The Rain

I ponder on the wild wind,
it carried my thoughts
to places I’ve never been.

Dripping dew from morning grass,
reflect my mood through
it’s beaming shimmers.

I love the smell of the
rain, it sooths my soul
and makes my heart sing.

I will remember when it rained.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton


I Added Another Piece Of Art To My Web Store

Hello Bat Brat’s,

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Cold Breath Of Winter

My window is dripping with rain drops, my day is foggy
but beautiful.

I like the cold breath of winter,
she sits upon her earthy
domain, as if to tease me
once again.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I thought I should post something positive after posting about my migraine.

Passion Of The Ice Queen

“Upon the Earth winter kissed the seasons with her ice covered lips. Leaving her chilled crown to melt on the ground so spring can hydrate her future seed’s.”

T’ Is a night of dark desire,
a song of sorrow fells the air,
the stars shine bright,
as the fog rises.
Curling, icy wisps of winter
that shrouds her brooding form,
an everlasting kiss
of frozen passion touched
her lips, so fair.
Her black hair cascades
over her pale and tragic
shoulders, and her full
Auburn eye’s watch shyly,
upon the morn where she
lays forevermore.

Now a night of duality,
I weep for such beauty,
as the winter waits no longer.

The ice Queen,
walking the white rings
of summer, autumn, and spring.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Cold Kiss Of Winter

The leafs are growing colder,
curling up on the branches of the tree’s.

I can feel the air breathing
it’s cold breath on my skin.
As my body shivers
with goosebumps.

I crave coffee more
and warmer foods.

I have the heater on through out
the night and day.

I love the weather
when it cools off through the day.

It’s the cold kiss of winter
I crave, when the summer heat
takes so long to go away.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Ode To Winter,

I love the winter,
cold, and calm.

Slowly life grows strong
and forgets about the summer

I too become somber, deep,
calm, and still; as the weather
blow’s me a chilling kiss.

I ponder deeply,
upon the mornings dawning,
while I drink my coffee.

The sky turns gray, clouds
look like soaking cotton balls
heavy with rain.

I can smell the seasons change,
wafting through the air,
reminding me of past gatherings of
my family and friends.

The food is heavier, and full felling
when the holidays are near.

I love the colder weather,
I am always prepared for the cooler

Ode to winter, and it’s
beautiful white blankets
of snow, hot chocolate,
and forgotten treditions
from long ago.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Mussing Over The Winter

There’s a chill in the air,
it covers my skin with goosebumps
and shivers.

The ground has hardened from the
cold winter breath of the colder season.

I can smell coffee brewing,
and car’s rushing by in the morning street.

The city is bustling with life,
as people scatter for their jobs
and distenation.

I am left brewing in my senses,
pondering on the moment.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Chilling Song Of Winter

Auburn hills grow chill,
as the cold breath of winter
slowly rolls over kissing the tree tops.

A blanket of white
slowly covers the night.
The stars seem warmer
on a winters night.

Snow falls silent
and calm while the
winds blow their song.
Whispers travel far
over the hills and rolling fog.

Icy winter kissed the fog,
leaving ghostly perfume
of Autumn’s blushing cheeks.

This is
the chilling song of winer.

© 2017 By Amanda Shelton

The Crickets

A violin plays for the wind,
up goes the bow strumming the strings.

A symphony orchestra concert
from nature is created,
such skill and gifted are
the crickets.

A beautiful sound that comes
from a tiny insect
the color of green grass.

Don’t be fooled by it’s
beautiful song,
for they are known to eat crops
and leave damages
like no other creater.

They are famous for causing
plague in the Bible,
and grain fields to disappear
in a night.

Beware of the violins at night,
such beauty can bring fright.

The crickets love the night.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Bounty Of Spring

Blooming alongside the flowers,
I blossomed like a daisy,
and I blushed like a rose.

My sun kissed cheeks soaked in
the morning,
as it sprinkled golden showers
upon the fields,
each blade of grass rose to the occasion soaking up the rays.

Such beautiful day’s,
I waited through the heated summer,
for the spring to once again
gaze upon the meadows
and awaken the sleeping trees.

I watched as the trees rose
from their sleeping bow,
peeking upward to the bounty
above the valley.

Her name is of giving,
perhaps a river that flow’s
once a year,
she’s called Spring.

