Instinctual But Adaptable 

Why is it so important for people to share their opinion, yet they are so quick to shut down someone else’s?

Well its the same reason someone will get upset when a neighbors dog poops on their yard. They are selfish and controlling. Most humans are because it is instinctual to want control over ones territory. We are pack animals by nature. Yet we also are unique about how we adapted to different situations. Some people can’t handle change or they don’t understand so they are afraid. The unknown is very scary for some people and we humans have a deep need to understand the unknown so to control it. For instance, conspiracy theories, are nothing more than rumours being shouted out by paranoid people. Awareness can cause such behavior but so can dellutions. These types of people live on the edge of their own world, always in fear of their own shadow. I feel sorry for them because they know no different. They don’t listen to the truth because it frightens them to know their fears are nothing more than shadow. What is a shadow but the bending of light which causes a void of light at the bending point. A solid structure causes the light to bend around it creating a shadow. Conspiracy theories are the same so is the dog pooping on your yard. Why get upset at something you can’t control? Why does it matter so much? When your family is more important than a dog pooping on your yard or your health is more important too. Plus people are just lazy they don’t want to pick up after someone else’s dog. That’s just selfish though because you don’t know if your neighbor is sick or if they lost a loved one. Its your problem because your the one who’s upset not your neighbor. The dog pooped on the yard not your neighbor. Also you don’t really own that yard, you might not live where you are now in the future and the land you are using was there way before you were.

I can tell you this though. The only sure thing you can control , is yourself. You have a choose how you behavior and what you present to others. Your word’s and actions are what people see first, and it is up to you how you use them.

“Let go of your need for control because you already had none.”

© By Amanda D Shelton


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