Season’s Change

Auburn & Brown
is the color of my seasonal gown.”
(Said the fall to the summer)

“I speak to the star’s, they are my friends and my cover.
The moon is my lover and the sun is my brother.
We live together in a poem.”

Like the seasons,
light brings shades of change.

The soldiers of the light shadows unite,
under the cover of night;
lying in wait for the dawn to arrive,
soon they will ride on the backs of beams of light.

Dawn arrives,
with the stars fleeting in the skies,
and the moon gives the sun
the spotlight.

Riding on wings of change,
falls arrival causes the trees to bow,
it grinds on the ground.

Fall merries the day’s and night’s
in a gown of auburn and brown;
sometimes white.

Seasons change…
To be continued until the spring.

All seems avoid of color,
until fall begins to chill the air,
the seasons change its clothing of color,
as fall creates beautiful dresses
for the seasons to wear.

Nothing is avoid of color
when fall is in the air.

© By Amanda D Shelton

“Don’t forget to catch me when I fall.”



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