Photoshop Ideas

Hello Bat Brat’s,

            So I have been working on Photoshop with a paid membership for about eight months now and I already know almost everything it is capable of doing. Now I am looking for a challenge. I know how to make eyeballs, skin, hair, backgrounds, brushes, styles, and much more. For some reason hair is harder to recreate in Photoshop, probably because I have a movement disorder. OUCH! All those lines. Though I am very excited about the new release of Photoshop CC 2017. Awesome work and awesome features that enhance old features. I’m like Boop! Boop! Boop! About Photoshop Boop! Yeah! Brahaha ha *coughing*. Sorry I had to add my Bat Brattiness laugh in there. 😁

    Okay moving on, as I twitch over to the next sentence. Aw yes here we are. I am working on backgrounds for the up coming Holliday’s. I know exactly what I am going for. Also if you haven’t checked out my deviantart profile please do so by following this link @FroggyArtDesigns. I already have a few backgrounds I created hanging around my profile. Now to get to work on holiday backgrounds.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
More artwork coming soon to a froggy near you Ribit!🐸If only I was a taod, I would be in heaven living on a lily pad. 


If You Are Interested Please Leave A Comment:

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