Broken Heart 

My pain is deep,
it is deeply rooted
in your struggles and strife.

I suffer when you suffer
because I love you.
I hurt when you hurt
because I love you.

My heart breaks with every strike you make,
with every mean word you say,
it cuts me like a knife,
leaving scares behind.

My heart is bruised,
with feelings you abused.

My heart lays at your feet,
yet you keep stomping it
into the ground.

I am nothing to you
but a smudge of dirt on the ground.

Your word’s mean something to me,
yet you use them to hurt me.

At last, to love is to know
how to suffer,
because once that love dies
something inside us dies too.

I know because I love you,
and we are broken in two.

I will always feel an emptiness
where you use to resigned.

I will always remember the missing piece
that is you in my life.

I will grieve for you
as I do my mother who died.

Goodbye my love
my darling.
I will never forget our times together.

© By Amanda D Shelton 

“For my broken heart died while you squeezed the life from its main artery. Such sorrowful word’s are, goodbye my love.” 


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