Aw such a beautiful lady,
a bringer of renewal,
she’s part of the circle of life.

A full bounty she brings,
giving breath to the Earth,
each kiss gives a gift
a life is awoken.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

O Spring,

O Spring, with your dew drop lips,
lookest down through
the clear windows of the morning,
turn your angel eyes upon
our western skies,
which in full spectrum
the round body of the sun
approaches with her burning bosom.

O Spring, the Earth show’s
her blushing cheeks,
and the night listens to our prayers.

Valleys below; with green
meadows the sun is peeking through
as the trees are longing
for the light,
are turning up their newly
grown leafs.
Up to your bright pavilions
I can imagine the Angles singing
for your coming.
They rise to the occasion,
like roses in bloom.

Let your beautiful sun soaked
rays visit Earths clime!
Come over the eastern hills,
until morning turns to nigh.

Let her winds kiss your perfumed garments; allow Earth to taste the morning dew
and evening breath; scatter your richness
upon our lovers land
that mourns for greener pastures.

O Spring, the forthcoming
of your fairness and soft touch’s;
pour your soft kisses on the Earth’s surface;
and put your golden crown
upon her languish’d head,
Whose modest tresses are bound
up for those who fell in love
with her blushing gown.

O Spring, how I waited patiently
for your coming,
you have never forsaken me.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Good Morning

On every leaf the sun’s rays gently plays.
Upon the morning dawning
the birds chirp
and the curtains rise,
to allow the light to bathe
my tired eyes.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Heart Grows Fonder, For Winter’s Kiss Brings Change

What makes a moment last forever?
like brass, gold, and copper life
grows old and stains its own.

With the breath of winter
an icy song is song.

As seasons change
the heart grows fonder,
blooming before the summer
brings its bellowing heat;
the spring cover’s the mountains
with green as the fall follows
with auburn colors.

Time stands still for just a moment,
as the sun rises in the morning,
dawns rays slowly cover’s
the tree’s and life begins
to breathe.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Goodnight My Moonflower 

One dreary day a flower
grew in a baren landscape,
soon over grown and gray.
All the flowers rotted away,
leaving ghostly perfume
and misty dreams for those
who came to pick the flowers. 

As the night fell upon the fields
of ghostly petals,
one grew above the others.
It was a Moonflower. 

Like the others
soon the Moonflower
withered and died.
Never to set eyes on the morning sky.
Now I cry while the rain falls slowly.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Love For Water 

My favorite thing in the world
is water.
I love your blue crashing waves,
you bring me to my knees,
bowing to your rolling tides
as my heart rides.

You are always part of my,
moving through each artery
pushing life through my vains.
Coating each neroun
so I can remember you,
and write this rhyme.

Let me count the way…

  1. I love to drink you up.
  2. I love your coolness.
  3. I love your clean flavor.
  4. I love your blue color.
  5. I love your rolling tides.
  6. I love your waves,
    your curves are so divine.
  7. I love your sandy shores.
  8. I love your energy,
    you keep the lights from darkening.
  9. I love your growing shine,
    as the sun milt’s on your horizon.
  10. I love your beautiful vastness,
    your memory never dies.

I love water with a passion,
I had to share it in a rhyme.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Dear Rose Bud

Oh dear rose bud,
how you blush in the morning sun.

Dear rose bud,
How I feel about your rooted bud,
your closeness to the Earth,
your perfumed memories
and your fragile stem.

Oh my rose bud,
how I feel about your petals
and your bashful ways.
I admire your beauty
and your fragrance reminds me
of dreams of the misty forest’s.

Such memories you provoke,
such things you remind me of.

Soft walls of beautiful
floral gardens,
once again I am taken back to
my secret garden.

With your pink,
white, sometimes red hue.
I love you.

Oh dear rose bud,
I will never forget our
perfumed mornings,
our hearts will never part,
for you live on through
time and word’s unspoken.

Until we meet again
my rooted bud.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton


Climate Change

You watched me grow,
my colors shined like diamonds,
but you forgot about me.
You forgot how fragile I can be,
now I have fallen at your feet,
yet you can’t see me.

My tides break, My shores quake,
and my coral fray washing away
with the waves.

Climate change can be a serious thing,
it’s up to you how it changes.

You think you’re so small?
You think you don’t cause change?
Oh how ignorant you are,
you are too blind to see,
you even effect me.

