Kiss Of Winter

Winter came a bit late,
but I was willing to wait.
As she approached I saw her frozen eyes
gaze upon my darkened skies.

Her light turned white,
her hair grew long as shadows
played along her cheekbone.
Winter began to speak,
her foggy breath billowed
and moved along the frozen meadows.

The sun slowly melted into the harrison
as the fog rolled in on the back of the wind.

She blew me a kiss with her cold winter breath,
it caressed my senses like a silken rose (frozen).

Her winter perfume sat lightly on my skin,
her snow laid upon my head like a chilled blanket.

She took the greens, browns, auburns, and reds
and stole the heart from summer
all while having an affair
with fall and his fellow friends and lovers.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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