To Be Alive

To be lost,
is sometimes where you need to be.
To hurt,
is sometimes a lesson waiting to be taught.
To live,
is the greatest adventure.
To grow,
is to learn you are important.
To die,
is the only ending to life.
To be,
is the only answer to life.

Here I stand ,
there I was ,
I once wondered in my life,
I asked the almighty questions.
What’s the meaning of life?
Why and how did I get here?

I learned that life isn’t about me,
life is about everything else around me.
Without everything else my existence
would be none. 


5 thoughts on “To Be Alive

  1. I find this truly beautiful. You ask a deep seeded question everyone can relate to. Your answer is right on point, wise and completely true. Your heart spills between the lines. I really do love this one.

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