Just because you can’t see something
doesn’t change if that something is real.
Just because you can’t feel something
doesn’t make it less physical.

You think you are insignificant?
Then look closer at your life,
for even now
you’re affecting your surroundings
just by being here.

Is that not the point to living;
to experience and grow with
those experiences?

Well I am serious
we need to make a change.

Our Earth needs us to wake up
and take notice of what we need to do
to help her to keep growing
and stop life from dying.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Rose Bud


My rose grew as my tears
hydrate its bloom. 

Our love is unique,
She a blooming bud,
I a stealer of breath. 

I sat her in my handmade vase,
hydrating her roots each morning. 

I shared my poetry,
She shows no judgement,
yet still she is but a rose,
her stillness cultivates my curiosity. 

I wonder if she hears my voice,
if she feels my presence, my touch. 

Can my rose be more than just a
rooted bud? 

Her petals are wilting,
like burning parchment paper
over a candles flame,
each one rolls up,
slowly falls to the ground. 

My rose died leaving behind
perfumed memories. 


© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Black widow

She’s agile and
seeking comfort,
over and over.

Like a violen she plays
with her web.

Black Widow
laying in her web,
weaving and sewing,
seeking her lover.

Black widow
see her weaving,
see her sewing,
waiting for her lover,
agile and seeking comfort.

Black widow
laying in her web,
binding and binding
so fast she’s winding.

Black widow
living in my window.

© By Amanda D Shelton

I drew this Black Widow just for the poem.

Sky Parchment Adventures 

The sky is an old parchment
that the sun, moon, and stars use too​ write to their muse.

Writing down their
wishes and dreams,
as they leave their
smudges and marks
for all to see.

What an adventure that would be.

A Rose

“Beauty bloomed once upon a summer’s night,
only to wither on the coming of winter’s bite.”

© By Amanda D Shelton

Artwork below


A Rose

Bee Kind To Your Neighbor

Delightfull as the tree,
Delighted is the bee,
as the buzzing becomes a dance,
the bee thanks the tree
for its flowers nectar
gave him honey. 

Buzzy bee’s collect the nectar
so they can make their honey.

Bee kind to your neighbor,
for you never know
when you will run out of nectar. 

© By Amanda D Shelton

Say Adieu To The Night, And Hello To Monday Morning

Adieu, adieu fair well
my dear friend,
such parting is of great sorrow.

Oh how sad it is to say goodbye
until the morrow,
oh such sorrowful word’s
as adieu, goodbye,
until tomorrow.

Instead I send you my tears,
they fell like falling stars,
into a fair well litter.

No, goodbye needed,
no, fair well either,
no, until I see you tomorrow.
For these are very lonely words.

I use to think only the lonely
used them,
only the ones seaking shelter
used such parting gifts
of great sorrow.

Fair well my dear,
the night is slightly lit,
slowly graying,
the clouds are parting now,
the sun is showing now,
as dawn says hello,
Good morning sunshine.
Welcome to a glorious Monday morning.


© By Amanda D Shelton

“Good morning sunshine, the sun is high in the sky. Smiling down upon us all, on this glorious Monday morning.”


I am Jealous of the rain,
it dances and sings
using every last breath
it breath’s.

It’s cool without trying,
it’s mean but still
it brings peace and tranquility.
It doesn’t judge me or yell at me,
It cleans and uplifts life
beyond the hillside,
It over flows and always grows.

I am Jealous of the rain,
it helps me write a perfect note.
Over time, you will learn;
how I am inspired by the sound,
that can bring down cities
and towns.

I am Jealous of the rain,
inspired by it’s tune
making me want to
dance and sing.

Let me show you
how one drop of water
can cause a hurricane
of change.

What a mouthful it can be,
such strangth and girth,
it can give birth to
a poem I call rain.

I am Jealous of the rain,
I am Jealous of its power,
its movement, and
awesome strangth.

© By Amanda D Shelton


A golden wreath of falling leaves
is curling from the fozen trees.
The winter blows and chills
the forest,
in winter deep all go to sleep.

Through banks and frozen walls
the trees bow,
with ribbens of sound;
creaking deep the forest resonates
with ghostly mist’s,
and forgot roots.

Winter swollowed the forest whole
with its gaping white mouth.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Star & Sky

Star said to sky:

“Don’t forget to catch me when I fall.”

