I Made A New Background

Hello My Beautiful Bat Brat’s,

I have some awesome news, I have made two new pieces of art work. I call them Quacker’s For You Designs.

“Row row row your duck gently down the lain. Quack quack quack all the way home.” Hahaha!

I made a ducky and then I copied him to make a background in Photoshop. He’s looking at you.

Here’s the pictures.


Welcome The New Additions To Bat Brat’s

Hello Bat Brat’s,

How are you my beautiful Bat Brat’s? I have been working hard making new designs for my store. Here are some of the new merchandise. I added a cupcake collection. Oh and if you scroll down to the bottom of this post you will find my original pencil drawing of the cupcake. I redrew it in digital format so I can use it on my merchandise. I hope you enjoy. 🤗😋

You can visit Bat Brat’s by following the link or by clicking on the images. The images will take you to the product shown in the pictures.

Thank you for being
beautiful and awesome.
I love you all and I am
very grateful to have you
as my reader’s.

This is the original Cupcake drawing,
I redrew it in digital format.

I also made a logo as seen
above in the post.

I Need Your Help

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I have been thinking, how can I engage my beautiful Bat Brat’s more? Well I am working on a character design and I need ideas for the drawing. Here’s what I have so far.

I need your comments please. I am going to give her face a cute and chubby look. What color of hair should I give her?

Hair Color Ideas

  1. Brown
  2. Auburn
  3. Blondie
  4. Black
  5. Pink
  6. Red
  7. Blue
  8. Green
  9. Gray
  10. Black with red streaks
  11. Black with blue streaks
  12. Black with green streaks
  13. Black with blonde streaks
  14. Black with pink streaks
  15. A hat with black hair

Please let me know by putting the number of your answer and anything else you would like to say in your comments below this post.

Thank you. ♥️

Dystonia Awareness T-shirts

Hello Bat Brat’s,

How are my beautiful Bat Brat’s today? I myself, I am doing okay. I have been working hard. I have made a t-shirt campaign for Dystonia Awareness. Here’s the link Dystonia Awareness T-shirts. The design is my own. I drew the butterfly awhile ago. I decided I should make money and do a good deed. You can buy Dystonia Awareness T-shirts. The money I make will go to art supplies and my forum also anything special. I have other campaigns running as well so you can check them out too.

Campaign List

There will be more soon. I hope you have a great day/evening.

New Merchandise Added To Bat Brat Mandy

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I have added new merchandise to my web store. Here’s the link Bat Brat Mandy. Also here’s samples of my new artwork. I call it “Friends Forever Stitched Together”.

I Added Another Piece Of Art To My Web Store

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I am excited to announce my new piece of art. I worked hard on this. It’s called Spring Flowers. You can buy my merchandise by clicking on this link Bat Brat Mandy.

Three New Nummy Merchandise Has Been Added To My Web Store

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I am excited to announce three new Cuty Boo’s have been added to my web store. Two Cupcakes and Three Cuty Boo’s Melting Ice Creams. Come check them out at Bat Brat Mandy.

Cuty Boo’s Illustration’s Are In My Web Store

Hello Bat Brat’s,

I have been working on drawing my Cuty Boo’s Illustration’s. These are all in my web store Bat Brat Mandy. More coming soon. Also I am working on a Gothic themed Cuty Boo.

Christmas Card

Hello Bat Brat’s,

Like I said in a previous post, I am working on a project for Christmas. Here’s the finished product. A Christmas Card. I used Adobe Illustrator Draw. It crashed four times while I was working. Hahahaha!

Merry Christmas you beautiful Bat Brats. I love you to the moon and back. May you be blessed this holiday season. I am. I love family and friends. I am happy.


New Artwork 

Hello Bat Brats,

Okay I have been working on new drawings. Here they are. I don’t like the last one but I wanted to share it anyway. Plus I am not shy about my mistakes. I blog so I can improve my work not complain about criticism. The first drawing is of my boyfriend’s cat Sassy. The second is a cartoon character I created for fun. His name is Jack. The third was an attempt at drawing Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I am in lots of pain today so the first drawing of Ariel didn’t come out very well. The drawing of Sassy my boyfriend’s cat came out better because it was the last one I drew. I love a good challenge. 😊

Meow! I am Sassy.

