Did you know? 

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

Here’s some knowledge for you.

Did you know?
The extremely well known “ribbit” frog call is actually specific to only a small handful of frog species from the North American Pacific Coastal regions. This is because the call of the Baja California Treefrog was used as the background sound effect for countless old movies, regardless of where the movie was set.

There are also so many different types of frogs that scientists are still discovering new species. There are approximately 4,740 species of frog in the world today.

I just wanted to share some knowledge. I love frog’s so I have researched about them.


Update (Cramping Feet Are The Worst)

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I am having a hard time today. As some of you know already I have a rare movement disorder muscle dystrophy and nerve damage. I have a lot of health problems. Today I am having feet cramps. I think the worst pain ever is cramping. I have a lot of pain and it’s the one type of pain that gets me down for the count. I took a muscle relaxer so hopefully it helps. I probably need to stop eating bananas because I know that’s why I am having feet cramps. I was trying to figure out if the bananas cause me more pain. Sadly they do. Also my cat Boo! is being very cuddly today. She normally gets like this when my pain level is high. It’s like she knows I need her. She’s laying on my legs while I am laying on the couch. It’s so precious. I am so grateful she’s in my life. Boby Ray my stepdad got her for me before I moved out into my own apartment in 2010. He didn’t even like cats. He fell in love with my Boo! though. She’s a special fur baby. I have never had a cat that loves to cuddle. She is a lap kitty. She’s a momma’s Boo too. She doesn’t even run away when I leave the front door open. She trys to go to the neighbors door and beg to go inside. Or she sets outside my door crying for help. She loves me very much. She doesn’t make a good guard cat though. She’s too scared of everything to stand up too anything. She hides away when stranger’s are outside. She’s a lover not a fighter. Like myself. I would rather forgive and forget.

Okay enough rambling on. I might write a poem or two. I don’t know yet. My inspiration hasn’t peek-a-booed yet. My feet are hurting so I think it’s making it hard for me to get modivated to have ideas. I will try. I love you guys. I hope you are having a great day/evening. ♥️🙏 I pray for relief of my pain and anyone else who is suffering as well. Aman!

Boop! Be bold, strong and proud of who you are because there’s only one you. You are beautiful just the way you are. 🌠 You are my stars shining brightly. You are my inspiration and my guidance. Thank you for everything. If it wasn’t for you this blog would not excit. ♥️

My New Drawing Glove

Hello my Beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I wanted to share with you my new drawing glove. Also I am having problems with my fingernail on my drawing finger. I got a pointed nail growing. I tried cutting it but it still grows like that. I need to do something else with it. My two middle fingernails have always grown weirdly. They use to grow in a downward bend before I trained them to not. It took two years for my fingernails to grow somewhat normal. I use to do my nails a lot before I got sick so now they get longer and pointy. I think my fingernails grow like this because I have been drawing a lot for a long time. I use those fingers more. I even have a writers callus on both my hands on my middle fingers. My left hand finger is not so big because I don’t like switching my drawing hand very often. I am a creature of habit and autistic. Lets keep that on the line please. Grrr! I don’t like going off the line. Here’s my new glove and my pointed fingernail. 😆 I know what I am going to do tonight. Bye bye fingernails. 🙋 Plus I always end up scratching myself.

I have a Gothic glove hehehe! I bought it at http://www.walmart.com. I use this glove for both pencil drawing and with my drawing tablet. I bought a cheap drawing tablet on Amazon a year ago. I wanted to try it and I love it but I need a bigger one. I am going to learn how to work with my tablet so don’t you worry about that. When something gets tough Mandy gets tougher. 💪Boop!

I love you guys. I hope you are having a great day/evening. I am doing my best. My pain level is down today so I am so very grateful. I am blessed to be a very strong person.

Update, I am sick (I Also Made New Artwork)

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I was thinking about you guys so I decided to post. I have been sick with a cold/flu. I haven’t been this sick since I was a kid. I have upset stomach and I am having problems breathing. Lisa and Joyce already know I am sick so I have help if I need it. I think I am getting better so that’s good. I keep having stomach ack after trying to eat something. Seems to be worse at bedtime. I have been using my Vick’s steamer and rub. I also use my inhaler a bit more. I am use to having to use it once a day now I am using it twice a day. I will call the hospital if I feel worse so please don’t worry. I have so many people for support that I can’t count them on all fingers and toes. 😊 I am thinking my tummy will feel better tomorrow. I started feeling better after I got two hours of sleep last night. Sleep helps the body to heal so I am welcoming sleep, I want to get as much as possible. I wish I could sleep when I want but I have to exhausted my mind for my body to sleep. When I do sleep I try to keep it quiet because anything can wake me up. I usually meditate four hours before bedtime. It’s hard not being able to meditate. I have been taking more time trying to sleep. I should be better within a few more days maybe four. I just want to feel better again.

I am kinda surprised I got sick because I am always careful. That’s why I don’t get sick like this very often. I usually have pain, nausea, and sensory overloads, sometimes sweating with fever. This has made all of those symptoms more uncomfortable.

I love you guys. I hope you are doing well. Maybe tomorrow I will have a poem for you. We’ll see. 👀🔎 Here’s my new artwork. Also I have some pieces for sell on DeviantArt @FroggyArtDesigns.

I Made These Just For Fun

Cell Phone & Tablet Wallpapers

To My Mom

I have learned,
life is too short
to allow death and fear
to control what and where
we go.

I have faced both with
gratitude and grace;
because of you
I am stronger, bloder, and wiser.

Thank you Mom.

You were more than just my mom.
You were my foundation and mortar.

I am still building off
your foundation,
I will continue
until we meet again.

I love you. ♥️🕯️

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I wrote this on my mom’s Facebook profile here’s the link https://www.facebook.com/anita.moorehead.3781/posts/10156178185103260/.

I am sick today so I am thinking about her a lot. If she was still here, she would have came over here to help me feel better. I miss that the most. Hearing her walk into my house and speaking to Boo telling her she needs to stop being afraid of her. My Boo didn’t like anyone but me. Until my mom had to take care of her that’s when my Boo decided to sleep on top my mom’s head purring away. I remember how excited my mom was that my cat made friends with her. Also Boby Ray fell in love with her too after he said he didn’t like cats. Hahaha! He watched football with my cat and Tom and Jerry.

♥️ I miss them so much.

I Had A Spiritual Experience Today

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I am posting this because I had a spiritual moment tonight. I have had many through out my life but only a few changed my path. First off my family was very big in AA program. I grew up being part of the groups. I am very lucky to not suffer from the decease (addiction). I also have a very strong connection with God, I always have and everyone who knows me understands how strong it is. I am not shy about my faith. I got brain surgery because it fell into my lap a second after I let go and let God have my griefs over my pain and movement disorder. Because of those moments I am very faithful and I am a God fearing Woman.

Moving on…
A very precious Woman prayed over me tonight. I had a feeling I knew her and I do. I met her before and I had the same feeling around her. She is special like I am. When she laid hands on my shoulders to pray a heat rolled over me. I had a comforted feeling as if I was meant to be there and I needed to grieve for my loved ones who recently passed away. I realized I haven’t been grieving. I didn’t let it out all the way. My Boby Ray who was very special to me after he passed away, I have been having moments of clarity. I am starting to feel more at peace within myself. I have been crying when I remember my Mom and Boby. I think I needed this for awhile now. God is an awesome being. He shows himself when you least expect it. I always get an experience when I quit going to God. It’s like he’s tapping me on the shoulder telling me “Hey I am here you just forgot.” ♥️😊 I am glad too because it reminds me why I am still here. I am supposed to be here, life isn’t through with me yet. God needs me to change more lives and to make more changes. That’s the purpose for our lives. Change, relationships, and faith. I am so very grateful.

I wanted to share with you my experience because maybe you needed to hear it too. Maybe this will help someone else? I hope so.

Because of God I am alive today. I have a gift of communication and I am sending you my message of faith. Thank you God for all your grace and mercy. I pray for all you that God will touch your lives as he has touched mine. Aman!

🕊️ I am feeling very blessed. 😊♥️💋🤗 I love you all very much. Thank you for everything you do and will do.

Relationship Update 😟

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I have some bad news. Today was a hard day. I found out my boyfriend has been using drugs again. I thought something was wrong with him. He doesn’t support me nor respect me. He accused me of cheating and not giving him support again. After I gave him church, God, AA, and tools. I am sick and he goes and accuses me of cheating and not giving him support as well. Crap! Wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t sick. I would never cheat. He has been dishonest, he used me until I have nothing and he then accusses me of not giving him support. After he chose drug’s over a healthy happy relationship with me. Now I am dealing with his damages again.

I am done. He can be alone. He neglected me anyway. How is it going to hurt him when he made the decision? I had no choice. I still don’t. I am such a fool. I hate this. I should know better. If he doesn’t use AA like he should I will never trust him. I can’t trust him. For now I am hurting mentally and physically. Stupid pain disorders, why do I have to have three? Why couldn’t I have something that’s not painful? I would rather have a mental break down then being in this pain. I have been through mental break downs before and they are easier than dealing with this pain. Grrr!

Why are people dishonest? Why do people not take responsibility for their actions? I would never lie and cheat. I never had the need to. I would rather work for everything. I have suffered a lot to get where I am today. I would never compermise that.

I hate this. I am a fool. I fell for a bully, who doesn’t care about my situation.

It’s not my fault I got sick. I fought very hard trying to get well and figure out what was wrong. I didn’t want to have all these health problems. I had plans for the future to start a business and travel places. I thought I took care of my illnesses. I only got rid of one, the schizophrenia. Why could I do that but not my other illness? I tried so hard.

I don’t know what else to do so I am blogging about it. Plus you guys understand. We all have issues and happy times. It’s part of being human. We wouldn’t hurt if we weren’t aware of things. We wouldn’t fall in love if we couldn’t understand the concept of love.

Relationships are hard work. Don’t think for one moment that love is always a magical place and feeling. Love can hurt, tear your world into pieces, and leave you exhausted, and beat. It leaves scares, bruises, and painful memories. It can also bring patience, understanding, and comfort. All of those things take time to build and remodel. A relationship is a full time job, it’s demanding and exhausting sometimes.

I need prayers and support. Also please keep Seany in your prayers too. He’s the one who is having the problem. I am worried about him. The hard thing I have to do is wait it out. I can’t do anything else. He has a lot of support because I made sure of it. Just remember that we all suffer through this life. We all need love and some type of support.

♥️ Sending you my love, my beautiful Bat Brat’s. Thank you for being you. You are awesome sauce to my ice cream. 🍧

I Am Working On A New Drawing & I Posted A Poem

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

Your Mandy is working on a new drawing today. I am thinking about what I should draw. Boo is even in the mood to join me. She’s going to want cuddles soon. She’s a lap kitty and a cuddle bug. 😁😊 I don’t have a cat I have a cat-dog, she can be a Bat Brat too. Hahaha! ]=•) I think my cat is my biggest fan.

Here’s a short poem.

My Biggest Fan

My cat is my biggest fan,
she’s always by my side,
purrs all of the time.

I am ma,
as she runs around
yelling for me.

Every morning it’s the same
routine, I have a permanent
two year old running the scene.

Watch out for your purses lady’s,
for my cat likes to check
your luggage before you leave.

She’ll show you her toy boxes,
her hiding places are no secret,
she’s a nanny trying to keep
my house clean.

She’s more like a dog,
she waits for me everytime I leave,
I come home and she’s still
setting in the same spot
as she did before I left.

My cat is my biggest fan.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Update & A Practice Drawing

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

Today was an awesome day, my sister took me to our parents grave site. I got to say goodbye and I love you. We scattered ashes of both our family dogs who we loved very much. They both passed away from old age. We watered them so they can help the plants grow. It’s the circle of life. Now Mom and Boby Ray are together with Sparky and Lambert. I miss them very much. I finally cried while my sister and I shared memories over brunch. It takes me a little while to experience emotions because I am more of a logical thinker than emotional. Though I deal with things quickly now that I am older. I am glad because life was so much harder when I was learning how to deal with my disabilities. I love being an adult with responsibilities. 😁 Thank you to everyone who supported me and those who still do. Thank you to Mental Health, and the health care system. You all contribute to my care and well-being. If you tell me I can’t, I will prove you wrong by doing better than everyone else. I will climb a mountain if I have to. I will free dive in the ocean if I want to. I will ride the biggest wave if I choose to. I will survive, as I was born to.

