Hello Bat Brat’s,

Okay I just got a pop-up window on my WordPress application telling me about the new editor. Mind you I have been using the new editor for about two weeks now. I just now got the notice about changes LOL. I am happy with some of the change but it is still missing something. It’s not easy to add lines and the editor trys adding junk to the post. I have to go into HTML mode and edit out the add on junk. But the application gives me trouble when I go into HTML mode. I can’t figure out a way around it. If anyone can help me figure out how to work around it, I will promote your blog on my Google + page. 🙂 Really what I need is to stop the application form freezing up when I switch to HTML mode. I will figure out how to add lines later. 

I am human to so please remember that when commenting. I have feelings and thoughts. My opinion means just as much as yours does. Thank you fellow WordPress blogies. I hope you are having a great day. Boop!