Negative Production = Perfect Production

Jack In A Box

“Jack was a friend of mine, he always knew how to have a fun time.
Pay him a dime, he will sing you his rhyme.
Give him a quarter, he’ll show you a fright of a time
after he sing you his rhyme.”

One was broke,
sent it back.

Two was scratched,
sent it back.

Three was scrambled,
sent it back.

Four was sour,
sent it back.

Five was bitter,
sent it back.

Six was bad,
sent it back.

Seven was naughty,
sent it back.

Eight was moldy,
sent it back.

Nine was creaked,
sent it back.

Ten was perfect,
I finally found perfection.

Negative production,
the possibility of perfect production is one in a finity.

Have you ever ordered a product online
found out it was broke or
your product was not what was described?

I call that negative production.
You think it will be perfect,
but it ends up being negative production.

Jack was found hiding inside the box,
he pops out when you open the box.

© By Amanda D Shelton


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