Relationships Tow The Line 

Outch that hurts! 

Relationships need lots
of work,
pain, blood,
and guts.

Dig, dig deeper,
push, push harder,
pull, pull harder,
love, love stonger,
give, give more,
take, but not too much.

I have been through
many struggles
but the one I struggle with
the most is relationships.

It’s like a ship,
you have your crew
and your boat
needs you to.

You can’t handle the
ropes by your self,
without your crew
your screwed.

Sometimes you can find a loss board or twine,
you have to mend,
you have tow,
you have to give it time.

Pull, pull,
push, push,
tow, tow,
row, row,
row the boat gentle down
the drain.

Oh no lets give it one more time.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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