Runnel Of Poetry 

Alone I sat with my thoughts
yearning to break free,
from the cage
I built for my poetry.

Not only word’s,
not only thoughts,
not only muse’s,
not only dreams
caught in-between
my brain and teeth.

Once this poem sat
behind my teeth,
waiting to be set free.

Now it flows out of me,
like a river breaking stream.

Flowing thought, musings,
and a poetic runnel
flows steadily from me.

Such a brook my poetry
can be,
slowly breaks through
the tree’s,
creating river’s from its poetic streams,
and hills grow where
none were before.

Poetry is a growing
passion of mine,
I seem to bleed inky deeds
from my main artery.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Definition of runnel: A small stream, brook, rivulet.


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