This Is My Passion!

Like a river poetry flows,
out from the depths of my soul
words grow.

Rooted from my mind,
experiences, and time
poetry blooms for me
parting my lips
as it pours from my core
wrapping around my heart,
encasing my life with a thorny

Poetry chokes my mind,
but gives me more time
to breathe deeply,
it allows me to vent so
I don’t dip deeper into depression.

Poetry is my outlet,
my inspiration,
my moon to my stars,
and the star of my story.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton


Forgiveness (I Beg)

I Know

I Am A Fool

Around, all around,
the sinister cruelty of life gathers.

My dread grows as
the angry hand of Heaven
falls against my heart.

It wounds me, and darkly my
essence drips to the thirsty earth.

In agony I beg forgiveness
while Death’s shadow laughs cruelly.

Now alone,
my soul falls upon wailing eyes.

This is my salvation,
I do admit,
I am not a sinless creature,
I am a creature of habit.

Forgive me God!

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Burning Love (Never Forgotten)


You live on through words unspoken,
through a poem you still breathe.

What have you done to me?
A shadow of betrayal as emotions shudder.

Once we savored life together,
innocent and childlike,
but your lies soured.

A painful vision of the truth lingers –
tears follow memory, follow pain,
and love forgotten.

In this torrent of painful memories,
I still love you.

Painful memories still cling
but slowly forgotten
for our love lives on,
even in the darkness our passion burns brightly.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Beauty Of The Night


I find beauty in the dark,
where you can’t see the light.
For I am able to see through the veil
of decay, gloom, and rot.

I find poetry
in the depths of the night.

Beauty lights my way
with poetic formats,
structured upon black pillars
that loom as shadows dance with gay delite.

I smile upon the night,
as the moon bowed to me.

The stars crossed over my sky
leaving wishes for me.

Darkness kissed my hand
as we danced all night.

This is the
beauty of the night.

A poem waiting for my kiss.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton


Lingering Memory Of You

I compare thee to a soft breeze,
but you linger on my memory.
For you claimed me with your kiss,
you captured my admiration in
your jar of forget me nots.

Love devoured me,
stole my heart and
my feelings.

A memory of long ago
but still today you linger on.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

To My Mom

I have learned,
life is too short
to allow death and fear
to control what and where
we go.

I have faced both with
gratitude and grace;
because of you
I am stronger, bloder, and wiser.

Thank you Mom.

You were more than just my mom.
You were my foundation and mortar.

I am still building off
your foundation,
I will continue
until we meet again.

I love you. ♥️🕯️

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I wrote this on my mom’s Facebook profile here’s the link https://www.facebook.com/anita.moorehead.3781/posts/10156178185103260/.

I am sick today so I am thinking about her a lot. If she was still here, she would have came over here to help me feel better. I miss that the most. Hearing her walk into my house and speaking to Boo telling her she needs to stop being afraid of her. My Boo didn’t like anyone but me. Until my mom had to take care of her that’s when my Boo decided to sleep on top my mom’s head purring away. I remember how excited my mom was that my cat made friends with her. Also Boby Ray fell in love with her too after he said he didn’t like cats. Hahaha! He watched football with my cat and Tom and Jerry.

♥️ I miss them so much.

Poetic Love

He’s the thorn and I am the rose.

Black lips with candle drips,
waxy fire melting heart’s together.

Vintage paper scattered the room,
ink smeared across the wall’s,
a poet fell in love.

Books torn, yellowed, and burned
like her heart it turned into
unspoken word’s.

A love affair with a poet,
is like a spoiled child
crying for attention,
the poetry gets gritty
and she smuged her love
all over the place.

You can see it on her face,
a poet fell in love.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

The Wrong Garden

I woke to find you had damaged mine,
the flowers are wilted and froozen,
you said you would care for them,
but sadly you neglected to
keep them warm.

I trusted you with my life
only for you to forget to
feed and hydrate the bed.

Such a fragile thing
but you didn’t find it
important enough to check
on them.

Now I have to replant,
rehydrate, and refertilize
because you forgotten the most important thing, to pay attention
to life and allow it to grow.

I planted my roses in the wrong garden. Now they are dying.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Amongst The Rose’s I Am Considered A Weed

“You might like it if I
were shady like you.”

I am like a daisy
amongst the roses,
I am considered as a weed.

I am wild and free,
I am not like the others around me.

I have made my bed under the trees,
I have shade and cover
but the roses like to tease me,
trying to steal my
comfortable bed.

I have done nothing but keep
my side of the street clean,
only to have my neighbors
dump their trash on my walkway.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Moving On From Suffering

Life can be hard,
Life can seem heavy at times.

Life can be like a fog,
rolling over your parade
so no one can see
the floats going by.

But once it rains,
once you get rest and clean,
life can seem like
a cool breeze
or a slowing rollercoaster
ready to release for
the next passengers.

Patience is what we need,
also love from everyone
and God.

This too shall pass
just try to remember
where you came from
and where you want
to head from now.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

“To recovery to discovery, life is taken stride by stride, moment by moment. You might get cut alone the way but wound’s heal and stragthen.” © 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I wrote this for a friend.

Neglected Shadow

I am like a shadow to your life,
but one that carries your strife.

You slice me open with your
lack of care, you push me
to the side as if I wasn’t there.

You say nice things,
but never do those things.

You complain about everything,
you are loud when I need silence.

You never gave me
the support I need.

You used me but never
give me the time I need.

You are selfish and needy,
you act jealous and greedy.

I feel confined and used,
like a par of holy shoe’s.

I feel like I am a prick
to your time and space,
for you have complained about
being here for me and
that you don’t have time for it.

I got sick and you make
me feel guilty for it.

You say sorry but never show it.

You broke my heart,
you damaged my trust,
you threw me away.

You pushed me over the edge
only to watch me fall,
and laugh as I fell.

You shut me off,
as if you think I have no feelings,
as if you saw me as one of your

You broke my motherboard,
left me in pieces,
you are more willing to fix your electronics then our relationship.

I am lonely and neglected,
you turned your back
while I cried.
You never were there,
like you said you would be.

I can’t rely on you for nothing,
you would rather just
stand there and do nothing.
That’s exactly what you have done,
while I was left crying and

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

To Seany, you haven’t been loving and supportive. You hurt me. 😔

Lost But Not Forgotten

My stepdad passed away a few days ago. I wrote this poem and waiting until I was strong enough to share it. I am ready now.

Forgotten you are not,
but lost you are.

My heart quickened when I heard
the news of your passing.

I wanted to say so many things to you
but sadly with a heavy heart
I have to let you go.

I have suffered many broken heart’s,
I have collected my losses in my jars of broken dreams.

Each one I protected;
I bared my soul for all
whom I love, I suffer because
I love you.

To lose a piece of your heart
is like cutting away at bare skin,
it’s raw painful and crude.
I bleed for you.

RIP Boby Ray,
you were and always will be
special to me.

Your memory lives on through everyone who reads this
and those who knew you in life.

You suffer no more pain and strife
for now you are in heaven
living a Holly life.

