The Third Person Is Insanity 

One is sanity,
two is getting closer,
three is the third person
behind you,
but you don’t remember
who it is or
where they came from.

Third is never alone,
two is enough to keep you busy,
one is so lonely.

Don’t speak,
oh what insanity I dread,
its a dream where you never wake
but you thought you did,
but with no luck
your still in bed.

Skipping to the covers as the white sheets devours you.

Wrapping you up into 1,2,3.
I can see you dreaming of me.
1,2,3 please don’t leave me.
1,2,3 my shadow devoured me.
1,2,3 insane yes I can see.

Insane dreamer dreads the 1,2,3…
Wake me please?

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