Sky Parchment Adventures 

The sky is an old parchment
that the sun, moon, and stars use too​ write to their muse.

Writing down their
wishes and dreams,
as they leave their
smudges and marks
for all to see.

What an adventure that would be.

A Rose

“Beauty bloomed once upon a summer’s night,
only to wither on the coming of winter’s bite.”

© By Amanda D Shelton

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A Rose

Bee Kind To Your Neighbor

Delightfull as the tree,
Delighted is the bee,
as the buzzing becomes a dance,
the bee thanks the tree
for its flowers nectar
gave him honey. 

Buzzy bee’s collect the nectar
so they can make their honey.

Bee kind to your neighbor,
for you never know
when you will run out of nectar. 

© By Amanda D Shelton

Say Adieu To The Night, And Hello To Monday Morning

Adieu, adieu fair well
my dear friend,
such parting is of great sorrow.

Oh how sad it is to say goodbye
until the morrow,
oh such sorrowful word’s
as adieu, goodbye,
until tomorrow.

Instead I send you my tears,
they fell like falling stars,
into a fair well litter.

No, goodbye needed,
no, fair well either,
no, until I see you tomorrow.
For these are very lonely words.

I use to think only the lonely
used them,
only the ones seaking shelter
used such parting gifts
of great sorrow.

Fair well my dear,
the night is slightly lit,
slowly graying,
the clouds are parting now,
the sun is showing now,
as dawn says hello,
Good morning sunshine.
Welcome to a glorious Monday morning.


© By Amanda D Shelton

“Good morning sunshine, the sun is high in the sky. Smiling down upon us all, on this glorious Monday morning.”


I am Jealous of the rain,
it dances and sings
using every last breath
it breath’s.

It’s cool without trying,
it’s mean but still
it brings peace and tranquility.
It doesn’t judge me or yell at me,
It cleans and uplifts life
beyond the hillside,
It over flows and always grows.

I am Jealous of the rain,
it helps me write a perfect note.
Over time, you will learn;
how I am inspired by the sound,
that can bring down cities
and towns.

I am Jealous of the rain,
inspired by it’s tune
making me want to
dance and sing.

Let me show you
how one drop of water
can cause a hurricane
of change.

What a mouthful it can be,
such strangth and girth,
it can give birth to
a poem I call rain.

I am Jealous of the rain,
I am Jealous of its power,
its movement, and
awesome strangth.

© By Amanda D Shelton


A golden wreath of falling leaves
is curling from the fozen trees.
The winter blows and chills
the forest,
in winter deep all go to sleep.

Through banks and frozen walls
the trees bow,
with ribbens of sound;
creaking deep the forest resonates
with ghostly mist’s,
and forgot roots.

Winter swollowed the forest whole
with its gaping white mouth.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Star & Sky

Star said to sky:

“Don’t forget to catch me when I fall.”

Sky replies:

“I never do.”

Season’s Change

Auburn & Brown
is the color of my seasonal gown.”
(Said the fall to the summer)

“I speak to the star’s, they are my friends and my cover.
The moon is my lover and the sun is my brother.
We live together in a poem.”

Like the seasons,
light brings shades of change.

The soldiers of the light shadows unite,
under the cover of night;
lying in wait for the dawn to arrive,
soon they will ride on the backs of beams of light.

Dawn arrives,
with the stars fleeting in the skies,
and the moon gives the sun
the spotlight.

Riding on wings of change,
falls arrival causes the trees to bow,
it grinds on the ground.

Fall merries the day’s and night’s
in a gown of auburn and brown;
sometimes white.

Seasons change…
To be continued until the spring.

All seems avoid of color,
until fall begins to chill the air,
the seasons change its clothing of color,
as fall creates beautiful dresses
for the seasons to wear.

Nothing is avoid of color
when fall is in the air.

© By Amanda D Shelton

“Don’t forget to catch me when I fall.”


Kiss Of Winter

Winter came a bit late,
but I was willing to wait.
As she approached I saw her frozen eyes
gaze upon my darkened skies.

Her light turned white,
her hair grew long as shadows
played along her cheekbone.
Winter began to speak,
her foggy breath billowed
and moved along the frozen meadows.

The sun slowly melted into the harrison
as the fog rolled in on the back of the wind.

She blew me a kiss with her cold winter breath,
it caressed my senses like a silken rose (frozen).

Her winter perfume sat lightly on my skin,
her snow laid upon my head like a chilled blanket.

She took the greens, browns, auburns, and reds
and stole the heart from summer
all while having an affair
with fall and his fellow friends and lovers.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Autumn Lives

Of autumn we think of its color
,its change and covers.

Such beauty comes
from the depth of heat,
as the summer makes way
for falls wake and bow.

Aw what beauty awaits
dressed in her Auburn gown?

Her beauty beckons with
red, yellow, and brown.

Autumn lives for the cooler ground,
the wind’s and tree’s,
the cool coming of winter’s breeze.

They kiss like lovers do,
dancing like dancers do,
taking one breath at a time.

Autumn is here,
she’s already bowing
kissing winter with her
chilled lips of change.

© By Amanda D Shelton