God speed my
beautiful friend and father.


I am proud to call you my stepdad.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Respect The River’s

Respect the rivers,
that give life to the mountains.

Rushing rivers pushing life
to the tree’s,
to the valley’s they wave,
surfing marshes and meadows green.

Riding fog in the morning
and sun beams,
dew drops glistening, and
cool air brushing the tops of tree’s.

Respect the river’s edge,
it’s beautiful but dangerous.

Flow like the river flows through
the mountains,
give love to the people
who forgot to say good morning.

Be like the fog, blind the hate
and bring the love to the valley.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Your Collection Of Broken Hearts

Hearts shatter so easily,
the pieces are sharp and crude.

The fragile pieces keep
cutting into my life,
making new wounds each time.

You take your knife
pushing it deeply
into my already broken life,
you screw it deeper
until there’s nothing left
for me to bleed out.

You collect my suffering
in your dirty jar’s,
savoring my last heart beat
as if waiting for another
so you can take one more slice
just incase it didn’t fell
the jars to there brem.

You have become a grim reminder,
I shouldn’t trust you
as my friend or lover.

Sadly I have been through hell
many times before,
and I have grown stronger.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

I Regret Falling For You

I fell hard, but you dropped me harder.

I begged for your attention,
I should have known better,
no one should have to
beg for respect.

If you care about someone,
why would you do things to hurt them?

I have been neglected by you,
I have been told
how ugly you really think I am.

After all the suffering you put me through, you still keep hitting me through and through.

I have been bleeding for you,
yet you don’t care.
You just keep slashing
and bashing me into your
endless lies.

I haven’t been loved by you,
I have been judged
and criticised by you.

You say your excuses
just to justify your choices,
even though there’s no uses
for your abuse’s.

I have scares that haven’t healed,
because I never had time to.

You go for one hit,
then you go for another
before I can stand again.

You blame me for your lack
of interest, and entertainment,
yet I tried to give you my time.
You neglected it.

You want perfection,
when none is possible,
you are unfair to those
who can’t afford it.

You bring your selfishness
to the table, but you never
eat it, even though it’s there.

I cried while you ran away
from nothing, you assume
I don’t care because
you choose not to be
here when I needed you.

I have tried but you never cared to.

You lied about how much
you love me,
you said you needed me
yet you never stayed
when I ask you to.

You used love to hurt me,
after I am crying
you stepped on my heart
once again.

I bared myself to you,
you flinched as if I hurt you.
I never had the chance
to touch you.

You complained about
the way I spoke,
you never told me
how beautiful you think
I am, instead you used me.

I couldn’t stop you,
you said I did yet
I can’t because
I am unable to move
like you claim I do.

You are blinded by
your own selfish wants,
you burn me until I am ashes.

You give me no choices,
after I gave you so many chances.

I was bullied and blamed,
as you cast me into your flames.

Without remorse you cut and
pasted your needless desires,
telling me it’s in my name.

I have given you my last crumb,
you still wanting more
even though I have none.

I emptied my heart to you,
only to have you dump it out.

You don’t care about the pain
and suffering you put me through.

You wanting your way,
so you took everything
with you.

Goodbye my love,
I hope you remember everything we had.

I will never forget what
you have done because
you stole it all and
you took my heart with you
in chains.


© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

You Are

You are my bud to my rose,
you are my breath to my life,
you are my coo to my caw,
you are my shadow
to my morning sun,
you are my path
to my destination,
you are my cream
to my coffee.

You are many things
to my life,
you add structure
and texture to my ever
changing world.

You give me reason for living,
you add demintion to my understanding.

You give meaning to my quest,
my journey will never be a bore
not with you aboard.

You are my desire,
my reasoning and
the only one who forever holds
the key to the chambers of my heart.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Our Love

Between the times we are together
and apart my heart waits patiently
but eager for your returning.
Time is like a shadow,
I can’t see it but I know it’s there,
our love can seem the same.

Like unforgiving waves
the destination is always the same,
I crash upon your shores,
like a storm you crash into mine.

We need not climb alone,
for we’ve got a forever home
inside each other’s arms.

Love is like a stone,
it can seem hard at times,
but it takes thousands of years
to degrade.
Our love is the same.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

To my Seanisko, my Seany, my love. ♥️

Savage Heart

Like a dagger tearing
through my chest,
you slash and break
everything I hold
inside the chamber
of my heart.

Your words are
like burning embers,
they scar and maim
my fragile heart.

With your wicked tung
comes wicked words,
hurtful and damaging,
careless and savage.

What makes it hurt worse,
I love you.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day
From: Me
To: You

I am hoping,
wishful thinking,
of a place where
everyone is happy.

I am hoping,
some what wishing,
my heart romancing about you.

There once was a place
where everyone
held a smile on their face,
but one dreary day,
the clouds drew a gray sky
as every body gazed
upward to the sky,
the clouds rolled over
revealing their silver linings,
it broke and sadness
fell from their eyes.

It rained for years, with tears in every eye.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Gothic Meal

Sitting down to a Gothic meal,
roasted paper for
soaking up dark poetics.

For the Gothic poet eats
ashes and blood stained poetry.

The parchment has yellowed,
causing a grungy texture to
my format.

I a poet have a darker vision
to a morbid stuffing recipe
for Gothic lore and
a darker side of my

Your mind eats from my
darker side, as you read
my Gothic eulogy.

Without poetry I am dead inside.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

Beautiful Lies

With one touch of your hand
I fell for your tenderness.

But with a violent jerk
you took away the tenderness
I love.

Over time, I thought
you cared about us,
but all I could find
were your lies.

Breathless beginnings,
endless lies with
doubtful bribes.

All in your favor,
you stole what was mine
(your love).

You treated my love
as if it has no meaning.

My kisses landed but
you brushed them aside.

Like daggers you cut me deep,
watching me bleed,
you then take another slice
until there’s nothing
left of me.

I have been beat
by your beautiful lies,
you are the King of lier’s,
I became your jester
too many times.

I am broken,
my pieces shattered
too thinly for it to matter.

I fought bravely
but in the end
it’s not the brave who survive,
it’s the strong and bold
who keep standing in the storm
who survive.

The break down of love
hurts, it burns like fire,
just as strong as love did
before you broke our bond.

You left me in the dust
after you set the fire.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

To my love.

Until We Meet Again

I will miss you until the dawn,
until the ocean touch’s the sun.
My heart will be waiting,
my mind will be praying
for your returning.

Goodbye my love.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

For my Seanisko.

Broken Melody

My porcelain heart fell apart,
I tried to fix it but still
I am missing a few pieces.

I bow my head
as I clinched my chest,
trying to calm my beating heart;
(before it breaks free from my chest).

With each beat
my heart skips a beat,
memories flooded
as my blood pressure rises.

My porcelain heart
begins to blacken,
mold grows
where nothing is left.

Replaced by old memories,
my heart begins to sing.
Like a violin I pluck the stings,
playing a broken melody.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton

The Moonlight Rose

The Moonlight Rose
On Midnight Delights

“Into the night we find beauty where darkness finds comfort.”

