I am cursed with a never ending memory,
all I experience gets trapped inside
the data base in my mind;
I am stuck recalling all the time.

My mind won’t let go of
past events and stories,
all is added to everything
I’ve ever done.

Like a movie or a recording,
my mind sets up for a new scene
every moment I am a live.

Though my mind work’s a bit
faster than my motor skills
can process.
So I stutter and slur my word’s,
but I can get 100% on an IQ test.
No speech needed,
nope only a pen.
So it’s easy to release all my
knowledge within.

You would think by how bad
my spelling is,
I wouldn’t be as smart as I am.

I learned, spelling is not intelligence,
nor is your ability to speak.

Intelligence is your ability
to reason,
to respond,
and to retain.
We don’t need to speak nor spell
to do either of those things.

I am an intelligent being.


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