In Ocean Tides Our Love Ride’s

A breath of fresh air,
is your kiss.

Your title wave crashes
upon my destint shore,
as my winds blow
towards your foaming roll,
I am caught in between
your crashing tides.

Our passionate embrace
devours our time,
leaving us with unspoken word’s,
and meaningful structure,
it builds a foundation
that can hold up to
our chaotic emotions.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Moonlight Lovers

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Upon unspoken words,
I lie next to you.

Like a whispering wind,
I blow my kisses into your beam,
as I watch you devour my dreams.

Our love is like a beckon;
no ships will crash upon our shores,
as long as our moon shines brightly
from our lovers moor.

© By Amanda D Shelton

A Rose

“Beauty bloomed once upon a summer’s night,
only to wither on the coming of winter’s bite.”

© By Amanda D Shelton

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A Rose

Wishes For My Love

My passions lay where you step,
with every heartbeat
my soul breathes for you.

With my poetic love,
I send my passions to your position.

As my moon grazes your sky,
I leave behind my kisses,
and my goodnight love
until we meet again.

Soon our sky will be lit
with the dawning of a new day.

Then we will be together
once again.

Upon unspoken word’s
my wishes fly,
until the morning my love
I wish you a sweet dream.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Broken Heart 

My pain is deep,
it is deeply rooted
in your struggles and strife.

I suffer when you suffer
because I love you.
I hurt when you hurt
because I love you.

My heart breaks with every strike you make,
with every mean word you say,
it cuts me like a knife,
leaving scares behind.

My heart is bruised,
with feelings you abused.

My heart lays at your feet,
yet you keep stomping it
into the ground.

I am nothing to you
but a smudge of dirt on the ground.

Your word’s mean something to me,
yet you use them to hurt me.

At last, to love is to know
how to suffer,
because once that love dies
something inside us dies too.

I know because I love you,
and we are broken in two.

I will always feel an emptiness
where you use to resigned.

I will always remember the missing piece
that is you in my life.

I will grieve for you
as I do my mother who died.

Goodbye my love
my darling.
I will never forget our times together.

© By Amanda D Shelton 

“For my broken heart died while you squeezed the life from its main artery. Such sorrowful word’s are, goodbye my love.” 


You have broken down my
walls of security,
with your insecureties
and your pushy ways.

You tore down my foundation,
and now my walls fell down.

You left me inside our
broken house,
as if I were nothing more
then an unwanted mouse.

This house we build with our struggles and strife,
is left fragile and weak.

You come inside with your
hammers and teeth,
tearing down every memory,
throwing away all the time
we took to gathered.

All because you couldn’t trust
my building skills as a woman
or a natural born mother.

When it is in my nature to build a stronger foundation for my future.

© By Amanda D Shelton 

Love Hurts Sometimes

Everything I build gets torn down,
everything I see runs away
before I even have time
to say anything.

Everything I have done means nothing
because no one saw.

Everything I do means nothing
because it doesn’t matter to you.

Everything I have been
broke into millions of pieces,
all for you.

Yet still I stand alone
because people
are crude, brutal, and rude.

You don’t think about me
when you are too busy in
your own mind.

You don’t think about
my feelings when you are
too busy trying to hurt mine.

There’s no love in accusations,
theres no love in
selfish pride,
there’s no love in just your time.

Love never leaves
without leaving scares behind,
love never stops because you have no time,
love is not fair nor does it care,
love can be blind,and brutal.
Love can hurt sometimes.

Yet still we clime for its highest peaks,
we try hard to find what it brings.

Though love can’t speak,
love can’t prove itself,
love can’t defend itself.
Love is still what you make of it,
that’s what makes it so divine.

© By Amanda D Shelton

You Are Mistaken My Love

Do you think I don’t understand you?
That I don’t feel like you do?

Oh how wrong you are,
my friend.

For I am human like you are,
I have the same chemistry
and DNA as you,
I share the same human
experience as you.

Oh and I love you,
no matter your faults.

How is this,
that you think the way you do?

You can’t see my feelings
even though I am showing you?
I feel like
nothing releases but wind.

What a disgrace,
all you hear is static
and old call’s from your
past relationships.

Is that all I am?
I have become
a wisper in your ear,
a passing itch
already scratched?

My perfume still lingers
but you push it away,
with your bad behavior
and your pushy ways.

But being aggressive
won’t push me away,
because I understand
why you behavior in such
a way.

I see through your walls you’ve built,
I see through the jungles
you grew around yourself,
I see through your insecureties,
and the masks you create
to hide yourself.

Oh love, you are mistaken
if you think of me in such a way.
I never run away from a challenge. 

Relationships are the biggest challenge
there is in life.

© By Amanda D Shelton

” To my love Seany, who might have security problems but it doesn’t stop me from loving him.”

To Be Loved

A moment in time was lost
but easy to be found
again and again.

Love slipped through the cracks,
Love found my heart at the bottom
of the reservoir of my life.

Once there it pooled and gathered,
clinging to my heart strings;
like a puppeteer, love moved me,
guiding me to where you are.

To be loved, is
the greatest adventure
there ever was.

© By Amanda D Shelton

On The Sea Of Doom

On the sea of doom,
I stand upon its shores,
waiting for the dream to end.

Though the waves seem
turbulent and rough,
no surfe can take me down
without a fight.
So I stand waiting for
the right moment,
I wait for the wave
I chose to ride.

As a proe,
I surfe the highest tides
as I become one with the waves.

“I might suffer but I don’t suffer in silence. I am like a siren calling to the seamen, who stroke my pain with their fisherman hand’s. Beware of the waves I dare to bring. I will show no mercy to my suffering.”

© By Amanda D Shelton