Like A Stone

​I found my home underneath
creaks and stone.

I became stiff and weak,
my morter bowed
as my foundation frowned.

I mourned for the loss
of my crown,
as the angels gathered under
the cross roads,
where I have to make a choice.

Here I stand,
here I chose to lay,
to become like stone
to an already barren land,
my name ingraved on my bowed head.

Yet my roots broke through the thickness of my skin,
peeling away at
my died skin
it fell away,
I was reminded of
my strength,
and my girth grew,
my quality was still
of good use,
even after all of the abuse.

Oh life how I blamed you
for my strife,
yet I never thought
even once,
that I am the cause
not you.

I am like a stone,
and weakened all around,
but still I stand tall
and strong,
like a stone.

Yet still a headstone will someday
hold my name,
with pride and no regrets,
for all will fall away
when death comes my way.

© By Amanda D Shelton

Happy Halloween Bat Bart’s…


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