Updates, yay how much fun

Hello Bat Brat,

Here I am again, I know I haven’t been posting much on here lately.I have been working on new projects. First off I have decided to not to make games. It is just not my thing. I tried it but it didn’t peek my full interest. I am sticking to poetry and art. So I do have some good news, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do and I got bored again. 😄 I had two names picked out for a new blog idea, I already made one blog called The Moonlight Rose. I didn’t want to waste my other one so a few days ago I made another blog called The Weathering Poet. Don’t worry I will not waste these page’s, I have to many followers and likes. I am just going to share different types of posts on each blog. Gothic Realms is for my broken heart poetry, artwork , also my how to posts. The Moonlight Rose is for my dark romantic and humorous poetry. The Weathering Poet is for my creepy dream like and emotional poetry.

I am trying to keep myself from getting too bored. Having something to do when your disabled is kinda an important thing. I think having to care for three blogs will keep me busy enough. My inspiration is kinda free flowing and never ending. Hey you can call me the poet who never has writer’s block. Boop! Yeap that’s me, I love writing poetry.  😝  I remember when I was very young,  I never stopped thinking. My whole life has been a never ending thinkers party. The invites went to Pondering, Window reading, Thought provoking, and stimulus thought reprocessing.

I want you all to know how much I love blogging and WordPress. You guy’s are the greatest and I enjoy writing for you. I am always surprised when someone likes my posts maybe because I don’t think I am any good. Sometimes my spelling is wrong and I am such a critical thinking about my own work. I always think I can do better because I know I can and if I didn’t have the drive I think I would have quite a long time ago. I don’t know how to quit though so hahaha on quitting. I don’t like quitting, its boring and BLAH. 🙂

I hope you all will check out my new blogs. I don’t care if you like anything, that’s up you. I don’t blog for your approval I blog for my own purpose. Link’s are here The Moonlight RoseThe Weathering Poet

“Be happy with today and don’t allow the grief from yesterday break your strings, you keep on dreaming beyond your strifes and let the grief ride away into the night.”

“I don’t live to love, I love to live and to break your rules.”

© By Amanda D Shelton


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