Mandy’s Guide To Life 

1. Stick to the wall to your left when in a group because you are more likely the only one there because most of the population is right-handed and you can learn about the crowd you are part of. 

2. Don’t just sit, think about what you will do when its time to stand, that way you will be prepared for anything. 

3. Be kind to everyone, even your enemies because you never know if that person you helped will save your life someday. 

4. Go to your favorite place often , even if it is through meditation because your brain likes it and you will feel peaceful there. 

5. Think like a bug or a couch cushion, so to expand your mind and by using your imagination, your mind will grow stronger the more you use it. 

6. Don’t always look at your phone, look up so you won’t miss out on life. Plus when you do you are expecting your horizon and your chances to learn new things. 

7. Don’t believe magazine’s, TV, or internet, choose for yourself what you believe is true. 

8. Always ask for directions if you can’t find your way. 

9. Don’t forget to stop in-between sentences so you can think about what you want to say. Your conversations will reflect your ability to think before you speak, by pausing 10 second’s in-between sentences. Also it will give the other person time to think too. 

I wish you luck on your journey through life.


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