Hi! Fish you. This is Jack.

© By Amanda D Shelton 

Portrait and A Poem (Happy Mother’s Day)

With every memory we made,
with every heartbeat
we gave away.
My love will never fade,
Happy Mother’s Day.

I drew this for Mother’s Day.

Pencil Drawing Anger Management

I drew this because my boyfriend asked me to. I love a good challenge. 😁🤗 

I call it Anger Management. 

Ballerina Pencil Dance Drawing 

I drew this because I got bored. I love the ballet and so I decided to draw a ballerina. I called it Ballerina Pencil Dance because I used a pencil to draw it and it is of a ballerina dancer. 🤗 💃

A Rose

“Beauty bloomed once upon a summer’s night,
only to wither on the coming of winter’s bite.”

© By Amanda D Shelton

Artwork below


A Rose

New Artwork And Updates

Hello Bat Brats,

I am glad to be doing well right now so I can post this. I have been taking long breaks in-between posting because I am having migraines after being on the computer. I thought you would like to see my new drawings. I don’t have any poetry at this time so please be patient, my gift is on a spa day today. Plus it takes a few days for me to accumulate a few poems for you all to read. I like to post a few at a time to keep you all intrigued. I love being unique and coming up with poems that almost all can relate to. It takes time for all great poets to write awesome poetry. Maybe someday I will write something that will be a WOW factor. I am looking for a proof reader so I can write a book. I can’t pay anyone money at the moment but if I get revenue from a book or artwork I promise you I will pay the person who proof reads my work. I will even give them a free piece of my work though I am more likely to give them free copies of all my work. Just because I love you. Boop! Okay with adieu here is my new drawings.

I am going to redraw this frog. I am unhappy with the position of its left led. It doesn’t quite line up with its foot.



These next pictures are from The Boo’s Meow Art Collection.

More coming soon...

I have my own style of drawing.



I never was taught how to draw. Even my art teacher’s were amazed that I am able to draw like I do because of my disability, same with sculpting. Also that I can draw even though I had no prior experience. My movement disorder effects my skills only a little bit. I am still able to draw. I don’t say I am unable, I say “I am willing and able because I strive to prove the doctor’s wrong. Even​ the feeble minded and the disabled mind can do what a normal mind can not do.” I didn’t have to learn my skills. I was born with a broken mind but a gift that proves I am not all broken. We are all human after all.

Until we meet again adieu my friend.


© By Amanda D Shelton

Tim Burton Inspired Artwork

Hello Bat Brat’s,  

            I have been working on new projects. Here’s my new Tim Burton inspired work. 

           I created him for my boyfriend, he and I love the movie Corpse Bride; I got inspired by the movie. 

Lovely Rose’s Artwork With Quotes Also Welcoming My Boyfriend To WordPress


The original can be found on my Deviantart profile here  Lovely Rose’s.

Also please checkout my boyfriend’s blog here seanisko. He writes poetry and loves FLCL (Fooly Cooly).

This is Seany, my best friend and soulmate.
I am excited to welcome him to our WordPress family.

Welcome seanisko


Image result for Fooly Cooly

I See You In The Swamps Stamp Collection By FroggyArtDesigns

Hello Bat Brats,

I am doing my best to be okay right now. I am dealing with a ocular migrain it is at the end but I am dizzy right now. It helps me to talk and to get my mind off the pain so I am posting.  I am so use to having them that I have learned to be okay while dealing. Moving on >>>

I promised I would make something for Christmas. My arm is making it difficult so I made stamps instead of  Photoshop backgrounds and other related things so I am sorry. I made an ornament with a Snowman with snowflakes around it. I tried making more but I think I need a short break. So here’s my new Christmas artwork.