Moving on…

Here’s a practice drawing of a hand, I finished this just awhile ago. I know it looks off a bit but it’s just a practice drawing so there’s a lot of flaws. I hope you enjoy.

“Be beautiful and bold, and don’t forget to shine like the star you are.” – © 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I Made A New Background

Hello My Beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I have some awesome news, I have made two new pieces of art work. I call them Quacker’s For You Designs.

“Row row row your duck gently down the lain. Quack quack quack all the way home.” Hahaha!

I made a ducky and then I copied him to make a background in Photoshop. He’s looking at you.

Here’s the pictures.

Blooming Bat Brat Leggings For Woman

Hello My Beautiful Bat Brat’s,
I have new products for sell. These are leggings I designed. You can visit the site by clicking on the link down below this post. Also here’s details on deal’s
LAST DAY Limited Time! Enter code: APRILDEALZAZ at checkout in the “Promo Code/Gift Card” box.

Size Guide Body Sizes

XS (0-2)
Waste 22
Hip 32
Inseam 29

S (4-6)
Waste 25
Hip 36
Inseam 29

M (8-10)
Waste 28
Hip 40
Inseam 30

L (12-14)
Waste 33
Hip 42
Inseam 31

Waist: Measure around your natural waistline at the narrowest point.

Come check out more products
at Bat Brat’s.

More coming soon.

Payloadz and PayPal ( PayPal Has A Case For Fraudulent Activity Against From Payloadz)

Hello My Beautiful Bat Brat’s,


Please stay clear of Payloadz! They are a fraudulent company, they try to steal money for their clients. They don’t allow you to close your account until after they steal money from you. Their system is flawed and ellegal. Please this is a warning! Don’t make an account with Payloadz. They are fraudulent and don’t provide support. I contacted them and they never replied back. Now they have stolen money from me three times. They also took more money from me for no reason. Their subscription was $19.95 USD but they took $20.33 USD twice from my bank account. I didn’t authorize that extra money. I wasn’t told about why they took more than was excited either. I am not rich and $20 is a lot of money for me. I can buy food for a half a month with how much money Payloadz stole from me.

I have some bad news and I guess good news. PayPal has opened a case against Payloadz for fraudulent activity against me. Payloadz hacked my account and stole money. After I cancelled my subscription and they didn’t let me close my account with them until today. I was afraid this would happen because I saw the signs. I am going to try to get Payloadz shut down because of this. Websites like that shouldn’t be allowed to run. It’s ellegal to take money from anyone who didn’t authorize the transaction. I cancelled my subscription around a week ago and Payloadz didn’t allow me to close my account. I even contacted them and they didn’t reply back. Now they stole $19.95 USD from my bank account twice and took extra. Lucky for me PayPal is honest and secure. They took no time to investigate. After 5 minutes of contacting me through text they already have a case against Payloadz for fraudulent activity.

“Thank you PayPal, you have made me feel secure and I can trust your company.”

I never thought this would happen to me. I have learned that you can’t trust most companies that say you can trust them. They shouldn’t have to promote trustworthiness, if they are trustworthy you will see it. Why would anyone have to promote they are honest if they are honest? It will be visible if they are and they shouldn’t have to tell you how honest they are. Don’t believe a company that has “I am trustworthy I promise”, in their system. If they are trustworthy you will see it and they won’t have to say anything.

I recommend using PayPal if you want to have a secure online bank account. Don’t get frustrated because their system is very tight. The reason they make you do more work is to keep your account secure. Most people are lazy, they get upset because they think they shouldn’t have to do work to secure their information. When it’s safer to do business that way. It shows how much effort a company will go through to keep you safe. PayPal needs your information if you want to use them. That’s how it works. Also getting Support from them is very easy. They have loads of information on the website and you can report to them anything you find important. They take time to communicate back as soon as possible. You get a reply right away, most of the time. I think it depends on the situation, some reports need more time.

I will give you all updates as this unfolds.

Lost But Not Forgotten

My stepdad passed away a few days ago. I wrote this poem and waiting until I was strong enough to share it. I am ready now.

Forgotten you are not,
but lost you are.

My heart quickened when I heard
the news of your passing.

I wanted to say so many things to you
but sadly with a heavy heart
I have to let you go.

I have suffered many broken heart’s,
I have collected my losses in my jars of broken dreams.

Each one I protected;
I bared my soul for all
whom I love, I suffer because
I love you.

To lose a piece of your heart
is like cutting away at bare skin,
it’s raw painful and crude.
I bleed for you.

RIP Boby Ray,
you were and always will be
special to me.

Your memory lives on through everyone who reads this
and those who knew you in life.

You suffer no more pain and strife
for now you are in heaven
living a Holly life.

God speed my
beautiful friend and father.


I am proud to call you my stepdad.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Two Updates

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

l have some news about my life. First, I tried a new medication from pain management, sadly I am allergic to it. The doctor and I already knew something might happen because it has before. I am going to talk to him about sticking to the medications I have been taking for three years now. I am tired of dealing with the pain from trying new medications. I would rather live with the pain I already have.

Second, I cancelled my web store Lily Pad Stock Designs, I had to because I wasn’t making money off it and I was paying a monthly fee. Bat Brat’s is free so I can actually keep it running and I will save money.

Also I don’t recommend Payloadz to anyone because they make it very difficult to delete your account. They don’t tell you, you can’t delete your account. Even though they have a page called “Delete Account”. I will tell you how to cancel your payments through PayPal though. That’s the only way to actually stop them from stealing from you.

If you use PayPal to pay here’s the way to cancel payments to Payloadz.

  1. Long in to your PayPal
  2. Go to your activities in your account. It’s on the top menu.
  3. Click on one of Payloadz transactions.
  4. Click on the details of that transaction.
  5. You need to follow “View Billing Agreement Details” by clicking on it.
  6. On “Status” you need to click “Cancel” and agree to your actions.
  7. Your payments will stop.

I was very disappointed about this because their company promotes that they are honest and secure. When you can’t even delete your account if you choose to not use their service any longer. It’s very fishy and unsecure. They are able to steal from you because they don’t tell you how to cancel your payments. How hard would it be for them to set up a link that cancels or deletes your account and any future transactions, or at least lead people to a way to cancel future transactions? Lucky me I am smarter than they are. I research and learn quickly. Now I have given you knowledge, made you smarter too.

Knowledge is power baby! Mighter than the sword. For how can a city grow if the people are dead? Swords kill but knowledge can help things grow so grow my baby Bat Brat’s grow. 😁😊🤗♥️ Love you all. Boop!

Welcome The New Additions To Bat Brat’s

Hello Bat Brat’s,

How are you my beautiful Bat Brat’s? I have been working hard making new designs for my store. Here are some of the new merchandise. I added a cupcake collection. Oh and if you scroll down to the bottom of this post you will find my original pencil drawing of the cupcake. I redrew it in digital format so I can use it on my merchandise. I hope you enjoy. 🤗😋

You can visit Bat Brat’s by following the link or by clicking on the images. The images will take you to the product shown in the pictures.

Thank you for being
beautiful and awesome.
I love you all and I am
very grateful to have you
as my reader’s.

This is the original Cupcake drawing,
I redrew it in digital format.

I also made a logo as seen
above in the post.

New Gothic Decor Designs Collection & New Merchandise At Bat Brat’s

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I hope you are well. I have been working hard on making designs for my store Bat Brat’s. I am also working on poems to share. I am taking a break on writing because I get better ideas when I let my mind set for awhile. Here’s some of my new designs I have added to Bat Brat’s. I hope you enjoy. I work hard creating these designs. It’s a lot of work running a store.

You can visit Gothic Decor Designs Collection by clicking on the picture below.

Stay beautiful, bold, and awesome my Bat Brat’s. Bless you all. 🤗♥️😋

I Need Your Help

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I have been thinking, how can I engage my beautiful Bat Brat’s more? Well I am working on a character design and I need ideas for the drawing. Here’s what I have so far.

I need your comments please. I am going to give her face a cute and chubby look. What color of hair should I give her?

Hair Color Ideas

  1. Brown
  2. Auburn
  3. Blondie
  4. Black
  5. Pink
  6. Red
  7. Blue
  8. Green
  9. Gray
  10. Black with red streaks
  11. Black with blue streaks
  12. Black with green streaks
  13. Black with blonde streaks
  14. Black with pink streaks
  15. A hat with black hair

Please let me know by putting the number of your answer and anything else you would like to say in your comments below this post.

Thank you. ♥️

New Merchandise Added To Bat Brat’s and A Bit Rambling

Hello my beautiful Bat Brat’s,

Sending some Gothic love your way from your ~B~at Brat Mandy. I have been working hard on making artwork for Bat Brat’s. You can visit the store here at Bat Brat’s. I wanted to share with you a few pieces of artwork I drew, the samples are below. These took me awhile to finish and I am very proud of myself. Specialy proud of The Black n White Movie Guy drawing. He was very fun to draw. Gothic Decor took me awhile to finish because of the details. I actually used a dotting technique to make the whole drawing, blowing it up really large dot after dot and shrinking it down after I finished it. I only drew one side and copied it turned it around and combined the two together. That gave it a grungy texture and a finished product. The lips took an hour to finish but it was the most difficult to achieve. Having a movement disorder kinda makes drawing a slower process than it should be. Though with patients and skill I am able to achieve a lot. I remember when I was a child I was very highper and scared, I got tired of being that way so at the age of 11 I started trying to train myself to be patient and peaceful. I even changed my diet to vegan because I was tired of getting sick from eating meat. My mom helped by buying the foods I needed. I have gone back to eating the same thing because I was getting sick again. Now it’s very rare for me to feel sick after eating. I have cut out gluten as well because I have Celiac disease. It’s not a sensitive to gluten either. I have rashes on my stomach and back if I eat gluten. I also have ichy skin it’s very irritating when I eat Gluten. I found out that honey nut Cheerios is gluten free now so I have been buying some. I am so glad because I tried eating it as a kid but it hurt my stomach so badly I was too afraid to eat it again. Yay! for gluten free!

On to my artwork again. I hope you all like my new artwork. I am very glad I can blog them to you. Peace out my beautiful Bat Brat’s!

Be the best Bat Brat’s you can be. Be bold and strong and shine like the stars you are. Hugs from yours sincerely Amanda D Shelton a Goth chic who writes poetry and draws like it’s going out of style. I got to keep it trending, this is the internet after all. :-] Boop!

My New Campaigns Are Up And Running

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I have added new campaigns to my Bonfire stories. I also made a Gothic Realms T-shirt campaign. Also Don’t miss Coffee Lovers Delight T-shirts . I am loving #Bonfire it’s very easy to use. I do the designing while the site provides me the t-shirts. Also if you use my special link to sign up for your own account we both benefit so here’s the link: Bonfire Affiliate Link. You can also follow my store on Facebook @BatBrats and I have a Facebook page for Gothic Realms Dark Visions In The Night. I am waiting for Facebook to approve a name change for my Facebook page, so for now it’s called Gothic Muse The Shadow Rose.

Campaign List

There will be more soon. I hope you have a great day/evening.

Dystonia Awareness T-shirts

Hello Bat Brat’s,

How are my beautiful Bat Brat’s today? I myself, I am doing okay. I have been working hard. I have made a t-shirt campaign for Dystonia Awareness. Here’s the link Dystonia Awareness T-shirts. The design is my own. I drew the butterfly awhile ago. I decided I should make money and do a good deed. You can buy Dystonia Awareness T-shirts. The money I make will go to art supplies and my forum also anything special. I have other campaigns running as well so you can check them out too.

Campaign List

There will be more soon. I hope you have a great day/evening.

Cigarettes The Legal Poison

Hello Bat Brat’s,

This post is going to be a rant. First off, I hate cigarettes because they have killed a lot of people I love. Our government is allowing business to poison masses of people and animals by selling cigarettes.

Cigarettes kill more life than any other product. It causes cancer, heart deseas, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, plague to clog your lungs, and a lot more.

Don’t blame anyone but yourself if you choose to buy cigarettes. You always have a choice. To buy or not to buy cigarettes.

