The Night


I find beauty in the dark,
where you can’t see the light.
For I am able to see through the veil
of decay, gloom, and rot.

I find poetry
in the depths of the night.

Beauty lights my way
with poetic formats,
structured upon black pillars
that loom as shadows dance with gay delite.

I smile upon the night,
as the moon bowed to me.

The stars crossed over my sky
leaving wishes for me.

Darkness kissed my hand
as we danced all night.

This is the
beauty of the night.

A poem waiting for my kiss.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton


Lingering Memory Of You

I compare thee to a soft breeze,
but you linger on my memory.
For you claimed me with your kiss,
you captured my admiration in
your jar of forget me nots.

Love devoured me,
stole my heart and
my feelings.

A memory of long ago
but still today you linger on.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Update, I am sick (I Also Made New Artwork)

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I was thinking about you guys so I decided to post. I have been sick with a cold/flu. I haven’t been this sick since I was a kid. I have upset stomach and I am having problems breathing. Lisa and Joyce already know I am sick so I have help if I need it. I think I am getting better so that’s good. I keep having stomach ack after trying to eat something. Seems to be worse at bedtime. I have been using my Vick’s steamer and rub. I also use my inhaler a bit more. I am use to having to use it once a day now I am using it twice a day. I will call the hospital if I feel worse so please don’t worry. I have so many people for support that I can’t count them on all fingers and toes. 😊 I am thinking my tummy will feel better tomorrow. I started feeling better after I got two hours of sleep last night. Sleep helps the body to heal so I am welcoming sleep, I want to get as much as possible. I wish I could sleep when I want but I have to exhausted my mind for my body to sleep. When I do sleep I try to keep it quiet because anything can wake me up. I usually meditate four hours before bedtime. It’s hard not being able to meditate. I have been taking more time trying to sleep. I should be better within a few more days maybe four. I just want to feel better again.

I am kinda surprised I got sick because I am always careful. That’s why I don’t get sick like this very often. I usually have pain, nausea, and sensory overloads, sometimes sweating with fever. This has made all of those symptoms more uncomfortable.

I love you guys. I hope you are doing well. Maybe tomorrow I will have a poem for you. We’ll see. 👀🔎 Here’s my new artwork. Also I have some pieces for sell on DeviantArt @FroggyArtDesigns.

I Made These Just For Fun

Cell Phone & Tablet Wallpapers

To My Mom

I have learned,
life is too short
to allow death and fear
to control what and where
we go.

I have faced both with
gratitude and grace;
because of you
I am stronger, bloder, and wiser.

Thank you Mom.

You were more than just my mom.
You were my foundation and mortar.

I am still building off
your foundation,
I will continue
until we meet again.

I love you. ♥️🕯️

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I wrote this on my mom’s Facebook profile here’s the link https://www.facebook.com/anita.moorehead.3781/posts/10156178185103260/.

I am sick today so I am thinking about her a lot. If she was still here, she would have came over here to help me feel better. I miss that the most. Hearing her walk into my house and speaking to Boo telling her she needs to stop being afraid of her. My Boo didn’t like anyone but me. Until my mom had to take care of her that’s when my Boo decided to sleep on top my mom’s head purring away. I remember how excited my mom was that my cat made friends with her. Also Boby Ray fell in love with her too after he said he didn’t like cats. Hahaha! He watched football with my cat and Tom and Jerry.

♥️ I miss them so much.

Rooted Belief’s

Belief System

Rooted in my life is a rare rose,
that bloomed year’s ago.

Through agony and pain
it grew into a perfumed memory.

I learned how to grow alongside it’s bed, hydrating both
with my persistent passion for thriving.

I became more than a perfumed memory, lingering on your nose.

I became a system, as well as
your stone foundation.

Your future endeavors
are rooted in my bed,
giving you guidance and structure
so you can build your life
with stability and strength.

I also give meaning to your life.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I Had A Spiritual Experience Today

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I am posting this because I had a spiritual moment tonight. I have had many through out my life but only a few changed my path. First off my family was very big in AA program. I grew up being part of the groups. I am very lucky to not suffer from the decease (addiction). I also have a very strong connection with God, I always have and everyone who knows me understands how strong it is. I am not shy about my faith. I got brain surgery because it fell into my lap a second after I let go and let God have my griefs over my pain and movement disorder. Because of those moments I am very faithful and I am a God fearing Woman.

Moving on…
A very precious Woman prayed over me tonight. I had a feeling I knew her and I do. I met her before and I had the same feeling around her. She is special like I am. When she laid hands on my shoulders to pray a heat rolled over me. I had a comforted feeling as if I was meant to be there and I needed to grieve for my loved ones who recently passed away. I realized I haven’t been grieving. I didn’t let it out all the way. My Boby Ray who was very special to me after he passed away, I have been having moments of clarity. I am starting to feel more at peace within myself. I have been crying when I remember my Mom and Boby. I think I needed this for awhile now. God is an awesome being. He shows himself when you least expect it. I always get an experience when I quit going to God. It’s like he’s tapping me on the shoulder telling me “Hey I am here you just forgot.” ♥️😊 I am glad too because it reminds me why I am still here. I am supposed to be here, life isn’t through with me yet. God needs me to change more lives and to make more changes. That’s the purpose for our lives. Change, relationships, and faith. I am so very grateful.