“a love or preference for night, darkness.”

But my heart soaks up the light,
enough to survive.

I am more than this moonlit creature,
I am made up of stardust, flesh,
and bone.

Yet not like the rest,
I reside beyond your wildest dreams.
Where day and night collide
is where my heart loves to hide.
I crawl up into the moons beams
to cat nap on its streams
of leftover shimmers,
as I watch you surf my dreamers.

I then roll you over my tongue
pushing you out as a poetic format.

You are my passionate rose,
blooming for me, and my love
hydrates your plumage,
as my poetic heart feeds
your dreams with my rooted logic.

Time: 12:00am

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton | The Weathering Poet |  The Moonlight Rose |  The Dark Poet Eats The Night | Gothic Muse 1.0

To My Best Friend

I try so hard to be the best
person I can.

I am honest, kind, and straight to the point.

I know I can’t please everyone,
I also know that people
can be craul, and callous,
set in their ways.

I have always been the shadow,
and you the wall.
I am always there
but you seem not to care.
You stiffen and become cold,
under the slightest pressure,
you crumble under the gentlest touch.

I am like a flower,
my roots are planted firmly where I live, yet you still try placing your weed’s in my bed.

Sometimes I feel chocked by your
pushy weed’s stealing my seeds.

I am so small sometimes,
I feel like a whisper in the wind,
instead of a mighty Rawwr!

You have pushed me to the side,
like an unwanted enemy
ready to charge.

When I have no weapons
nor do I pose a threat.

All I want is to live in harmony
with you and my life.

I guess you and I
are not on the same page,
you still need time to grow
and find your way.

I am patient,
I know how to wait,
I have been waiting most of my life.

You mean a lot to me,
I understand that
we don’t always see eye to eye,
but that’s not what is important.

If we weren’t individuals
life would be boarding
it would be to common
and useless for us to keep learning.

Why the sad face?
Why do you keep running?

Life isn’t going anywhere my friend.
I will always be here waiting
for you to return.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Star Cross Lovers

Love me like the mountains
love the rain.
Cry me a river,
of a lovers pain,
then let me wipe away
all your salty tears.

Let your tears drizzle
down my windows panel
leaving your lovers stain,
felling my life
with your fragments of shame.

Like a brook rolling over the hills,
my life flows down
your hills of grain,
overflowing into tomorrow’s horizon,
as my sun sets
beyond today’s footfalls,
and your moon
falls into my fringing orbit.

I am the orbit
to your moon.
I will lay on your dusty suffuse.
My heart was lost there,
out in the blackness of the unknown,
floating, surfing the stars,
with my star cross lover.
I am forever lost
in your moon beams.

I will never forget
your unforgiving tears,
showing me your eyes
full of sorrow,
and pain.

Love me like the moon
loves the stars.

Cry me a river,
of falling stars.
I’ll catch them in my bucket,
so I can wish upon them
years to come.

Cry me a river,
so I can travel up your banks,
and canals.
I will gather your tears
into my pale
of fragmented love affairs.

We can be together
under the canopy
of the burning star’s
forever calling them ours.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

This An’t No Cinderella Story

Beckoning Hearts Never Beat Apart.

Fragmented love
broke free from
my caged heart.

Reeking havoc on my life,
leaving ghostly leftovers
for me to pick up.

I don’t like leftovers,
it doesn’t taste the same
after setting for a day.

Sadly most true love stories
happen after a few unhappy ending’s.

This an’t no Cinderella story,
my glass slipper broke years ago.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Sun & Moon

Smoldering embers burning in the dark,
burning brightly in the night.

Let me blow you a kiss,
a firy wish.

Our souls will sore in the sky,
like falling stars
zooming for a wish.

I will be where you are,
for we love under
the same bright stars.

The sky luminous and great,
the wish will never fade.

Oh, you are a burning flame,
an undying blaze fed by
my breathing heartache,
you are my sun
and I your moon.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Love Hurts Sometimes

Bruises are not always visible,
some are under the surface.

I have been through hell and back,
took a tip through the creak,
returned with bruises.

I am stronger for the wear,
but I still have deep scares
from all I bare.

Once I thought love was
going to make me happy,
because I thought that’s
what love is.

I have learned
love isn’t always happy,
love can hurt,
love can leave you
lonely and sad.

Because love is a complex feeling.

In my experience with love,
I have seen the stars light up for me
but I have also watched
as the sun collided
with my universe
destroying everything
I held dear.

I have loved and lost
I have fought parolees spaces
of endless time,
where love seemed so far away.

I have learned how to love myself,
do to the fact that love can’t love itself.

To love is the most selfless
act there is,
because you have to give yourself to someone else
to allow it to happen.

Love isn’t about you,
love is about everything else.

Letting go of your selfish lives
so someone can love you,
that’s the hardest thing to do.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

How Sad

When I thought everything was going well,
that’s when you let me down.

You played with my heart strings,
like a jerk on the string.

You pulled me up
until I seemed strong again,
only to throw me down.

You then picked me up again,
only to throw me down.

You bruised my heart,
with your brutal jerk.

I fell down the rabbit hole,
hearing your laugh slowly fade
as I fell deeper into the pain.

You shattered my life
like a piece of tempered glass.

You washed my wound’s
only to give me another lash.

Painful love,
is painful You.

How sad.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Painful You

The pain of love,
the pain of living,
is something to bare.

I am made of flesh and blood,
my bones bare witness
to my life.

I work hard to live hard,
I breathe, and think,
I collide with time as if
I am its catalyst.

I can move but not freely,
for I am held down by choices.

Love has broken my every heartbeat,
with each thud
it pump’s through me,
like tiny needles
running through my vains,
pocking my every move.

Thud! Thud! Thud!
Each breath I take
is another painful
memory of you.
Love… Painful You! 

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Love For The Night (Poems From, My Dying Heart Collection)

“A million stars burst forth from my chest,
for I couldn’t contain my love for the night no longer.
I am part of the night because I am made from its star dust.”

The Beauty Of The Night

The beauty of the night is the mystery of you.
My soul took flight in the middle of the night
only to be let down by the rising of the sun.

My heart ate the night,
devouring it with its wicked tongue.

Such love dwells under the cover of shadows,
only to be revealed as the sun rose over the horizon.
Sadly, such love dies turning to ashes
in the rays of the burning sun.

The love of the night
grows with such passion,
it’s black kiss blew me away.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

You can find the originals on my Tumblr @WeatheredPoetry.
These poems are part of My Dying Heart Collection.

Lost In The Mist Of Paris In Spring

Walk with me through
the streets of Paris in spring,
where my heart is fond
of the breeze,
for my love of
Paris in spring.

My soul grows on the trees
upon the streets.

My heart belongs
where the cheese’s
are bold and creamed,
the trees glow of green,
the fields grow wide and full.

Perfumed wineries flow
through my vains,
vines of purple and green
grow deeply on my brain.

Overgrown by memories forgotten,
from centuries of longing
for the mistery of my dreams.

My love Paris in spring
reminds me of what I dream.