Please check out the full ornament @FroggyArtDesigns on devaintart. com

Chalkboard Delights ( Backgrounds)

Hello Bat Brat’s,

           I’ve been working on new things for Photoshop cc 2017. I love working with Photoshop it’s so much fun. Yep! yep! yep! I’m a Photoshop freak. Let’s do the Photoshop dance. I wiggle to the right, I wiggle to the left, I wiggle wiggle wiggle as I draw a wiggly line down the page with Photoshop brush set. Yay! LOL Here’s my new backgrounds. Also I’m still working on Holiday backgrounds and such for Photoshop users. The materials will be ready for download on my DeviantArt profile soon @FroggyArtDesigns. You can check out my Chalkboard Delights Backgrounds right now, if you’d like. Here’s what is included in the folder, also an information document on how to create patterns in Photoshop.





A New Sketch – Sassy (Baby Boo) My Cat



This is Sassy (Baby Boo) my cat.

I took five hours of my day to sketch her picture. I must really love my cat. 🙂

You can find the original picture and artwork on my DeviantArt profile

@FroggyArt Designs .

A Replica Of My Eyeball (Realism With Photoshop)

That’s right I created a replica of my eyeball in Photoshop. Boop!
You can find the original here on my DeviantArt Profile @FroggyArtDesigns.





Here’s what it looks like without word’s.

Batty Brat Cuteness (Bat Drawing) Because I Love Bat’s

Meet Batty Brat Cuteness, I made him using Affinity Designer Beta.   

Batty Bat Cutness

© By Amanda D Shelton

Little Bird Drawing & Poem 

I also have a poem.

Push Or Shove

Pain and suffering is like a wave,
you have two choices.

One, you go against the waves,
you start to get tired,
so you drowned.

Two, you ride the waves
going with its push and pull,
so it carries you ashore.

Fighting life is no good,
it just makes more strife.

Stop fighting,
instead find your way, in the world’s fast paced waves.

© By Amanda D Shelton 

Love Litters 

New Art Pieces

New Art Pieces!

Yay! Here’s my newest project.
My new pieces are inspired by Snow White.

You want to know more?

Click on the image please, and you will be redirected to my deviantart page.Snow White Parchments Banner Paper

Consciousness (poem) & My New Blog Project

We are made of star dust,
the universe burped us up
waking the universal consciousness.

Allowing it to expand
beyond the eclipse of our horizon,
where darkness transforms
into light.


My other blog
Gothic Eclipse Art Designs Blog. This blog will be only for my Gothic Eclipse Art Designs project’s. I will post updates soon.

© By Amanda D Shelton

This Rabbit’s 4 U Emoji


© By Amanda D Shelton

Top Hat Lady Emoji

|     |
*¶ *¶
^ .
<—-       <—-

© By Amanda D Shelton

Top Hat Emoji

|     |
*¶  *¶

|  |—|  |
|  |—|  |
|  |—|  |
<—      <—

© By Amanda D Shelton

The Lonely Mushroom and The Tree


Once there was a lonely mushroom growing on the ground. Poor mushroom was the only one around but soon there came a seed. The seed fell down from the sky. Mushroom didn’t know why this lonely seed came by. Year’s passed and the seed grew and grew until he was six feet high. Now the mushroom had to look up high just to see her seed. Now the seed was no longer a seed, he grew into a sycamore a beautiful tree. Yet this sycamore was very different from other’s of his kind. He had colors brighter than the sun in the sky. The mushroom liked her friendly tree , she thought “aw I wish I was as tall as you.” Tree bent his limp to pat his mushroom friend, he said: “don’t you worry my friend I like you because you are you.”

© By Amanda D Shelton

A Mouth Full Of Art (unique piece of phone art)

         I call this “A mouth full of art”. I drew this piece with my phone using my finger. Had the idea from looking on Google images. I still am surprised at how good it came out. I wasn’t even trying. I like the black and white with red affect.



To draw is more than
a passion for me.
It is an expression of my soul
a beat that bursts forth
from my heart,
it leaks out in blacks,
Whites, reds, yellows,
and greens.

Dripping down the page’s of my life,
art bleeds from me.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Full Moon

Beauty that blooms in the heavens,
hangs in orbit caressing the stars.

Hanging lights stream so bright,
wishes fly by to the moon’s delight.

Watching closely as night slowly transformed
into daylight.

The moon has but one wish,
to kiss the sun
before the dawn steals the spotlight.