Sky replies:

“I never do.”

Season’s Change

Auburn & Brown
is the color of my seasonal gown.”
(Said the fall to the summer)

“I speak to the star’s, they are my friends and my cover.
The moon is my lover and the sun is my brother.
We live together in a poem.”

Like the seasons,
light brings shades of change.

The soldiers of the light shadows unite,
under the cover of night;
lying in wait for the dawn to arrive,
soon they will ride on the backs of beams of light.

Dawn arrives,
with the stars fleeting in the skies,
and the moon gives the sun
the spotlight.

Riding on wings of change,
falls arrival causes the trees to bow,
it grinds on the ground.

Fall merries the day’s and night’s
in a gown of auburn and brown;
sometimes white.

Seasons change…
To be continued until the spring.

All seems avoid of color,
until fall begins to chill the air,
the seasons change its clothing of color,
as fall creates beautiful dresses
for the seasons to wear.

Nothing is avoid of color
when fall is in the air.

© By Amanda D Shelton

“Don’t forget to catch me when I fall.”


Kiss Of Winter

Winter came a bit late,
but I was willing to wait.
As she approached I saw her frozen eyes
gaze upon my darkened skies.

Her light turned white,
her hair grew long as shadows
played along her cheekbone.
Winter began to speak,
her foggy breath billowed
and moved along the frozen meadows.

The sun slowly melted into the harrison
as the fog rolled in on the back of the wind.

She blew me a kiss with her cold winter breath,
it caressed my senses like a silken rose (frozen).

Her winter perfume sat lightly on my skin,
her snow laid upon my head like a chilled blanket.

She took the greens, browns, auburns, and reds
and stole the heart from summer
all while having an affair
with fall and his fellow friends and lovers.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Autumn Lives

Of autumn we think of its color
,its change and covers.

Such beauty comes
from the depth of heat,
as the summer makes way
for falls wake and bow.

Aw what beauty awaits
dressed in her Auburn gown?

Her beauty beckons with
red, yellow, and brown.

Autumn lives for the cooler ground,
the wind’s and tree’s,
the cool coming of winter’s breeze.

They kiss like lovers do,
dancing like dancers do,
taking one breath at a time.

Autumn is here,
she’s already bowing
kissing winter with her
chilled lips of change.

© By Amanda D Shelton 

The Widow and The Forest

Whispers echoing through the tree’s,
ghost like mist mingling,
seasons change
as the earth opens for the spring.

She kisses the grass
with her moist breath,

they sing a song
for the meadows,

and the birds
lay their eggs on top

the tree branches,
as the widow
searches frantically

for her lost lover.

She finds him
gasping for breath,

The forest is dying,
and the widow is left crying.

Seasons change,
all things change over time.

© By Amanda D Shelton

This River

Amongst the wooded hill’s
between the moonlight beams,
flows a stream,
green and mossy,
fresh and clean;
this river glows with life.

© By Amanda D Shelton

You can find this poem on my DeviantArt profile here FroggyArtDesigns . 






Blooming Love 

Such color as red,
a passion in spectrum form,
a vision in red
is one that was a bud
but fell into dreed.

Perfumed by thorns,
a rose is but a rose,
a aromatic thorny bud.

Such love I have
for a flowered bloom.


I’ve got feet and
I am leaving this ground,
my wing’s are going to sprout,
I’ve got wing’s and
I am leaving this ground.

My roots grow wide,
my roots grow deep,
my soil is moist,
my life I grew into
like a tree in fertilized soil.

I was a seed,
I was a pod,
I was a bud,
waiting for the sun.

I am rooted in life’s perfectly fine soil. 

Beach Born Lover & Ocean Tears

Beach Born Lover

I am a beach born lover. 
My soul yearns always
for the bluest eye’s, 
they wash away
the cloudy sky’s. 

Oh my salty lover,
how I burn to crash
into your bow.

My love for sea and sandy cover,
my heart belongs with
My sea born lover. 

I have eye’s only for
your ocean waves.

Ocean Tears

The ocean cried for it’s lost heart.

Its love washed away
in a big storm.

Heavy rain clouds blow
me away, now I bob on top my lovers ocean waves.

Forever lost but never forgotten.

© By Amanda D Shelton

The Love Of The Ocean

The beach is where my soul yearns to be.
I can smell the salty sea.