I once lost myself
on a walk through
the fields of
Paris in spring.

Perhaps I once belonged
to those walless dreams,
no boundaries to hold my soul,
I fell in love with
Paris in spring.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton


That one night never fades from my memories. 

Upon unspoken word’s
you become a scar on my mind. 

With one kiss you become
like a heavyweight pushing on time. 

Life slowed for the first time,
it sucked you into my heart,
captivating is your sent. 

Like long forgotten perfume
waiting for me to devour it,
within my dreams and wishes. 

I placed you in a jar,
so I can keep you close to my heart.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

To My Broken Love 

Nothing is left,
the pieces have fallen apart,
until they are too small to see.

I am to insignificant for you
to care,
I am like a wound
itchy and bothersome,
you wish I wasn’t there.

My soul is always out in the open,
it’s bare and naked
for all to see.

My scares are visible,
kinda hard not to see
my suffering,
for I wear my struggles
on my sleeve.

My armor has a weakness,
it is you.
I never forgot how much
I love you.

You are tattooed upon my heart,
I have your name stitched
upon my soul.

Everyone knows who you are
because I have no secrets
no mask to wear.

You are my pain,
my dying heart you hold tightly.

My love you have,
my heart you choked
with your brutal needs for more.

The heart is greedy,
it can cause the mind
to be needy.

Such pain love can bare,
causing the oceans to flood,
the walls to fall into the pushing
oceans of your love.

Doesn’t matter how much I share,
you don’t care.

To my broken love.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Kissing The Sea

My friend the sea showed me her bow,
then she rolled over and kissed me.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“For my heart he knows who he is, my Seany.”

Gothic Romance

Upon unspoken word’s
my heart shattered,
like a fragile flower
my life fell slowly into pieces. 

I withered under your touch. 

This heart of mine is breakable,
a life fragile like tempered glass,
it shatters under pressure. 

My love once strong now bent
and beaten, weakened by your
heartless demands. 

Bruised and beat
my heart bleeds out
under your feet. 

All that is left is cremated,
burnt to an ashy ghost
blowing in the wind. 

You became my Gothic romance. 

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Hard To Breathe

When did it get so hard to breathe?
When you accused me.
I have nothing else to give
because you have all of me.

I suffer through,
I hurt too.
Yet still you don’t give a damn,
except about you.

I fought hard,
my angel’s fought harder,
yet you won beating me harder.

I die each time you accused me.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“To my broken love, he knows who he is.💔

Love Never Fades

Across the vastness of space
my love never fades.

Like a star it grows,
expanse, and tames
the space around its shape.

The universe knows that love
makes things grow,
it feels the vibration,
as we fall in love.

Molecular structures weaken,
only to rebuild.

love never dies
it just goes on vacation.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Bruised Heart Lost Its Flow

My heart is sore,
it’s hard for me to breathe
at times.

You seem not to care
I don’t understand your need
for more,
or your need to push
and bully.

Life never slows down for you,
life never speeds up for you,
you have to go in the direction life chose for you.

Once you stop fighting it’s flow,
life will seem easier,
and more precious then ever before.

Life trys to teach you patience,
it trys teaching you how to grow,
but it is up to you where you go.

I am always behind you,
never do you put my needs
to the front of the line.

You act as if you think life should stop for you, as if you don’t have time.

You have more than you know my friend, you have more than most do.

You don’t even have to work for a dime,
or wait for others to take care of you.

You don’t seem to notice
all the time I have given to us.

You seem to notice everything
you think you lack,
instead of remembering
all our good times
we’ve had.

I wish I could open your eyes
show you everything you have.

I think it wouldn’t matter to you though
because you hardly see past
your nose.

Half of the time,
I don’t know if I can trust you,
I don’t know if I should.

Should I be questioning myself
or should I let you go?

It’s hard sometimes.

My heart is sore,
and my mind is tired.

I think you don’t care,
you only see yourself in such times like these.

All I can do is pray for you,
while I am on my knees
crying for you.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

“I pray for my heart that he will come back to me. I pray he stops judging me. I pray he finds peace.”  

Faithful Dying Poetry

One breath I lost,
one life I tossed,
like a salad
I cut the food,
I mixed its contents
until it becomes something different.

I grew my roots where none grew before,
do to the design of life,
death touched mine,
I can hear the angles crying,
they mourn for my withered soul.

But none will come
to clean my wound’s,
there are no jar’s
to hold my year’s,
no napkin to soak up my tears.

The dirt in which I am planted
is dry, creaked, and wasted.

I become died,
I become weathered,
I become bent,
I become tired,
I am nothing but ashes
in the wind.

Blow on me and make your wish
my friend,
before I am gone.

Weathered poetry floats from my head,
land’s on your dashboard,
smudging myself across your screen.

This is poetry.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

Mom I Will Always Miss You

She left me on a tear drop,
I can still remember her voice,
as if she spoke to me
through her tears.

She took with her my fears,
my love flew by her side,
my heart stayed behind.

I will always remember her smile,
her hair, and her eyes,
blue like the ocean tides.

I will always remember
how she held me while I cried,
she wiped my tears,
helped me fight my fears.

Aw my mother,
she flew to heaven
with the angels who stole her
from the Earth.

While my heart quaked,
and my life shook from it’s foundation,
I lost her in one moment.

Not a breath was wasted,
not a tear forgotten,
each one turned into a memory.

Never will she fade
for she lives on in my DNA.

She’s my mother,
mom, best friend, confidant,
and queen of all I hold dear,
she is and always will be
my mother.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Love Can Be Hard 

I am not heartless,
life just taught me
to use my heart less.

I don’t always allow my heart
to make choices for me.

Life is saddened by love,
because when those
you care about die,
it hurts more than
if they were a stranger.

That’s why I always say,
love is not a happy journey
where the sun always shines.

It can be a barren landscape
wasting away with fattened pigs,
and chickens who lost their feathers.

Love can burn like the hot sun
in the Mojave Desert.

It can drink your blood
until you’re ready to pop.
Leaving you to die
from a broken heart.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“I thought I should share this poem before I lose my inspiration to write it down. I have been through a lot this year. It is but a poem and I know some will be able to relate to it. I am not always an emotional person so to allow my feelings to make my choices isn’t a normal reaction I have. It would have to be a very deep emotion for that to happen, love is one.”


like my heart
love is sweat like night.

We gather as one
under the burning sun,
only to sacrifice
our hearts to love.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“To sacrifice your own heart for the comforts of love, but never forget the importance of life.” 

Structure Of Broken Love

It’s sad to be judged
by the love of your life.

You wouldn’t think
that someone you love
could do anything like that.

Because love isn’t mean,
love isn’t boastful,
love isn’t a lie,
love isn’t a beautiful day,
love isn’t a fairy tale,
love isn’t a glass slipper.

Love is complicated,
love is hard,
love is painful,
love is gooy, oozing all the time,
love is scratchy,
love is wakey,
love is full of it,
love is pushy,
love is never changing.