You want to save a life? Stop buying cigarettes, start putting the truth out into the world by telling people that they are killing everyone by buying cigarettes. It’s murder people. Our government allows business to murder people. It’s sad really.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

New Merchandise Added To Bat Brat Mandy

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I have added new merchandise to my web store. Here’s the link Bat Brat Mandy. Also here’s samples of my new artwork. I call it “Friends Forever Stitched Together”.

Are Negative Thoughts Harmful? | I Do Better In The Dark And I Don’t Need Much Sleep

Are negative thoughts harmful?

Hell no, if you feel bad about your bad day you have rights as a human being to express that feeling. What’s harmful is to hold it in, lying to yourself that you need to be positive to be productive. Being productive is not being positive all the time. If you have bumped your knee before do you just sit there or do you say ouch! I say ouch! My brain tells me I should rub it and do something about the pain. So I do just that.

Stress Is Not Bad For You Either. We humans need to feel stress so our brains can make better decisions. Like making a mistake, do you like making the same mistakes again and again or do you learn from them? I learn from my mistakes and I don’t think I am a failure, I think hey I just need to start over and do my best. I don’t stay on the ground after falling. I brush myself off and get up and try again. I know I can get through the hard times because I have before. The sun always rises because it’s always in the sky. That means your bad day will have to pass sometime.

I also like to live in the moment because it helps me to understand that this moment is only a nick in time, it can’t stay nor go backwards. What’s the use in dwelling on the backwards if you can’t go backwards? This is why I handle my pain so well. I know if I feel pain I need to express it by being honest and at the same time tell myself this too shall pass. I know it will because it has many times before.

Please don’t think positive thoughts are the way to live; because you need negative to understand positive and visa versa. It’s the yin and yang. I myself like to have a balance between negative and positive. Negative thoughts help me to deal with threatening situations and positive thoughts help me to deal with stressful situations. I also like to meditate at night and early in the morning.

I Don’t Need Much Sleep

I usually meditate four hours before going to bed and before I get up out of bed. I feel more relaxed and happy when I do. I then drink two bottles of water after each section. Water is very important to live a healthy lifestyle. I recommend you talking to your doctor about how much water is good for you. Everyone is different. Like myself I need more potassium and magnesium so that I can have more energy. My body eats up potassium and magnesium very quickly. I have cramps a lot because of it. I also can’t eat or drink it because my body trys to reject it. I have learned how to live with it. The doctors have tried different treatment’s to try to balance my potassium and magnesium sadly it made it worse so they quit trying. I am glad because I got tried feeling sicker. Also I thought I was depressed because I feel good in the dark. I have been told that I am not depressed. I have sensitivity to light that no one can change. I also have color blindness that causes colors to dim and brighten depending on the level of light there is. Blue is green if you add gray to the blue. Red is orange if you add white lights to the area. Also I can’t see anything on neon paper, lighting, and blacklights cause me headaches. I am a rare person indeed. I can run on two hours of sleep a night. I feel horrible if I sleep more than that. Trust me I have tried. It feels yucky. I have learned everyone is different. If you are not tired and you seem to be doing fine then there’s no problem but if people start telling you they notice changes you should see a doctor. I know I do. I have also asked my doctor’s why I can go without sleep for so long and they said because my brain is different. I have taken different tests and they can’t find anything wrong. I am just me.

I don’t stress out about little things anymore too. I have learned it’s okay to not be okay. Not everything is going to go the way I want. Once I stopped thinking it should that was the moment my life got easier to handle. To achieve happiness you have to stop expecting anything from everything. You will never be happy if you think you should always be happy. You are spoiled if you think you should be happy all the time. Who told you life is supposed to be perfect just for you? No one that’s who. Also I promise you’ll be okay. I know because I am and I have suffered just as much as you have. I have 36 year’s on my belt. I am fat with life hahahaha!

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I Added Another Piece Of Art To My Web Store

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I am excited to announce my new piece of art. I worked hard on this. It’s called Spring Flowers. You can buy my merchandise by clicking on this link Bat Brat Mandy.

Three New Nummy Merchandise Has Been Added To My Web Store

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I am excited to announce three new Cuty Boo’s have been added to my web store. Two Cupcakes and Three Cuty Boo’s Melting Ice Creams. Come check them out at Bat Brat Mandy.

Cuty Boo’s Illustration’s Are In My Web Store

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I have been working on drawing my Cuty Boo’s Illustration’s. These are all in my web store Bat Brat Mandy. More coming soon. Also I am working on a Gothic themed Cuty Boo.

New Selfies I Thought I Should Share

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I try to keep everyone updated so I thought I should share my recent selfies. I don’t take very many pictures of myself but I share them when I do. I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera so I don’t take many pictures of myself. Just for you my beautiful Bat Brat’s. I love you all very much. I hope you have a great day or evening.

Two New Blog Banners

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I created these banners for promoting my new projects Bat Cave Poetry and Vampires Eat Bloody Poetry. You can also find me on Twitter @GothicMuse1. My blog is connected to it and Facebook. I do on occasion post on Twitter. I am also on Hello Poetry.

The Graveyard Shift Quotes & Poems For The Gothic Inclined (First Ink)

I am working on a new project. I call it “The Graveyard Shift Quotes & Poems For The Gothic Inclined” and this is the first ink for my project.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I Started A Web Store (Bat Brat Mandy)

Hello Bat Brat’s,

This is an update, I have been working hard past few days. I started a web store here’s the link to Bat Brat Mandy. I have already uploaded some merchandise to the store.

You can click on the picture below to view my store.

I will be making more artwork to add to the store, so please feel free to check it out.

I am working on a Gothic themed piece to add to the store as well.

On another note, I am having problems with my pain management. Medical trys their best to cause me more pain by not expecting my doctor’s subscriptions for my pain medication. Oh but they don’t have any problems giving me my muscle relaxers or antibiotics that almost killed me (drug allergies suck). Also my pain Specialist caused this trouble. All because he wanted me to lock up my medication. I can’t afford a lockbox like he wants. I think he doesn’t understand what being poor means. He said they are cheap. How is 35 dollars cheap? Maybe he’s never been without before? I don’t know.

Movie on…

I am hoping I have a better day today than yesterday. I have been suffering with migraines again. I love the weather, it’s been raining off and on this whole month. That’s probably why I have been suffering with migraines lately though. I guess that’s life. You get what you get.

Hugs to you all and blessings from your Mandy. I hope you are all well.


© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Living With A Monster (Update)

Good Gothic morning,

How are you my beautiful Bat Brat’s? This post is going to be about updates and a few knowledgeable quotes.

Update from Gothic Realms Amanda Shelton’s life

Welcome to my domain Bat Brat’s. I am feeling better today. I have been doing a lot more than usual past month because of the holidays. Yesterday my body finally settled into the pain of doing a bit more activity. Today I am not so bad. I am able to set in my chair and write this post. That’s pretty good compared to yesterday where I couldn’t even get up without crying in pain. I should say moaning like a ghost who lost her mind. Today that pain is the ghost. 👻 Hahahaha! Boo!

I got blood test results from my pain Specialist too. It says I have inflammation in my blood. From unknown sources. I think it’s the fibromyalgia and the cyst’s I carry through out my body. I have autoamun deseas so that is another source of inflammation.

Living With A Monster (Addiction)

I have a boyfriend who is living with a monster inside his head (addiction). I call the deseas of addiction a monster because I grew up with my family who suffers from the deseas. It was like living with Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, you never knew when Mr Hyde would pop in for a visit. Now I am with a man who suffers from the deseas. I am learning how to be strong and not try to control the situation. I have learned a very hard lesson. You can’t change or control an addict. Only the addict can control his or her own behavior by admitting and then excepting their deseas. I had to let him deal with his behavior and stop blaming myself. I set boundaries that I didn’t have before with him. I have to be selfless by letting him go. We are still together but there has been a lot of changes to our relationship because of this monster he carries inside of himself. When he forgets its there that’s when it shows its true nature. I have learned not to forget that the monster is always going to be part of our lives. I have also learned how to love myself and protect myself from future damages from the monster. We have support now because I know from my past that no one can deal with the monster of addiction alone. That’s why there is AA, NA, and other types of support groups. I grew up with AA, and NA being a constant support for my mom and brother as well as for myself. I am the only one who doesn’t suffer from the deseas of addiction in my family. I am and was too sick to care about doing drug’s, drinking, or anything else but dealing with my own monsters (mental illness, rare movement disorder, and chronic allergies). I guess having autism also gave me a different way of thinking because I do believe it is the reason I don’t have an addiction. My brain functions differently than yours. I did try smoking it didn’t make me want to keep doing it. I wanted to throw up instead. Same with alcohol, after one glass I am over the toilet seat and my stomach in the toilet. I am allergic to alcohol. I found out when I was younger. Yuck! 😷

“To love someone who suffers from addiction, you have to be able to see past their monster. Grrr!”

– Amanda D Shelton

“Don’t become the problem, instead become stronger by being honest to yourself. You can’t change or control addiction, you can only learn how to live with the monster. Also don’t blame yourself for the addicts behavior. Take responsibility for yourself not the addict. Learn how to love yourself.”

– Amanda D Shelton

” The hardest lesson addiction has taught me, is how to stand up for my own happiness. By not opening the door when my gut tells me I should run.”

– Amanda D Shelton

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Christmas Card

Hello Bat Brat’s,

Like I said in a previous post, I am working on a project for Christmas. Here’s the finished product. A Christmas Card. I used Adobe Illustrator Draw. It crashed four times while I was working. Hahahaha!

Merry Christmas you beautiful Bat Brats. I love you to the moon and back. May you be blessed this holiday season. I am. I love family and friends. I am happy.


Holiday Spirit

This Bat Brat is in the holiday spirit. I am going to draw a picture in Photoshop to try and express my holiday cheer.

I go to my dad’s on Sunday for early Christmas. We celebrate Jesus Christs birthday. We will have a cake and my dad will read from the Bible about how Jesus Christ was born. Then we will blow out the candles for Jesus. After that we will sing Carols. My heart is so feeling cozy and warm. Like I have a candle lit and my Bible is seated at the window waiting for me. 😊 I can’t wait to see everyone. Hear their voices and watch them light up to see me. It’s so cool. Family yep Boop! 🤗❤

Update About My Health

Hello Bat Brat’s,

This is an update about my health problems.

I found out the results yesterday. I am now waiting to give blood for the doctor to look at. I have to wait 45 minutes to get my blood draw. I am in lots of pain but I am mentally doing well so I should be okay.

I hope you all have a great day/evening. Maybe I will post a poem later today, I don’t know yet because I don’t have any ideas roaming around in my head yet. Usaully poems just pop up so I have to be patient. Inspiration sparks when I lest except it. Bless you all.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

My New Project (The Moonlight Rose Poetic Progress)

The Moonlight Rose Poetic Progress

You can watch me write my new book. All updates will automatically show on this document. This is but a sample so the finished product will be different.

Time For Change

Hello Bat Brat’s,

Welcome to the new layout of Gothic Realms Dark Visions In The Night. I am working on keeping my blog interesting and unique. I hope you enjoy.

I am going to be working on new artwork soon. I have been dealing with my pain and other health problems lately and I have to start taking it easy. I enjoy drawing with Photoshop so I have been working on new artwork. It’s very soothing and I think it lowers my blood pressure. Please keep me in your prayers and heart’s. I am having health problems that are not good. My doctor’s are working hard to figure out what is causing problems but they might not find anything. My health problems are just completed and complex.

I wish you all a Happy holidays. My God bless you all with happiness and good health.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Positive Tom Cat A Guide To Living A Positive Life

Project - Drawing 1-1932559274.png

Positive Tom Cat:
A Guide To Living A Positive Life

The Beginning Of Your Journey Uplifting Your Mood, and Patience.

To be positive is to be empowered by your mood. Uplifting your spirit by upholding a positive view, can help you think clearly and make better decisions, because to make the right decision you need a clear mind. If you are stressed you are more likely to make a bad decision. Fear and anxiety can cause you to respond hastily and without patience. So before you make a decision, you should take your time to take a deep breath three times before you head into the situation. This gives you the time to think and for your brain to get oxygen so it can function with a good quality.

Patience can be the hardest thing to learn but if you want something enough you won’t think about it as being hard. To succeed you have to face your fears of failure. Don’t think about the fall, think about the possibility of succeeding. No one would have invented the parachute if they thought about the fall. Remember the parachute is there to catch you before you fall.