I lie my body upon the shores
of dictent sands,
as my being yearns
for more breathtaking land’s .

I dream of riding heavy waves
as they carry me away.
I kiss my lover,
as I kneel on my sandy knees.

I am begging, pleading,
return to me,
return to me
my salary heart for
it burns for the water’s edge. 

I yearn for the salty breath,
the heavy winds
that crash upon
my dictent shores.

Oh what love I feel,
I do deplore,
I beg and plead,
that my sea born lover will
return to me. 

The ocean is my true love,
can’t you sea?

Blooming Rose’s

Red and soft,
rooted and watered,
grows up into the sunshine,
blooms in spring as its petals
fall away when winter cools
down the ground.

Budding pink, red, yellow, blue,
the roses love to bloom for you.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Roses Must Die To Fragrance Our Lives

Fragrance lingered after the roses wilted away,
a flower never truly dies,
it’s remembered by its perfumed death.

Poor fragile thing only once did you bloom,
that’s in spring.

You cling on to dear life,
even so you still must die for others to
know your perfumed breathe.

On a gush of wind spring brings flowers,
wet grass, and foggy meadows.

Our noses open,
allowing your fragrances to devour
senses and there is where spring lays down to garden.

Rose water,
Lilac mist,
and Smoky Mountain Breeze
such smells are beauty in spring.

The roses must die to fragrance our lives. 


The Forst

Before I was born I must have been a wildchild
from the back woods of heaven’s forest.

For my journey has taken me to many different places.
To Arazona, Texas, Tennessee, and Mississippi,
but never in my life
did I ever go to a place
as beautiful as the forest.

At dawn I took a walk in the clouds,
layed down to listen to the earth.
In my silence a dear
came up to sniff me,
he sniffed my whole body
up and down,
before slowly walking away. 

I learned if I was quite enough,
all the life in the forst
would come alive for me.

I watched as a butterfly landed on my hand,
what he thought of me
I would never understand.

I also heard coyotes singing,
and owls hooting,
the tree’s talked too
in their breathy voices
that trailed behind the winds,
that also carried their seeds.

The grasses began to move,
as squarles gathered their nuts,
I wasn’t on the guest list
so they payed no mind to me.
Aw what a beautiful sight to see, the forst would have developed all of me
and I wouldn’t have minded,
not at all for you see,
I belong amongst those tree’s.

The forst runs through my veins and my main arteries.

I left a piece of my soul up in those tree’s.

Mother Nature

We are of moon and star,
beams of moonlight blue and white
streamed down to where you are.

The sun slowly rises,
melting beam’s of moonlight
leaving it faded and pail.

Spring breaks free into its primal dance
kissing your peaks and
your rivers flow too blanket’s of
pinks, blues, yellows, and gold’s.

Misty Meadows breathes its foggy breath laying its chill on every hill.

The bird’s sing and play for spring,
as mother nature closes her eyes leaving her beautiful spring surprise.

The flower’s are in bloom.

We Are What We Think Up

I use to think that
I was a very small point in existence,
that I was too small
to mean anything to life.

Yet one day my life changed,
I realised that I am not small at all. That I was connected
to everything by DNA
and my reality.

I no longer felt small or insignificant
to life,
for I was part of it,
I belong to something much bigger
than I ever could imagine.

Once life choose to think,
that’s when life began to grow
beyond its normal boundaries,
it became larger and wiser.

It learned to play,
create and how to be unique
and brilliant.
It learned how to procreate,
breathe, and expand.

We are made from life’s plan,
it is our existence and purpose.
Our thoughts are not unworthy
of its plain nor is it unworthy
of our brain’s.
For we are just that,
we are thought.

Just ponder on that.

You are larger than a Nat,
You are bigger than a super Nova,
You are connected to all thing’s
through DNA and reality.

Just ponder on that.

We are what we think up.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Sun & Moon

The moon said goodbye
as his shadow lengthened across the sky.

Greeted by the hot rays
of the rising sun.
The flames from the sun’s
heat wave lapped at his surface.
Causing the moon to blush,
turning him a deep red.

Such a rise from a dusty guy,
thought he was lonely, but
by my surprise,
the star’s twinkled, winking
and flirting as they streek
the moon’s barren sky’s.

In the end
the sun always rises,
shaking the light
of the moon.