I wanted to share with you my experience because maybe you needed to hear it too. Maybe this will help someone else? I hope so.

Because of God I am alive today. I have a gift of communication and I am sending you my message of faith. Thank you God for all your grace and mercy. I pray for all you that God will touch your lives as he has touched mine. Aman!

🕊️ I am feeling very blessed. 😊♥️💋🤗 I love you all very much. Thank you for everything you do and will do.

Porcelain Angel

Porcelain angel has a
heart of glass,
every breath she takes
causes another break.

Fragile she is but still
she fights, as if her heart
is made from concerete.

Her feet are firmly planted,
but her foundation is not
rooted, so she’s holding steady
upon a weekend bed.

Her ground is felled with
broken dreams, and buried
wishes never seen
by the falling stars
that shoot above her head.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Goodnight Lullaby

The sun burned bright
until the moon says goodnight.
The stars shoot across the sky
waving as they go by.
The beauty of the night,
smiles upon their flight.

As the tree’s bow their leafs,
and the animals scurry to their
homes, the night slowly
spreads it’s arms across the land.

Sleepy eyes are heavy,
the angels bow their heads
in deep prayer.

Goodnight sleep tight,
may you have calm,
peaceful dreams tonight.


© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Poetic Dinner

Watch me eat my word’s,
don’t you worry
I will share with you.

Let’s have dinner at my place,
my poetic brothers and sisters.

I’ll set the table,
wash the dishes,
and cook the food.

I’ll make a poetic dinner
just for you.

Yummy, yummy, yummy
too my poetic tummy.

Poetry for all my reader’s,
such a beautiful bunch you are.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Poetic Crime’s

It’s a crime if I didn’t take the time
to share my poetry.

These pages are a testimony
of my life,
I am the poems I write.

I suffer through but
I also write the truth,
I am happy and I write for you.

I am a poetic format waiting
to be written, waiting for my

Come over here
and I will write for you.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton


Burn baby burn,
kindling to my fire.

Embers red, crackling mind,
never blocked
when inspiration knocks.

Breathing in, breathing out
as my inspiration dribbles out.

Pouring poetic justice
across these pages,
becoming inky crime’s
for your eager minds.

Burn baby burn,
as I light the sky
with my poetic crime’s.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Poetic Love

He’s the thorn and I am the rose.

Black lips with candle drips,
waxy fire melting heart’s together.

Vintage paper scattered the room,
ink smeared across the wall’s,
a poet fell in love.

Books torn, yellowed, and burned
like her heart it turned into
unspoken word’s.

A love affair with a poet,
is like a spoiled child
crying for attention,
the poetry gets gritty
and she smuged her love
all over the place.

You can see it on her face,
a poet fell in love.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

The Wrong Garden

I woke to find you had damaged mine,
the flowers are wilted and froozen,
you said you would care for them,
but sadly you neglected to
keep them warm.

I trusted you with my life
only for you to forget to
feed and hydrate the bed.

Such a fragile thing
but you didn’t find it
important enough to check
on them.

Now I have to replant,
rehydrate, and refertilize
because you forgotten the most important thing, to pay attention
to life and allow it to grow.

I planted my roses in the wrong garden. Now they are dying.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

He’s The Devil In Disguise

He speaks through a forcked tounge,
he feeds you his lies,
as he whips them like a pro
right before your eyes.

He’s the devil in disguise,
wearing a suit and tie. 

Beware of his toupee,
he’s got horns hiding under
that frock.  

He bows only to himself,
his reflection gives his
true nature away. 

He’s the devil is disguise,
he’ll tease you with
his devilish eyes.
Only to bite you
while running away. 

He’s the devil in disguise. 

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Grief Under Cover

Do you know why you want to run?

Life can seem harder sometimes,
but we just try harder
to run faster.

I am like a bird,
I got caught now I am
wishing to be free.

Life wasn’t promised to be easy,
though I wish it wasn’t like this.

Sometimes I’d like to be free
from this cage that’s holding me.

I am feeling like ashes
blowing in the breeze,
I am not sure where I am going
to land.

Though I know it’s not forever,
this journey is dragging me under.

I gasped for air only to choke
on the dirt that has covered my life.

I will not give up
I am just exhausted from this fight.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Amongst The Rose’s I Am Considered A Weed

“You might like it if I
were shady like you.”

I am like a daisy
amongst the roses,
I am considered as a weed.

I am wild and free,
I am not like the others around me.

I have made my bed under the trees,
I have shade and cover
but the roses like to tease me,
trying to steal my
comfortable bed.

I have done nothing but keep
my side of the street clean,
only to have my neighbors
dump their trash on my walkway.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Relationship Update 😟

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I have some bad news. Today was a hard day. I found out my boyfriend has been using drugs again. I thought something was wrong with him. He doesn’t support me nor respect me. He accused me of cheating and not giving him support again. After I gave him church, God, AA, and tools. I am sick and he goes and accuses me of cheating and not giving him support as well. Crap! Wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t sick. I would never cheat. He has been dishonest, he used me until I have nothing and he then accusses me of not giving him support. After he chose drug’s over a healthy happy relationship with me. Now I am dealing with his damages again.