“Positive Tom Cat Is My Guide
To Living A Positive Life.”

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Tom Cat Drawing on the top of this post is my own work. Please do not steal it. If you want to use it you will have to ask me first. I worked hard on drawing it. I am going to write a book with illustrations I create. This post is part of that book.

Happy Halloween


Be afraid, be very afraid
Mandy’s coming out of her cave.

^B^aty Bat Brat coming your way.

Happy Halloween!

Batty Bat Cutness

It has been half a year since I have gotten out besides shopping, Church with my boyfriend and his mom, also visiting with Lisa my adopted mom.

I think tomorrow will be perfect for me to get out. I will try to take pictures of my Halloween costume. It won’t be anything special, just vampire fangs and Goth makeup.

I thought I don’t like dressing up for Halloween so why not just keep it simple. I would be a bat but I don’t have the wings. I have a par of vampire fangs I had made for me two years ago, I keep them clean and fresh so if I ever wanted to use them again I can.

I hope you all have a safe Halloween and a ghoulish time.


Be well Bat Brats.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Love and Hate 

All, I understand is because I love. I find interest in subjects and situations, which I fall in love with the process that comes from my interest. To love is a knowledge of interest, and it can inspire nation’s to grow and develop. It can inspire artists, writer’s, and blueprints. Love can create life, allowing it to prosper and unite. 

Love is a universal concept but so is hate. They go hand in hand, causing change. You can’t have one without the other. 

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Watch “Juvenile bat squeaks while being petted.” on YouTube

For all you Bat Brat’s out there. One reason I love Bats is this. Watch the video and you will see. Such a cutie pie this Bat is. 

Knowledge Is Power

Lack of knowledge is the cause of fear.

People fear the unknown because they don’t have the knowledge to face the challenge. To gain knowledge is to face your fears of the unknown.

Before you judge, learn about the situation because you could judge the situation poorly do to your lack of knowledge. Why fear the unknown when you can face it by learning about it?

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Oh My Goth ^B^ I Have Reached 300 Followers

Hello Bat Brat’s,

         Time flies when you’re blogging poetry. Weeee! I am so excited to announce that I have reached 300 followers. I had to share with you all how much I appreciate your time and for following my blog. I am very grateful and thankful. Thank you.

        I love WordPress so much. I remember my very first WordPress site, it was called Mizztwitch. I am pretty sure it’s still up but sadly I had to put it in its grave, RIP Mizztwitch. The reason I had to let it go was, the email I used ended up getting hacked. I learned after deleting two AOL email accounts that AOL isn’t as safe as I thought. I had to move my account to Hotmail. I haven’t had any problems with my account ever since. I also have another blog it was my second site called Personality101. Though My love for Gothic literature pulled me into it’s chasm of gloomy, broken heart, and ghostly encounters, that’s why I have been posting on Gothic Realms. I will never give up this blog. All my passions are on this side. When I created Personality101 I was still growing up and learning what my true passion is. I can’t change my love for Gothic literature it just keeps hunting me when I try. I have learned to stop worrying if other’s find me odd and sometimes old fashioned. I have always loved Gothic style, art, and structures. I am fascinated by Gothic culture and literature. Anything from the Victorian age and before, I am interested in. I use to visit antique stores whenever I got the chance. I can spot an antique from how it looks and feels, I can also smell if it’s older or recent work. I can tell if a piece has been washed and what was used to clean the antique. I have a very good since of smell. I have Savant Syndrome so I know that’s another reason I am good at doing certain things. I can’t really say that I have a gift, it kinda can be a hindering situation when it comes to my autism, sometimes it is a good thing to have though. I experience reality differently than most people because of the autism. I am still learning how to except my autism. I think I will until my end. I am okay with that. I love learning so bring it on. I have also learned that autism isn’t like a mental illness, it is not just a disability or a flaw in my genetics. It wouldn’t have mattered what anyone would have tried nothing can change a person with autism. We have to learn how to live with it and to expect each other. I don’t see autism has being a disability unless someone doesn’t understand what it is that’s what causes it to become a disabiling illness. Not because I suffer but because of egnorance that causes people to fear autism. 🤗

“Thank you for following my blog. May God bless you with all his grace. May happeness find you on the darkest days, and illuminate your life, beckoning you to its beautiful light.” 

An Update About My Health

Hello Brat Brat’s,

             I thought I should share with you my current health. Some of you already know that I suffer from a lot of health problems. Well unfortunately I am very sick again. I have been trying to figure out what happened to me. Though I have a feeling it is because I am older. The doctor’s say My care is complicated and complex. I suffer from a rare disorder and so it is very hard to treat. It’s frustrating when you’re doctor says, “we don’t know what is wrong so we have to add specialists to help.” Yet still they don’t know what is wrong but it is clear that I am sick. My blood pressure is high, even after I started taking medication. I now have asthma from allergies. Which I have had my own life. I just quit taking the inhaler when I turned 20 because I quite having problems, at least I thought I did. I was wrong. This whole time I have been suffering with problems catching my breath. I didn’t think it was asthma until I got fed up with it and decided to talk to my doctor. She looked at my ears and listened to my chest, she can hear fluid. Which is from my noise draining into my chest. It makes it harder to take a deep breath. Now I am back on the same inhaler. I can say this though after the first use of the inhaler, I can breathe without feeling like I am being crushed by an elephant. I was able to cough up the yucky stuff to. So I am happy about that. Now to deal with my movement problems. Also unfortunately because I have problems moving I am having problems with being borderline diabetic. That scares me because I know what that means. The doctor said I need to get physical therapy. I hope it helps. She said she doesn’t know if it will. But they are going to do their best to help me get healthier. I even changed my diet but that never was a problem. I can’t eat junk anyway and don’t care to. I love salads, fruits, and chicken. I don’t like sweat’s, very rarely do I have a candy bar. Also I like eating fish just not very often because it can be bad for you. I don’t eat red meat, I can’t. It doesn’t digest and I get very sick.

            I do think everything I have been dealing with is genetic. Why else am I having them now? Also the doctor’s can’t figure out what is causing it. I do hope my blood pressure starts going down to normal. I am going to start taking another medication to help the blood pressure medication I already am taking. I need prayers my friends and positive thoughts. I am tired of being sick.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“I am broken yet I keep running, my engine is putting out trash because it built up after all these years. My body is tired but my mind doesn’t want to retire. I am barely 36 but my body thinks I am over the hill.”

Some People Are Ignorant And Rude, How Sad (About Reviews From Walmart.com)

            Okay I thought maybe I should post about this because I noticed there are some people who are very judgemental and it is because of ignorance. Ignorance is not a bad word either. Ignorance means you lack knowledge. The word stupid means the same. So I am not using these word’s to be rude.

          Let me start with saying, I shop at Walmart and I love their online store. I read reviews just for fun sometimes. So I was reading reviews for a printer, a wireless printer. Well I saw some reviewers who complained about the printer needing a USB cable to download driver’s. When duh, you need to download the driver’s so that you can connect to the internet wirelessly. You can unplug it after you install the driver’s. Even your computer needs to be plugged in before you can download the wireless router driver’s. You shouldn’t have any trouble after you download them. You can unplug the USB cable after it finishes downloading. 

           I don’t understand why people don’t research. Also they blame the support for not responding quick enough. When have you ever thought that maybe you are not the only one calling? Also they are human beings just like you. They are not robot’s or Superman. Give them a break come on. How would you feel if you were them?

           So next time you are looking for a wireless printer don’t complain about needing to plug it in, just so you can use the driver’s for wireless connection. Think before you make accusations. Also learn some patience. Support Tech’s get too much of a bad wrap for being difficult. When they have a difficult job working to help a verity of people. Some people are not nice. Just try to imagine what it would be like for you. Give them your time instead of thinking about it as if they are giving you their time. It goes both ways when you need support. I hope this helps someone.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton 

“Tech support can help but only if you have patience. Don’t blame the support for your lack of understanding. You have a choice to be patient or a jackass, yeahhh!” 

Recent Selfie’s

     Hello Bat Brat’s,

    I needed an avatar for my Tumblr blog. I took a few pictures for it. Here they are. I thought my followers should see how I look now. I have lost a lot of weight. You can see it in my face. I look okay for being sick. I do try to keep myself well put together. I don’t wear makeup. I am very allergic to most foundation’s and lips sticks. I also don’t put anything in my hair. I use to try new things but I stopped because I am tired of trying to look good for everyone else. I should look good for myself. 😁✌I took pictures with my hair up and down. One of My nicknames at the apartment complex I live in is Rapunzel. My hair grows very quickly. It is down to my lower back now. I set on it a lot. It frustrates me but I am okay with it. I have a phobia of hair so keeping it long helps me to deal with my phobia. I have learned to be okay with my anxiety. Okay here’s my Selfie’s. 






I Choose To Fly 

The color of my trials are gray, they burnt away. My demons are crispy and blown away from my life. All that is left of them are scares. Deep wounds, scratches left behind from my struggles. I fought hard. My angel’s fought harder. My life is no longer defined by a status.  No, it is defined by my mind. Who I decide to be is my choice. No one but I can make the leap. I choose to fly.

I had to make a new Tumblr, I haven’t been able to log into my account for a year. So I have to reconnect with my new Tumblr blog. Until I figure out how to do that here’s a link to this poem @Weathered Poetry on Tumblr.

I Am Fighting Life (Quote and definition of The Shady Rose)

“I always proof myself by defying all the odds. I am more than just a shady rose. I am a black rose amungest the red roses. ” © 2017 Amanda D Shelton

I posted this first on Twitter @GothicMuse1

Definition Of The Shady Rose

The Shady Rose is a metaphor for lier’s, dishonesty, and shady affair’s of some people.

I have been used many times throughout my life because I am a nice person and I don’t judge people. Sometimes I come across weak so there some people who think it’s okay to use me. When in the end they are surprised to find out how wrong they are. I am not weak, or weak minded. I am actually very strong welled and open minded. I also give others a chance. I try to see good in all things. I have learned that love can’t change someone else or make them what I want them to be. Love is how I feel towards them nothing more. Also I never let my feelings control my decisions. If I feel uncomfortable I will leave or I will face the situation by looking for a way to deal with my feeling of discomfort. I am known to speak bluntly, and I am not shy. Most people I know find me to be very honest and they say they wish I had my strangth or they wished I didn’t suffer so much pain. People have also told me how they think I am a merical and they look up to me. I use to tell my mom that I have a very big responsibility for being a advocate for everyone else. Doesn’t matter what you suffer from or your struggles. If I can live through brain surgery and chronic illnesses so can the world. Boop! I have something inside of me that some people don’t have. It is my will to fight and to live, to move forward no matter the size of the mountains in front of me. I always climb and I always find the top and I glide down my Mountains with ease and skill because I have learned how to fly.