“Be true to the poet in you, nothing can change who you are but you. It is also your choice what you let define who you are. “

© FrogyArt™

Crying Sky’s

The Hill’s were alive with rolling thunder,
clouds tumbled over and over,
heavy were the heaven’s,
with gray sky’s ahead.

Finally the sky’s opened wide
releasing its sorrow.

The sky cried.

© By Amanda D Shelton

I Lasoed The Moon

I threw my laso up into the sky,
I lasoed the moon.
It struggled as I tugged
on the line.

I pulled and pulled
until the moon grew
bigger and bigger.

The tides grew too
as the oceans rised.
The earth quacked
the mountains shook.

I lasoed the moon and
I wrapped it up just for You.

Ghostly Rose’s

A phantom perfume lingers in the air,
a soft petal mist like and cold touched my skin, leaving a shiver down my spine.

I miss my rose’s
they were so divine.

They sat in my window until it was there time.

Now I have pressed flower’s
between the page’s of my favorite book.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Live Happily

May the sun shine down
on your day,
brightening your way.

May the air be sweet
and wonderful.

This day will be 
a most glorious one,
a beautiful painting 
created by our creator.

A beautiful, beautiful
day indeed.

Each brush strock
was made with delicate
ease, patience, and care.

Live happily, for today is here. ☀

Changing Of The Season’s

Be still my beating heart,
leave no empty spaces in between us.

We are like the flower’s in spring, 
we bloom and grow,
though autumn always chills our nook,
before she slowly cools bringing
her gowns of colorful leaf’s
to blanket our land
with beautiful auburns and browns.  

These are the time’s
when life prepares for change.

The Lonely Mushroom and The Tree


Once there was a lonely mushroom growing on the ground. Poor mushroom was the only one around but soon there came a seed. The seed fell down from the sky. Mushroom didn’t know why this lonely seed came by. Year’s passed and the seed grew and grew until he was six feet high. Now the mushroom had to look up high just to see her seed. Now the seed was no longer a seed, he grew into a sycamore a beautiful tree. Yet this sycamore was very different from other’s of his kind. He had colors brighter than the sun in the sky. The mushroom liked her friendly tree , she thought “aw I wish I was as tall as you.” Tree bent his limp to pat his mushroom friend, he said: “don’t you worry my friend I like you because you are you.”

© By Amanda D Shelton

Full Moon

Beauty that blooms in the heavens,
hangs in orbit caressing the stars.

Hanging lights stream so bright,
wishes fly by to the moon’s delight.

Watching closely as night slowly transformed
into daylight.

The moon has but one wish,
to kiss the sun
before the dawn steals the spotlight.


Full Moon Rising

Roses Falling Asleep Ready For Winters Deep Sleep

White soft cold flacks
falling down on me,
feathery weather chills my heart stem.

Snow gathers around my feet,
my toes are cold,
sold chill runs up
and down my soul.

Each step I take brings
heartbeat after heartbeat,
as my nose forms ice sickles
that run down my cheeks. 

Snow falling covering my rosy bed,
perfumed with cold
yellows and pinks,
roses falling asleep.

Roses bleak, blissful, and deep
slowly seeks out her winters sleep.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Spring Comes Late

All things
shall melt away &
turn into songs
when spring comes.

Even the stars
that cast their light,
the vast snow flakes
that fall slowly & late,
Upon the larger fields
shall melt into
singing streams
of rivers & tears
from last year’s fate. 

© By Amanda D Shelton

Blooming In Spring

Blooms in blushing pink,
blosming in fields of green,
slowly gathering in the spring.


With the gold’s and the greens,
slowly summer cools
into fall and then the spring.

By nail and tooth the season’s change with your youth.

Slowly day by day
the wind changes direction,
North to begin,
south to nigh,
west to the coast,
east to the river’s of the seasonal host.

In-between mother nature
and her host,
her season’s all send their
they dance for their host.

Season greetings!
October is but a few days away. 
The cooler weather is
soon to chase the heat away.

October is but a few days away.

The Moon & The Sea

When the moon rises,
he kisses the sea.
He leave’s his blushing bride,
as dawn say’s goodbye.

The ripples of cloud’s wave,
as the seas begin to rise,
only to open wide with surprise,
releasing rainy time’s.

Now the moon
is married to his seas,
and she’s no longer shy,
yet the sea still blushes
every time.

