A Poet’s Disease 

I sat with much contentment,
for I am happiest when I write.

All my might
goes into the night,
with every word,
I began to write.

My shadow play’s
as my poet craves,
my word’s are engraved
upon the writer’s block.

Soon word’s will play as I write the plot.

The poet I am,
the dreadful lot,
dried up my thoughts.

Nevermore will I deplore
such illusion upon your life,
instead I will cut like a knife
into your mind,
there I will set forever allure,
nothing but shallow word’s,
yet still my poetic heart fell
into a poet’s disease,
with such passion I do adore.

I fell to my knees,
as poetry devoured me.

9 thoughts on “A Poet’s Disease 

    1. Sometimes my passions for writing can make me so excited that I feel like I will burst. If I have a poem I want to write down I kinda have an obsession of putting in my blog. I even have drafts of unpublished poems still waiting to be edited from a year ago. LOL

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        1. I always tell my friends, you know your a writer when you have a lot of drafts. When I was a kid I put some writings on sticky notes my mom kept finding them all over the house. We finally got binders. We collected everything and put them on the computer. My brother even help picked out cartoon drawings to add to the documents. I still have that little book we make using the printer. I was 8-9 year’s old then. Mom took us to her work sometimes and we would use her work computer. I even would mess around with the paint program for Windows Vista. My mom told me I should try selling some of my work. I never really thought I was any good but my family and friends do. Maybe they are right though. I do have my clay projects I’ve finished. I have been thinking about selling them for awhile now. I don’t know yet though . I miss my mom so much. She is partly the reason I am alive today. With all my health problems I use to be afraid of everything because I was sure life wanted to kill me. I am glad I grew up. My life is less of an anxiety attack than it ever was. 😊 I am rambling on aren’t I. Sorry about that. I do it every time someone comments on my blog. Hehehe 😀

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            1. That is so true. Hey I had a denim dress once. Made that’s a sign I should try selling my work? Thank you you have peeked my inspiration. See this is why I ramble. Just keep thinking, just keep thinking. LOL 😊

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                1. I will try. I just have one problem I don’t know how to sell my work. I am thinking I need to research online, see what I can learn. I know I will find some way to do it. Hey I might learn something new too. I might blog about it if I do so others like myself can use my knowledge. Yepers I will.

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