It is the person who uses it,
who makes it,
forms it,
sculpt it into
a piece of art,
sometimes they use
the wrong glue
so it falls apart.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

You Left Your Troubles At My door

My heart is full of pain,
because you left your
troubles at my door.

You left your troubles,
you gave me your want’s
but you never thought
it’s not my job to give you
everything you want.

My job is to love you
and to take care
of myself first.

I can’t protect you
from yourself,
I can’t defend myself
against your attacks,
I have enough to deal with.

Plus you cause your
own troubles.
I have nothing to do
with that.

You once treated me
with respect,
now you damage
and neglect.

You haven’t changed
for yourself,
instead you make promises
you will change for me.

No one changes
for someone else,
if you have respect
for yourself,
you would change
for yourself.

Modivation is the key,
self worth is the hole,
you locked yourself out
by losing the key.

I am sorry,
I can’t help you feel worthy,
I can’t help you feel loved,
I can’t give you the world,
because that’s impossible
for anyone to do.
I never promised you that.

You don’t need the world,
you need to open your eyes
and see my love,
you need to realize how blind
you have been,
and how much you hurt me
because you are blind
to my love.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“To my heart he knows who he is , Seany.”


Love broke my heart,
love stole my everything,
love damaged my heart,
now it is sore, bruised, and used.

But my love is sick
it stressed me out
until my blood poured all my energy out.

Now my heart is damaged,
heartbroken and crushed.

My love he doesn’t seem to notice.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“Brokenhearted with high blood pressure. You wonder if someone can die from a broken heart if I get high blood pressure after my boyfriend started telling me I don’t love him enough. How horrible that he would say such a thing to anyone.” 

Good Morning

The moon is my friend
but the sun stole him,
now I am alone wishing
to find him.

It’s dawn and
the moon is gone.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

“The morning blue’s”

Goodnight My Moonflower 

One dreary day a flower
grew in a baren landscape,
soon over grown and gray.
All the flowers rotted away,
leaving ghostly perfume
and misty dreams for those
who came to pick the flowers. 

As the night fell upon the fields
of ghostly petals,
one grew above the others.
It was a Moonflower. 

Like the others
soon the Moonflower
withered and died.
Never to set eyes on the morning sky.
Now I cry while the rain falls slowly.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Cry Me A River

Tears are worse then fear,
They sting, cling,
and shows your pain.

Cry me a river,
cry me a river of pain,
cry me a river of tears;
drink from the bank’s of unstoppable sadness and fear.

Rapids rear,
beating hearts sing,
as love strikes the strings.

Breaking base,
as the drummer’s march
along the bank,
lover’s dance
as the river parts,
leaving each one separated.

River of tears flow
steady and fast,
running through the trees,
swallowing all who
stand in its path.

Love cried me a river
while I played with
its broken strings.

The river never allowed
me to pass.
As I cried a river
flooding the path.

Cry me a river of broken dreams.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Love Doesn’t Judge

Without remorse
without regret
you judged me,
I have been broken,
accused, abused,
and used by the man
who says he loves me
no matter what.

Where’s the love you talked about?
where’s the I love you?

You left me in the dirt,
broken, beaten, and bruised.

Love gives all,
but it’s how it’s used
that makes a relationship
grow or bruise.

I have been judged
by the man who said
I love you.

He has a sharp tongue,
it cuts me deep,
as he rubs his salty breath
along the edge of my pain.
Stinging my soul,
beating my faith
until none is left.

To be judged,
is a painful trail.

All I ever wanted was
to be loved.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Sad Love (I Wish The Best For Him)

I was accused and abused,
I trusted a man who stole
right from my hand.

Because I believed if someone says they love you,
that means they have respect for you.
I am wrong,
love doesn’t make someone trustworthy or a nice person.

Being honest happens
when someone is truthful,
Being nice happens
if someone is truly nice.

If you are a nice person deep inside you won’t find it hard to be kind.
You won’t have to work at it,
because it’s been there the whole time.

I have been told by one person ever,
How he thinks I am horrible
and dishonest,
when I am too sick to even care
to be mean or cruel,
I never was a dishonest fool.
I never cared to lie,
I would rather work for my dime.

I have fought for survival,
I didn’t get here by cheating
and taking what I didn’t work for.

He did,
He stole from me
and lied to my family and friends.
He didn’t bat an eye,
He showed no morals.
Yet he was quick to blame me
telling me something is wrong
with my mind.
He never admitted to his crime’s.

I feel hated and used,
horribly accused:
by a man who used I love you
until it hurt me.

Sadly I have to tell you,
I am ashamed of him.
I am ashamed that he treated me
in such a way.
I am ashamed that he judged me
poorly and that he judged me at all.
I am also ashamed of myself,
for allowing it to go on
for so long.

Love is not judgemental,
Love is not boastful,
Love doesn’t care how old you are,
Love doesn’t care what raise you are,
Love doesn’t tell you lies,
Love doesn’t spit in your eye,
Love is a feeling that transcends
all time.

I am left in tears…
Sad love bit me hard
leaving it’s scares.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Dear Rose Bud

Oh dear rose bud,
how you blush in the morning sun.

Dear rose bud,
How I feel about your rooted bud,
your closeness to the Earth,
your perfumed memories
and your fragile stem.

Oh my rose bud,
how I feel about your petals
and your bashful ways.
I admire your beauty
and your fragrance reminds me
of dreams of the misty forest’s.

Such memories you provoke,
such things you remind me of.

Soft walls of beautiful
floral gardens,
once again I am taken back to
my secret garden.

With your pink,
white, sometimes red hue.
I love you.

Oh dear rose bud,
I will never forget our
perfumed mornings,
our hearts will never part,
for you live on through
time and word’s unspoken.

Until we meet again
my rooted bud.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton


Love & Struggles

One day it hit,
You can feel it pounding,
beating at your door.

Sometimes it aches,
other times it quakes
it leaves creaks in the wall.

Sometimes it brings flowers,
other times it brings garbage,
it also leaves heartache,
and dirt on the floor.

It leaves clothes lying
on the floor,
leaves keys hanging
from the door,
but never forgets your name,
or your favorite color.

It can choke, scratch,
and scares you for life.

You will never be alone
as long as love is there
for you to hold
all through the night.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

A Note To My Heart (He Knows Who He Is)

My love doesn’t change
just because the one
I fell in love with hurts me.

What changes is my
trust in the person.

Trust is simple, elegant,
and a strong emotion.

What’s not simple is how trust
is gained, being silant,
crule,and rude doesn’t
prove you are trustworthy.

You gain trust by being open,
mindful, and selfless.

Judging someone doesn’t prove
you are trustworthy either.

How do you know if your judgements
are correct?
How would you feel if someone judged you?

You need to look at yourself first
before looking at someone else.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

This is a letter to my love Seany.
I hope he understands what he has done is bad. I hope he decides to change not for me but for himself. I love him no matter his faults. I just can’t handle the situation he has caused. I shouldn’t have to. I need to take care of myself first.

Unconditional Love

As bright as the sun
you burst into my life,
You cause the smudges to
fade away.