I have always considered myself as a philosopher, I use to talk to my mom until 1 o’clock in the morning. I was only seven years old then. I would talk about the brain and how I thought how it function’s. I would say that I knew why I am different from everyone else, it is because of my awareness. I have a higher awareness than most people have. My brain is always mapping out the details of my surroundings. I don’t forget what I experienced either. I think that that’s what makes my IQ results unfair. Just because I remember more and understand things quicker doesn’t make me smarter. I find myself to the fool in most situations. Specially when it comes to my emotions. I am not very quick in feeling something before I respond. So when I do act upon a feeling I am slow to respond. It can confuse me if I end up crying because I am not someone who cry’s for no reason. Usually something has to touch my heart very deeply for me to feel like crying. Like my pain. I don’t usually cry over my pain. I can even talk through a migraine. And I have ocular migraines. Those are very rare and I have an even more rare type where it can parolize my face, hands, or tongue. I have sat in the hospital talking to the doctor about what I am going through while I am having a migraine. It is how I deal. I have learned how to control some of my pain by breathing techniques and talking myself out of the pain. I have done laughing yoga before too. I taught a yoga class laughing yoga and basic meditation. My class is still being ran by the clinic I started the yoga class with. Everyone who know me knows what I fight. Even I am amazed at myself today. The doctor’s told my family and myself I would never be able to live a normal life. I wouldn’t be able to work, drive, read, and write. Hey but look at me now. I am blogging, I am living a almost normal life, I can speed read and remember 100% of what I read. I even proved myself by getting brain surgery so I can live my life the way I choose. I never wanted to be rich or famous instead I wanted independence. I prayed to God he would find me away that I can live with my illnesses but still live my own adventure. So he gave me the internet and my family. I looked for two years online for answers. How do I concur Dystonia? The answer came the day I told my family I am giving up finding an answer, I am letting God handle it. I don’t care anymore. So my mom and stepdad prayed with me that night. The next morning I woke with a feeling that I needed to check my email. When I couldn’t figure out why because I usually checked my email around the afternoon. But it was pulling on me so much I ended up checking my email to find the first email I had was from a website I am still a member of today. It was an advertisement about a rare surgical procedure called (DBS) Deep Brain Stimulator. Usually used in Parkinson’s disease patiences but there were trails for using it on Dystonia patience like myself. I gave the email to my mom. After six months I was laying in the operation room waiting for the surgery. The whole thing was amazing because it went by so quickly without any problems. So for six years after I was living my dream. I was running, cleaning, babysitting, and living on my own. Today I am sick again but it’s not the Dystonia that causes me problems. I found out I have muscle dystrophy. “Myotonic muscular dystrophy is the most common form of adult-onset muscular dystrophy. Facial and neck muscles are usually the first to be affected. Facioscapulohumeral (FSHD). Muscle weakness typically begins in the face and shoulders.” I didn’t know I had this until the doctor told me. I went for testing because I was wanting to understand what is happening to me. Why did I divelop chronic pain syndrome and why am I getting weaker. I can barely lift myself from a chair anymore. I get sweaty when I do too much activity. I never use to sweat. I even thought maybe my hormones where out of wack. That came back normal. Though my muscle conduction test came back abnormal. I had two different doctors trying to figure out what they were hearing and seeing on the computer. I asked them what was wrong. They said it is an anomaly. You could hear how my muscles won’t quit moving. Which is odd because Dystonia makes the muscle to contact. My muscle do both contract but also twitch and cramp but never relax. I never had this problem before. Also the Dystonia never weakened my abilities to get up from a chair. Usually I can’t set down in a chair. I end up moving and contorting every time I try setting in a upright seated chair. I have to recline to be able to set down without contorting. I am still learning how to deal with my illnesses. I think it is just a life time adventure that makes it interesting. I am also learning new things about life and science because of my research into the biology of the mind and body. I probably could write a book. I am thinking about working on putting together my poetry and getting it published. I am in progress researching how to do that.

I hope you all the best. Be blessed and love your neighbor’s without judgement. Plus it’s none of your business what anyone else is doing. Just remember this, you are the only one and thing you will take with you when you die. Your neighbor’s have nothing to do with your choices. Also how would you feel if someone judged you and told you how horrible you are, because you don’t live your life the way they think you should? Maybe you should look at yourself before you judge someone else?

Live long and prosper my friend. Love as hard as you are able, and live life as if you are dying. Because the reality is we all are slowly dying. It is life. Live it well.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

A Note To My Heart (He Knows Who He Is)

My love doesn’t change
just because the one
I fell in love with hurts me.

What changes is my
trust in the person.

Trust is simple, elegant,
and a strong emotion.

What’s not simple is how trust
is gained, being silant,
crule,and rude doesn’t
prove you are trustworthy.

You gain trust by being open,
mindful, and selfless.

Judging someone doesn’t prove
you are trustworthy either.

How do you know if your judgements
are correct?
How would you feel if someone judged you?

You need to look at yourself first
before looking at someone else.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

This is a letter to my love Seany.
I hope he understands what he has done is bad. I hope he decides to change not for me but for himself. I love him no matter his faults. I just can’t handle the situation he has caused. I shouldn’t have to. I need to take care of myself first.

This Is An Update 

          I am not sure how to start this post so I will just tell you what I want to say.

           I consider myself very honest, up front, sometimes I can be blunt. I don’t know what others think, I don’t care to try to understand what they think. I don’t have enemies because I don’t make them. I have had bullies from high school come to me to apologise for their behavior year’s after we graduated. They told me they found me brave and strong because I never bullied them back. I actually told them I am sorry for their problems and I will pray for their piece of mind at my church on Sunday. I am glad I did because some of those people turned out to be very good people. I knew they would because I knew even when I was seven years old, that everyone is capable of being more than what they believe they are capable of being because we create who we are by using our thoughts, which comes with beliefs, views, and behavior. Also I have never judged others because I don’t know how to. I also was taught by church that God will do that I have no grounds to judge another. I would rather write a poem, blog, or draw. So when I am judged as being a cheater, a dishonest person by a boyfriend or a friend, my other friends and family members would say they are having problems if they judge me like that. Also I know a lot of people. I have collected friends over the years because I am not shy. I also never had secrets nor would I ever care too. Everyone knows who I am once they meet me. I don’t keep myself tucked under a rock. Like my counselor’s told me I am very transparent you can see right through me. I don’t block anyone out because if I did I would not be alive, I wouldn’t have gotten so far in my life if I held back my feelings and thoughts. I am disabled and I have always understood what helps me. Just like you, if you broke an arm how would you get help? Would you cry for help or lay on the floor in pain? I don’t like pain, even though the doctor’s say I have a higher talerance to pain because I have been in pain since I was around nine years old. My pain made me stronger but I had no choice to fight. There is something inside me that makes me want to keep going forward doesn’t matter how hard the road is to travel. I will climb if I have to, with my pain I still get through to the end. To me pain is not part of life’s baggage, I believe pain is part of the journey. Why else does life have pain? No one has immunity to pain. There are rare disorders that cause people to not feel physical pain but they still have the ability to have emotional pain. What I have learned with the experiences I have had is how to be more transparent and open. That’s part of the reason I started a blog. I am glad I did because I have seen and read other blogs that inspired me to keep writing and to become more diverse with my blog. I am always open to learning new things. That’s why I post about coffee, my artwork, and updates of my life. You don’t just get poetry from this blog. I am too much of a philosopher to stick to just one topic. Though I do post more poetry than anything else because that’s my main interest always has beenbut I also understand that not everyone likes my interests, I want followers that are diverse like I am; so I share many different types of post’s. I am very grateful for all my followers and those who click on the like button on my blog. You guys are awesome because my blog would be a tiny unknown blog if it wasn’t for you. I also love WordPress the software is awesome and great. If I could I would show my respect for WordPress and all of my followers by giving more than just post’s. But I am doing my best with what I have. I have also learned to love myself and that helped me to be happy with what I have now. I appreciate everything I have.

I hope you are blessed as I am blessed.

“My mom left her legacy behind by installing her strangths and beliefs in me. I will uphold what she taught me by sharing myself with you. That’s what my mom would want me to do. She always was proud of me no matter my faults. She knew my flaws are what make me strong.”

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

I Have A New Store Not 100% Happy But It Will Do For Now

Hello Bat Brats,

I am so excited to announce my new store Lily Pad Stock Designs. Also here’s a product I am currently selling. You can buy this product now by clicking Buy Now below the image.

Buy Now $5

Here’s a coupon for my first time customers, one per costumer:

First Time Customer 50% Off

50% off with coupon code “50%OFF1TIME” for all products

I have more products coming soon. I am still learning how the website works. I might end up changing websites because I can’t afford the monthly payment of 15 dollars. I am currently using a free plane which is very limited. I can only put up 5 products. So I don’t recommend sellfy.com to anyone who can’t afford to pay them. I can’t even send out emails to promote my products. There are other cons about sellfy that I am not happy with. Only one upside about the website is I am able to create coupons for my costumer’s. Though I think I can do the same if I just used Blogger. It’s free and I can use PayPal too. 🤗 I will give you updates about my store as it unfolds. Thank you for reading and being loyal reads of my blog. I am very grateful for you all. I hope you have a beautiful day/evening.


© 2017 Amanda D Shelton


New Artwork 

Hello Bat Brats,

Okay I have been working on new drawings. Here they are. I don’t like the last one but I wanted to share it anyway. Plus I am not shy about my mistakes. I blog so I can improve my work not complain about criticism. The first drawing is of my boyfriend’s cat Sassy. The second is a cartoon character I created for fun. His name is Jack. The third was an attempt at drawing Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I am in lots of pain today so the first drawing of Ariel didn’t come out very well. The drawing of Sassy my boyfriend’s cat came out better because it was the last one I drew. I love a good challenge. 😊

Meow! I am Sassy.

Hi! Fish you. This is Jack.

© By Amanda D Shelton 

Hello Autism Oh Nooooo!

Hello Bat Brats,Mandy Portait

Okay I am bored and having sensory problems today, so I have decided to share on my blog. I call this post Hello Autism Oh Nooooo! Why because it hurts and my problem is stupid overload of sensory do to Sensory Processing Disorder, which is common in people who have autism. I was diagnosed with stage one autism at the age of 30, on March 7th 2012 with Sensory Processing Disorder, I also have Savant syndrome (also known as autistic savant). It use to have a different name which is (Idiot Savant). Thank God that changed because I am not an idiot. 

                    My problems started all because I went outside without my sunglasses to help my boyfriend clean our Baby Boo’s cat box. Don’t forget your sunglasses if you have autism, it doesn’t work well or if you have Sensory Processing Disorder . I am screwed for most of the day all because of three minutes of sun exposure. Even sounds seem louder, lights brighter with a static like fuzz, almost like the static from a TV. Also my clothing is causing me to feel like sandpaper is being raked across my skin. It is slowly getting better so Yay! ♥

                  I am glad to be able to share this unique experience with my readers. I know some of my followers already know about my Autism because you have been following me from the beginning of me starting my blog. I thought it would be good for me to share more for my newer followers. It’s a bit of knowledge and awareness for you all.

Autism is a complex neurological disorder of development

              Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a group of complex neurodevelopment disorders characterized by repetitive and characteristic patterns of behavior and difficulties with social communication and interaction. The symptoms are present from early childhood and affect daily functioning.

             Not all autistic people have the same symptoms. Just like normal people we are all different, so how autism affects us will be different.  

Parts Of My story        

             I didn’t make friends until middle school because I didn’t care about making friends, because I was too busy trying to understand the other kids. I still don’t understand people. I have problems reading facial features, I have learned what certain movements mean but I am unable to tell what emotional responses are. I do have a higher awareness of my space, meaning I can sense changes in my environment that most people can’t. I can tell you the weather without looking at the news, also I can tell when it will rain days ahead. I know when someone is walking through the apartments entrance gate, and the gate is pretty far away. Sometimes I even see images in my mind of upcoming events, because my brain analyzes situations and I am able to visualize the situation with detailed accuracy. I saved my mom’s life many times because of my ability to visualize situations. Once I told my mom to pull over to the side of the road, we were heading to the beach in LA and I noticed a few things that scared me a bit. I told her I can’t keep going there is going to be an accident soon. She pulled over and a few minutes later a diesel truck came rushing by us, it hit a car in front of it and the car hit another vehicle and then a motorcycle hit the truck. We would have been the car in front if she wouldn’t have pulled over. I would have been died because lucky for the driver he didn’t have a passenger next to him, the whole passenger seat was crushed in. Mom prayed with me after that happened. It scared us both.

Boop! That’s all folks….

Until next time Bye (“sound of a door closing”).            

Hello Alice Art Collection (A Project I Am Working On)

Hello Alice Elegant Plaque



       “Hello Alice, I see you… Shshshshshsh Alice is dreaming, as for me I am a white rabbit for the evening”. 

      “Sometimes you can’t hear the ticking of the clock, other times it will drive you mad. Alice is her name and dreams are her game. I am a white rabbit showing you the way. Come on down, watch your trip it’s a long way down. Here is where you will find all the clocks who lost their time. Silence is normal but not if you are a timepiece. Tick tock, tick tock…falling into silence; as madness sat down for tea at 3:08 pm.” 


Hello Alice
Welcome to my madness


Elegant Parchment 2


Hello Alice


Clock Face


Gothic Tile Grunge Background


Hello Alice


“These pieces are from my Hello Alice Art Collection.
You can find more at Hello Alice Art Collection on DeviantArt. ”

© By Amanda D Shelton


Portrait and A Poem (Happy Mother’s Day)

With every memory we made,
with every heartbeat
we gave away.
My love will never fade,
Happy Mother’s Day.

