This Is An Update 

          I am not sure how to start this post so I will just tell you what I want to say.

           I consider myself very honest, up front, sometimes I can be blunt. I don’t know what others think, I don’t care to try to understand what they think. I don’t have enemies because I don’t make them. I have had bullies from high school come to me to apologise for their behavior year’s after we graduated. They told me they found me brave and strong because I never bullied them back. I actually told them I am sorry for their problems and I will pray for their piece of mind at my church on Sunday. I am glad I did because some of those people turned out to be very good people. I knew they would because I knew even when I was seven years old, that everyone is capable of being more than what they believe they are capable of being because we create who we are by using our thoughts, which comes with beliefs, views, and behavior. Also I have never judged others because I don’t know how to. I also was taught by church that God will do that I have no grounds to judge another. I would rather write a poem, blog, or draw. So when I am judged as being a cheater, a dishonest person by a boyfriend or a friend, my other friends and family members would say they are having problems if they judge me like that. Also I know a lot of people. I have collected friends over the years because I am not shy. I also never had secrets nor would I ever care too. Everyone knows who I am once they meet me. I don’t keep myself tucked under a rock. Like my counselor’s told me I am very transparent you can see right through me. I don’t block anyone out because if I did I would not be alive, I wouldn’t have gotten so far in my life if I held back my feelings and thoughts. I am disabled and I have always understood what helps me. Just like you, if you broke an arm how would you get help? Would you cry for help or lay on the floor in pain? I don’t like pain, even though the doctor’s say I have a higher talerance to pain because I have been in pain since I was around nine years old. My pain made me stronger but I had no choice to fight. There is something inside me that makes me want to keep going forward doesn’t matter how hard the road is to travel. I will climb if I have to, with my pain I still get through to the end. To me pain is not part of life’s baggage, I believe pain is part of the journey. Why else does life have pain? No one has immunity to pain. There are rare disorders that cause people to not feel physical pain but they still have the ability to have emotional pain. What I have learned with the experiences I have had is how to be more transparent and open. That’s part of the reason I started a blog. I am glad I did because I have seen and read other blogs that inspired me to keep writing and to become more diverse with my blog. I am always open to learning new things. That’s why I post about coffee, my artwork, and updates of my life. You don’t just get poetry from this blog. I am too much of a philosopher to stick to just one topic. Though I do post more poetry than anything else because that’s my main interest always has beenbut I also understand that not everyone likes my interests, I want followers that are diverse like I am; so I share many different types of post’s. I am very grateful for all my followers and those who click on the like button on my blog. You guys are awesome because my blog would be a tiny unknown blog if it wasn’t for you. I also love WordPress the software is awesome and great. If I could I would show my respect for WordPress and all of my followers by giving more than just post’s. But I am doing my best with what I have. I have also learned to love myself and that helped me to be happy with what I have now. I appreciate everything I have.

I hope you are blessed as I am blessed.

“My mom left her legacy behind by installing her strangths and beliefs in me. I will uphold what she taught me by sharing myself with you. That’s what my mom would want me to do. She always was proud of me no matter my faults. She knew my flaws are what make me strong.”

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton


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