I am done. He can be alone. He neglected me anyway. How is it going to hurt him when he made the decision? I had no choice. I still don’t. I am such a fool. I hate this. I should know better. If he doesn’t use AA like he should I will never trust him. I can’t trust him. For now I am hurting mentally and physically. Stupid pain disorders, why do I have to have three? Why couldn’t I have something that’s not painful? I would rather have a mental break down then being in this pain. I have been through mental break downs before and they are easier than dealing with this pain. Grrr!

Why are people dishonest? Why do people not take responsibility for their actions? I would never lie and cheat. I never had the need to. I would rather work for everything. I have suffered a lot to get where I am today. I would never compermise that.

I hate this. I am a fool. I fell for a bully, who doesn’t care about my situation.

It’s not my fault I got sick. I fought very hard trying to get well and figure out what was wrong. I didn’t want to have all these health problems. I had plans for the future to start a business and travel places. I thought I took care of my illnesses. I only got rid of one, the schizophrenia. Why could I do that but not my other illness? I tried so hard.

I don’t know what else to do so I am blogging about it. Plus you guys understand. We all have issues and happy times. It’s part of being human. We wouldn’t hurt if we weren’t aware of things. We wouldn’t fall in love if we couldn’t understand the concept of love.

Relationships are hard work. Don’t think for one moment that love is always a magical place and feeling. Love can hurt, tear your world into pieces, and leave you exhausted, and beat. It leaves scares, bruises, and painful memories. It can also bring patience, understanding, and comfort. All of those things take time to build and remodel. A relationship is a full time job, it’s demanding and exhausting sometimes.

I need prayers and support. Also please keep Seany in your prayers too. He’s the one who is having the problem. I am worried about him. The hard thing I have to do is wait it out. I can’t do anything else. He has a lot of support because I made sure of it. Just remember that we all suffer through this life. We all need love and some type of support.

♥️ Sending you my love, my beautiful Bat Brat’s. Thank you for being you. You are awesome sauce to my ice cream. 🍧

I Am Working On A New Drawing & I Posted A Poem

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

Your Mandy is working on a new drawing today. I am thinking about what I should draw. Boo is even in the mood to join me. She’s going to want cuddles soon. She’s a lap kitty and a cuddle bug. 😁😊 I don’t have a cat I have a cat-dog, she can be a Bat Brat too. Hahaha! ]=•) I think my cat is my biggest fan.

Here’s a short poem.

My Biggest Fan

My cat is my biggest fan,
she’s always by my side,
purrs all of the time.

I am ma,
as she runs around
yelling for me.

Every morning it’s the same
routine, I have a permanent
two year old running the scene.

Watch out for your purses lady’s,
for my cat likes to check
your luggage before you leave.

She’ll show you her toy boxes,
her hiding places are no secret,
she’s a nanny trying to keep
my house clean.

She’s more like a dog,
she waits for me everytime I leave,
I come home and she’s still
setting in the same spot
as she did before I left.

My cat is my biggest fan.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton


Like babbling brooks,
we once flowed like rivers
touching each other’s banks. 

Slowly life rushed us through,
crashing us against the rocks,
causing our rapids to rage,
as we collide our rivers grew. 

Live, love, eat, and die
like the rivers do.
We leave behind
scares and grooves
creating valley’s and canals,
a memorial from our experiences. 

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

The Suffers Web

Running fast but
going nowhere faster,
exhausted, ruined, and mulch
life can seem like all of these things.

Slowly decaying,
melting away
with unforgiving age
chipping away.

Broken motherboard,
beeping for attention,
sending unwanted codes
to the network that doesn’t
work like it use to.

Wreckless rebel building
conquests from babbling
networks that slowly
give no interest to the server.

This is the suffers web.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Moving On From Suffering

Life can be hard,
Life can seem heavy at times.

Life can be like a fog,
rolling over your parade
so no one can see
the floats going by.

But once it rains,
once you get rest and clean,
life can seem like
a cool breeze
or a slowing rollercoaster
ready to release for
the next passengers.

Patience is what we need,
also love from everyone
and God.

This too shall pass
just try to remember
where you came from
and where you want
to head from now.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

“To recovery to discovery, life is taken stride by stride, moment by moment. You might get cut alone the way but wound’s heal and stragthen.” © 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I wrote this for a friend.

Update & A Practice Drawing

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

Today was an awesome day, my sister took me to our parents grave site. I got to say goodbye and I love you. We scattered ashes of both our family dogs who we loved very much. They both passed away from old age. We watered them so they can help the plants grow. It’s the circle of life. Now Mom and Boby Ray are together with Sparky and Lambert. I miss them very much. I finally cried while my sister and I shared memories over brunch. It takes me a little while to experience emotions because I am more of a logical thinker than emotional. Though I deal with things quickly now that I am older. I am glad because life was so much harder when I was learning how to deal with my disabilities. I love being an adult with responsibilities. 😁 Thank you to everyone who supported me and those who still do. Thank you to Mental Health, and the health care system. You all contribute to my care and well-being. If you tell me I can’t, I will prove you wrong by doing better than everyone else. I will climb a mountain if I have to. I will free dive in the ocean if I want to. I will ride the biggest wave if I choose to. I will survive, as I was born to.

