Humanity’s Meanness Such Judgment We Portray 

           Unfortunately to be blunt and honest is not the normal way to communicate. Dishonesty is no new trend. I learned early on in my life, people are dishonest because they are taught by their parents to fib and to tell stories, so to get their children to obey. There are many other ways people are dishonest. It leads to distrust and trouble. This causes people to grow mean and angry.

             I’ve been called mean by only one person in my life, probably because they were using my kindness as my personal weakness and I told them how much it hurts me. They were not expecting it.  This person is my friend and they have changed in many ways, all because I gave them a choice. Be my friend honestly and openly or I leave the relationship forever. I have learned that sometimes to allow someone to grow you have to let them go. Yourself is more important than someone else’s happiness. Why? because if you are not happy how can you show someone else’s happiness? You can’t grow something from nothing. There has to be a solid foundation before the walls can stand. Same goes for relationships, its hard work to keep things interesting stable and growing. Relationships are like plant’s,they need nourishment love and respect so they can grow and be prosperous.

               Love hurts sometimes, why? because when you feel passionate about something or someone, that feeling can be very powerful, if someone you love does something hurtful it becomes personal and it has deeper meaning. We are more likely to walk away from a stranger because we haven’t had time to make a deeper emotional connection with a stranger.

            In my experience hatred is infections, it spreads like a disease or wildfire. It causes more damage in one word, than silence does in one breath.Its so hard to keep silent when your feelings are hurt. We humans can be viscous beasties. Judgemental cruel and crude, it all has a price tag though.

Judgemental: By judging someone else you are more likely judging by your own actions. One mistake there, you are not the other person and you don’t know what they go through . So why judge them by your behavior?

Cruelty: Usually this behavior is learned by example or abuse. It’s up to you if you are cruel to others. Just remember this, to be loved is to be respected and treated as a member of society. To be hated is to be an outcast and treated like crap. So do you want crap or respect?

Crude: Like oil it can run thick. Some people can be very embracive and intrusive with their opinions. They are not aware of others feelings or opinion, nor do they care. They just want you to hurt like they do. It’s very rude and crude.

              I noticed how mean people can be after reading webpages and there comments. People are judgemental freaks, hatred runs rampant on the web. Probably because people can pretend to be someone else so it makes it less personal for them. Yet they make everything personal to get reactions. We call them trolls. I don’t feed the trolls. Would you feed a stray cat if you wanted them to leave? Then why feed the trolls?

            Pay the toll , and keep on strolling. The trolls bite is no bigger than a might, you have a choice between leaving the fight or learn to bite. I say goodbye and goodnight to any troll who thinks I should fight. GRR to the trolls… Mandy has left the fight.


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