The Shady Rose (Rewrite)

Weathered Poetry




By Amanda D Shelton

To Be Shady Like You

You might like it if I was shady like you, I’d become something more than just your shadow. My stem will no longer be soft and pliable, and my thorns will be hardened and ruthless. 

No longer am I nothing but a shadow. My petals have fallen to the cold Earth. My perfume has faded, my stem bent from the weight of time. Though year’s have past, few forgot my hue and glow. Nothing is lift but my plot. I am more than just a shady rose, I am a blooming daisy. You are the shady rose, holding secrets under your rooted bed, slowly choking any flowers that choose to pot themselves close to your roots. I got use to being choked, my roots strengthened and I became stubborn. I will never be shady like you. I chose to make my plot miles away from the shallow tree’s, giving you your spot. 


I decided to rewrite the shady rose this morning. I read the original and thought it didn’t say exactly what I wanted it to. I am happy with it now.


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