The Chilling Song Of Winter

Auburn hills grow chill,
as the cold breath of winter
slowly rolls over kissing the tree tops.

A blanket of white
slowly covers the night.
The stars seem warmer
on a winters night.

Snow falls silent
and calm while the
winds blow their song.
Whispers travel far
over the hills and rolling fog.

Icy winter kissed the fog,
leaving ghostly perfume
of Autumn’s blushing cheeks.

This is
the chilling song of winer.

© 2017 By Amanda Shelton


Love Hurts Sometimes

Bruises are not always visible,
some are under the surface.

I have been through hell and back,
took a tip through the creak,
returned with bruises.

I am stronger for the wear,
but I still have deep scares
from all I bare.

Once I thought love was
going to make me happy,
because I thought that’s
what love is.

I have learned
love isn’t always happy,
love can hurt,
love can leave you
lonely and sad.

Because love is a complex feeling.

In my experience with love,
I have seen the stars light up for me
but I have also watched
as the sun collided
with my universe
destroying everything
I held dear.

I have loved and lost
I have fought parolees spaces
of endless time,
where love seemed so far away.

I have learned how to love myself,
do to the fact that love can’t love itself.

To love is the most selfless
act there is,
because you have to give yourself to someone else
to allow it to happen.

Love isn’t about you,
love is about everything else.

Letting go of your selfish lives
so someone can love you,
that’s the hardest thing to do.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

How Sad

When I thought everything was going well,
that’s when you let me down.

You played with my heart strings,
like a jerk on the string.

You pulled me up
until I seemed strong again,
only to throw me down.

You then picked me up again,
only to throw me down.

You bruised my heart,
with your brutal jerk.

I fell down the rabbit hole,
hearing your laugh slowly fade
as I fell deeper into the pain.

You shattered my life
like a piece of tempered glass.

You washed my wound’s
only to give me another lash.

Painful love,
is painful You.

How sad.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Painful You

The pain of love,
the pain of living,
is something to bare.

I am made of flesh and blood,
my bones bare witness
to my life.

I work hard to live hard,
I breathe, and think,
I collide with time as if
I am its catalyst.

I can move but not freely,
for I am held down by choices.

Love has broken my every heartbeat,
with each thud
it pump’s through me,
like tiny needles
running through my vains,
pocking my every move.

Thud! Thud! Thud!
Each breath I take
is another painful
memory of you.
Love… Painful You! 

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Ghostly Encounter In New Orleans 

Through fire and rain
they cursed my soul,
now I still remain
where I came.

They dug my grave
caged my fame with stainless steel,
like a vampire slayen,
in New Orleans.

They sang my song
through the dusk and fog
as I rolled upon the morres
my moans softly grown.
Until the end,
misty dreams of New Orleans.

Ghoulish strides I move
through the walls
as if none excist.

You feel my presence
like a chilling kiss,
a long forgotten whisper.

Shshshshs! I am upon you,
you can’t resist my experience.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Mixed Race

Mixed race,
am I supposed to be labeled for having
white skin?

Why can’t people see the person within?

I feel sorry for those who judge others
for not fitting into their standards.

It’s sad really,
that there are still people
who can’t see past
their own point of view.

How can you learn if all you see is you?

I am a mutt just like you,
I come from a family of different cultures and diverse colors.
We all do.

There’s no difference between you and I,
expect I can see past the color of your skin.

Underneath the cover of skin we all look the same, we are human.

Black, yellow, and white
I am all of these put
into a human package.
That’s what being human is,
get use to it.

Love yourself first
so you can love someone else.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Blood Pressure Medication

You are supposed to
help me live longer,
but sadly you cause
more pain and
for me to suffer.

Starts with a pill,
ends with higher level of
pain and no time to kill.

What’s the point if
you don’t help my pain?
I guess the doctor thinks
it’s better to live longer
then comfortable.

I am lucky I am strong,
for I would have
thrown you away
the first time you caused
me more pain.

I suffer from
high blood pressure,
I also suffer from
chronic life.
Same as you my friend.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton


“I fell hard,
piece by piece I crumbled.
Life slowly fell into place.”

grew into

Like a flower,
I bloomed.

I became
a weed,
I live off living.

I leave
pieces of me
I go.

Life moves
because I move,
it thinks because
I think.
Reality is possible
because I hold it inside
of my experiences.

I live
and life thrives
because I do.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Lifting Me Higher

I am no longer a slave to fear,
I suffered and struggled,
but all was lefted higher
when I let you cary me
through the fire.

I gathered my well
I built my wall’s stronger
all in your name,
I gave you all of my strife
and excepted my life.

I lived as life pushed on
harder, as is your well
and your desire.

You gave me kindling
to build my fire,
allowing my flame
to grow higher.

I have just one desire,
to live for you
and grow until
I can’t grow any higher.

You are my hope and dreams,
you bring me to my knees,
not in vain but for
strangth and exceptance.


© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton 

A prayer and poem I wrote awhile ago but never shared it. I thought maybe I should because there might be someone who needs to read it. God is the reason I survived through everything I have suffered. I never could do it alone. Once I let God have everything that’s when everything changed for the better. 

Love For The Night (Poems From, My Dying Heart Collection)

“A million stars burst forth from my chest,
for I couldn’t contain my love for the night no longer.
I am part of the night because I am made from its star dust.”

The Beauty Of The Night

The beauty of the night is the mystery of you.
My soul took flight in the middle of the night
only to be let down by the rising of the sun.

My heart ate the night,
devouring it with its wicked tongue.

Such love dwells under the cover of shadows,
only to be revealed as the sun rose over the horizon.
Sadly, such love dies turning to ashes
in the rays of the burning sun.

The love of the night
grows with such passion,
it’s black kiss blew me away.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

You can find the originals on my Tumblr @WeatheredPoetry.
These poems are part of My Dying Heart Collection.