You become like the brush
and I the artists hand,
we craft beautiful art together
under the rising sun.

We both burst into stars,
as I follow you into the chaos
of loving unconditionally.

love doesn’t always end
with a beautiful dance.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Lovers Out At Sea

Breathe deeply,
taking in the taste
of the salty air,
that lives upon
the chaotic sea.

As waves crash a shore;
my heart takes flight
with each pounding tide,
my passions ride,
and with each roll
there comes a kiss.

Owed to my Sea born lover,
stole my heart,
under the cover
of the rolling waves.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton 

Dying For Love 

I meat my love in shadow,
I never saw his shady hallow self.

He watched as I crumbled,
I pealed away at the seams,
under his foot he ginded me
into the earth.

My heart asks why,
Why do you judge me?
why do you hurt me?

I try to push away the pain
but he comes at me again.
I have no time to breathe
before he returns for another

All I ever wanted was to
share my life with my lover.

I got accusations instead,
which are all in his head.

I have a hallowed heart
where there once was his kisses.
Now they burn, like dying wishes.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton


To fight until there’s
nothing left,
I gave it my last breath.

It crumbled,
and died.

Like porcelain,
it was fragile,
and weak,
it creaked,
it pealed,
it spelt its ink.

Like an emotional poem,
it burnt the parchment paper,
it curled itself up inside my heart
scratching deep at the walls,
until I had to allow it
to leap free.

I fought until there was nothing left of me.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

Love Is Free

At last thine heart came to me,
opened like a scaluped shell
holding for me its pearl.

Lay at my feet,
they love will claim my heart,
I sacrificed my passionate feelings
so freely.

Our love like the caged bird
was set free.

I bowed to your advances,
I kissed your passions
with my willingness
and blushing smile.

Come lie with me and be my lover,
forever in a passionate state.

Frozen love never thawed
or moved for me,
until you came to me.

Love was set free… 

Love is free.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Eternal Pain

It is a night of ethereal pain,
a song of sorrow rakes my wane,
ghosts of my past vent their howls.

The ethereal souls stir;
fog shrouds their stalking frame,
their brooding agony fallows me.

Moon beams cascade over
dark and tragic shadows,
and the sorrow of my pain
fade to gray, as my life
begins to change.

Now a night of shared tears,
I remember my pain
as a ghost remembers
their past life.

 © By Amanda D Shelton

In Memory Of The Ghost Flowers

In winter they cried ice cold tears,
each one shadered like glass
as they flowed steady and fast.

Blue I feel,
as I lost the warmth of the sun
upon your chilling kiss.

My white gown grew its roots
upon your barren ground,
it bloomed on the night
when the moon shined
full and bright.

I your moon flower​ beamed
bursting forth,
as my petals fly free,
they die before they freeze;
hitting the chilled earth
with a dreadful thud.

Memory of you;
My ghost flowers grew
upon the memories we grow
and cultivate;
as the stars bare witness
to our chaotic dance.

© By Amanda D Shelton

In Ocean Tides Our Love Ride’s

A breath of fresh air,
is your kiss.

Your title wave crashes
upon my destint shore,
as my winds blow
towards your foaming roll,
I am caught in between
your crashing tides.

Our passionate embrace
devours our time,
leaving us with unspoken word’s,
and meaningful structure,
it builds a foundation
that can hold up to
our chaotic emotions.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Moonlight Lovers

Image result for Moon divider


Upon unspoken words,
I lie next to you.

Like a whispering wind,
I blow my kisses into your beam,
as I watch you devour my dreams.

Our love is like a beckon;
no ships will crash upon our shores,
as long as our moon shines brightly
from our lovers moor.

© By Amanda D Shelton

A Rose

“Beauty bloomed once upon a summer’s night,
only to wither on the coming of winter’s bite.”

© By Amanda D Shelton

Artwork below


A Rose

Wishes For My Love

My passions lay where you step,
with every heartbeat
my soul breathes for you.

With my poetic love,
I send my passions to your position.

As my moon grazes your sky,
I leave behind my kisses,
and my goodnight love
until we meet again.

Soon our sky will be lit
with the dawning of a new day.

Then we will be together
once again.

Upon unspoken word’s
my wishes fly,
until the morning my love
I wish you a sweet dream.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Broken Heart 

My pain is deep,
it is deeply rooted
in your struggles and strife.

I suffer when you suffer
because I love you.
I hurt when you hurt
because I love you.

My heart breaks with every strike you make,
with every mean word you say,
it cuts me like a knife,
leaving scares behind.

My heart is bruised,
with feelings you abused.

My heart lays at your feet,
yet you keep stomping it
into the ground.

I am nothing to you
but a smudge of dirt on the ground.

Your word’s mean something to me,
yet you use them to hurt me.

At last, to love is to know
how to suffer,
because once that love dies
something inside us dies too.

I know because I love you,
and we are broken in two.

I will always feel an emptiness
where you use to resigned.

I will always remember the missing piece
that is you in my life.

I will grieve for you
as I do my mother who died.

Goodbye my love
my darling.
I will never forget our times together.

© By Amanda D Shelton 

“For my broken heart died while you squeezed the life from its main artery. Such sorrowful word’s are, goodbye my love.” 


You have broken down my
walls of security,
with your insecureties
and your pushy ways.

You tore down my foundation,
and now my walls fell down.

You left me inside our
broken house,
as if I were nothing more
then an unwanted mouse.

This house we build with our struggles and strife,
is left fragile and weak.

You come inside with your
hammers and teeth,
tearing down every memory,
throwing away all the time
we took to gathered.

All because you couldn’t trust
my building skills as a woman
or a natural born mother.

When it is in my nature to build a stronger foundation for my future.

© By Amanda D Shelton 

Love Hurts Sometimes

Everything I build gets torn down,
everything I see runs away
before I even have time
to say anything.

Everything I have done means nothing
because no one saw.

Everything I do means nothing
because it doesn’t matter to you.

Everything I have been
broke into millions of pieces,
all for you.

Yet still I stand alone
because people
are crude, brutal, and rude.

You don’t think about me
when you are too busy in
your own mind.

You don’t think about
my feelings when you are
too busy trying to hurt mine.

There’s no love in accusations,
theres no love in
selfish pride,
there’s no love in just your time.

Love never leaves
without leaving scares behind,
love never stops because you have no time,
love is not fair nor does it care,
love can be blind,and brutal.
Love can hurt sometimes.

Yet still we clime for its highest peaks,
we try hard to find what it brings.

Though love can’t speak,
love can’t prove itself,
love can’t defend itself.
Love is still what you make of it,
that’s what makes it so divine.

© By Amanda D Shelton

You Are Mistaken My Love

Do you think I don’t understand you?
That I don’t feel like you do?

Oh how wrong you are,
my friend.

For I am human like you are,
I have the same chemistry
and DNA as you,
I share the same human
experience as you.

Oh and I love you,
no matter your faults.

How is this,
that you think the way you do?

You can’t see my feelings
even though I am showing you?
I feel like
nothing releases but wind.

What a disgrace,
all you hear is static
and old call’s from your
past relationships.