Moving on…

Here’s a practice drawing of a hand, I finished this just awhile ago. I know it looks off a bit but it’s just a practice drawing so there’s a lot of flaws. I hope you enjoy.

“Be beautiful and bold, and don’t forget to shine like the star you are.” – © 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I Made A New Background

Hello My Beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I have some awesome news, I have made two new pieces of art work. I call them Quacker’s For You Designs.

“Row row row your duck gently down the lain. Quack quack quack all the way home.” Hahaha!

I made a ducky and then I copied him to make a background in Photoshop. He’s looking at you.

Here’s the pictures.

Neglected Shadow

I am like a shadow to your life,
but one that carries your strife.

You slice me open with your
lack of care, you push me
to the side as if I wasn’t there.

You say nice things,
but never do those things.

You complain about everything,
you are loud when I need silence.

You never gave me
the support I need.

You used me but never
give me the time I need.

You are selfish and needy,
you act jealous and greedy.

I feel confined and used,
like a par of holy shoe’s.

I feel like I am a prick
to your time and space,
for you have complained about
being here for me and
that you don’t have time for it.

I got sick and you make
me feel guilty for it.

You say sorry but never show it.

You broke my heart,
you damaged my trust,
you threw me away.

You pushed me over the edge
only to watch me fall,
and laugh as I fell.

You shut me off,
as if you think I have no feelings,
as if you saw me as one of your

You broke my motherboard,
left me in pieces,
you are more willing to fix your electronics then our relationship.

I am lonely and neglected,
you turned your back
while I cried.
You never were there,
like you said you would be.

I can’t rely on you for nothing,
you would rather just
stand there and do nothing.
That’s exactly what you have done,
while I was left crying and

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

To Seany, you haven’t been loving and supportive. You hurt me. 😔

I Am Blessed

I am not alone,
for Angles are always around me.

Their guidance is shown
through my faith and trust,
and through my exceptance
I have never walked alone.

I have trust in the Lord,
my prayers never fall on deaf ears,
for my God hears everything
even when I am silent he knows what
my heart desires the most.

I am blessed; I have always known.
I have never walked alone for
my Lord has blessed me with
my life, heart, soul, and mind.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

The Rain

I ponder on the wild wind,
it carried my thoughts
to places I’ve never been.

Dripping dew from morning grass,
reflect my mood through
it’s beaming shimmers.

I love the smell of the
rain, it sooths my soul
and makes my heart sing.

I will remember when it rained.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Lost But Not Forgotten

My stepdad passed away a few days ago. I wrote this poem and waiting until I was strong enough to share it. I am ready now.

Forgotten you are not,
but lost you are.

My heart quickened when I heard
the news of your passing.

I wanted to say so many things to you
but sadly with a heavy heart
I have to let you go.

I have suffered many broken heart’s,
I have collected my losses in my jars of broken dreams.

Each one I protected;
I bared my soul for all
whom I love, I suffer because
I love you.

To lose a piece of your heart
is like cutting away at bare skin,
it’s raw painful and crude.
I bleed for you.

RIP Boby Ray,
you were and always will be
special to me.

Your memory lives on through everyone who reads this
and those who knew you in life.

You suffer no more pain and strife
for now you are in heaven
living a Holly life.

God speed my
beautiful friend and father.


I am proud to call you my stepdad.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Respect The River’s

Respect the rivers,
that give life to the mountains.

Rushing rivers pushing life
to the tree’s,
to the valley’s they wave,
surfing marshes and meadows green.

Riding fog in the morning
and sun beams,
dew drops glistening, and
cool air brushing the tops of tree’s.

Respect the river’s edge,
it’s beautiful but dangerous.

Flow like the river flows through
the mountains,
give love to the people
who forgot to say good morning.

Be like the fog, blind the hate
and bring the love to the valley.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Web Of Strife

The strings attached to your suffering jerk, tugging at your every move.

You are found walking on the line, very closely to the edge.

You can breathe but to feel is harder as your life becomes heavy laying upon your chest.

Breathing becomes a chore, useless at times it seems. Although every living thing needs to breathe.

Suffering is like a fly caught in a spiders web, it wiggles to be free. Sadly that’s it’s key to the door of death.

I have learned how to stop wiggling, to sit for awhile longer, breathe one more time and deeply.

I might struggle at times but I know when to expect my design is perfect the way it is.

We all are flawed, we all live on the edge of our realities, moving as life pushes us forward.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Two Updates

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

l have some news about my life. First, I tried a new medication from pain management, sadly I am allergic to it. The doctor and I already knew something might happen because it has before. I am going to talk to him about sticking to the medications I have been taking for three years now. I am tired of dealing with the pain from trying new medications. I would rather live with the pain I already have.

Second, I cancelled my web store Lily Pad Stock Designs, I had to because I wasn’t making money off it and I was paying a monthly fee. Bat Brat’s is free so I can actually keep it running and I will save money.

Also I don’t recommend Payloadz to anyone because they make it very difficult to delete your account. They don’t tell you, you can’t delete your account. Even though they have a page called “Delete Account”. I will tell you how to cancel your payments through PayPal though. That’s the only way to actually stop them from stealing from you.

