I Bit Back When Love Came With It’s Heart Attack


Drink the poison my darling,
you said take your time,
consume all of it.
Yet the roses were
only to drain my inspirations
one more time.

The promises were shadered before they left your lips.

I breathed you in
just to meet you
underneath my breath,
holding on to the sweet escape,
this love we make
is always laced with
a familiar taste of passion.

I tell myself that you’re not all
I desire.

I wish you well,
but this desire
never leaves,
it burns me deeply.

I could fight this feeling til the end,
but baby maybe
I don’t want to win this.

I don’t wanna be
your everything,
I don’t wanna be
your sober lover.

I want you on my lips,
on my mind,
and in my dreams,
behind these lovers eyes
and I won’t wake up
in time, no not this time.

I died from cupids
poisoned arrow.

I was taken back
by your lovers
heart attack.

I died from cupids
poisoned arrow. 

Just one more time,
one more kiss,
one more dip.

Oh no I slipped.


© By Amanda D Shelton

I don’t live to love, I love to live and to break your rules.