Life Expected What? 

I am addicted to the poison
in the water,
ashes and bone,
drink until it seeps deep
into your soul.

Life had other plans,
yet here I stand
facing the demons ,
as life commands.

I am addicted to the poison
in the water,
black and crude
it goes down like stew.

I never thought that some day,
my shadows would try devouring me
in such a way.

Never thought that darkness
would pass by my chamber door,
knocking politely and so slightly.

Death has no manners,
he just knows how to devoure.

Such taboos are just a bit sour.

Split thine own tongue 
on sharpened words,
trun them into serpentine,
or water down wine.

Life never expected me to be so sharp,
or did he?


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