Media’s Fool 

A migrating shadow,
from one wall to the next,
it watchs me as I fall asleep.

Deeper and deeper
I fall into my mind,
here I find visions
lost to the passing of time.

I see and feel time as it
skips through my open mind,
it takes me places I could never go.
It shows me things I never should know.

To be aware is a fool’s game,
you think you have control
until your body starts to age,
your mind starts to change,
media took the rains.

2017 you find it in a dream,
lost amungest long forgotten screams;
Yet it was still 2016.

To be aware is a fool’s​ dream,
all my data lost to the stream,
packed inside tiny clouds
that are larger than they seem.
Kinda like how the Terdis seems.

All my thoughts transfer into this
vast experience
3D, CGI, green screen
trick’s your eye.

All you are is a penpoint in time,
you effect it’s illusion
with your faded blue jeans and tie.
You used your credit to buy those
loss fitted jeans,
only to be fooled by advertiser’s bleam.

Oh what a fool we can seem,
reality never gives use our dream.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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