I drew this for Mother’s Day.


“Being prideful is being sinful. Unless you balance it out well. Which we humans can’t do well. Because I am human I am incapable of being without pride. I will always be a fool because it is in my human nature to be nothing but a fool. I have a choice. I can find stability with my life by changing my point of view, or I keep doing what causes me unstable footing by keeping my old point of view.” 

© By Amanda D Shelton 

Pencil Drawing Anger Management

I drew this because my boyfriend asked me to. I love a good challenge. 😁🤗 

I call it Anger Management. 

New Artwork And Updates

Hello Bat Brats,

I am glad to be doing well right now so I can post this. I have been taking long breaks in-between posting because I am having migraines after being on the computer. I thought you would like to see my new drawings. I don’t have any poetry at this time so please be patient, my gift is on a spa day today. Plus it takes a few days for me to accumulate a few poems for you all to read. I like to post a few at a time to keep you all intrigued. I love being unique and coming up with poems that almost all can relate to. It takes time for all great poets to write awesome poetry. Maybe someday I will write something that will be a WOW factor. I am looking for a proof reader so I can write a book. I can’t pay anyone money at the moment but if I get revenue from a book or artwork I promise you I will pay the person who proof reads my work. I will even give them a free piece of my work though I am more likely to give them free copies of all my work. Just because I love you. Boop! Okay with adieu here is my new drawings.

I am going to redraw this frog. I am unhappy with the position of its left led. It doesn’t quite line up with its foot.



These next pictures are from The Boo’s Meow Art Collection.

More coming soon...

I have my own style of drawing.



I never was taught how to draw. Even my art teacher’s were amazed that I am able to draw like I do because of my disability, same with sculpting. Also that I can draw even though I had no prior experience. My movement disorder effects my skills only a little bit. I am still able to draw. I don’t say I am unable, I say “I am willing and able because I strive to prove the doctor’s wrong. Even​ the feeble minded and the disabled mind can do what a normal mind can not do.” I didn’t have to learn my skills. I was born with a broken mind but a gift that proves I am not all broken. We are all human after all.

Until we meet again adieu my friend.


© By Amanda D Shelton

I Am Disappointed

I am venting in this post.

Hello Bat Brats,

I am not feeling well today but I am doing my best. I have been thinking about something that has been weighing on my mind. I thought I should share on my blog.

I recently heard about a killing in my hometown. A couple was shot down in their  home. I believe the women survived and two children. What makes me upset about it is some people try to justify what happened by saying, at least the children art alive. As if a child’s life means more than an adult’s. I disagree full heartedly, all life is equally valuable. Does the Bible teach us one life is more valuable than another? No it teaches us not to judge others and to love others. So by people saying a child’s life is worth more than a dad or mom’s life they are judging. How does it make it right that a father died? Someone shot him inside his home. How can people justify it and be okay with it? It is very sick to think that the person who killed the father did a good thing by not killing the children. They still murdered someone. I am sickened by how people think like they do. Also just because you love someone doesn’t mean they can do no wrong or can’t be a bad person. This kind of thinking is bad for our society because how can we protect ourselves from bad people if we can’t see past our feelings? Logically anyone is capable of doing bad, evil things. It is in our nature to be sinners.


What The Bible Says About Judging Others:

Luke 6:31-36

31 Do to others as you would have them do to you. 32 “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. 33 And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. 34 And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full. 35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. 36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

Matthew 7:1-5

1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

Even if you don’t believe in God or the Bible this is still a very good lesson. How does your judgement make someone else’s choices good or bad? When you are not being fair if you think they can do no wrong just because you care about them. You can’t change someone else nor is it any of your business what your neighbor does. You are wasting your life by judging others. There is so much you are missing because you don’t take notice of yourself when you are too busy judging someone. Why worry about something you have no control of? Stop rubbernecking and start paying attention to other things that are more important to your own life. Like your family, pets, health, exc. I pray for you all as well as myself for health, happiness, and knowledge to understand right from wrong. Aman!



Tim Burton Inspired Artwork

Hello Bat Brat’s,  

            I have been working on new projects. Here’s my new Tim Burton inspired work. 

           I created him for my boyfriend, he and I love the movie Corpse Bride; I got inspired by the movie. 

A Thank You Message To All Who Pass By

Lovely Rose’s Artwork With Quotes Also Welcoming My Boyfriend To WordPress


The original can be found on my Deviantart profile here  Lovely Rose’s.

Also please checkout my boyfriend’s blog here seanisko. He writes poetry and loves FLCL (Fooly Cooly).

This is Seany, my best friend and soulmate.
I am excited to welcome him to our WordPress family.

Welcome seanisko


Image result for Fooly Cooly

Bad Year Negative Gear!

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I am thinking about taking my fundraiser down. I am not getting any donations and it is a waste of my time if no one cares. I hate not having enough funds and now everything I’ve been trying to keep running has ran out, do to lack of money. I am having a bad year. I Had to change my pain specialist without warning of my doctor leaving. I am inflamed, in pain, and the manager of my apartments is not doing a good job. My tub needs a plumber, has for a week; and my front door doesn’t close because the stupid manager had manance fix my door even though there was nothing wrong with it. I am being neglected. I don’t deserve this. I have to rely on people because of my disabilities, I have no choose. Yet because of their chooses I suffer. No one asks me what I would like them to do for me. I am tired of this, this should be my retirement, I suffered enough. I worked hard to get where I am today. I had to fight for my own responsibilities and space. Also these types of moments are why I don’t believe what people say, that I am a miracle, it makes me feel like I am a burden and an annoyance. I will keep this fund up for another week, but I will take it down if I don’t get responds. Thank you.

Here’s the link to my fundraiser https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/mandysartistfund. Also please don’t like this post unless you are going to donate. I am tired of being told how great I am but then I don’t get treated like I am so great. I don’t understand people and their communications they are wishy washy. If someone is unhappy with something please be honest with me about it. I am honest with everyone I know and meet, I expect the same from everyone else.

I am sorry it came to this but I needed people to know how I am doing. My hopes have been dashed but my dreams still fly so don’t think that I am giving up. I don’t give up. I am going to find a way to keep running my things by using all my extra money from food and special things. That means I will have no money for treats, games, and special things I use to make myself feel better because I can’t move.

I will leave you with this note. “You should feel lucky because you can work, run, jog, ride a bike, jump, dream, watch TV without having migraines and eye problems. You have family who visit you, call you, and invite you over for dinner. You don’t have problems with people not listening to you because they are too busy with their own lives. I have four people in my life who actually show me some respect, but they are not perfect. Though me being such a open person I need more than just four friends. I need support that shows change and progress. That I don’t have to fight for because I already did my work by asking for help. I shouldn’t have to repeat to people what my needs are, including my doctor’s. If they did a good job they would have read my paperwork and then ask me what else I need.” Boop!

Love you my Bat Brat reader’s. 

I might restart this fundraiser at some other time when I am not having so many problems. Plus I need to take time for myself.

I See You In The Swamps Stamp Collection By FroggyArtDesigns

Hello Bat Brats,

I am doing my best to be okay right now. I am dealing with a ocular migrain it is at the end but I am dizzy right now. It helps me to talk and to get my mind off the pain so I am posting.  I am so use to having them that I have learned to be okay while dealing. Moving on >>>

I promised I would make something for Christmas. My arm is making it difficult so I made stamps instead of  Photoshop backgrounds and other related things so I am sorry. I made an ornament with a Snowman with snowflakes around it. I tried making more but I think I need a short break. So here’s my new Christmas artwork.



Please check out the full ornament @FroggyArtDesigns on devaintart. com

A New Year

Imagine the day,
when hate and pain
becomes nothing but a memory.

One glorious day,
cloudless and sun soaked day,
all your sorrows dropped away,
with yesturdays rain.

Some beautiful day,
when your life becomes
heavy, gloomy, and gray,
the light of a new day
will cleanse it all away.

A new year is creeping up,
soon the changes will
show you the path.

A new goal is running up fast.

What a gloreous day,
a wonderful day,
as hate and pain
transforms into one last breath.

Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year
to all.

May all your remaining years
be a blast,
may you be blessed
and transformed into
whatever you strive for.

Be strong and bold,
be proud and loud,
but with grace
and most of all be grateful.

© By Amanda D Shelton

My New Website and Projects I Did This Year

Hello Bat Brat’s, 

          Merry Christmas everybody and Happy New Year. I wanted to end this year with a reminder of what I did this year. So here’s pictures of my finished projects and my Christmas project as well. 

          This first picture is of a Sock Snowman. The second two are of my Dystonia Heart Pillows. You can add aromatherapy oils to the pillows before putting them in the microwave for one minute. Becareful though it can get hot, make sure you let it set for one minute before handling. I am looking for a way I can sell these online. I already have a name for my product (Dystonia Heart Pillows, also Dystonia Heart Sock Creatures coming soon). It is part of my Froggy Art Designs projects. I am going to buy Jean’s from Goodwill so I can make more Dystonia Heart Pillows. Also I need more socks from the Dollar store to make more Dystonia Heart Sock Creatures. I am working on making a unique mark for Dystonia Heart too. I am going to use Photoshop to make it. Wish me luck everyone. I hope you are having a great Christmas. 

Here’s a preview of my new website Froggy Art Designs. Click please, I am so excited. I bought myself a domain name. Woot woot! For me! The website is new so nothing is there except a few things. 

© By Amanda D Shelton 

Froggy Art Designs/ 

“Stitches Held My Pieces Before Dystonia Tore Me Apart, Yet Still I Twitch On.” By Dystonia Heart. 

Spread the awareness of Dystonia by reposting my quote please.

Chalkboard Delights ( Backgrounds)

Hello Bat Brat’s,

           I’ve been working on new things for Photoshop cc 2017. I love working with Photoshop it’s so much fun. Yep! yep! yep! I’m a Photoshop freak. Let’s do the Photoshop dance. I wiggle to the right, I wiggle to the left, I wiggle wiggle wiggle as I draw a wiggly line down the page with Photoshop brush set. Yay! LOL Here’s my new backgrounds. Also I’m still working on Holiday backgrounds and such for Photoshop users. The materials will be ready for download on my DeviantArt profile soon @FroggyArtDesigns. You can check out my Chalkboard Delights Backgrounds right now, if you’d like. Here’s what is included in the folder, also an information document on how to create patterns in Photoshop.





A New Sketch – Sassy (Baby Boo) My Cat



This is Sassy (Baby Boo) my cat.

I took five hours of my day to sketch her picture. I must really love my cat. 🙂

You can find the original picture and artwork on my DeviantArt profile

@FroggyArt Designs .

Spanish Hot Cocoa Coffee

Hello pedestrian,

LOL just joking hello Bat brat’s. This message is brought to you by Gothic Realms where all your poetic dreams ooze from my mind. Drip, drip, oops I dropped one. I haven’t posted anything new for my coffee lovers. Well here you go. I have a recipe from my own personal recipe box. I edited this because my phone has bad spell check, it spells worse than I do. So I corrected a few spelling errors. YAY! Moving on…>>>

Spanish Hot Cocoa Coffee.

What you will need is…

  1. A Coffee maker
  2. Sauce pan big enough to hold at least four cups.
  3. Ladle and whisk
  4. Nestle‑Abuelita Mexican Chocolate
  5. Rich Hot Cocoa mix (of your choosing).
  6. Coffee (of your choosing).
  7. Cinnamon sticks.
  8. Make the coffee like you usually do.
  9. Now add two cups of milk to your sauce pan, heat for three minutes then add one Nestle-Abuelita Mexican Chocolate stir until mixed.
  10. Add four tablespoons of Rich Hot Cocoa mix or as much as you want for extra rich Cocoa.
  11. Add two cinnamon sticks to the mixture. Let simmer for five minutes then let stand to cool.
  12. Add the coffee slowly stirring occasionally.
  13. Use the ladle to scoop into a mug how much Cocoa you want.

This recipe would be great for a holiday event or a party. I hope you try it and enjoy.

New Christmas Project (Sock Snowmen)

Hello Bat Brat’s,

         I’m proud to announce my new project for the holidays (sock snowmen). There’s a sample below. Also I’m going to work on the Holiday backgrounds today. At this moment I’m at the doctor’s. I’m transferring to my dystonia specialist so today was my last visit with my pain specialist. Hopefully nothing else changes. Wish me luck. Here’s the picture of the sock snowman. 

