Being Human 

First taste of the surgery glace,
life started out
like a punch in the face.

Breathe they say,
work they say,
feel they say,
with fake smiles and
business like lies,
they descend like flies
on your dinner table.

Live they say,
lie they say,
groom your face with no regrets
and a lumonus smile.

Grinding meel with only a mile
then you realize,
you didn’t even make it halfway.

What’s a mile
when it feels like the end
never begins.
Put on a smile,
whitened by societies ideals
and lack of moral’s.
Lets fake a smile.

The human rase began
the moment you
put on those trousers.

Poor fool ate from the pool,
only to find he was left
eating with the cattle.

No fine wine,
no beautiful dinning room table,
no roasted duck,
who gives a
Duck duck goose,
your already hangen from the noose.

Being Human is like
treding through mud with sneekers,
you got stuck.
Without boots your a stick
in the mud.

Being Human is like a drunk
Monkey cruising the streets
looking for good eats,
only to find your a trash digger
without a dime.

Being Human… We know how to fake a smile. 😀 

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