Forgotten Passion

The night falls as if slain by the sun,
stricken by its hot rays.
The emotion for which you pine
lasts no longer than a day, before being snuffed out,
swallowed by the emotion,
that all hope must perish someday.

Your ambers burnt out so long ago,
how could you forget?
As our passions surround us, begging to be free.

I did once know you,
as a friend would,
though I knew to keep my distance,
You still taught me to love myself,
because you are love.

Earth, Air, Wind, Fire, & Water

Earth, air, wind, fire, and water
without one you can’t have the other.

Earth is for the seasons,
a bountiful harvest
of beauty, color, and food.
Air is for breath,
every living creature need’s to breathe.
Wind is for travel,
without it we could not fly
to distant land’s.
Fire is for warmth,
it kept our ancestors warm
and thriving for our future.
Water is for life,
it is were all living creatures start.

Amanda Shelton

The Earth Will Sigh

Dark cloud’s gather
in the dusty night sky,
winds blow and howl
as spirits of the earth chime in.
Then the cloud’s begin to swell,
soon it will burst into a rainy drizzle.
Soaking rooftops,
and grassland’s
far and wide.

Aw and the earth will sigh.

Amanda Shelton

The Moon

I the moon,
lay my bed upon the star’s,
that cloud my head.

Smooth transition
from day to night,
I raise my head
with such delight.

I beam,
I gleam,
I wave,
I gave,
With all my moonlight might.

Amanda Shelton

Amongst Lovely Things

A rose is but a rose,
until you pick it
from the thicket from which it grows.

Thorns and perfume sting the air,
petal’s wilt and fall to the ground.

Amongst lovely things,
lost to the spring,
as winter came after summer,
and before the fall
everything froze from just one touch.

A kiss from winter’s heart,
to show her love for summer’s heat.

Amongst lovely things,
everything grows but nothing lasts forever.

Aw such a lovely rose,
once stood tall and over grown,
now became a beautiful deep red gown
blanketing the ground.

Now lay’s amongst lovely things.

I Dreamt, I Dwelt

I dreamt, I dwelt amongst
roses and their thorns.
Deep within a thorny shrub,
watered, and carefully grown.
I settled on top a rosy bed,
made of the finest petals.

I then began to bloom
on top a roses bud.
Perfumed, and protected
by their thorny embrace.
Forever safe within my rosy dwelling.

I wearied none,
for these thorns
protected me against
any harmful threat. 

Amanda Shelton

Subdued By Morning’s Fog

It was a night of subtlety, a mist of sorrow lingers in the air.
Wolves bay at the full moon.
Shadows rise from the abyss.
Mist shrouds their stalking forms,
of lurking fear.

Midnight fog cascades over
Mountain tops,
spilling over their peaks.
The valley opens wide it’s legs,
making room
for the rivers entrance.

Now a night of new awareness,
the night burns
with subdued reality,
that goes crisp
from the chill in the air.

Amanda Shelton

Fossil Fuel

Beauty set’s on the Earth so still,
to us it’s felled with
happiness and glee.

How little it makes us feel,
with its shadows that wrought
with phantoms,
and ghoulish plots.

One day we will be consumed
by it’s dirty secrets
six feet under its surface.
All this while
we think that the Earth
has no means for revenge.

We trash,
and feel its lungs with smog
killing it with our fossil fuel.

Soon it will be to late,
the beauty will fade,
the Earth will be nothing but suit.

Amanda Shelton

Every Flowers Dream

To love, and to be loved
is every flowers dream.

A seed finds soil,
it’s toiled,
and moved
by a working man’s hands
loved for the radiant rose it was.

Soon a chill came to set,
the ground began to harden,
and cool.
The roses began to wilt,
and the working man’s hands
began to dry.

Slowly but surely
the earth began to cry.
Soaking the ground,
giving nutrients
to the roots.

Hugged by nature’s humid cloak,
the roses had no time to choke.

Amanda Shelton

La Fin Summers Creeping In

Beauty is in the eye of the dreamer,
like sleeping beauty
she wakes for only her Prince,
and the summer wakes
before the fall.

Life blooms and grows,
like a luscious rose.

Nature blushes from the kisses,
that the sessions blow. 

Green with envy,
the trees start to blush,
from the winds icy touch.

Before anything else is to change,
Mother Nature
wraps up for spring break.