Is that all I am?
I have become
a wisper in your ear,
a passing itch
already scratched?

My perfume still lingers
but you push it away,
with your bad behavior
and your pushy ways.

But being aggressive
won’t push me away,
because I understand
why you behavior in such
a way.

I see through your walls you’ve built,
I see through the jungles
you grew around yourself,
I see through your insecureties,
and the masks you create
to hide yourself.

Oh love, you are mistaken
if you think of me in such a way.
I never run away from a challenge. 

Relationships are the biggest challenge
there is in life.

© By Amanda D Shelton

” To my love Seany, who might have security problems but it doesn’t stop me from loving him.”

To Be Loved

A moment in time was lost
but easy to be found
again and again.

Love slipped through the cracks,
Love found my heart at the bottom
of the reservoir of my life.

Once there it pooled and gathered,
clinging to my heart strings;
like a puppeteer, love moved me,
guiding me to where you are.

To be loved, is
the greatest adventure
there ever was.

© By Amanda D Shelton

On The Sea Of Doom

On the sea of doom,
I stand upon its shores,
waiting for the dream to end.

Though the waves seem
turbulent and rough,
no surfe can take me down
without a fight.
So I stand waiting for
the right moment,
I wait for the wave
I chose to ride.

As a proe,
I surfe the highest tides
as I become one with the waves.

“I might suffer but I don’t suffer in silence. I am like a siren calling to the seamen, who stroke my pain with their fisherman hand’s. Beware of the waves I dare to bring. I will show no mercy to my suffering.”

© By Amanda D Shelton

Love Like The Flowers Do

At noon, midday, afternoon,
and in the morning.

Blushing pink,
with due drops glistening
like fragile tears
waiting the coming of morning.

Soon their kisses will leave a mark,
a lingering heartbeat
perfumed the air,
leaving no doubt of
I love yous.

Loving like the flowers do,
midday, afternoon, and midnight.

Like falling stars at your feet,
lay their lives down
upon the cold concrete;
For no weeds grow,
where love grows.

© By Amanda D Shelton

The Candle I Once Was

I once burned like a candle,
I slowly burnt down to
the bottom of my wick.
All went dim as the flame turned
to smoke.

My ashes lingerd as my ghost
moved like the flame it once was.

This candle lost her light,
only to find a burnt match
in its grip,
waiting to light what already
molted and frayed,
my dicay slowly ran down the table,
leaving burnt marks alone the way.

This candle burnt down a life,
only to watch Jack burn his trousers
upon the flame.

Her mind lost hope
but hope always found her
in the dark,
lighting the candle with lost dreams
and forgotten wishes.

I once burned like a candle,
My hope lingered like smoke.

I never thought I would get burned by the flame that once lit my way.

© By Amanda D Shelton

By The Fire

Lovely flame,
lovely bones laying by the fire.

Two lover’s cling to the warmth
of its blaze,
embraced by its girth,
and its violent birth.

Two burning flames
consumed by its bloom.

Such passion it requires,
such passionate lover’s,
laying together within its violent covers.

© By Amanda D Shelton

A Rose

A rose once grew here,
now nothing remains
but roots and vains.

In dust and ash it lay,
Yet I loved my rose
to the end.

It greeted me on my grave.

Iifes funny that way?

Star & Sky

Star said to sky:

“Don’t forget to catch me when I fall.”

Sky replies:

“I never do.”

Kiss Of Winter

Winter came a bit late,
but I was willing to wait.
As she approached I saw her frozen eyes
gaze upon my darkened skies.

Her light turned white,
her hair grew long as shadows
played along her cheekbone.
Winter began to speak,
her foggy breath billowed
and moved along the frozen meadows.

The sun slowly melted into the harrison
as the fog rolled in on the back of the wind.

She blew me a kiss with her cold winter breath,
it caressed my senses like a silken rose (frozen).

Her winter perfume sat lightly on my skin,
her snow laid upon my head like a chilled blanket.

She took the greens, browns, auburns, and reds
and stole the heart from summer
all while having an affair
with fall and his fellow friends and lovers.

© By Amanda D Shelton


Of many a night I fought,
I fought until the dawn,
for my soul and my rights
that were reserved for myself
before I took my first breath.

I bargained with life,
and I danced with love
in the moonlight.

I cried on deaths shoulder,
while my heart decided to quicken.

With no ill well,
with emotion and fear,
all this consumes me
with great
passion and skill.

With little pride
and much prejudice,
I fight on until
the breaking of the dawn,
as its light consumes
my heart.

Blinding my purpose
with its fire and light.

Yet still I fight on…

© By Amanda D Shelton

The Widow and The Forest

Whispers echoing through the tree’s,
ghost like mist mingling,
seasons change
as the earth opens for the spring.

She kisses the grass
with her moist breath,

they sing a song
for the meadows,

and the birds
lay their eggs on top

the tree branches,
as the widow
searches frantically

for her lost lover.

She finds him
gasping for breath,

The forest is dying,
and the widow is left crying.

Seasons change,
all things change over time.

© By Amanda D Shelton

To Love Someone Is To Die a Terrible Death

To love someone is to die a terrible death.
Not because you love them;
it is because once they are gone
your heart will fully understand the loss.

A Sweet Dream (Reacuring)

And once again you meet me
in a sweet dream;
our moments are short
but weathered like
the passion I feel for you.

Aw yes with such
passionate embraces,
I melt into your arms
once again,
only to find
you were never mine.

Upon unspoken word’s
you left me there,
as I was awoken
to the sent of
your perfumed passion.

I breathed you in
like a perfumed rose,
as my mind devoured you
for all time.

But I lost you once again
upon the waking of a sweet dream.

I await for the next time ,
when we will walk on
the shores of our sweetest dreams.

© By Amanda D Shelton

A Sweet Dream (Rewrite)


What Sweet Dreams May Come,
Like Waves On The Ocean Shore?

Heavy like rain, love devoured my dreams.
As my passions died,
upon the waking of my rose colored visions.



And within a sweet dream you came to me.
Once there, you began to devoured me,
with your lips you stole my heart
and what was left of my passion.

There you stood before
the shoreline of my lost dreams,
as your light beckoned to my waves.

I lost my mystery to your winds,
as my waves beat and pushed
upon your misty sands.

I became a ghost, a lost wandering soul,
who stole your promises and dreams.

Those dream like lips, salty and sweet
took me back into your arms once again.
And there we stood in each other’s embrace,
forever mingling with the sands of our
sweetest dreams.

Such passions we dreamt,
of two lovers walking in the morning breeze.
We became a flame burning brightly in the night,
as the dawn devoured our blaze with its morning light.

As we walk on the shores of a sweet dream,
the waking time devour my rose colored visions
and I lost you once again within a sweet dream.

© By Amanda D Shelton


My Dying Heart Collection


A Sweet Dream

And within a sweet dream
you came to me,
once there you began to
devoured me,
with your lips you stool my heart
and what was left of me.

There you stood before
the shoreline
of lost dreams,
as your light beckoned.

