Love and Fear (Ode To The Clouds)

Of many a hour I sat to think,
I wasted time on dream like thoughts.

I waited year’s seems like eternity,
yet I sat still,
I then awoken to find
nothing changed,
not sure why;
I began to wonder.

Reality is,
life changes but within a dream
all stands still just for me.

I remember quite clearly,
the sky above grew gray and gloomy,
the clouds came down to consume me
instead it stole my heart.

I fell hard,
but my heart fell harder
for my gloomy lover.

The clouds frighten me
but they also bring a breath taking view that I love to see.
Through anxiety and fear I look
upon your gloomy beauty.

Ode to the clouds
with both love and fear.

© 2017 By Amanda D Shelton

I have a phobia of clouds but I also find them beautiful.


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