Love & Struggles

One day it hit,
You can feel it pounding,
beating at your door.

Sometimes it aches,
other times it quakes
it leaves creaks in the wall.

Sometimes it brings flowers,
other times it brings garbage,
it also leaves heartache,
and dirt on the floor.

It leaves clothes lying
on the floor,
leaves keys hanging
from the door,
but never forgets your name,
or your favorite color.

It can choke, scratch,
and scares you for life.

You will never be alone
as long as love is there
for you to hold
all through the night.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

A Note To My Heart (He Knows Who He Is)

My love doesn’t change
just because the one
I fell in love with hurts me.

What changes is my
trust in the person.

Trust is simple, elegant,
and a strong emotion.

What’s not simple is how trust
is gained, being silant,
crule,and rude doesn’t
prove you are trustworthy.

You gain trust by being open,
mindful, and selfless.

Judging someone doesn’t prove
you are trustworthy either.

How do you know if your judgements
are correct?
How would you feel if someone judged you?

You need to look at yourself first
before looking at someone else.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

This is a letter to my love Seany.
I hope he understands what he has done is bad. I hope he decides to change not for me but for himself. I love him no matter his faults. I just can’t handle the situation he has caused. I shouldn’t have to. I need to take care of myself first.

Unconditional Love

As bright as the sun
you burst into my life,
You cause the smudges to
fade away.

You become like the brush
and I the artists hand,
we craft beautiful art together
under the rising sun.

We both burst into stars,
as I follow you into the chaos
of loving unconditionally.

love doesn’t always end
with a beautiful dance.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Lovers Out At Sea

Breathe deeply,
taking in the taste
of the salty air,
that lives upon
the chaotic sea.

As waves crash a shore;
my heart takes flight
with each pounding tide,
my passions ride,
and with each roll
there comes a kiss.

Owed to my Sea born lover,
stole my heart,
under the cover
of the rolling waves.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton 

Dying For Love 

I meat my love in shadow,
I never saw his shady hallow self.

He watched as I crumbled,
I pealed away at the seams,
under his foot he ginded me
into the earth.

My heart asks why,
Why do you judge me?
why do you hurt me?

I try to push away the pain
but he comes at me again.
I have no time to breathe
before he returns for another

All I ever wanted was to
share my life with my lover.

I got accusations instead,
which are all in his head.

I have a hallowed heart
where there once was his kisses.
Now they burn, like dying wishes.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton


To fight until there’s
nothing left,
I gave it my last breath.

It crumbled,
and died.

Like porcelain,
it was fragile,
and weak,
it creaked,
it pealed,
it spelt its ink.

Like an emotional poem,
it burnt the parchment paper,
it curled itself up inside my heart
scratching deep at the walls,
until I had to allow it
to leap free.

I fought until there was nothing left of me.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Love Is Free

At last thine heart came to me,
opened like a scaluped shell
holding for me its pearl.

Lay at my feet,
they love will claim my heart,
I sacrificed my passionate feelings
so freely.

Our love like the caged bird
was set free.

I bowed to your advances,
I kissed your passions
with my willingness
and blushing smile.

Come lie with me and be my lover,
forever in a passionate state.

Frozen love never thawed
or moved for me,
until you came to me.

Love was set free… 

Love is free.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Eternal Pain

It is a night of ethereal pain,
a song of sorrow rakes my wane,
ghosts of my past vent their howls.

The ethereal souls stir;
fog shrouds their stalking frame,
their brooding agony fallows me.

Moon beams cascade over
dark and tragic shadows,
and the sorrow of my pain
fade to gray, as my life
begins to change.

Now a night of shared tears,
I remember my pain
as a ghost remembers
their past life.

 © By Amanda D Shelton

In Memory Of The Ghost Flowers

In winter they cried ice cold tears,
each one shadered like glass
as they flowed steady and fast.

Blue I feel,
as I lost the warmth of the sun
upon your chilling kiss.

My white gown grew its roots
upon your barren ground,
it bloomed on the night
when the moon shined
full and bright.

I your moon flower​ beamed
bursting forth,
as my petals fly free,
they die before they freeze;
hitting the chilled earth
with a dreadful thud.

Memory of you;
My ghost flowers grew
upon the memories we grow
and cultivate;
as the stars bare witness
to our chaotic dance.

© By Amanda D Shelton

In Ocean Tides Our Love Ride’s

A breath of fresh air,
is your kiss.

Your title wave crashes
upon my destint shore,
as my winds blow
towards your foaming roll,
I am caught in between
your crashing tides.

Our passionate embrace
devours our time,
leaving us with unspoken word’s,
and meaningful structure,
it builds a foundation
that can hold up to
our chaotic emotions.

© By Amanda D Shelton