And within a sweet dream
you came to me,
once there you began to
devoured me,
with your lips you stool my heart
and what was left of me.

There you stood before
the shoreline
of lost dreams,
as your light beckoned.

I lost my mystery
to the winds,
as its waves
beat and pushed
upon my misty land’s.

I became a dream,
a lost wondering soul,
who stole your
promises and love.

Those dream like lips,
salty and sweet
took me back into your arms
once again.

And there we stood
in each other’s embrace,
forever mingling
with the sands of our
sweetest dreams.

Such passions we dreamt,
like dust in the morning breeze,
we became a flame
burning brightly in the night,
as the dawn devoured our blaze.

Unto a sweet dream
you came to me,
to devour my rose
colored visions.