If you use PayPal to pay here’s the way to cancel payments to Payloadz.

  1. Long in to your PayPal
  2. Go to your activities in your account. It’s on the top menu.
  3. Click on one of Payloadz transactions.
  4. Click on the details of that transaction.
  5. You need to follow “View Billing Agreement Details” by clicking on it.
  6. On “Status” you need to click “Cancel” and agree to your actions.
  7. Your payments will stop.

I was very disappointed about this because their company promotes that they are honest and secure. When you can’t even delete your account if you choose to not use their service any longer. It’s very fishy and unsecure. They are able to steal from you because they don’t tell you how to cancel your payments. How hard would it be for them to set up a link that cancels or deletes your account and any future transactions, or at least lead people to a way to cancel future transactions? Lucky me I am smarter than they are. I research and learn quickly. Now I have given you knowledge, made you smarter too.

Knowledge is power baby! Mighter than the sword. For how can a city grow if the people are dead? Swords kill but knowledge can help things grow so grow my baby Bat Brat’s grow. 😁😊🤗♥️ Love you all. Boop!

Building The Internet

Type it out,
spread the ink,
until I am thin
smuged across your
computers screen.

Free form,
simple and clean,
without the words
you wouldn’t have this
(codes are for building the web).

Digital marketing,
spammers damage
what admins clean.

I am the owner of this page,
I am also a writer and artist
I fell for the internet
around the age of 13.

I built websites and webpages
before I graduated from high school,
my passions for creativity
grew as I grew,
now I am free,
smarter too,
happiness found me
while I searched the internet.

Now it’s 2018 I am still
creating for the web.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I posted this at Passionate Ink. Follow the link to visit the post. Feel free to join. We are looking for members.

Burning Bridges

I walked my way through
heavy rain,
burned bridges along the way.

Through the years I suffered
pain, my bruises still raw
and hold the strife
I claim.

Over time things change
but still my soul remains
strong and bold.

I go my way burning bridges
along the way.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Goodnight Everybody

I pray for a restful night,
and sweet dreams to you all.

My you dream of your
wishes coming true,
and your heart full
with everything you desire;
so you can wake full of contentment.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Admiring The Moon

Breath taking, beyond the dawn,
around the hills,the sun melts
into an orange view.

As I wait for the moons kiss,
the sun bows closing the curtain
to invite the pending night
to take center stage.

Aww how I wait,
remembering what awaits me,
when the shadows dance, and
lengthen; I know the time has come.

My friend the moon winks
and swoons, as I admire his
white looming gloom.

The night smiles for me,
embracing the mood,
as the darkness kissed me.

Goodnight my handsome moon King,
may you sit in your darkened throne
looming over your nighty
kingdom of stars;
as you are a breath taking view.

I bow to you one last time.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Welcome The New Additions To Bat Brat’s

Hello Bat Brat’s,

How are you my beautiful Bat Brat’s? I have been working hard making new designs for my store. Here are some of the new merchandise. I added a cupcake collection. Oh and if you scroll down to the bottom of this post you will find my original pencil drawing of the cupcake. I redrew it in digital format so I can use it on my merchandise. I hope you enjoy. 🤗😋

You can visit Bat Brat’s by following the link or by clicking on the images. The images will take you to the product shown in the pictures.

Thank you for being
beautiful and awesome.
I love you all and I am
very grateful to have you
as my reader’s.

This is the original Cupcake drawing,
I redrew it in digital format.

I also made a logo as seen
above in the post.

A Poet Is An Artist

A poet is an artist,
we paint with words and formats.

Our canvas is the internet,
parchment paper, a wall,
or fabric.

Our paints are pigmented with our
lives, slowly growing revealing
our strife.

With each line, we paint a grand design.

For a poet has an imagination
that has no secrets,
for us it’s easy to be honest,
special when the pen
is beaconing
for us to pick it up.

You can’t be a poet and be shy,
for who will take notice
of your grand design if
you won’t look them in the eye?

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Your Collection Of Broken Hearts

Hearts shatter so easily,
the pieces are sharp and crude.

The fragile pieces keep
cutting into my life,
making new wounds each time.

You take your knife
pushing it deeply
into my already broken life,
you screw it deeper
until there’s nothing left
for me to bleed out.

You collect my suffering
in your dirty jar’s,
savoring my last heart beat
as if waiting for another
so you can take one more slice
just incase it didn’t fell
the jars to there brem.

You have become a grim reminder,
I shouldn’t trust you
as my friend or lover.

Sadly I have been through hell
many times before,
and I have grown stronger.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

A Helping Hand

I believe in you.

I love you.

Think positive.

Don’t let life drag you under,
instead pull yourself up
with each wave
and hold on tight
for your up for a bumpy ride.

You are not alone, for I
stand at the edge of the boat
holding out my hand.

You just need to grab it
so I can help you ashore.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Guns & America

What is the problem with our Government?

They stand for business,
they stand for rich,
they stand for Selfishness,
they stand for violence,
they stand for violations,
they stand for none of us.

How can they
when they never thought about us
when guns were shooting down
our doors?

United States is what we call America,
yet our Government segregates
and dominants our rights
until we can’t stand no more.

