Someone Has Stolen My Support Ribbon

Hello Bat Brat’s,

         I have a question. Is it against the law for someone to take someone else’s image and say it is theirs, like a support ribbon?

         I created this image awhile back and I have learned through research that someone on Pinterest has prompted it as their ribbon.


              It is not theirs, I took time and effort to create this. If you see anyone saying they created it please report them. Its stealing. I never said people can claim my work. I made this ribbon to support Dystonia awareness not for others to claim as their own work. I can prove it is mine, because I kept the original and edits.

              I never thought someone would steal my work and claim it as their own. I made it unique so that no one could steal it. Please report anyone who steals any of my work. All images on this blog are my own work. I took time creating these art pieces, some took hour’s for me to finish. This support ribbon means the world to me because its sharing knowledge with those who are ignorant to Dystonia. It teaches everyone what Dystonia is and how it effects the suffers.

              I just don’t understand why people do this time of thing. I even told people to link my blog to my ribbon if they choose to use it. Plus the best way to learn something is to speak to the source. I myself is awareness for Dystonia because I suffer from it. How can I do something about this? This is why I was thinking about stopping sharing my artwork online. Nothing is safe online, you can’t trust people or websites because people can be malicious. I hate having to post this but I don’t know what else to do about it.

The support ribbon was originally on my other blog Personality101. I got bored with that blog that’s why I ended up migrating to Gothic Realms full time. You can still read my work there. I don’t really care if you do or not so no pressure.  


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