Love Hurts Sometimes

Everything I build gets torn down,
everything I see runs away
before I even have time
to say anything.

Everything I have done means nothing
because no one saw.

Everything I do means nothing
because it doesn’t matter to you.

Everything I have been
broke into millions of pieces,
all for you.

Yet still I stand alone
because people
are crude, brutal, and rude.

You don’t think about me
when you are too busy in
your own mind.

You don’t think about
my feelings when you are
too busy trying to hurt mine.

There’s no love in accusations,
theres no love in
selfish pride,
there’s no love in just your time.

Love never leaves
without leaving scares behind,
love never stops because you have no time,
love is not fair nor does it care,
love can be blind,and brutal.
Love can hurt sometimes.

Yet still we clime for its highest peaks,
we try hard to find what it brings.

Though love can’t speak,
love can’t prove itself,
love can’t defend itself.
Love is still what you make of it,
that’s what makes it so divine.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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