You think a gun is going to save you,
yet there are people fighting for their lives because of guns that are not being controlled properly by our own Government.

For what? Oh for people’s right to carry a weapon?
When why do you need a gun
if you are not a
military, police officer, or lawmen?

What is wrong with you?
You can’t see the death and destruction before you?
That you caused!
Do to the lack of restrictions.

Shame on you!

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

New Gothic Decor Designs Collection & New Merchandise At Bat Brat’s

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I hope you are well. I have been working hard on making designs for my store Bat Brat’s. I am also working on poems to share. I am taking a break on writing because I get better ideas when I let my mind set for awhile. Here’s some of my new designs I have added to Bat Brat’s. I hope you enjoy. I work hard creating these designs. It’s a lot of work running a store.

You can visit Gothic Decor Designs Collection by clicking on the picture below.

Stay beautiful, bold, and awesome my Bat Brat’s. Bless you all. 🤗♥️😋

Goodnight Poem

Heavy beath as the moon pulls
your tired eyes closer to its sky.

Lifting your mind beyond the horizon,
you drift away on a dreamy cloud.

As it starts to fade,
you go in and out,
you began to wake as you slowly
fall from your deamy cloud.

Goodnight sweat dreamer,
may you have peaceful sleep,
and creative dreams to guide you
through to the waking hour.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton.

New Merchandise Added To Bat Brat’s and A Bit Rambling

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

Sending some Gothic love your way from your ~B~at Brat Mandy. I have been working hard on making artwork for Bat Brat’s. You can visit the store here at Bat Brat’s. I wanted to share with you a few pieces of artwork I drew, the samples are below. These took me awhile to finish and I am very proud of myself. Specialy proud of The Black n White Movie Guy drawing. He was very fun to draw. Gothic Decor took me awhile to finish because of the details. I actually used a dotting technique to make the whole drawing, blowing it up really large dot after dot and shrinking it down after I finished it. I only drew one side and copied it turned it around and combined the two together. That gave it a grungy texture and a finished product. The lips took an hour to finish but it was the most difficult to achieve. Having a movement disorder kinda makes drawing a slower process than it should be. Though with patients and skill I am able to achieve a lot. I remember when I was a child I was very highper and scared, I got tired of being that way so at the age of 11 I started trying to train myself to be patient and peaceful. I even changed my diet to vegan because I was tired of getting sick from eating meat. My mom helped by buying the foods I needed. I have gone back to eating the same thing because I was getting sick again. Now it’s very rare for me to feel sick after eating. I have cut out gluten as well because I have Celiac disease. It’s not a sensitive to gluten either. I have rashes on my stomach and back if I eat gluten. I also have ichy skin it’s very irritating when I eat Gluten. I found out that honey nut Cheerios is gluten free now so I have been buying some. I am so glad because I tried eating it as a kid but it hurt my stomach so badly I was too afraid to eat it again. Yay! for gluten free!

On to my artwork again. I hope you all like my new artwork. I am very glad I can blog them to you. Peace out my beautiful Bat Brat’s!

Be the best Bat Brat’s you can be. Be bold and strong and shine like the stars you are. Hugs from yours sincerely Amanda D Shelton a Goth chic who writes poetry and draws like it’s going out of style. I got to keep it trending, this is the internet after all. :-] Boop!

I Regret Falling For You

I fell hard, but you dropped me harder.

I begged for your attention,
I should have known better,
no one should have to
beg for respect.

If you care about someone,
why would you do things to hurt them?

I have been neglected by you,
I have been told
how ugly you really think I am.

After all the suffering you put me through, you still keep hitting me through and through.

I have been bleeding for you,
yet you don’t care.
You just keep slashing
and bashing me into your
endless lies.

I haven’t been loved by you,
I have been judged
and criticised by you.

You say your excuses
just to justify your choices,
even though there’s no uses
for your abuse’s.

I have scares that haven’t healed,
because I never had time to.

You go for one hit,
then you go for another
before I can stand again.

You blame me for your lack
of interest, and entertainment,
yet I tried to give you my time.
You neglected it.

You want perfection,
when none is possible,
you are unfair to those
who can’t afford it.

You bring your selfishness
to the table, but you never
eat it, even though it’s there.

I cried while you ran away
from nothing, you assume
I don’t care because
you choose not to be
here when I needed you.

I have tried but you never cared to.

You lied about how much
you love me,
you said you needed me
yet you never stayed
when I ask you to.

You used love to hurt me,
after I am crying
you stepped on my heart
once again.

I bared myself to you,
you flinched as if I hurt you.
I never had the chance
to touch you.

You complained about
the way I spoke,
you never told me
how beautiful you think
I am, instead you used me.

I couldn’t stop you,
you said I did yet
I can’t because
I am unable to move
like you claim I do.

You are blinded by
your own selfish wants,
you burn me until I am ashes.

You give me no choices,
after I gave you so many chances.

I was bullied and blamed,
as you cast me into your flames.

Without remorse you cut and
pasted your needless desires,
telling me it’s in my name.

I have given you my last crumb,
you still wanting more
even though I have none.

I emptied my heart to you,
only to have you dump it out.