The Angels begin to sing and dance,
their preparing for summers
la Fin.

The End! Summers Creeping In…

Amanda Shelton

Mother Nature

Give and take the night will quack
as the moon in June begins to shake,
it’s lucid beams become our dreams,
as the fog begin to roll down these hills,
amongst the mist felled trees
everything is green and in bloom.

Pink, purple, green and blue
Mother Nature is getting ready for
the month of June.

She blushes for you
as her gown begins to bloom.
Amanda Shelton

Moonlighting is good for you

Moonlighting is good for you, let its beams cascade down your vision as your senses are bathed in its application.

While life breathes its ink in your mind, and it has left you gliding on its horizon bringing an uprising of sunlight into your eyes.

Moonlighting is good for you, when the evening begins to fade into dawn shadows begin to lengthen and strengthen.

Moonlighting is good for you, you travel to the moon and back on a dreamers budget.

Moonlighting is good for you, reminds you of all you lack thereof it reminds you that you slack on life’s work.

Moonlighting is good for you, it’s the session for lilacs and their friends.

Amanda Shelton

Song Bird

My thoughts over ran into myself,
I danced and sang like there was no tomorrow.

My soul jumped with gay delight
as my heart feel head over heels
for the night.

As My little song bird
took no time in sitting
but instead began singing his lyrics.
Sharing his lovely song within my dreams.
As slowly but surely I began to wake.

Amanda Shelton

My Beloved

My soul belongs to the night,
and my heart lost to my beloved moon.

The night will sing its beautiful toon,
and the mocking birds
mock their drifting swoon.

Moon beams streak the sky’s
with a bowing head of dreams.

Light deluged over night
as moon beams streak their way mimicking the light.

I a lover to my muse,
never forgot to write.

Even after the light
settled down upon the horizon
bringing me my beloved night.

Amanda Shelton

Colliding Hearts

In this life there is a beautiful time, when our hearts collide and a super nova event erupts into mass affects of you and me. When our malicious collide into each other, gaining momentum and speed. Beating star’s that never fade out, the two of us that’s what we are. Sun’s drinking up all the light in our universe of clouded memories. Long lost lover’s never forget each other for they live on through words unspoken.

Amanda Shelton

Your Nuclear Waves of Life

I’ve gone blind, from your sunspots and your nuclear waves of life. I warn out my life until it fell at my feet to frail to move on. My shoes their souls are warn to their thinnest point of decay. Like my spirit it can’t move forward with out your super nova events of our afterlife. We become the Angels of anarchy, unlike our fellow brothers the stares. Yet we are made up from the same stuff,  and share the same creator.

A New Day Is Dawning

The fog began its descent rolling over the hills clouding the horizon with its misty tears. As the land began to breathe awake with its greenery, and blooming flowers growing. Mother Earth wiped away her foggy banks and the new day began its dawning.

Good Morning

The night shall smile down upon its starry bed, as the sun slowly creeps up his shiny head. The moon with his beaming light slowly begins to lower his spotlight. Now the sun has time to shine onto the starry night, with beaming headlights and his flowering bloom. Good Morning moon beam as he greets the night with his shiny spotlight. Pushing his way up over the horizon.


I find your flaws and imperfections beautiful,
and enduring.

I love your flawless imperfections,
because to be flawed is to be flawless.

I endure this world because I need to,
but I fight because I choose to.

I am stable as every root is,
but I bloom like every bud needs to,
to become a flower.

Death Of A Star

Once upon a galaxy far away
full of falling stars,
one star did not belong
this one dimly lit, and not so big
she didn’t fit
and didn’t want to fall at all.

All the other stars made fun
skipped upon her surfers
leaving her sour and moody.

Slowly over time all the other stars began to fade,
but this one lonely one just grew and grew;
until one day she began to bow and began to spray,
her beam became a long string
her mass became uncontrollable
then she went BOOM!
Her dust became red (the color of rust),
her surfers broke away
as she died she gave birth to a mass of stars.

Father Moon

Setting high upon his bower,
bowing his ember beam
shows his beautiful gleam.

Shines upon our earthly mum,
as she opens her eyes to see;
all is in bloom and green.

Shun none whom waters,
or whom feeds,
her greenery shrub.

For father moon brings is beam
to show is lucid dream,
to show his love to all whom dream
that one day all will be green.