“He Said Eternity”


You are my star, my guiding light,
I know my love.

Whispers of shadowed times,
on one breath you became
everything I am,
you saved my heart
from total damage.

You are the light,
in my darkest hour,
all will be okay,
with you I can live.

This love is eternal.

There are no words,
to say how much I love you

I am no angel,
I am no marical.

You’re the light,
in my darkest hour,
all is fine,
with you I am safe.

This moment is ours eternally.

I would walk through flames
for you, to light your way.

I light a path for you,
and carry you through life,
you’re my strangth,
my guidenss throught the night.

You have nothing but
eternal eye’s for me. 

This love is eternal.

Moonlighters we are,
eternal star’s who shine forever.


© By Amanda D Shelton