You don’t care about the pain
and suffering you put me through.

You wanting your way,
so you took everything
with you.

Goodbye my love,
I hope you remember everything we had.

I will never forget what
you have done because
you stole it all and
you took my heart with you
in chains.


© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton




Wind, portrayed by
the bending trees
and flying leafs.

Rain, portrayed by
water collecting
on my window,
car’s swooshing by
picking up the muddy road.

Clouds, portrayed by
gray cotton balls
heavy with moisture,
fog blinding the traffic lights,
a chilly breath
creeps up your spine.

Coffee, portrayed by
its sent of floral beans
brewed to perfection,
and brown cream foaming
at the rim of your mug.

Morning, portrayed by
the rising sun beaming
beautiful shimmers
of dew covered grass,
and birds chirping.

Mountains, portrayed by
cascades of water over large rocks
facing a valley,a river pushing through the folding passes
of looming peeks covered
in green and brown, and tree’s.

Beauty, portrayed by
a look, a reflection
of self or others.

Poetry, portrayed by
word’s, format, and skill
but has no real grammar.

Life, portrayed by
decay, change, struggle,
and scares.

Me, portrayed by
my writing, personality, grace, sometimes suffering.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

My New Campaigns Are Up And Running

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I have added new campaigns to my Bonfire stories. I also made a Gothic Realms T-shirt campaign. Also Don’t miss Coffee Lovers Delight T-shirts . I am loving #Bonfire it’s very easy to use. I do the designing while the site provides me the t-shirts. Also if you use my special link to sign up for your own account we both benefit so here’s the link: Bonfire Affiliate Link. You can also follow my store on Facebook @BatBrats and I have a Facebook page for Gothic Realms Dark Visions In The Night. I am waiting for Facebook to approve a name change for my Facebook page, so for now it’s called Gothic Muse The Shadow Rose.

Campaign List

There will be more soon. I hope you have a great day/evening.

You Are

You are my bud to my rose,
you are my breath to my life,
you are my coo to my caw,
you are my shadow
to my morning sun,
you are my path
to my destination,
you are my cream
to my coffee.

You are many things
to my life,
you add structure
and texture to my ever
changing world.

You give me reason for living,
you add demintion to my understanding.

You give meaning to my quest,
my journey will never be a bore
not with you aboard.

You are my desire,
my reasoning and
the only one who forever holds
the key to the chambers of my heart.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Our Love

Between the times we are together
and apart my heart waits patiently
but eager for your returning.
Time is like a shadow,
I can’t see it but I know it’s there,
our love can seem the same.

Like unforgiving waves
the destination is always the same,
I crash upon your shores,
like a storm you crash into mine.

We need not climb alone,
for we’ve got a forever home
inside each other’s arms.

Love is like a stone,
it can seem hard at times,
but it takes thousands of years
to degrade.
Our love is the same.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

To my Seanisko, my Seany, my love. ♥️

Dystonia Awareness T-shirts

Hello Bat Brat’s,

How are my beautiful Bat Brat’s today? I myself, I am doing okay. I have been working hard. I have made a t-shirt campaign for Dystonia Awareness. Here’s the link Dystonia Awareness T-shirts. The design is my own. I drew the butterfly awhile ago. I decided I should make money and do a good deed. You can buy Dystonia Awareness T-shirts. The money I make will go to art supplies and my forum also anything special. I have other campaigns running as well so you can check them out too.

Campaign List

There will be more soon. I hope you have a great day/evening.

Faithfully Friend

I bow my head in prayer,
as you bend your Godly ear
you hear my sinfull crys.

God: My child!

Me: you call me
by name only,
though I never took pride
in such a thing
as my name.

God: I hear your crys clearly
in the dead of night.

Me: You remind me of who I am,
what you want me to become;
to become your faithfully friend.

I understand,
though I want like everyone else
to become more than just a name.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Savage Heart

Like a dagger tearing
through my chest,
you slash and break
everything I hold
inside the chamber
of my heart.

Your words are
like burning embers,
they scar and maim
my fragile heart.

With your wicked tung
comes wicked words,
hurtful and damaging,
careless and savage.

What makes it hurt worse,
I love you.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Vintage Flowers

Decay quickly took you away,
you faded into a forgotten perfume,
old fashioned wrinkled and ragged;
you started to molt
you slowly turned into mulch.
Sadly you became ashes,
you blacked the pages of a book,
you crisped up;
Slowly but surely
you became vintage.

Cigarettes The Legal Poison

Hello Bat Brat’s,

This post is going to be a rant. First off, I hate cigarettes because they have killed a lot of people I love. Our government is allowing business to poison masses of people and animals by selling cigarettes.

Cigarettes kill more life than any other product. It causes cancer, heart deseas, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, plague to clog your lungs, and a lot more.

Don’t blame anyone but yourself if you choose to buy cigarettes. You always have a choice. To buy or not to buy cigarettes.

You want to save a life? Stop buying cigarettes, start putting the truth out into the world by telling people that they are killing everyone by buying cigarettes. It’s murder people. Our government allows business to murder people. It’s sad really.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Broken Pieces

Its to late this is not the answer,
I can’t pull you in with just
my poetry and word’s alone.