Full Moon Rising

Visual Poem (My Beloved Dawn)

Thouart a rose that perfumed my heart,
your kiss captivated my senses.

My beloved dawn you rose for me,
as I waited for the coming of your kiss.

Its beam melted away the cold night air.
your kiss was refreshing,
awakening my heart to your rising sun.

Part II

My Beloved Dawn

My Beloved Dawn

My Beloved Dawn © By Amanda D Shelton

New Artwork (Enjoy)

These are my recent creation’s. I am calling these collections Gothic Smudges Finger Phone Art and GIMP Layering Fire Art.







This next one, I created using GIMP layering, and basic brushes.


© By Amanda D Shelton

My Artwork & Recent Projects

Hello Bat Brats,

It’s been awhile since I shared updates with you. I’ve been working on a few things that I find interesting and worthy to share. I started working with Adobe Photoshop. I am very excited because I’ve been wanting to try photoshop for awhile now. I knew that it would be awesome and it is. In this post I will share samples and other tidbits of my new work. 🙂 There will be more coming soon.

Butterfly Button

            Most of my work is done in layers and using masking. It gives my work a Gothic effect and a grungy feel. The butterflies were done by going into Google images and me drawing what I see, I use brushes that give a certain stroke and an effect like fur, paper, or even smoke. I loved working with the butterflies the most, it was fun looking for ways to make them look old and tattered. I even gave some of my work watermarks (FrogyArt) and the year. I am trying new ways to make a wooden effect too, I found it fun learning new techniques and how to make grain for the wooden effect.     Grunge Butterfly Paper Grunge Stripes Background Old Grunge Butterfly Paper

Burnt Wood Texture

© By Amanda D Shelton

Spider’s Web

Spider's Web

Spider’s web is reserved
for your dreams.

Catch what you want
but you might not be able
to keep it.

Your a weaver of webbed reality.
A dreamer.

Doily Art [A project I am working on]

Hello Bat Brats,
           I wanted to share my new art project with you, my readers. These are called Doily Art, I am going to be making a lot more of them. Some of my doily art takes a lot of time for me to make and a lot of details go into them, I try to keep them unique as will.




Into The Fall {Artwork & A Poem}

Into The Fall

Into The Fall 

Be still my beating heart,
leave no empty spaces in between us.

We like the flowers in spring
bloom and grow,
though winter always freezes our nook,
before her prance
slowly fall brings her gowns of colorful down
to blanket our land with beautiful
auburns and browns.

Resent Art Project

Hello Bat Brats,

           These are my most resent works of art. I took a lot of time making all of them. I used GIMP, I made my own brushes, and backgrounds for these pictures. I usually look online through Google images to get ideas for new artwork. It’s a great way to look at the lines and colors that other artists use. In the first image the full moon is in 3D it makes it look like it’s popping off the page. As for the trees those I made by putting in a different light setting than all the other parts of the image I used a grunge brush to make the trees that I made myself. The grass I made by using a freestyle pencil brush that I made myself as will. DJ Vamp out Radio Waves Killed The Vampire is a logo idea I have for my plans to start a radio station for Second Life. By the way my username in Second Life is resonantblackblood or you can look up my store Moonflower Designs. The image below DJ Vamp Out is one I made showing my pride as a woman. The image at the bottom of this post, is a plaque I made with my two resent quotes that I posted in another post.

I do hope you enjoy my art work.
If you don’t, I don’t care that’s your vote not mine.

Full Moon Rising

DJ Vamp Out Radio Wave Killed The Vampire

Be Proud To Be Women

Rise Above The Darknes

Logo Designs From My (Fanged Coffin Collection)

These are from my (Fanged Coffin Collection). I will be making more of these. Enjoy Bat Brats. Hehe!





Amanda Shelton

My New Painting

I’m still working on this painting but here’s my progress so far.


I’m using acrylic and water colors.

Amanda Shelton

Human Eye Drawing


I just got done dawning a human eye. I have tried to draw a human eye before and found out it was easy for me to draw. Though I did a better job drawing the eyebrow on my first drawing, this one is not well done compared to the first. Plus I was trying to draw the eye not eyebrow, I just thought it made my drawing complete.

Amanda Shelton