Spell Check Judgement

Who understands the frustrations of using spell check on the phone?
Me I do.

My smart phone isn’t very smart,
it types words that I would never type. 

Some people are very rude,
they judge me because of a typo.

I think that some people are just
too judgemental
to allow such a thing to go
without giving demeaning criticism. 

It’s not fair because it’s not my fault the phone is programmed to work the way it does.

How I am the error or the stupid one
if I have tried to change the spelling yet the phone still types for me? 

Sometimes it works and has a beautiful sway,
other times it choaks my poetic flow
goes the other way.  

But there’s no call for rude comments,
what did I do to you?
It must be your personal issues,
has nothing to do with me. 

There only typos,
they won’t bite you
or cause you cancer. 

You don’t have to stop by my space and throw it in my face. 

You are a childish person to think
it was okay.
Also I am disabled
and I have learned to love my mistakes. 

Why don’t you try being autistic and suffer from a movement disorder on top of muscle dystrophy?
You think it’s easy for me? Hahaha 

I am proud to say “yes I make spelling errors like everyone else does once in a awhile.” 

I bet you started out with horrible spelling,
you had to because you had to learn just like the rest of us. 

You are no different than anyone else.
I hope you feel better about yourself someday. 

I wish you the best.
Maybe you need a hug. 

© By Amanda D Shelton


I wrote this on a website for sharing poetry becuase someone commented on my biography. Saying I have a typo. That I must have been a C-section because it’s not idea’s it’s ideas. When how does that have to do with how I was born? Also no I wasn’t, thank you. I suffer from high functioning autism, a movement disorder and I found out recently I have muscle dystrophy. It was a shocker to hear my doctor tell me the reason I haven’t gotten better is because I won’t do to a genetic trait. I didn’t know I had muscle dystrophy. Oh I did know about the spelling error because I tried fixing it but I couldn’t because my phone won’t allow it. So Blah on them and their trollhighness! Wink -wink if you get my drift. 


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