Okay I am truly excited about my new project I started today. I am going to try creating games, for android PC and other game platforms. I am doing research and I already have software called Stencyl. I joined a game community so I can learn more.I am already an artist so creating artwork for my games will be easy and fun. I was thinking that I should upload the artwork I create to my deviantart profile. My first game I think will be about poetry, or I can create a world built off of the concept of poem’s I like. Turn it into a whole new gaming experience. These games will not be like five star quality, but maybe if I get into it enough they will turn into five star quality games. We’ll see.

“If you have an idea, don’t throw it away. Keep it for later because you never know if you will need it.”

“I can do anything I believe I can do, as long as it’s not magic.”

© By Amanda D Shelton


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