Photoshop Ideas

Hello Bat Brat’s,

            So I have been working on Photoshop with a paid membership for about eight months now and I already know almost everything it is capable of doing. Now I am looking for a challenge. I know how to make eyeballs, skin, hair, backgrounds, brushes, styles, and much more. For some reason hair is harder to recreate in Photoshop, probably because I have a movement disorder. OUCH! All those lines. Though I am very excited about the new release of Photoshop CC 2017. Awesome work and awesome features that enhance old features. I’m like Boop! Boop! Boop! About Photoshop Boop! Yeah! Brahaha ha *coughing*. Sorry I had to add my Bat Brattiness laugh in there. 😁

    Okay moving on, as I twitch over to the next sentence. Aw yes here we are. I am working on backgrounds for the up coming Holliday’s. I know exactly what I am going for. Also if you haven’t checked out my deviantart profile please do so by following this link @FroggyArtDesigns. I already have a few backgrounds I created hanging around my profile. Now to get to work on holiday backgrounds.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
More artwork coming soon to a froggy near you Ribit!🐸If only I was a taod, I would be in heaven living on a lily pad. 

A Replica Of My Eyeball (Realism With Photoshop)

That’s right I created a replica of my eyeball in Photoshop. Boop!
You can find the original here on my DeviantArt Profile @FroggyArtDesigns.





Here’s what it looks like without word’s.

Shout out to all who follow and like my blog

           Thank you for everything you have given me. Thank you for being yourself and beautiful people. I am grateful for all of you. I wanted to share some love with you. Boop! 

           Thanksgiving is coming soon. I love Thanksgiving, it has been my favorite time of the year sense I was very little. I can’t wait to see my family. Hehehe! I will miss my mom, I always think about her when I don’t feel well and around the holidays. I am glad I have good memories about her.

“Life can’t be lived without pain and suffering. How would you know contentment or happiness without the struggle?”

© By Amanda D Shelton

Vote For President 

I created this poll as a joke. Hahaha! I vote for Ghost Of Edgar Allan Poe.

Dystonia Awareness


Hello Bat Brat’s,

            I made this today. I created the little man myself. It was an idea I had for awhile. Please do not use my work unless you credit me, and don’t sell it or edit anything. I will know if you do because I thought out this project very deeply so I know what it looks like even if editing has been done. You can find the original on my DeviantArt profile here  FroggyArtDesigns.

Thank you.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Sticking My Neck Out

“You think I got through life with my head stuck up my butt? I didn’t, I stick my neck out until I can support it.”

© By Amanda D Shelton 

FroggyArtDesigns Fundraiser


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FroggyArtDesigns Fundraiser 

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“Life is not about you or where you go,
life is about everything else around you.” 

© By Amanda D Shelton


 Cause & Affect

Life is selfish, brutal, and rough.
But it’s up to you where it takes you.

I am like the wind,
I blow through your life;
you will never forget me
or the affect I cause in your life.

© By Amanda D Shelton 



Updates, yay how much fun

Hello Bat Brat,

Here I am again, I know I haven’t been posting much on here lately.I have been working on new projects. First off I have decided to not to make games. It is just not my thing. I tried it but it didn’t peek my full interest. I am sticking to poetry and art. So I do have some good news, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do and I got bored again. 😄 I had two names picked out for a new blog idea, I already made one blog called The Moonlight Rose. I didn’t want to waste my other one so a few days ago I made another blog called The Weathering Poet. Don’t worry I will not waste these page’s, I have to many followers and likes. I am just going to share different types of posts on each blog. Gothic Realms is for my broken heart poetry, artwork , also my how to posts. The Moonlight Rose is for my dark romantic and humorous poetry. The Weathering Poet is for my creepy dream like and emotional poetry.

I am trying to keep myself from getting too bored. Having something to do when your disabled is kinda an important thing. I think having to care for three blogs will keep me busy enough. My inspiration is kinda free flowing and never ending. Hey you can call me the poet who never has writer’s block. Boop! Yeap that’s me, I love writing poetry.  😝  I remember when I was very young,  I never stopped thinking. My whole life has been a never ending thinkers party. The invites went to Pondering, Window reading, Thought provoking, and stimulus thought reprocessing.

I want you all to know how much I love blogging and WordPress. You guy’s are the greatest and I enjoy writing for you. I am always surprised when someone likes my posts maybe because I don’t think I am any good. Sometimes my spelling is wrong and I am such a critical thinking about my own work. I always think I can do better because I know I can and if I didn’t have the drive I think I would have quite a long time ago. I don’t know how to quit though so hahaha on quitting. I don’t like quitting, its boring and BLAH. 🙂

I hope you all will check out my new blogs. I don’t care if you like anything, that’s up you. I don’t blog for your approval I blog for my own purpose. Link’s are here The Moonlight RoseThe Weathering Poet

“Be happy with today and don’t allow the grief from yesterday break your strings, you keep on dreaming beyond your strifes and let the grief ride away into the night.”

“I don’t live to love, I love to live and to break your rules.”

© By Amanda D Shelton

Update I am Working On a New Project 

Okay I am truly excited about my new project I started today. I am going to try creating games, for android PC and other game platforms. I am doing research and I already have software called Stencyl. I joined a game community so I can learn more.I am already an artist so creating artwork for my games will be easy and fun. I was thinking that I should upload the artwork I create to my deviantart profile. My first game I think will be about poetry, or I can create a world built off of the concept of poem’s I like. Turn it into a whole new gaming experience. These games will not be like five star quality, but maybe if I get into it enough they will turn into five star quality games. We’ll see.

“If you have an idea, don’t throw it away. Keep it for later because you never know if you will need it.”

“I can do anything I believe I can do, as long as it’s not magic.”

© By Amanda D Shelton

How To Protect Yourself From Phone Scams & Fraud 

Phone scams suck, some scammers are lazy and don’t even try very hard. I don’t even understand where some of them get their funding. Unless some people are so stupid they would believe anything. People need to start being less lazy and start research to learn. Stop complaining and start doing something about it. 

This is a list on what you can do about phone scams and fraud. 

  1. Don’t answer the phone if the caller ID is (Unknown, Private, out of area, or not in your contacts) .
  2. If the caller said they are from Microsoft (anyone related to Microsoft would not be calling you for support, it is a scam) hang up and please don’t give any personal information over the phone, also someone could be listening in on your call.
  3. Hang up if the caller starts telling you that you won something. Or if you ask them for information and you can’t even understand what they are saying. Also if they have an accent.
  4. Don’t give any personal information over the phone. Just don’t do it. Banks, Government, or any real business would not ask for any personal information over the phone. It is too risky and illegal, business know this. Except if you called for support ,but still be cautious.

    Phone scams are like annoying cockroachs, they are dirty and ugly. Cockroachs like dirt, crumbs, and leftovers. Scammers are the same, they work dirty, they take you until you have nothing left, and they won’t leave you any crumbs.

    We need to eradicate them at their source. Don’t give them resources or funding. Don’t pay them any attention. Ignore them until they run out of resources and have no choice but to find something else. Sometimes to make someone leave you have to ignore their calls or their plead for attention, block and report them.

    Beep! If you would like to make a call please hang up and try your call again. If you need assistance, please dial your operator… 

    Little Bird Drawing & Poem 

    I also have a poem.

    Push Or Shove

    Pain and suffering is like a wave,
    you have two choices.

    One, you go against the waves,
    you start to get tired,
    so you drowned.

    Two, you ride the waves
    going with its push and pull,
    so it carries you ashore.

    Fighting life is no good,
    it just makes more strife.

    Stop fighting,
    instead find your way, in the world’s fast paced waves.

    © By Amanda D Shelton 

    Humanity’s Meanness Such Judgment We Portray 

               Unfortunately to be blunt and honest is not the normal way to communicate. Dishonesty is no new trend. I learned early on in my life, people are dishonest because they are taught by their parents to fib and to tell stories, so to get their children to obey. There are many other ways people are dishonest. It leads to distrust and trouble. This causes people to grow mean and angry.

                 I’ve been called mean by only one person in my life, probably because they were using my kindness as my personal weakness and I told them how much it hurts me. They were not expecting it.  This person is my friend and they have changed in many ways, all because I gave them a choice. Be my friend honestly and openly or I leave the relationship forever. I have learned that sometimes to allow someone to grow you have to let them go. Yourself is more important than someone else’s happiness. Why? because if you are not happy how can you show someone else’s happiness? You can’t grow something from nothing. There has to be a solid foundation before the walls can stand. Same goes for relationships, its hard work to keep things interesting stable and growing. Relationships are like plant’s,they need nourishment love and respect so they can grow and be prosperous.

                   Love hurts sometimes, why? because when you feel passionate about something or someone, that feeling can be very powerful, if someone you love does something hurtful it becomes personal and it has deeper meaning. We are more likely to walk away from a stranger because we haven’t had time to make a deeper emotional connection with a stranger.

                In my experience hatred is infections, it spreads like a disease or wildfire. It causes more damage in one word, than silence does in one breath.Its so hard to keep silent when your feelings are hurt. We humans can be viscous beasties. Judgemental cruel and crude, it all has a price tag though.

    Judgemental: By judging someone else you are more likely judging by your own actions. One mistake there, you are not the other person and you don’t know what they go through . So why judge them by your behavior?

    Cruelty: Usually this behavior is learned by example or abuse. It’s up to you if you are cruel to others. Just remember this, to be loved is to be respected and treated as a member of society. To be hated is to be an outcast and treated like crap. So do you want crap or respect?

    Crude: Like oil it can run thick. Some people can be very embracive and intrusive with their opinions. They are not aware of others feelings or opinion, nor do they care. They just want you to hurt like they do. It’s very rude and crude.

                  I noticed how mean people can be after reading webpages and there comments. People are judgemental freaks, hatred runs rampant on the web. Probably because people can pretend to be someone else so it makes it less personal for them. Yet they make everything personal to get reactions. We call them trolls. I don’t feed the trolls. Would you feed a stray cat if you wanted them to leave? Then why feed the trolls?

                Pay the toll , and keep on strolling. The trolls bite is no bigger than a might, you have a choice between leaving the fight or learn to bite. I say goodbye and goodnight to any troll who thinks I should fight. GRR to the trolls… Mandy has left the fight.

    New WordPress Editor For The Phone Still Needs Work, I Give It 4* Though 

    Hello Bat Brat’s,

    Okay I just got a pop-up window on my WordPress application telling me about the new editor. Mind you I have been using the new editor for about two weeks now. I just now got the notice about changes LOL. I am happy with some of the change but it is still missing something. It’s not easy to add lines and the editor trys adding junk to the post. I have to go into HTML mode and edit out the add on junk. But the application gives me trouble when I go into HTML mode. I can’t figure out a way around it. If anyone can help me figure out how to work around it, I will promote your blog on my Google + page. 🙂 Really what I need is to stop the application form freezing up when I switch to HTML mode. I will figure out how to add lines later. 

    I am human to so please remember that when commenting. I have feelings and thoughts. My opinion means just as much as yours does. Thank you fellow WordPress blogies. I hope you are having a great day. Boop! 

    Instinctual But Adaptable 

    Why is it so important for people to share their opinion, yet they are so quick to shut down someone else’s?

    Well its the same reason someone will get upset when a neighbors dog poops on their yard. They are selfish and controlling. Most humans are because it is instinctual to want control over ones territory. We are pack animals by nature. Yet we also are unique about how we adapted to different situations. Some people can’t handle change or they don’t understand so they are afraid. The unknown is very scary for some people and we humans have a deep need to understand the unknown so to control it. For instance, conspiracy theories, are nothing more than rumours being shouted out by paranoid people. Awareness can cause such behavior but so can dellutions. These types of people live on the edge of their own world, always in fear of their own shadow. I feel sorry for them because they know no different. They don’t listen to the truth because it frightens them to know their fears are nothing more than shadow. What is a shadow but the bending of light which causes a void of light at the bending point. A solid structure causes the light to bend around it creating a shadow. Conspiracy theories are the same so is the dog pooping on your yard. Why get upset at something you can’t control? Why does it matter so much? When your family is more important than a dog pooping on your yard or your health is more important too. Plus people are just lazy they don’t want to pick up after someone else’s dog. That’s just selfish though because you don’t know if your neighbor is sick or if they lost a loved one. Its your problem because your the one who’s upset not your neighbor. The dog pooped on the yard not your neighbor. Also you don’t really own that yard, you might not live where you are now in the future and the land you are using was there way before you were.

