The Chilling Song Of Winter

Auburn hills grow chill,
as the cold breath of winter
slowly rolls over kissing the tree tops.

A blanket of white
slowly covers the night.
The stars seem warmer
on a winters night.

Snow falls silent
and calm while the
winds blow their song.
Whispers travel far
over the hills and rolling fog.

Icy winter kissed the fog,
leaving ghostly perfume
of Autumn’s blushing cheeks.

This is
the chilling song of winer.

© 2017 By Amanda Shelton


The Crickets

A violin plays for the wind,
up goes the bow strumming the strings.

A symphony orchestra concert
from nature is created,
such skill and gifted are
the crickets.

A beautiful sound that comes
from a tiny insect
the color of green grass.

Don’t be fooled by it’s
beautiful song,
for they are known to eat crops
and leave damages
like no other creater.

They are famous for causing
plague in the Bible,
and grain fields to disappear
in a night.

Beware of the violins at night,
such beauty can bring fright.

The crickets love the night.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Bounty Of Spring

Blooming alongside the flowers,
I blossomed like a daisy,
and I blushed like a rose.

My sun kissed cheeks soaked in
the morning,
as it sprinkled golden showers
upon the fields,
each blade of grass rose to the occasion soaking up the rays.

Such beautiful day’s,
I waited through the heated summer,
for the spring to once again
gaze upon the meadows
and awaken the sleeping trees.

I watched as the trees rose
from their sleeping bow,
peeking upward to the bounty
above the valley.

Her name is of giving,
perhaps a river that flow’s
once a year,
she’s called Spring.

Aw such a beautiful lady,
a bringer of renewal,
she’s part of the circle of life.

A full bounty she brings,
giving breath to the Earth,
each kiss gives a gift
a life is awoken.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

O Spring,

O Spring, with your dew drop lips,
lookest down through
the clear windows of the morning,
turn your angel eyes upon
our western skies,
which in full spectrum
the round body of the sun
approaches with her burning bosom.

O Spring, the Earth show’s
her blushing cheeks,
and the night listens to our prayers.

Valleys below; with green
meadows the sun is peeking through
as the trees are longing
for the light,
are turning up their newly
grown leafs.
Up to your bright pavilions
I can imagine the Angles singing
for your coming.
They rise to the occasion,
like roses in bloom.

Let your beautiful sun soaked
rays visit Earths clime!
Come over the eastern hills,
until morning turns to nigh.

Let her winds kiss your perfumed garments; allow Earth to taste the morning dew
and evening breath; scatter your richness
upon our lovers land
that mourns for greener pastures.

O Spring, the forthcoming
of your fairness and soft touch’s;
pour your soft kisses on the Earth’s surface;
and put your golden crown
upon her languish’d head,
Whose modest tresses are bound
up for those who fell in love
with her blushing gown.

O Spring, how I waited patiently
for your coming,
you have never forsaken me.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Good Morning

On every leaf the sun’s rays gently plays.
Upon the morning dawning
the birds chirp
and the curtains rise,
to allow the light to bathe
my tired eyes.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

The Heart Grows Fonder, For Winter’s Kiss Brings Change

What makes a moment last forever?
like brass, gold, and copper life
grows old and stains its own.

With the breath of winter
an icy song is song.

As seasons change
the heart grows fonder,
blooming before the summer
brings its bellowing heat;
the spring cover’s the mountains
with green as the fall follows
with auburn colors.

Time stands still for just a moment,
as the sun rises in the morning,
dawns rays slowly cover’s
the tree’s and life begins
to breathe.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Goodnight My Moonflower 

One dreary day a flower
grew in a baren landscape,
soon over grown and gray.
All the flowers rotted away,
leaving ghostly perfume
and misty dreams for those
who came to pick the flowers. 

As the night fell upon the fields
of ghostly petals,
one grew above the others.
It was a Moonflower. 

Like the others
soon the Moonflower
withered and died.
Never to set eyes on the morning sky.
Now I cry while the rain falls slowly.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Love For Water 

My favorite thing in the world
is water.
I love your blue crashing waves,
you bring me to my knees,
bowing to your rolling tides
as my heart rides.

You are always part of my,
moving through each artery
pushing life through my vains.
Coating each neroun
so I can remember you,
and write this rhyme.

Let me count the way…

  1. I love to drink you up.
  2. I love your coolness.
  3. I love your clean flavor.
  4. I love your blue color.
  5. I love your rolling tides.
  6. I love your waves,
    your curves are so divine.
  7. I love your sandy shores.
  8. I love your energy,
    you keep the lights from darkening.
  9. I love your growing shine,
    as the sun milt’s on your horizon.
  10. I love your beautiful vastness,
    your memory never dies.

I love water with a passion,
I had to share it in a rhyme.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Dear Rose Bud

Oh dear rose bud,
how you blush in the morning sun.

Dear rose bud,
How I feel about your rooted bud,
your closeness to the Earth,
your perfumed memories
and your fragile stem.

Oh my rose bud,
how I feel about your petals
and your bashful ways.
I admire your beauty
and your fragrance reminds me
of dreams of the misty forest’s.

Such memories you provoke,
such things you remind me of.

Soft walls of beautiful
floral gardens,
once again I am taken back to
my secret garden.

With your pink,
white, sometimes red hue.
I love you.

Oh dear rose bud,
I will never forget our
perfumed mornings,
our hearts will never part,
for you live on through
time and word’s unspoken.

Until we meet again
my rooted bud.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton


Climate Change

You watched me grow,
my colors shined like diamonds,
but you forgot about me.
You forgot how fragile I can be,
now I have fallen at your feet,
yet you can’t see me.

My tides break, My shores quake,
and my coral fray washing away
with the waves.

Climate change can be a serious thing,
it’s up to you how it changes.

You think you’re so small?
You think you don’t cause change?
Oh how ignorant you are,
you are too blind to see,
you even effect me.

Just because you can’t see something
doesn’t change if that something is real.
Just because you can’t feel something
doesn’t make it less physical.

You think you are insignificant?
Then look closer at your life,
for even now
you’re affecting your surroundings
just by being here.

Is that not the point to living;
to experience and grow with
those experiences?

Well I am serious
we need to make a change.

Our Earth needs us to wake up
and take notice of what we need to do
to help her to keep growing
and stop life from dying.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton