Rant! I Am Not Happy

Hello Bat Brat’s, 

               This is a rant about Microsoft email security. Microsoft sucks at protecting you. I tried changing something on my email but Microsoft wanted me to change everything telling me it’s more secure if I do. Which is bullshit, I don’t need Microsoft’s help keeping my email safe by giving control over my email to the stupid software. Now I can’t change anything until 30 days are up because they blocked me out of my settings. They say it’s safer yet you’re giving them control over when and how you change the functions of your private email. I am not stupid I know what spam and scams look like. I don’t even view emails from senders I don’t know. I have changed my password before and resent my phone number too, they always locked me out at least this time I wasn’t blocked from using my email. I think its just plain blullshit. Oh and you can’t email support through their report, oh no you have to look for their support page to contact them, after that you have to find your problem in a list that they provide for supporting you. This is just laziness on their behalf. With all the money those stupid people make you’d think they would pay others to do a better job or at least fire those who are failing at it. Pay for better support so we don’t have to change our information to please your security system flaws. Stop blocking setting changes if there are changes to the email. Plus it should be up to the owner of the email if we change things not Microsoft.

There is no such thing as private email,
you are signing your name off to the email provider
not just for an email.
Reality is you don’t have full control over your email. 

              My biggest pet peeve about the internet today, is how it is failing at providing proper security and information that is actually fact and knowledgeable. Instead of real security we get blocked out of our own private places on the web. How is this secure? It’s not, who do you think blocks you? Oh let’s guess shall we. The same programmers who run the websites that tell you they care about your privacy. They would rather block you instead of the real threads. It’s laziness on their part because it’s easier to treat you as the threat then take care of the real threat.


    I Have A Question ???

                Why do I have to change my information to make my email more secure, when I already have an email and my phone number connected to all of that? I use the same devices I’ve always used and if I add or change one I make sure to let my email provider know.

               I guess nothing is good enough for them they want all my private information, which they tell you not to give anyone but yet they ask for it. By the way I still get spam in my inbox and not my junk box, and sometimes emails that are not spam go into the junk box. Where’s the security Microsoft talks about?  

       WordPress Security Works

I change my password a lot on here because I feel safer. WordPress doesn’t intrude on me either if I decide to not change anything related to security. I like this because I have control over the settings of my own blogs. I actually own my blog not the programmers who built the platform.

Thank you WordPress for your support and awesome security,
Microsoft could learn something from your security team. 

This post is nothing more than my own views,
if you don’t like it you don’t have to read it.
I hope you have a blessed day.


© By Amanda D Shelton


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