Love For The Night

Inspired My Poetic Vision

T’is a night with moonlight,
my hallowed emotions scream at me,
the shadow’s vent their distaste
for my sorrow.

I beg please don’t bring the morrow.

The sun beckons for the day,
yet still the night shrouds the light,
with gray and deep waves of shade,
the light still beckons to me through
the depths of this darkness we call night.

Her raven hair consumes me
with her moonlight saints
she’s the night,
and she sings for me,
she stands beneath me,
cascading her visions onto my soul
as moonlight reveals all.

My visions deeply wound me,
as I remember where I came from.

To be here
like dying embers I burn,
my wick cracks and spits its fire;
as I slowly fade,
my flame turns to smoke.

A shadow has betrayed me,
took my innocence,
tainted and bruised me.

Her moonlight vanished,
into a sickening pool of sun beams –
emotions twisted with pain,
followed by lingering memories of betrayal,
this love for the night
and her beams of moonlight;
has killed my spirit,
slowly but surely.

I still love in vain
as my views twist reality into
shadow’s of truth.

I love the night and her veil of shadow,
with my brooding poetic pen;
I regret nothing
for the night inspires my poetic vision
with moonlight as my guide.


© By Amanda D Shelton