Dream Within A Dream

On top a hill
upon a dark and dreary night
a whisper was laid on my ear.

With a feeling of gloom
I began to crack
I began to slack
my wall’s began to fall.

My life turned black
no longer did my shadow
hold its usual ground.

This be the night
when I realised
my shadow never left.

The whole time
I am the shadow in which
I seek and lack.

Such a doomed creator I am,
I am made of shadow and wind.

I am nothing more than
dust and I need the wind.

The window laid open to the night air,
as I wiped the sleep from my head.

A dream came on the gush of
air, taken by surprise
I shivered and shook
as I dropped my book.

Aw yes, I am sure now
I am a dream or
I am a dreamer lost
in the moment
of drafting land’s
of sleeping sand.

Shshsh! I can hear my heart beating,
the wind’s outside whipping and weeping,
a reminder I am dreaming. 

Pay full attention to the Raven
that sits by your window,
she’s nothing more than a memory
an unwritten poem waiting for you.

I am your shadow,
dreaming that you are real.

You are my poem ready to be written.

Oh dreamer,
how I wonder in your world
as a shadow.

Smoke and mirrors
that’s all.


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