I am Jealous of the rain,
it dances and sings
using every last breath
it breath’s.

It’s cool without trying,
it’s mean but still
it brings peace and tranquility.
It doesn’t judge me or yell at me,
It cleans and uplifts life
beyond the hillside,
It over flows and always grows.

I am Jealous of the rain,
it helps me write a perfect note.
Over time, you will learn;
how I am inspired by the sound,
that can bring down cities
and towns.

I am Jealous of the rain,
inspired by it’s tune
making me want to
dance and sing.

Let me show you
how one drop of water
can cause a hurricane
of change.

What a mouthful it can be,
such strangth and girth,
it can give birth to
a poem I call rain.

I am Jealous of the rain,
I am Jealous of its power,
its movement, and
awesome strangth.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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