A Broken Friendship 

I have been missused,
taken for a fool.
Told I don’t care,
I don’t show my love
in their judgemental way,
so they threw me away.

Never in my life has anyone told me
I am a dishonest brut,
until this friend walked my way.

I am not in anyway
dishonest or brutal,
I can be blunt at times
but never am I vengeful,
dishonest, or hateful.

I never peek at my neighbor,
judge, or smugde their behavior in their faces.

I care about others to much
to want harm to come to anyone.

I don’t understand why some people would judge a person who they call friend.

I can’t do that, it is not in my nature.

I am patient, kind, and respectful because I understand why people are the way they are,
and I have a choice to be like them
or to keep to myself and my ture nature.

I hope my friend will come to their senses and realize how much I care.
Until then all I can do his tell them I am still here.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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