I lost my mystery
to the winds,
as its waves
beat and pushed
upon my misty land’s.

I became a dream,
a lost wondering soul,
who stole your
promises and love.

Those dream like lips,
salty and sweet
took me back into your arms
once again.

And there we stood
in each other’s embrace,
forever mingling
with the sands of our
sweetest dreams.

Such passions we dreamt,
like dust in the morning breeze,
we became a flame
burning brightly in the night,
as the dawn devoured our blaze.

Unto a sweet dream
you came to me,
to devour my rose
colored visions.

Love At First Write (Rewrite) 

​I do believe in love at first write.
Every poem I write,
Every word I spent,
Everyday that I sat and shared
my poetic whispers into the vastness of the unknown web.
Somewhere along the way
I lost myself.

Each scribble,
every rant,
and dribble
was written by my fragmented heart,
beating and bleeding
every last drop of ink I had left.

Onto these pages,
full of my poetic scares,
a lost art is once again found,
it was hiding under my skin.

In my mind it festered and decayed.

Like rotten,
dead roses
perfumed by its wilting mulch.

Soon my poetic form will transcend
above this vast web,
it will take intrigue wrap it up to prepare for its transformation,
forming word’s into poetic justice;
that cursed my ink soaked soul,
with abstract view’s of reality,
that I wrote
while I fought my sufferings.

What a sad day it will be, if ever
I lose my poetic drive.

Oh woe is me,
unto such a day as this.
The darkest hour of my life
would be, the day I lose
my first love (poetry).

© By Amanda D Shelton

Until Life Do Us Part

Married in death lovers forever,
yet life came and took one away.

Left alone the dead lover rose to claim his true love’s heart.
So as in death they are also together in life.


© By Amanda D Shelton

Reversed Poetry

Porcelain Heart 

Here I stand
my hands are raised over my head,
I surrender.

I surrender
to the fall,
to the sword and battle,
for I am weakened and torn,
I need rest and food.

I am no Queen
nor am I above everything,
I am usually like a shadow
deep, avoid, and broke.

My porcelain cracked,
my porcelain
turned black and yellow,
my porcelain fell to pieces
in your hands,
I started to crumble.

The glue didn’t last,
the hold wasn’t strong enough
to keep me from falling apart
like glass.

My porcelain was once new,
but with use,
my porcelain couldn’t handle
such abuse.

Oh no my porcelain is crumbling and decay has come to eat me away.

Come save me my cobbler boy,
make me a heart of gold,
make me brilliant
and eternally yours,
a porcelain doll with a heart of gold.

I surrender to your fix,
to your application
and programming,
for I am broken and
I need your fix.

What if I fell in love with a poet? 

Would his poetry bare witness to our intimacy?

Would he bare his soul to me,
through his word’s and ink?

Would I become his poem,
his inspiration and aspiration?

Would his lips, bare and sweet
leave a poetic dream for me,
to caress and meet him there?

Would we become naked and fresh,
like a worm spring air,
that breathes our passions
in to its bloom?

What if I fell in love with a poet ?

Would we become bare
or would he spoil our love with
his wicked word’s?

What if I fell in love with a poet? 

© By Amanda D Shelton 

Graceful Lover’s

As our passion
bursts into needles,
each touch of your hand
rolls down my senses,
as I began to tingle and shiver.

The love we make
is like a dance,
sometimes our soul’s
can’t stop,
sometimes we break
into twirling and sway.

Nothing can break
our focus nor our sway.
We can dance until
the break of day.

Forever in each others arms,
graceful that’s what we are.  

Love Litters 

Dust and Blood 

 “What is left of this heart of mine, is hard to define. All but dust and  blood is what is left behind.” 

© By Amanda D Shelton 

Love To All Who Read This

I love you indefinitely,
indelible too.

Forever and ever
my friend you will be.
Nothing will change
how I feel for you.

My heart is so big,
there’s not enough love
to fell it to the brim.

You will always
have a place
right next to my
main artery,
leading to my heart.

All will be part,
of the ever flow
of my heart.

To The Love Of My Life

Our Love Is Forever


Our heart’s are kind, full, and complete.

Never are we a part,
for we are connected
by the strings of our heart’s.

Forever entwined
you and I.

Our shadows are one
walking hand in hand.


“To Love Is The Greatest Adventure” 

“Dying to meet our feet will guide, but only our hearts have the right to decide.”

© By Amanda D Shelton


Burns deep,
rules your mind,
touches your
lips like the caols of the fire,
infolds all in time.

Bares your secrets
in tightly closed jars.
Even heals the pain
of broken dreams.

Passion grows like weeds. 

Embraced By First Love’s Kiss 

If thee loves without regret,
thine heart will speak like the wind,
all will blow away
on a gushing of a lovers breath.

Lost upon the passions of a kiss,
you were sure you would burst
into dust,
after your lovers embrace,
instead you lost your secrets.
They wrapped around those lips,
like lace it caresses each
embracing breath.

Shadow Kissed Sorrow 

The whispers of the traveling winds,
hiss in my ear.
Kissing my soul,
leaving me chilled
to the bone.

Such love I sew
with tapestries of
yellow and gold,
my sun kissed soul
yearns for more.

Secretly my passions grow
in shadow.

Dirt filled woes
hydrated by my tears,
ah yes such blooming sorrows
grow in shadow.

To Love Is Never The True Meaning To Living 

“I don’t live to love, I love to live and to break your rules.”

“Broken heart’s never die, they live on through all the pain.”

© By Amanda D Shelton 


Cupids Poisoned Arrow


I Bit Back When Love Came With It’s Heart Attack


Drink the poison my darling,
you said take your time,
consume all of it.
Yet the roses were
only to drain my inspirations
one more time.

The promises were shadered before they left your lips.

I breathed you in
just to meet you
underneath my breath,
holding on to the sweet escape,
this love we make
is always laced with
a familiar taste of passion.

I tell myself that you’re not all
I desire.

I wish you well,
but this desire
never leaves,
it burns me deeply.

I could fight this feeling til the end,
but baby maybe
I don’t want to win this.

I don’t wanna be
your everything,
I don’t wanna be
your sober lover.

I want you on my lips,
on my mind,
and in my dreams,
behind these lovers eyes
and I won’t wake up
in time, no not this time.

I died from cupids
poisoned arrow.

I was taken back
by your lovers
heart attack.

I died from cupids
poisoned arrow. 

Just one more time,
one more kiss,
one more dip.

Oh no I slipped.


© By Amanda D Shelton

I don’t live to love, I love to live and to break your rules.

Star Cross Lover’s 

Ashes to bud, perfumed by love.

Rising stars riding the skys,
such passions coulide
scaring the night sky.

Trails behind,
and roumers shy,
Of two star cross lovers
streaking the sky.


You will know me
by my thorny snar,
you will know me
by the scars I bare.

You will know me
by my perfumed air,
my roots shall
inherit the earth,
My sent will bare
wittness to my care.

My misty soul lingers
on your nose,
My stim like a weed
devours the trees,
My ghost blooms on top
the gravestone.