You Know What I Wish? 

I wish someday people would stop
acting like they want to take away
my pain.

I wish people would understand
that I am not
my pain or their helpless friend.

I wish others didn’t have so much work,
or thing’s needing to be done.

I wish the ocean would come to me.

I wish someday
I will find the perfect cup of tea.

I wish cake was less rich.

I wish others could see through my pain and suffering,
to see the true me.

I wish the world could see
all the good and greatness, that is possible for us to each.

I wish the government would treat all as equally as themselves.

I wish all people would see through
the color of skin,
also start to respect the human within us all.

I wish nothing more but for your happiness.

That’s what I wish.  


2 thoughts on “You Know What I Wish? 

  1. Simply and lovingly put, this is true blue beautiful. I find we seem to have some common wishes, and this is a great way to see the heart and feelings of the poetess. Thank you for this one.

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    1. Oh thank you. Also anytime. Beauty is a reflection of the inner self, everyone can see the true ugly or beauty we reflect through our emotions and our word’s. I know because I have been told by many people I have meet and through my own experiences. even people who look beautiful can be ugly. I guess it also depends on your view point too. Kindness reflects beauty so does love but to me they are the same. I reflect my love for all things through honesty, charity, and respect and through poetry. 😀 I guess it really shows. Thank you once again for your comments and I am so grateful you like it.

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