    I can tell you this though. The only sure thing you can control , is yourself. You have a choose how you behavior and what you present to others. Your word’s and actions are what people see first, and it is up to you how you use them.

    “Let go of your need for control because you already had none.”

    © By Amanda D Shelton

    Mandy’s Guide To Life 

    1. Stick to the wall to your left when in a group because you are more likely the only one there because most of the population is right-handed and you can learn about the crowd you are part of. 

    2. Don’t just sit, think about what you will do when its time to stand, that way you will be prepared for anything. 

    3. Be kind to everyone, even your enemies because you never know if that person you helped will save your life someday. 

    4. Go to your favorite place often , even if it is through meditation because your brain likes it and you will feel peaceful there. 

    5. Think like a bug or a couch cushion, so to expand your mind and by using your imagination, your mind will grow stronger the more you use it. 

    6. Don’t always look at your phone, look up so you won’t miss out on life. Plus when you do you are expecting your horizon and your chances to learn new things. 

    7. Don’t believe magazine’s, TV, or internet, choose for yourself what you believe is true. 

    8. Always ask for directions if you can’t find your way. 

    9. Don’t forget to stop in-between sentences so you can think about what you want to say. Your conversations will reflect your ability to think before you speak, by pausing 10 second’s in-between sentences. Also it will give the other person time to think too. 

    I wish you luck on your journey through life.

    Patience and Fear 


    Patience is not about waiting, but the ability to keep a good attitude while working hard for what you believe in.

    Living In Fear

    If you think about the process it takes for your mind to communicate to the body part’s you want to move, you would more likely think you are going nuts. If you have ever been in a fight to flight mode, you will likely know what this type of thought process is like. I myself experience this process a lot but more so in my childhood than now. Probably because I was so afraid of everything that my brain felt like a soldier fighting in the front line of fire. I just had to survive with all costs. No giving in nor up. All I wanted was peace and contentment. Yet through my whole childhood nothing changed, I felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. By the time I hit the button of my hole, I was ready for anything. BAM! Mandy land’s on her feet and here comes the armory. I started crawling my way through life and nothing could stop me. I searched for answers and truths, some I liked other’s I tried changing if I didn’t like the answers. I never could just sit, I knew life had other ideas. I knew I was different too yet that never stopped me.I always beat to my own drums. If life pulled me left I always made sure it was the right direction. Plus life doesn’t always give you milk with your cookies, sometimes it gives you water instead.

    Who’s got milk? I don’t. 😦

    Oh cookie how I miss our sweet times together and the dipping of your crummy goodness into the creaminess. Yummy! Sadly I had to say goodbye to milk products. Stupid allergies. Blah!

    Okay moving on… Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

    That’s a wrap Falk’s.

    Definition Of “Phenomenon”

    Definition of the word Phenomenon:

    It is a noun.
    GRAMMAR: a word (other than a pronoun) used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things common noun, or to name a particular one of these proper noun.


    1. A fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.

    synonyms: occurrence, event, happening, fact, situation, circumstance, experience, case, incident, episode.

    “a rare phenomenon”

    2. Philosophy: The object of a person’s perception; what the senses or the mind notice.

    Interesting Knowledge


                    I found this on Today I Found Out . I love it when I find these domains in the rough (diamonds in the rough). I usually research something new and I rarely find websites like the one I am sharing. I fell in love with it after reading the first article. This image above is facts about the human body. I thought some of my reader’s will find it interesting. 

    Someone Has Stolen My Support Ribbon

    Hello Bat Brat’s,

             I have a question. Is it against the law for someone to take someone else’s image and say it is theirs, like a support ribbon?

             I created this image awhile back and I have learned through research that someone on Pinterest has prompted it as their ribbon.


                  It is not theirs, I took time and effort to create this. If you see anyone saying they created it please report them. Its stealing. I never said people can claim my work. I made this ribbon to support Dystonia awareness not for others to claim as their own work. I can prove it is mine, because I kept the original and edits.

                  I never thought someone would steal my work and claim it as their own. I made it unique so that no one could steal it. Please report anyone who steals any of my work. All images on this blog are my own work. I took time creating these art pieces, some took hour’s for me to finish. This support ribbon means the world to me because its sharing knowledge with those who are ignorant to Dystonia. It teaches everyone what Dystonia is and how it effects the suffers.

                  I just don’t understand why people do this time of thing. I even told people to link my blog to my ribbon if they choose to use it. Plus the best way to learn something is to speak to the source. I myself is awareness for Dystonia because I suffer from it. How can I do something about this? This is why I was thinking about stopping sharing my artwork online. Nothing is safe online, you can’t trust people or websites because people can be malicious. I hate having to post this but I don’t know what else to do about it.

    The support ribbon was originally on my other blog Personality101. I got bored with that blog that’s why I ended up migrating to Gothic Realms full time. You can still read my work there. I don’t really care if you do or not so no pressure.  

    Rant! I Am Not Happy

    Hello Bat Brat’s, 

                   This is a rant about Microsoft email security. Microsoft sucks at protecting you. I tried changing something on my email but Microsoft wanted me to change everything telling me it’s more secure if I do. Which is bullshit, I don’t need Microsoft’s help keeping my email safe by giving control over my email to the stupid software. Now I can’t change anything until 30 days are up because they blocked me out of my settings. They say it’s safer yet you’re giving them control over when and how you change the functions of your private email. I am not stupid I know what spam and scams look like. I don’t even view emails from senders I don’t know. I have changed my password before and resent my phone number too, they always locked me out at least this time I wasn’t blocked from using my email. I think its just plain blullshit. Oh and you can’t email support through their report, oh no you have to look for their support page to contact them, after that you have to find your problem in a list that they provide for supporting you. This is just laziness on their behalf. With all the money those stupid people make you’d think they would pay others to do a better job or at least fire those who are failing at it. Pay for better support so we don’t have to change our information to please your security system flaws. Stop blocking setting changes if there are changes to the email. Plus it should be up to the owner of the email if we change things not Microsoft.

    There is no such thing as private email,
    you are signing your name off to the email provider
    not just for an email.
    Reality is you don’t have full control over your email. 

                  My biggest pet peeve about the internet today, is how it is failing at providing proper security and information that is actually fact and knowledgeable. Instead of real security we get blocked out of our own private places on the web. How is this secure? It’s not, who do you think blocks you? Oh let’s guess shall we. The same programmers who run the websites that tell you they care about your privacy. They would rather block you instead of the real threads. It’s laziness on their part because it’s easier to treat you as the threat then take care of the real threat.


        I Have A Question ???

                    Why do I have to change my information to make my email more secure, when I already have an email and my phone number connected to all of that? I use the same devices I’ve always used and if I add or change one I make sure to let my email provider know.

                   I guess nothing is good enough for them they want all my private information, which they tell you not to give anyone but yet they ask for it. By the way I still get spam in my inbox and not my junk box, and sometimes emails that are not spam go into the junk box. Where’s the security Microsoft talks about?  

           WordPress Security Works

    I change my password a lot on here because I feel safer. WordPress doesn’t intrude on me either if I decide to not change anything related to security. I like this because I have control over the settings of my own blogs. I actually own my blog not the programmers who built the platform.

    Thank you WordPress for your support and awesome security,
    Microsoft could learn something from your security team. 

    This post is nothing more than my own views,
    if you don’t like it you don’t have to read it.
    I hope you have a blessed day.


    © By Amanda D Shelton

    Coffee Lover’s Dream Of A Scrub Cream

    Hello Bat Brat’s,

    Its been awhile since I posted about coffee, well here you go. This post is about how to make your very own Coffee Body Scrub. It’s easy and affordable.

    Coffee Body Scrub Ingredients

    1. Used coffee grounds or unused grounds. (works best with used)
    2. Coconut oil
    3. (Optional) Any flavor enhancement like vanilla extract, rum extract, even caramel extract would smell good. You could also add cinnamon sticks and let the concoction set for awhile.
    4. An air tight container to hold your new coffee lover’s dream of a scrub cream.

    Mix well all the ingredients together. You now have a new beauty scrub that any coffee lover would love. It will soften your skin and remove dead skin cells from your face, hand’s, feet any part of your body that skin care is used. It is not for internal use though, only use for topical beauty care.

    Coffee Time Is All The Time…
    Even For Beautiful Skin. ☕👍 😆💜

    I am planning on creating this to sell and share. I just need to buy jars, and sticker paper to make my own label’s.

    If you’re a coffee lover like me, you probably already turned into a jitterbug sometime in your life.


    Jitterbug It’s A Coffee Lover’s Dream

    © By Amanda D Shelton

    My Dream I Fought To Wake From

                 I woke within a dream, war was all around me. I tried shaking it off but sleep wouldn’t let me. I had to fight until it was time to wake.

                 I ran up to an empty house, I couldn’t find anyone inside. I decided to stay. Soon I heard people outside, yelling and crying. I went to the window to look, there were mechanical creatures attacking people. People fell down died one by one. I realized I wake up in the middle of an alien war fought by alien machines. I thought  “don’t freak I always wake up before anything happens.”        I went through the back door and into the garage where I found tools. I gathered as many as I can carry. I opened the garage door and ran out to the back gate of the house that lead to the backyard. I ducked under a large bush as a machine came by. My heart was pounding. I held my breath. The machine made a grunting sound and a vibration came from it’s underbelly. I closed my eye’s and silence came over me, as the machine left I took a quick look at it from behind.

                   I thought I was going to wake soon but with no luck. An hour passed. I decided to move, plus it was getting boring waiting for myself to wake up. I started to go in the opposite direction than the machines. Thinking it would be safer. I hit the streets of a small city, I wasn’t sure if anyone was left so I headed toward the building’s where business were. I saw a convenience store, the front wall was torn out and food were scattered about. I grabbed some, as I bent on one knee a man came out of the rubble waving to me as if beckoning me to come here. I started to walk over to him but I heard a grunting sound behind my head. I didn’t take the time to look, I ran towards the man. He grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. He pulled out a weird gun, I can hear the vibration of its mechanical trigger. The machine acted startled and then turned away to find something else. I thanked the man for saving my life.

                    We slept there for the evening in sleeping bags. In the morning we started to walk. We ended up at a large home or Villa like place. Other’s are there too. It was nice to see people and survivors. The house was big enough to fit everyone. I decided to explore the house. I saw a big ballroom, with chandeliers and tall drapery hanged from the windows. I paused for a moment to listen. I swear I hear people screaming. I went back and found that the machines have found us. I took out the tool’s I found earlier and I gathered other materials for building a weapon. I took the ropes to the drapery  and the chandelier handles. I bent the handles and tied the drapery rope make a bow. I then ran out of the ballroom, I got close to one of the machines and plucked the string of the bow. It vibrated making the machine go haywire, it retreated.  I then woke up, thank God too because I felt like I never was going get out of there.

    © By Amanda D Shelton

    Mandy’s Artist Fund

    Hello Bat Brats,

                  I hope your day is going well.  Mine started early.  I love getting up in the morning before anyone else because it’s very quiet and there’s not a lot of noises outside.  Today is cool and breezy with lot’s of sunshine. I can almost drink it up and let the cool breeze slowly become part of me. I would go wherever the winds will take me.

    About The Fundraiser

    I’ve been having problems affording art supplies so I decided to put on a fundraiser.  If you would like to donate please click on the button below this post. 

               Feel free to leave me a message too, I would love to hear from you. Just comment below this post. Prayer’s would be great to, it doesn’t matter to me what your faith is as long as it allows you to grow its okay in my book. Plus I was taught not to judge others and to be christ like by loving all. I hope you have a blessed day. 


    Donation Button


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    ♥ ∞ ♥

                forever loved…

    © By Amanda D Shelton

    New Art Pieces

    New Art Pieces!

    Yay! Here’s my newest project.
    My new pieces are inspired by Snow White.

    You want to know more?

    Click on the image please, and you will be redirected to my deviantart page.Snow White Parchments Banner Paper