Cheating Pain 

Can pain cheat?

I think so.

Pain doesn’t just leave,
nope, it leaves it’s scars
and badge behind.

It doesn’t pick up after it leaves,
nope, pain doesn’t think
about your well-being,
nor does it care you have a life
to live.

Pain can make everything heavy,
and it destroys everything you build,
even self-esteem.

I should know,
I suffer from its constant

I feel I want to screem,
but pain makes it impossible
to even think and move;
instead I choke.

Silently I do screem.

Though my poetry is a way
I break the silence.

Let us all realise,
let’s screem together folks.

Pain hurts, pain pokes,
pain leaves tears,
and wasted dreams behind.

Pain has wasted my time.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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