Spanish Hot Cocoa Coffee

Hello pedestrian,

LOL just joking hello Bat brat’s. This message is brought to you by Gothic Realms where all your poetic dreams ooze from my mind. Drip, drip, oops I dropped one. I haven’t posted anything new for my coffee lovers. Well here you go. I have a recipe from my own personal recipe box. I edited this because my phone has bad spell check, it spells worse than I do. So I corrected a few spelling errors. YAY! Moving on…>>>

Spanish Hot Cocoa Coffee.

What you will need is…

  1. A Coffee maker
  2. Sauce pan big enough to hold at least four cups.
  3. Ladle and whisk
  4. Nestle‑Abuelita Mexican Chocolate
  5. Rich Hot Cocoa mix (of your choosing).
  6. Coffee (of your choosing).
  7. Cinnamon sticks.
  8. Make the coffee like you usually do.
  9. Now add two cups of milk to your sauce pan, heat for three minutes then add one Nestle-Abuelita Mexican Chocolate stir until mixed.
  10. Add four tablespoons of Rich Hot Cocoa mix or as much as you want for extra rich Cocoa.
  11. Add two cinnamon sticks to the mixture. Let simmer for five minutes then let stand to cool.
  12. Add the coffee slowly stirring occasionally.
  13. Use the ladle to scoop into a mug how much Cocoa you want.

This recipe would be great for a holiday event or a party. I hope you try it and enjoy.


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