I fell apart so many times before,
shattered dreams,
I dreamt of being like everyone else.
I broke my heart, thinking
I should be ashamed for not
being like you.

I learned my shadow never bent
like yours,
instead I collected and created
my own home,
invited you inside
so I can be comfortable for a change.

I learned how to love my differences,
and except yours.

I stopped eating society’s rules,
made my own but added to yours.

I will never be what you
expected, you are living a lie
if you think I should.

Life never promised you perfection,
I will never be what you expected.

I don’t care anymore if I am judged,
I have learned it’s not my fault
people push and shove, trying to
mold us to bent and break us.

I will never break because
I have already been bent in different ways.

I will never bend in such a way,
you will have to go your own way,
I will just sit here waiting for you.

I picked up my broken pieces,
built my foundation and glued
my life back together.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day
From: Me
To: You

I am hoping,
wishful thinking,
of a place where
everyone is happy.

I am hoping,
some what wishing,
my heart romancing about you.

There once was a place
where everyone
held a smile on their face,
but one dreary day,
the clouds drew a gray sky
as every body gazed
upward to the sky,
the clouds rolled over
revealing their silver linings,
it broke and sadness
fell from their eyes.

It rained for years, with tears in every eye.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Are Negative Thoughts Harmful? | I Do Better In The Dark And I Don’t Need Much Sleep

Are negative thoughts harmful?

Hell no, if you feel bad about your bad day you have rights as a human being to express that feeling. What’s harmful is to hold it in, lying to yourself that you need to be positive to be productive. Being productive is not being positive all the time. If you have bumped your knee before do you just sit there or do you say ouch! I say ouch! My brain tells me I should rub it and do something about the pain. So I do just that.

Stress Is Not Bad For You Either. We humans need to feel stress so our brains can make better decisions. Like making a mistake, do you like making the same mistakes again and again or do you learn from them? I learn from my mistakes and I don’t think I am a failure, I think hey I just need to start over and do my best. I don’t stay on the ground after falling. I brush myself off and get up and try again. I know I can get through the hard times because I have before. The sun always rises because it’s always in the sky. That means your bad day will have to pass sometime.

I also like to live in the moment because it helps me to understand that this moment is only a nick in time, it can’t stay nor go backwards. What’s the use in dwelling on the backwards if you can’t go backwards? This is why I handle my pain so well. I know if I feel pain I need to express it by being honest and at the same time tell myself this too shall pass. I know it will because it has many times before.

Please don’t think positive thoughts are the way to live; because you need negative to understand positive and visa versa. It’s the yin and yang. I myself like to have a balance between negative and positive. Negative thoughts help me to deal with threatening situations and positive thoughts help me to deal with stressful situations. I also like to meditate at night and early in the morning.

I Don’t Need Much Sleep

I usually meditate four hours before going to bed and before I get up out of bed. I feel more relaxed and happy when I do. I then drink two bottles of water after each section. Water is very important to live a healthy lifestyle. I recommend you talking to your doctor about how much water is good for you. Everyone is different. Like myself I need more potassium and magnesium so that I can have more energy. My body eats up potassium and magnesium very quickly. I have cramps a lot because of it. I also can’t eat or drink it because my body trys to reject it. I have learned how to live with it. The doctors have tried different treatment’s to try to balance my potassium and magnesium sadly it made it worse so they quit trying. I am glad because I got tried feeling sicker. Also I thought I was depressed because I feel good in the dark. I have been told that I am not depressed. I have sensitivity to light that no one can change. I also have color blindness that causes colors to dim and brighten depending on the level of light there is. Blue is green if you add gray to the blue. Red is orange if you add white lights to the area. Also I can’t see anything on neon paper, lighting, and blacklights cause me headaches. I am a rare person indeed. I can run on two hours of sleep a night. I feel horrible if I sleep more than that. Trust me I have tried. It feels yucky. I have learned everyone is different. If you are not tired and you seem to be doing fine then there’s no problem but if people start telling you they notice changes you should see a doctor. I know I do. I have also asked my doctor’s why I can go without sleep for so long and they said because my brain is different. I have taken different tests and they can’t find anything wrong. I am just me.

I don’t stress out about little things anymore too. I have learned it’s okay to not be okay. Not everything is going to go the way I want. Once I stopped thinking it should that was the moment my life got easier to handle. To achieve happiness you have to stop expecting anything from everything. You will never be happy if you think you should always be happy. You are spoiled if you think you should be happy all the time. Who told you life is supposed to be perfect just for you? No one that’s who. Also I promise you’ll be okay. I know because I am and I have suffered just as much as you have. I have 36 year’s on my belt. I am fat with life hahahaha!

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton


Autistic are we,
who think with imagery.

Silent minds are not stupid,
we just don’t need annoying
voices to help us think.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

My Shadow Friend

The shadows lengthen
and slowly stretch
across this baren landscape,
they are a witness to its darkest hour.

I a lost soul,
march alongside my shadow friend.

My every step in unity
with my shadow friend,
we fought bravely for the light,
until the dawn
brought her blinding light.

The shadows grow,
as the day goes
running fast and steady,
the sun fades away,
the moon comes to play.

Goodbye my shadow friend,
until the next day;
I will not forget our relationship.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton