Headache (edited)

​Owed to pain and suffering,
if not for your push
and pull,
I would be nothing.

My strength grew the day
you knocked at my door,
no invite or welcome
was ever given,
but still you came in.

Soon you brought the gray
and destrot,
and the nasty taste
of uncertainty.

Never did I think that
some bleak day
I would be taken away,
to live out my existence
in such a way.

The constant pounding,
and grabbing.

Owed to headache and its suffering.

Pain killers, ice packs,
and darkness that
devoures life,
weekends that never end,
jobs that never begin.

Owed to headache and
the suffering I bare.

No remorse, nor do you care.

Owed to headache and
its painfull prick
and poke.

Headache is always there.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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